Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 14: Instruments of Destruction)

TMC 14-4

Megatron led the team deeper into the caverns, the runes pulsing in purple light. “Sweet Chaos, this is creepy!” muttered Tails.

“You ain’t kidding,” agreed Grimlock. “My beast mode’s screaming at me to run and hide.”

“You too, huh?” asked Slag.

“You COULD ask for a Ground Bridge back to the surface,” chuckled Megatron. He then drew in a breath and knelt down, clutching his head.

“Megatron?!” asked Optimus.

“Unicron grows ever stronger!” answered Megatron. He got up and picked up the pace.

“How do we know Unicron’s not using him to lead us all into a trap?!” hissed Arcee.

“We don’t,” replied Optimus. The group continued on. They couldn’t afford any more delays. As they trudged on, Sludge stumbled. Swoop caught him.

“I’m fine,” assured Sludge. “Just woozy.”

“It’s the Dark Energon around here,” reported Swoop to everyone. “It’s starting to affect him. Put your arm around mine.”

“But I’m fine!”

“No arguments! Just do it!” Sludge grumbled as he complied.

“Health and safety gone mad!”

“You really looking for another black mark on your record?” asked Grimlock.

“N-no, Sir.”

“Then shut up and go along with what Swoop says! He’s our medic here!”

“You, Swoop?” asked Ratchet.

“I was a Rank 7 Medic before I became a Dyno-bot,” explained Swoop.

“What rank are you now?”

“Rank 5.”


“Can we please get on with it?!” snarled Megatron as the team approached two tunnels.

“Which way?” asked Optimus. Megatron shot the roof of the right-hand tunnel.

“This way,” he finally answered. As the team went down the only open tunnel, Bumblebee stopped. He then moved to the closed one. Megatron noticed this. “Hey! Bug! I said this way!”

“I heard you, Mr. Corpse!” retorted Bumblebee. “I thought I heard something here.”

“There’s nothing there, Bumblebee,” remarked Knuckles.

“Behind the rocks, I mean. Like metal against stone.”

“Do we really have time to…?” Megatron’s question was interrupted by the rocks being blown away by an explosion. Everyone was showered in rocks and the remains of the explosives used to clear them away. “What in…?!” coughed Megatron.

“I *cough* TOLD you there was something there!” snarled Bumblebee.

“Forward!” called a voice from the once-blocked tunnel. “Forward! Up and at ‘em!”

“Is that Misfire?!” called Thundercracker.

“What’s he doing here?!” yelped Windblade.

“Oh, look! The Metarex and Metal Sonic didn’t search for survivors! Marvelous!” snarled Megatron.

“There’s two more with him!” reported Grimlock. Misfire was with Spinister and Fulcrum.

“Well, Fulcrum? Can you see anything?” asked Misfire.

“I see something! Autobots!” replied Fulcrum.

“Happy trees fart from the moon!” cheered Spinister.

“Forward and hold them!” ordered Misfire. “Hold them tight!” Bumblebee was the nearest bot to the tunnel.

“BUMBLEBEE!” shouted Optimus. “BUMBLEBEE, GET OUT OF HERE!” Bumblebee transformed and took off.

“We have to go, Optimus!” called Megatron.

“But the others!” The Dyno-bots, Thundercracker, and all the organics were furthest from the chosen tunnel.

“They’re not helpless, Optimus! We have to go!”

“Optimus, you’re needed more than us!” urged Grimlock. “We’ll cover you!”

“Guys!” wailed Optimus.

“We’re only thinking about your safety, Prime!” argued Thundercracker. Optimus looked torn, then dashed down the tunnel with Megatron and the others.

“There, Fulcrum, Spinister! Running!” shouted Misfire.

“I see the runt!” replied Fulcrum as he fired in Bumblebee’s direction.

“The ants’ march will fall into frosting!” cheered Spinister as he shot at Optimus and Megatron’s group.

“Too late! You missed!” remarked Thundercracker.

“The Autobots were fast, that’s all,” replied Fulcrum.

“Well, after him, Fulcrum! After the midget!” ordered Misfire.

“Yes, Sir, Misfire, Sir!” Fulcrum then charged off after Bumblebee.

“You won’t catch him!” taunted Grimlock. “He’s the fastest scout we’ve got!”

“You chase after the others! Go!” Misfire told Spinister. Spinister charged off after Optimus and Megatron’s team. “Well, now, what have we here?” chuckled Misfire. “Thundercracker with Autobots? And…EW! ORGANICS?!”

The Combaticons were still combined and swinging and roaring once Galvatron, Rodimus, Silver, Knock-out, Shockwave, and Team Dark arrived. They all met with Eggman as he cowered behind a rock. “Okay, first: WHAT!” shouted Shadow. “Second: THE HELL?!”

“You encountered the Enigma of Combination?” asked Shockwave. Eggman pointed a terrified finger to the artefact. Shockwave picked up the Enigma and examined it. “Fascinating. This could help me fix up my mistakes with the Constructicons’ combined form of…”

“Okay, I’m all for the advancement of science and all,” interrupted Galvatron, “but we’ve got an out-of-control Combiner here! Shockwave, please tell me your research into Combiner tech yielded a weakness!”

“As a matter of fact, yes. Combiners may be tough, but they’re weakest at their Combiner Ports.”

“Combiner ports?” asked Rodimus.

“Certain Combiners have plugs in them that allow them to unite with the main robot acting as the torso. Attack the ports, the whole Combiner falls apart.”

“I know where they are!” called Eggman as he activated a hologram of the Combiner. He pointed out the shoulders and knees.”

“Excellent,” declared Rodimus. “Guys, we’ve got our targets! Aim for the joints!” Everyone fired, but the Combiner was moving faster than expected. It swung its arms wildly, scattering everyone.

“Okay, new plan!” called Silver. “We need…!”

“A distraction!” called Galvatron as he transformed and flew around the Combiner.

“I was gonna say more soldiers!” shouted Silver.

“I’m gonna go with that option,” said Shadow as he brought out a communicator.

“No chance of that!” called Eggman. “There’s a jamming field around the island!”

“What?! Why?!”

“Because I needed a private place to relax, of course!”

“So, where’s the field generator?!”

“…Under the island.”


“I never thought I’d have a giant rampaging on it!”

“UGLY!” called Galvatron to the Combiner. “LOOK UP HERE! IT’S GALVATRON!”

“…Tron?!” asked the Combiner. “Tron…MMMmmh! …Gaahh! …Mga! …Mega…Megatron! …Megatron!!! …MEGATROOOOON!!!”

