Transformers: Mobian Chronicles

Sonic meets the Transformers and learns how connected his world is to Cybertron. What dark secrets lie with the gods of the Transformers?

Arc 1: Settling In
Arc 2: Shockwave’s Rise
Arc 3: Orion’s Journey
Arc 4: Loose Ends
Arc 5: Rise of the Eggman Hive
Arc 6: Harbinger of Doom and Betrayal
Arc 7: Chaotic Power Struggle
Arc 8: Growing Problems
Arc 9: Amy’s Alien Adventures
Arc 10: Double Trouble
Arc 11: Seconds of Speed
Arc 12: Seven Lights of the Earth
Arc 13: Clearing the Air
Arc 14: Instruments of Destruction
Arc 15: The Second Journey
Arc 16: The Unicron Games
Arc 17: Living Stories