“And now he’s doing a Broly impression!” groaned Galvatron. The Combiner then targeted Galvatron, swinging its fists and throwing trees at him.


“Interesting,” mused Shockwave. “The Combiner is capable of uniting its collective thoughts on one being. A fascinating subject for study.”

“It’s killing us, and you want to write an essay?!” protested Rodimus.

“Er, guys!” called Silver. “The Enigma’s doing something!” Its central sphere was glowing white, specifically.

“WHAT THING DOING?!” demanded the Combiner. The Enigma then fired a stream of light at the Combiner, bathing it in light and making it scream. The light then died down and the Combiner now had a double-headed axe in its hand while it stood still. It looked around, then at the axe.

“Should…should we be concerned?” asked Rouge.

“Boys?” asked Eggman.

“…I am all five of the Combaticons,” replied the Combiner, “yet my own being.” IT then folded the axe’s handle upwards and attached it to its chest. “There we go, you just rest right there, my Bruticus Maximus.”

“Maximus?” asked Shockwave. “You mean the Enigma gave you a Maximus?”

“And allowed me to sort through my individual minds, thus making me more mentally-stable. You know, I think I need a name here. Since most Combiners are named after their Maximus, I think I’ll call myself…Bruticus! Doctor…”

“Yes, my son?” asked Eggman.

“I think this is a perfect opportunity to show off what I can do…especially to those who enslaved us!” Eggman grinned.

“Make me proud, my boy!”

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 14: Instruments of Destruction)

TMC 14-3

Optimus and Megatron gathered their forces, sans Eggman and the Combaticons, and explained what was going on. “Everyone, we’ve got him.”

“Unicron?” asked Thundercracker.

“The same,” answered Megatron.

“Then what are we waiting for?!” called Bumblebee. “Let’s go and…!”

“We’re not bringing everyone, it won’t be practical,” interrupted Optimus.

“But, Sir!” protested Prowl. “There’s strength in numbers!”

“We need people to defend the surface in case the Terrorcons try something,” said Optimus. “Our magic users and those that are trained in matters like this, to an extent, will be accompanying Megatron and I while everyone else will be on the surface.”

“We’ve selected the Rust Renegades, Soundwave and his cassettes, Thundercracker, Stormfront, Yoketron, Bumblebee, Arcee, the Dyno-bots, Ratchet, Team Sonic, Team Rose, Chip, Sira, Trema, and Natalie to accompany us,” continued Megatron. “Everyone else will remain on the surface.”

“Why isn’t Cliffjumper coming with me?!” protested Bumblebee.

“Because I’m an Eradicon right now!” answered Cliffjumper. “The farther I am from Unicron, the less of a danger I’ll be.”

“Our decision stands, Bumblebee,” declared Optimus.

“I’m going with you!” insisted Windblade.

“Mom, no!” argued Optimus.

“Mom, YES!” growled Windblade.

“Mom, you haven’t even…!”

“It’s either I go with you knowingly or I sneak behind your group!”

“…You know, she would,” remarked Megatron. Optimus sighed.

“Fine, you can come with us.”

“Prime, what about the ship in Mobius’ orbit? The one that hailed the Decepticons?” asked Jazz.

“Megatron confirmed that the ship is carrying the Six Specials Unicron needs for a new body,” answered Optimus. “Regretfully, we need to let the Metarex and Metal Sonic destroy them. By the way, is Metal Sonic’s ship really the Enterprise?”

“Eggman had Star Trek on the brain,” explained Megatron. “In any event, in the unlikely event of survivors, they must be killed. We cannot let Unicron get his talons on them.”

“We strike in an hour,” finished Optimus. “If someone would inform Eggman and the Combaticons of the plan, that would be awesome.”

Up in Mobius’ atmosphere, the W.A.P. was still under heavy fire from Scarship and the Revenge. Krok and his crew were on the bridge, trying to get their ship away from the combat zone. “Another hit!” wailed Fulcrum as he manned Tactical. The ship rocked again. “And another!”

“WE’RE DOOMED!” cried Crankcase.

“No, Crankcase!” assured Krok. “Our shields can easily absorb this kind of fire! And once their weapons batteries are exhausted, then…THEN, we will turn and blast them to PLASMA!” Everything then went dark and the noise…stopped.

“…It’s all gone quiet…” mumbled Fulcrum.

“Like I said, their weapons batteries are exhausted,” replied Krok. “Now, I shall instruct the computer to give us an attack pattern to strike back without mercy!” He tried keying in a command on the armrest of his chair. “…Strange.”

“The computer’s non-responsive,” reported Flywheels. Krok tried to switch on voice-control.

“Computer! Lay out a merciless attack pattern at once! …Why isn’t it obeying me?”

“That will be because it’s dead, most likely!” grunted Crankcase.

“Silence. Computer! Computer, respond at once!”

“The computer’s dead! The doors are dead! The alarms are dead! Face it, the whole ship is dead!”

“I said silence! If the ship were dead, it would be plummeting helplessly through Mobius’ atmosphere!”

“The platypus has…!”

“I! SAID! SILENCE!” The bridge was quiet for a few seconds.

“…Permission to speak?” asked Misfire.

“SI…Permission granted.”

“Spinister was saying that plummeting helplessly through the atmosphere of Mobius is what we’re doing right now, Sir.”

“I regret to inform you,” gulped Flywheels as he looked out a window, “judging by the fact that I’m seeing the ground below us getting bigger, Spinister is correct.”

“We are Decepticon soldiers, Flywheels!” snapped Krok. “We do NOT plummet helplessly!”

“That may be, but we also don’t do well in a crash! I recommend the use of Tele-bracers!” He pulled out six silver bracelets.

“Tele-bracers. Good.” He turned to everyone. “Abandon ship! I order you all to abandon ship!” The crew slipped the Tele-bracers on and vanished in blue light.

The time finally came. The away team was standing at the Ground Bridge, ready to go against Unicron. The Ground Bridge opened, and everyone went through one last weapons check. They all looked at Megatron. “…Yes?” asked the Decepticon Lord.

“After you,” replied Bumblebee. Megatron smirked.

“As you wish.” He then led everyone through the Bridge, and it closed behind them.

“Well, the best we can do,” sighed Rodimus, “is wish them luck.”

“Guys,” called Teletraan, “Eggman’s contacting us on an open frequency.”

“Ah, how nice of him to remember the threat here!” snarled Galvatron. “Put him through.” Eggman’s panicked face came on screen.

“Oh, thank goodness!” he sighed in relief. “We’ve got a crisis here!”

“What, did you run out of burger meat?” snarked Galvatron.

“Oh, ha ha!” snapped Eggman. “Just look!” He pointed the camera to the Combaticons’ combined form. Rodimus and Galvatron stared in shock.

“…When did they become a Combiner?!” yelped Rodimus.

“An hour ago!” answered Eggman. “I’ve been trying to get them to calm down, but they’re not listening! …It’s not listening! Whatever!”

“Okay, what happened?!” asked Galvatron.

“It all started when Brawl found this thing,” Eggman showed off the device.

“The Enigma of Combination!” breathed Rodimus.

“So it IS a Cybertronian Relic! Perfect! Well, it’s turned my boys into a mindless monster!”

“Give us your coordinates,” said Hot Rod. “We’ll be there straightaway.” Eggman sent the coordinates and ended the call. Rodimus then rolled his optics. “The one team we have that’s experienced in Combiner matters, and they’re marching towards Unicron at the center of the planet!”

The Ground Bridge deposited everyone into a subterranean cave system. Everyone noticed that the walls, floor, and ceiling were covered in purple runes. “By the Code of Primus!” shuddered Optimus.

“Getting cold feet, brother?” taunted Megatron.

“…No time for that. Rust Renegades, the tunnels look big enough and I think we may need a size advantage.”

“Agreed,” replied Pyra Magna. “Torchbearers! Unite into Victorion!” Pyra Magna partially transformed into vehicle mode as her ladder boom folded to the back. Her head was replaced by another one as Stormclash and Skyburst transformed into their helicopter modes and formed hands at their fronts while the whole front and middle became forearms. Jumpstream and Dust Up transformed but folded their hoods and front wheels to the roof while feet swung out from their undercarriages. The limbs then extended the same plugs that the Combaticons’ new form had and connected to Pyra Magna. Rust Dust then transformed and her rear split in half and swung out. She then connected to the giant’s chest and the Rust Renegades’ weapons combined into a large sword. The giant then grabbed the handle and swung it before sheathing it on her back while her visor flashed.

“Victorion: online!” she announced in an alto voice.

“So, this is the mentally-stable Combiner of legend,” chuckled Megatron. “Cute.”

“Hold your tongue, heathen!” snarled Victorion. “My components are only holding me back because we have a greater threat!”

“Speaking of which,” muttered Sonic, “how long before Unicron knows we’re here?”

“Make no mistake, Sonic,” replied Megatron, “he knew the instant we stepped out of the Ground Bridge.”

Three of the W.A.P’s crew appeared in a different part of the cave system. The crew members were Krok, Flywheels, and Crankcase. “…Well, that took longer than expected,” muttered Krok.

“I have a theory on that,” replied Flywheels, “but I’d bet on me transforming after I say it as it sounds outlandish.”

“…You ain’t transforming now, so go ahead.”

“The Tele-bracers weren’t connected to the ship’s computer, so it couldn’t calculate a proper teleport path for our atoms. They kept us in a state of molecular free-fall until it was determined that the ship was intact enough to give coordinates for just a brief cycle.” Flywheels then split into his two vehicle modes.

“Outlandish? You mean stupid!” grunted Crankcase. “First off, molecular free-fall?! What kind of sci-fi gibberish are you reading?! Second, the Tele-bracers were atoms too, so they weren’t in a state of accepting anything in terms of signals! Third, the enemy ships destroyed the computer BEFORE we crashed! It couldn’t even SEND coordinates, even for a nano-second! Now, we’re not just stuck ON a dismal rock, we’re stuck IN a dismal rock!”

“Secure the area, Crankcase,” ordered Krok, wanting a break from Crankcase’s attitude. As Crankcase stomped off, weapon in hand, Flywheels recombined into his robot mode. “Now, did you get anything from the others?”

“Nothing, Sir,” replied Flywheels.

“Well then, try to raise them! Get to it, Flywheels!” Flywheels hesitated as he remembered something.

“Er, orders, Sir? Your orders? Shouldn’t they be your first priority?”

“…My orders? Oh, yes! My orders! Pass me the canister, Flywheels.”

“Bu…but I don’t have it!” Krok noticed that Flywheels wasn’t transforming.

“You fool, Flywheels! You left it behind on the ship!”

“You had it last, Sir!”

“You are my second-in-command! It is YOUR duty to carry out my orders, is it not?!”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Well, then why didn’t you carry them out?!”

“But, I…!”

“SILENCE! You’re a disgrace to the Empire!”

“Yes, Sir. Shall I attempt to raise the others now, Sir?”

“You do that, Flywheels!” Krok turned away as Flywheels activated his comms.

“This is Flywheels hailing Misfire! …Misfire, report!”

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 14: Instruments of Destruction)

TMC 14-2

Megatron returned to the moon base and stormed towards Shockwave’s lab. She was examining what Galvatron had stolen from Tails and was utterly perplexed. She heard the door chime. “Yes?” she asked.

“It’s Megatron,” answered her boss. The door opened as Shockwave got up from her lab station.

“Lord Megatron, we’ve explored what you’ve asked us, and it seems there’s a little…hiccup, for lack of a better…”


“Yes, Sir. The power it uses…” Shockwave sighed as she couldn’t believe the words were leaving her mouth. “My Lord, the technology doesn’t actually exist, so it’s…”

“Wait, hold up, the technology?” Megatron then held Shockwave close to his shoulder and pointed to the device. “Shockwave, HERE is the technology. I asked you to simply integrate it into our weapons systems.”

“Yes, sir, that’s what Eggman and I are trying to do, but honestly, even with our current understanding of the technology…it’s impossible.” Megatron then grabbed Shockwave by the shoulders and slammed her into a wall, causing her visor to go up and her optical probe to extend.

“A TWIN-TAILED FOX CHILD MUTANT WAS ABLE TO BUILD THIS IN A GREEK ALLEY! FILLED WITH GARBAGE!” Shockwave then shoved Megatron off of her and brushed her shoulder as Megatron regained his footing.

“I’m sorry, Lord Megatron. I’m not Miles Prower.” Her visor came back down, and she shoved Megatron out of the lab. The instant the door closed, Megatron just stared at it, his optics flickering in disbelief. He then roared in anger and stormed off. As he stormed, he received a call from Soundwave.

“Lord Megatron, ship inbound. Hull is Vanguard-class, but occupants are registering Decepticon transponder codes.” Megatron then remembered the reports about what Straxus did.

“…Tell all allied ships to shoot on sight.”

Meanwhile, out in space, a subspace distortion indicated a ship leaving warp space. The ship was a purple Vanguard-class ship. While the ship class, as a whole was usually associated with the Autobots, this particular ship was in the service of the Decepticons. The name of such a ship…was the Weak Anthropic Principle. Yes, it’s a weird name for a ship. It was on auto-pilot as Krok, the commander of the vessel, entered the conference room. Flywheels was there as well as the rest of the crew. One was a mech with a severe gash in his head, one wore a pilot’s helmet, complete with goggles, one was distracted by his fingers, and one looked a little crazy. “Commander Krok, sir!” greeted Flywheels. “Platoon awaits your instructions.”

“Good, Flywheels,” replied Krok. He then addressed the whole room. “Now, pay attention, troops! According to our auto-pilot computer, we have exited warp space and will be shortly entering orbit around our objective: the planet, Mobius!”

“Mobius?” asked the crazed-looking bot.

“Mobius, you said?” asked the bot with the head wound.

“Yes, Mobius, Mister…er…”

“Crankcase, Sir,” explained Flywheels.

“Mr. Crankcase. …Why, does the name ‘Mobius’ mean anything to you?”

“Nope, just sounds like a dismal rock,” answered Crankcase.

“That IS a dismal sounding name,” remarked Flywheels. “And given that it was called Earth once upon a time…”

“We’re going to EARTH?!” growled Crankcase. “I can’t believe it! It IS a dismal rock! We’re going to the site of our loss in the Great War?!”

“Orders from our new Lord himself,” replied Krok. “Mobius also marks our furthest reach towards the Cybertronian/Quintesson Neutral Zone.”

“Excuse me, Sir!” called the bot with the pilot helmet. “Do you mean we’re going near the Neutral Zone now?!”

“As a matter of fact, we are, Mister…”

“Fulcrum, Sir” replied Flywheels. “A member of K-Squad recommended to us. Very keen.”

“Good. Er, yes, Fulcrum, we’re near the Neutral Zone right now.

“Permission to speak, Sir?” asked the crazed bot.

“Permission granted, Mister…”

“Misfire, Sir.”

“Misfire?! The Hero of the 9th Platoon?!”

“The same, Sir.”

“I’m honored to have you here! I’ve always wanted to ask, why the name?”

“Long story. …Actually, no, it’s a very short story involving a machine gun, a misunderstanding, and several dozen dead Decepticons.”

“…Ah. …Did you have a question earlier?”

“My question, sir, is that if we’re going near the Neutral Zone. Why are we landing on Earth, I mean, Mobius, when we could be crossing the Neutral Zone now that the Quintesson Collective’s so weak?”

“A good question, Misfire,” Krok then pulled out the canister, “and one I can’t answer until we make planetfall. Sealed orders, you understand.”

“What if we meet Quintesson scum on the way? Could we blast them to plasma?!”

“…Well, in the unlikely event any Quintesson ships are found on this side of the Neutral Zone, we are obligated to blast them to plasma. Now, any further questions? …You, with your hand up.”

“Light is pointing us in the thruster clusters!!” answered the bot that was once distracted by his fingers.

“…No, didn’t understand that, Mister…”

“Spinister, Sir,” answered Flywheels.

“Spinister. What’s the matter, Spinister? Took some head damage?”

“Pound the truth!”

“…What’s that?”

“My mouth wants armadillos!”

“He means ‘Yes, Sir’,” explained Flywheels. “He DID suffer some head damage. His vocabulator was irreparably totaled in a crash some vorns ago.”

“One moment, bots!” called Misfire. “I know how he speaks. Say it again, Spinister.”

“Into fluffy cats, the eyes peel…”

“Well, what’s he saying?” asked Krok.

“He says ‘Have you noticed…’”

“…the shavings of pickles…”

“‘…the Attacking Ship Alert…’”

“…into the forests of lava!”

“‘…is flashing!’ WHAT?!” That last word was repeated by everyone.

“Sir!” called Flywheels. “Two ships are approaching us at attack speed!”

“We’re under attack?!” The ship was then rocked by laser fire. “Flywheels! Status!” Flywheels checked the external view.

“It’s Scarship and a ship of unknown design! They appear to have come from the other side of Mobius!”

“Dismal rock!” grunted Crankcase. The ship then rocked under laser fire again.


“You’re K-squad! Scared isn’t in your vocabulary!” replied Misfire before he joined in the panic. “WE’RE UNDER ATTACK! ACTION STATIONS! WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!”

Over on Eggman’s private island, Brawl had brought the object to his brothers and creator. “It’s definitely Cybertronian,” muttered Eggman, “but it’s ancient. I don’t know what it is.”

“Brawl, I thought you said only the lower left triangle was glowing,” muttered Swindle.

“It WAS the only triangle glowing,” answered Brawl. “I don’t know why everything else is glowing in our colors.” The lower right triangle was now glowing yellow, the one above was glowing purple, the upper left was glowing blue-gray, and the middle was glowing navy blue.

“Should we…touch it?” asked Vortex.

“It’s probably giving off some form of radiation!” argued Blast-off.

“If that were true, Brawl should have been affected by it,” retorted Onslaught. “Maybe it’s supposed to be some kind of power boosting thing.”

“…You know, fighting this Unicron WOULD be a reason to test it,” mused Eggman. “All right, boys, go ahead and touch it, but only a finger!”

“Got it! Combaticons, touch the areas that correspond with your colors!” Brawl touch the green triangle, Swindle touched the yellow one, Blast-off touched the purple one, Vortex touched the blue-gray one, and Onslaught touched the sphere. The whole device then glowed in a white light that kept the Combaticons from moving their fingers. They screamed as the light enveloped them!

“BOYS!” wailed Eggman. The Combaticons screamed in terror as the light expanded, enveloping the whole island! After a good minute, the light died. The device was now a single, uniform, non-glowing color of silver. Eggman peeked out from behind his barricade to see the condition of his boys. His eyes met with something…he never thought possible. Onslaught looked to be halfway between robot and vehicle mode with both halves to the side. The front cab halves were on top of Brawl and Swindle in vehicle mode and connected by some sort of plug while standing on platforms that looked like feet. Brawl was on the left and Swindle was on the right. Meanwhile, Vortex and Blast-off had converted into vehicle mode and had elongated their fronts while sprouting hands and connecting to what should be Onslaught’s rear via the same plugs with Vortex on the left and Blast-off on the right. In between the two was a white head with antennae and two optics. The Combaticons had formed a giant behemoth of a bot! “…Boys?” asked Eggman tentatively. “…My sons?” The giant roared. It then uprooted several trees in Vortex’s fist and threw them before proceeding to rampage across the island.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 14: Instruments of Destruction)

TMC 14-1

A pink Hedgehog girl in a ballerina’s outfit pirouetted by herself in her magic teacher’s dance studio. She spun and spun and spun until she let her raised foot fall rather clumsily. She stumbled a bit as she tried to clear her dizziness. Once she could think and see clearly, she moved to a bench and panted before cracking open a bottle of water. She polished off half before she talked to herself. “Okay, Amy, let’s remember how many pirouettes are in that routine. Don’t go above the limit.” The hedgehog, Amy Rose, then finished off her water and took a deep breath. “All right, take a 10-minute break then it’s back to practice.” As Any rested, a blue-haired woman wearing a maid dress appeared in the mirror on her right. It wasn’t a reflection as the woman was nowhere in the room.

“Ms. Rose,” began the maid, Natalie Mayworth, “Megatron is at the drive and is demanding to speak with you, asking for you by name.”

“What?! Megatron?!” asked Amy. “Well, could you tell him I’m a little busy?”

“Adding your dance moves to your magic-casting movements?” asked a raspy male voice. Amy yelped and fell off the bench, her bum hitting the floor hard. As she massaged her rear, Natalie came out of the mirror and drew a feather duster out like a sword before leveling it at the intruder, a male Hedgehog with red eyes, a suit, and a large cannon on his right arm.

“Megatron?!” asked Amy as she remained on the floor. “What are you doing here?!”

“Seeking a sparring partner,” explained the Decepticon Lord. “You’re strong enough, so fight me.”

“No! What?! Why?! NO!”

“It’s been over 6 months since Optimus and I were tricked into…”

“Convinced to.”

“TRICKED INTO allying with each other and I haven’t had a decent chance to test my might! So, swap out the silk tutu for your usual dress, whip out your hammer, and fight me like your life depends on it!”

“…Tulle,” said Natalie.


“Amy’s tutu. It’s made of tulle.”

“…Isn’t tulle made of silk?”

“A specific, stiff kind of silk,” answered Amy. “Getting back to the original topic, I’m not fighting you.”

“Like the Pit you’re not! You have enough power in your bangs alone to scorch Mobius three times over and you’re letting it go to waste!”

“Megatron, Natalie’s wife, the owner of this mansion, is in the room above us and she JUST settled down for a nap!”

“If you’re REALLY looking for a fight,” supplied Natalie as she caught on to Amy’s plan, “keep it up and SHE’LL give you one!” Megatron glanced upwards and considered his next move. He was looking for a sparring partner, not an angry witch.

“…This isn’t over, Ms. Rose,” he warned as his holo-form vanished.

“Ostendeo,” chanted Natalie as she pointed her duster at a mirror. It then showed a gunmetal gray tank leaving Mayworth Manor.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” muttered Amy.

A few days later, Amy and her teacher, Sira Mayworth, had just left the mall. “I’m telling you; I look horrible in pants!” urged Sira.

“You also said you never tried them,” replied Amy. “So, just try them out and see if…” Amy stopped as something flashed through her head.

“I sense it too!” Sira and Amy stepped back as an energy blast scorched the pavement in front of them. They looked up to see…

“Megatron?!” yelped Amy. It was his holo-form again and his cannon was smoking.

“Shall we?” asked Megatron.

“I’m running errands!” snarled Amy.

“You’re running your mouth, you mean. How about you run your hands?”

“My hands are busy holding shopping bags!”

“And you’re busy making up excuses! FIGHT ME!”

“Mr. Megatron, we left something behind in the mall,” interrupted Sira, annoyed at the Decepticon. “It’s a little pink bag with Amy’s name and it’s most likely in the food court.”

“I thought something felt off,” mused Amy. “If you run to the food court and get it, IN YOUR HOLO-FORM and without causing a panic, I’ll fight you.”

“Very well!” Megatron dashed into the mall as Amy and Sira looked around. They then joined hands and started chanting.

“Locus. Locus. Locus.”

“WAIT! WHICH FOOD COURT?! THERE’S LIKE TWENTY…!” Megatron got his answer as they vanished. “…Clever girls!”

A week later, Amy was at a telescope looking out of a large cave. Her eye was at an eyepiece for someone her size. “Wow!” she breathed. “Nebulan telescopes are so cool! Thanks for letting me use it, Trema!”

“Tis a pleasure,” returned a giant, green woman as she looked through a larger eyepiece. “You should be honored, my witch-sister. Comet Tanakotha was once believed to only pass by Nebulos. To see the Light of the Gods itself is a rather…wait, what’s that light coming from below?” A stream of purple light flew past the comet. “Wha…!? Was someone trying to shoot our…?!”

“Take a glance downward,” sighed Amy. “I found the culprit.” Trema moved the telescope down to see Megatron’s holo-form climbing out of his vehicle mode’s cockpit. He then held up a sign saying, “FIGHT ME!”

“…Should I…?” asked Trema.

“I got this. Resonus.” Amy cupped her hands in a circle and shouted through it. “NO!” came the loud reply. Trema looked through the telescope and giggled at seeing Megatron’s angry expression.

Another week had passed, and Amy had a dream fulfilled. The Hedgehog she idolized, the famous Blue Blur himself, Sonic the Hedgehog…had asked her out on a date! They were in a small outdoor café, having started on dessert, a couple’s sundae. Amy felt like she was on Cloud Nine. “Oh, Sonic!” she sighed. “You can’t possibly imagine how long I’ve waited for this moment.”

“I will admit, I was a little nervous about this,” replied Sonic. “I didn’t know if we should go all out at first.”

“No, starting small like this is per…” Amy’s assurance was interrupted by everyone on street running and screaming in terror.

“RUN! IT’S MEGATRON!” wailed a female Cat. Amy face-palmed in annoyance.

“Don’t worry, Amy!” assured Sonic. “I’ll knock ol’ Bucket Head into next week!”

“Let me handle this,” replied Amy. She stomped out into the street to see Megatron approach her in vehicle mode.

“A nice, clean arena, wouldn’t you say?” asked Megatron.

“WHAT! IS! YOUR! DAMAGE!” shouted Amy. Megatron transformed, then knelt down so he could better talk to her.


“Given that you’re proving what insanity is, I beg to differ! There’s GOT to be someone else you can fight!”


Megatron’s first attempt was his younger brother, Optimus. They were in the Autobots’ new dojo and Optimus was performing a kata. “No,” said Optimus.

“Oh, come on! Why not? We did it before Unicron came into the picture!”

“Because I don’t want to.”

“What, you have something better to do?”

“Nope.” Optimus continued his kata.

“…FRACK YOU! FIGHT ME!” Optimus groaned at Megatron’s childishness. He then got an idea. He punched a pot off the little altar, and it fell, breaking into many pieces. “Wha…? Why did you…?”

“MEGATRON! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” wailed Optimus.

“WHO JUST BROKE MY BELOVED STORMFRONT’S SECOND RULE OF TIDINESS?!” shouted Optimus’ sensei, Yoketron. Megatron did NOT want to attempt to explain himself to a Cyber-ninja.

“I will remember this when we beat Unicron!” he promised.

“Please do,” invited Optimus as Megatron dashed out of the dojo and Optimus got some glue.

Megatron’s next try was at G.U.N. A white-furred bat, Rouge, chuckled as she saw Megatron’s holo-form. “Well, Megatron, honey,” she purred, “I’m honored you thought of me. You know, if you impress me, maybe you and I could…”

“Not you, you wannabe peacock!” replied Megatron. “The edgie hedgie working on the bike!” Said ‘edgie hedgie’ was Shadow. He paused his labors and gave Megatron his full attention.

“Hello, Megatron,” he greeted. “How’s the Empire?”

“Fine. How’s your chest?”

“Just fine, thank you.”

“Shadow, we never actually fought, have we?”

“Not personally, no.”

“Then I say you owe me some combat.”

“I owe a lot of people a lot of things. Most of them money, one an organ, one a whale.”

“Yeah, Topaz’ still asking about that,” interjected Rouge.

“But I owe a monster like you NOTHING! You beat your troops for even the tiniest failures, take credit for THEIR victories, and when you’re not doing that, you’re picking fights with everyone because of your screaming ego! You remind me a lot of Black Doom, but at least he had the courtesy to stay dead. So, take your massive inferiority complex the hell out of here and maybe I’ll fight you when you stop acting as childish as Optimus!” Megatron stammered at the insult.

“Oh, and about that wannabe peacock thing,” the end of Rouge’s sentence was punctuated by a swift kick…down below. …Yes, Megatron’s holo-form could feel that. He stumbled out of G.U.N. as quick as he could.

Amy managed to keep her laughter to herself about the results of Megatron’s second attempt. “After that, I tried Eggman,” he continued, “but he and the Combaticons are on an ‘intensive training retreat’, probably at some poolside cabana. So all that’s left was…you.”

“Well, what about the Chaot…?”

“Soundwave knows where you live!”

“WHOA! Okay! Geez! …Geez, I’m…I-I’m sorry.” Megatron grinned. He had… “But I’m still not fighting you.” Never mind, he didn’t have her.


“I don’t like fighting, Megatron! I only did it because I was in a do-or-die situation of YOUR creation. Frankly, at this point, I’d be fighting you out of PITY!” That comment…cut into his Spark real deep. “Is that really what the Lord of the Decepticons wants? A pity fight?” Megatron said nothing. He just transformed and left via a bridge portal. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

Megatron was right about the cabana. It was at Egg Beach, Eggman’s private beach. He and his creations, the Combaticons, were relaxing…to a point. “Come on, my sons,” called Eggman as he looked over his shades. “This is not fidgeting time.”

“Doctor,” called Onslaught, “I can’t relax. What if, while we’re lying on the beach, someone else out there is training and getting stronger than us? How do we know?”

“The truth, Onslaught,” replied Eggman in an uncharacteristically fatherly tone, “is that we can’t know. But, I think you’ll find that everyone, even the strongest warriors, need their shuteye. Besides, it’s an effective method of bodily detox. In us fleshy-types, our blood flow decreases and is replaced with cerebrospinal fluids that flush out any waste around the brain, allowing the neurons to continually fire fast. There’s a similar effect to Transformers while you recharge. Sleep actually helps you think more critically, so there’s nothing wrong with taking it easy, despite Megatron’s insistence.” Onslaught was still a little uneasy but decided to try and snooze. Brawl just couldn’t relax.

“This ain’t me!” he groaned. “I’m taking a walk.”

“Okay, be safe,” called Eggman. Brawl went into the jungle and looked around. Somehow, looking at nature just wasn’t calming him down. He had quite a bit on his mind.

“Stupid Megatron! Stupid Unicron! Stupid Autobots! Why can’t people just bow to their kings like good little sheep?!” He was so focused on ranting that he didn’t see where he was going. He tripped and fell flat on his face. “ERGH! STUPID NATURE!” He pointed his gun at the object, thinking it was an offending root, only it was way too shiny to be one. Brawl’s optics flickered as he examined it closely. It was definitely made of metal. He pulled it out to see that it was a sphere with four triangles surrounding it. “…This can’t be Cybertronian, can it?” muttered Brawl. He then noticed that one of the triangles was glowing in his armor’s color. “…Right, that settles it! My whole family needs to know about this!” He took off, carrying the object with him.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 13: Clearing the Air)

TMC 13-10

“I’m sorry, I must be getting on in years!” snarled Megatron. “What did you just say, Starscream?!”

“I said I’m going with Deathsaurus!” replied Starscream.

“But what about your teleporting buddy?!” wailed Skywarp comedically. “You’re just gonna leave me?! Oh, you Sparkless…!”

“Get over here. I need a Space Bridge guy.”

“…Well, since you asked so nicely…” Skywarp appeared to consider his actions.

“You can be one of my commanders. Order people around as you see fit. Heck, even change your title whenever you want.”

“…Oh, twist my arm, why don’t you! In that case, soldiers, until I decide otherwise, you shall address me as Princess Skywarp!”

“All hail Princess Skywarp!” called the soldiers.

“They catch on quick, don’t they?” Skywarp whispered to Deathsaurus.

“That’s why I like them!” replied the rogue Decepticon.

“Thundercracker, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us,” offered Starscream.

“…You took an oath!” snarled Thundercracker. “As leader of the Seekers, you are supposed to oppose evil wherever it lurks and Unicron’s at the center of Mobius!”

“Wake up, Thundercracker!” replied Skywarp in uncharacteristic seriousness. “In the Seekers’ history, has ANY Trine ever been trained to fight Unicron?”

“We swore an…!”

“Answer the question! Did any of us ever receive Unicron-based combat training?!” Thundercracker growled.

“…No,” he finally sighed.

“Do we have any weapons even remotely similar to the Three Powers?”


“And are we REALLY that neutral?”


“Then tell me, what hope do any of us have?”

“Last chance, Thundercracker,” offered Starscream. “An opportunity like this only comes once.”

“…When we beat Unicron,” declared Thundercracker, “I’m going to relish in telling everyone how the leader of the Seekers forgot his oath and fled like the craven coward he is! If Unicron beats us, I hope he devours you before the D.J.D catches you!”

“The D.J.D will be spared the effort!” roared Megatron as he leveled his fusion cannon!

“Megatron, NO!” called Optimus.


“Megatron, no,” remarked Starscream as he fired his null ray right into Megatron’s chest, winding the Decepticon Lord. “…You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to do that!” He then addressed his old comrades. “Attention, idiots! You are all doomed to fail and be devoured by Unicron! Skywarp and I want no part of it! We’re leaving this world and claiming the TRUE Decepticon Empire as our allies! Deathsaurus, get us out of here!”

“As you command, Lord Starscream,” replied Deathsaurus. The teleport beam then snatched everyone up and left Megatron, Thundercracker, and the four Autobots to themselves.

“…FINE! I HOPE THE D.J.D. TEAR YOU LIMB FROM LIMB!” shouted Megatron to the heavens.

Megatron was fixed up from the shot Starscream took. Once he was cleared, he toured the base…what was available to him. As he walked, he noticed Galvatron packing, ready for a swap the next day. “Galvatron, a word,” called Megatron.

“A word or an attempt to give me a beating?” replied Galvatron.

“…Not dignifying that. Look, did Starscream get involved at all in your time?”

“Yeah, he tried to serve Unicron. Didn’t end well. Killed all the Seekers right there.”

“…Mind elaborating?”

“I’d rather show than tell.” Galvatron then pulled out a cortical psychic patch.

“…Very well.” Megatron opened the back of his head and Galvatron plugged one end of the patch into it. He then opened the back of his own head and plugged the other end into it, sending both bots into a trance.

Megatron woke up in a cave and saw Galvatron in a mess. His armor was torn, and he was leaking Energon. “What in…?!” spluttered Megatron.

“Relax, these are just my memories,” assured Galvatron in a tone that didn’t match his condition. He then groaned in pain as Starscream entered the cave, passing right through Megatron. “You…traitor!” gasped Galvatron to Starscream.

“We’re not going to accomplish anything by standing against Unicron!” replied Starscream. He approached the center of the cave. “I won’t let myself be destroyed so damn easily. You’re going to be witness to this event, unlike the others.”

“What…event?!” grunted Galvatron.

“My audience with Unicron.” Starscream then carved out a runic circle in the floor and jabbed himself in the arm with his finger. He then drew it back and revealed purple liquid instead of pink. Megatron, observing the whole thing, realized what Starscream did.

“…Dark Energon?” he asked Galvatron. His future self nodded as Starscream put his finger to the circle. It glowed purple and bathed the cave in darkness.

“I feel your presence! Share your very Anti-spark! I call on you as my Lord and Master, Oh Mighty Unicron!” Seven pillars of purple clouds then appeared before six of them turned into the Terrorcons, sans Rodimus Unicronus, while the seventh grew and grew until a massive upper torso with a horned head appeared. Megatron looked on in fear.

“Unicron!” he whispered.

“Who would speak to me?” demanded Unicron.

“Your servant most humble!” answered the Seeker. “Starscream, Air Commander of the Decepticons and your very herald! The one who wielded the Dark Energon which binds us to awaken you once again! The Prophecy has been fulfilled! It is only the beginning of what we shall accomplish…together! For you shall rule this planet and those who walk upon it through me…!”

“PRIDEFUL FOOL!” roared Unicron. Starscream gulped. “How dare you think yourself capable of summoning MY life force! I rise because I have deemed it my time!”

“Master,” whimpered Starscream, “I did not mean to overstep…!”

“SILENCE, WORM! I have no need of your LOWLY assistance.” Unicron then raised his hand, causing Starscream to levitate. The Terrorcons then drew their weapons, causing Starscream to fear for his life.


“If you did, you would have told us where the Matrix was,” scoffed Nemesis Prime.

“Is that what I sense?!” snarled Unicron. “The taint of Primus still exists?!”

“It turns out Optimus never had the Matrix on his person,” explained Nemesis. “He hid it away before a successor was chosen. A Velocitronian by the name of Hot Rod.”

“Some…Elite guard!” chuckled Galvatron. It was clear that Unicron and his Terrorcons saw him, but they elected to ignore him and continue to berate Starscream.

“That Velocitronian is now Rodimus, the Last of the Primes and our sworn enemy…!”

“You profess loyalty to me,” interrupted Unicron, “yet allow a disciple of Primus to LIVE!”

“I will destroy him for you! His screams will be heard…!”

“I grow weary of your prattle! Surely, if you had the power to destroy this Prime, you would have done so already! I will deal with him myself.” Unicron then clenched his fist and Starscream exploded, the shrapnel burying itself into the cave walls. Megatron then felt something pull at him.

He then woke up in Galvatron’s quarters and shook his head. “Who else is left?” he asked his future. Galvatron sighed.

“…Ravage, Knock-out, Rumble, and I are the only Decepticons. Rodimus has Ironhide, and Ratchet. The organics…the only fighters left are our apprentice, Silver, a pyrokinetic cat named Blaze, Vector, and Amy. The other fighters…gone, dead or in the thrall of Unicron. When Vector had no choice but to kill a possessed Charmy…” Galvatron stopped to wipe tears away. “…Now do you see why I’m not so eager to restart the Decepticon Empire in my time?”

“…I believe so. …However, that is YOUR time and there are some obvious differences between us. Ironhide and Rumble, for a start. With all that in mind, I intend to keep up appearances. I MUST have something to remember who I was before this all went down.”

“Please yourself.” Galvatron resumed packing as Megatron left the room, giving off an air of calculating confidence. It was clear, given that the time-travelers didn’t fade, that multiverse theory was in play and Megatron intended to make Galvatron’s time an alternate future.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 13: Clearing the Air)

TMC 13-9

Megatron was busy training by himself in the gym. He was working on his kicks. “97! 98! 99! 100! All right, let’s work on the left…”


“…When did HE get here?!” Megatron muttered to himself as Alpha Trion burst through the door.

“Listen to me, Young Warrior! This war is pointless! Heed me now and learn! If you stuff your head under the blanket and fart, you will have vivid nightmares!” Megatron just stared at the ancient Transformer.

“…Okay, right though you are, you’re clearly lost, old mech,” he remarked as he began his left foot kicking routine.

“This coming from the young boy who’s forgotten the real threat here?”

“Alpha Trion, I’m busy! Get out!”

“You DO want to beat Unicron, don’t you? Training by yourself won’t accomplish that goal, neither will stewing about what Galvatron said or fighting him despite the fact that he’s the wiser of you.”

“WISER OF US?!” Megatron then gave the surviving member of the Thirteen his full attention. “I’ve spent the better part of a two-year journey to this planet and five years on this rock fighting an oppressive faction and you tell me that the one who told me that what I’m fighting for is pointless is the wiser of us?!”

“Those were not his exact thoughts, and you know it! Consider his position! He and Rodimus are some of the last Transformers in their time! Everything both factions fought for, gone in an instant! Everything YOU fought for was turned to dust by Unicron’s hands! …Quite frankly, it sounds like you could use a little time among Autobots to recenter yourself because your time as Decepticon Lord has done ill towards you.” Alpha Trion then left the gym and left Megatron alone.

“…You’re wrong, Old Mech. Being the Lord HAS done me good, a TREMENDOUS amount of good!” Megatron then began his punching drills.

Blaster was keying in commands to increase scrutiny in the base. “Dude, will you relax!” protested Teletraan 1. “You’ve got our sensory network so sensitive; it’ll go off at the drop of a dust particle!”

“If that particle drops on a Terrorcon, I want to know about it,” replied Blaster.

“You’re too cautious!”

“And you’re too relaxed!” Just then, the warning system flashed. Blaster traced the origin to the space probes. His optics widened when he saw the image. It was a massive spheroid ship, roughly the size of the moon, with focusing lens at the front and a Decepticon symbol on top of the lens. Blaster’s optics widened in horror. “…Warworld!” he breathed.

“That’s funny,” muttered Teletraan. “The Warworld’s giving off Autobot transponder codes. It’s almost like…oh no!”

“Deathsaurus!” gulped Blaster. The comms then pinged.

“It’s Soundwave.”

“Open a channel!” Soundwave’s face then appeared. “Decided to call Deathsaurus, huh?!”

“Warworld’s presence: not requested,” droned Soundwave. “They have ignored my hails.” Soundwave sent all the relevant data as proof of his words.

“That doesn’t make sense,” muttered Blaster as he finished combing over the data. “If it’s Deathsaurus, why’s he ignoring you guys?”

“Leaders must be informed.”

“One of those rare moments where I agree with you. You tell Megatron, I’ll tell Optimus.”

“Agreed.” The call ended and Blaster headed to Optimus’ office.

Optimus, Megatron, Starscream, Jazz, Bumblebee, Thundercracker, Cliffjumper, and Skywarp were sitting in a field in vehicle mode while their holo-forms were surrounding a landing site for Deathsaurus and his troops to beam down. They soon got their wish. A number of heavily-armed Decepticons appeared in a blue light. Their leader, a Decepticon with jet kibble evoking a griffin, surveyed the scene. “Deathsaurus, you are not needed here,” growled Megatron. “Your Warworld would actually destabilize the whole operation. Leave at once.

“…An Autobot addresses me?” scoffed the jet-con, Deathsaurus.

“I am Megatron, the Lord of the Decepticons! Now leave Mobius!”

“I don’t recall following anyone who would hide behind an artefact similar to the Matrix.” His optics then rested on Starscream. “Ah, someone who knows things about how Decepticons should be.”

“You mouth-breathing imbecile! DO YOU KNOW WHOSE PLANET YOU’RE ON?!” roared Megatron.

“All hail Starscream!” replied the soldiers.

“…Your soldiers seem confused, Deathsaurus.”

“Out of my way.” Deathsaurus shoved Megatron aside and approached Starscream. “It has been too long, old friend.”

“…They hailed me,” mumbled Starscream.

“News has reached us about the planet’s situation, and we figured we could get a proper Decepticon to rule us in the process.”

“I told you, your presence is…!” Megatron then saw the business ends of the soldiers’ guns.

“Thank you, gentlemen,” said Deathsaurus as he turned back to Starscream. “We need a sensible Decepticon at the helm, Commander Starscream. …Or, should I say EMPEROR Starscream.” The phrase echoed in Starscream’s head.

“…You want ME to command YOU?” he asked.

“Indeed. Let’s be honest, the Seekers, as they stand, don’t stand a chance against Unicron. We need to gather the strongest Decepticons and prepare for one last fight when he wakes up.”

“Your Warworld is too excessive for battle against Unicron and Starscream is HARDLY strong!” roared Megatron.

“You misunderstand me on both counts, boy,” replied Deathsaurus. “I do not intend to use my Warworld for battle, but for quickly getting worthy Decepticons as far as possible from this doomed planet! And while he’s not physically strong, he IS charismatically and mentally strong. I have enough brawn but could use a little more brain to balance it out. Besides, I also need Skywarp’s knowledge and the other half of Starscream.” Starscream’s optics then widened.

“…You’re not…seriously suggesting…?!” he squeaked.

“Relax, you need to transform into him only once.”


“Come on, Screamer!” protested Skywarp. “This is probably you’re best shot at a cure for your condition!”

“NO! I…I WON’T BE ABLE TO…!” Starscream’s sentence just stopped in personal fear.

“We have something to help that other side be more visible to everyone,” offered Deathsaurus. “With more eyes on him, he could be controlled!”

“NO, SLAGGIT! …I mean, I was before but…that was the past!”

“LISTEN TO YOUR SPARK, MECH!” shouted one of Deathsaurus’ soldiers. “If not for us, then do it for yourself!”

“…You do realize…without me keeping a lid on him, once he’s free of me…there’s no holding him back!”

“Sometimes a mad-mech must be brought to crazier heights in order to be sane,” replied Deathsaurus.

“In other words, sometimes the best way to deal with a mad-mech…is to send in another mad-mech!” simplified Skywarp.

“…THAT’S A STUPID PLAN!” shouted Thundercracker.

“Exactly! A stupid plan for a stupid man!”

“Are you high?! In fact, are ALL of you high?!”

“I must agree with Thundercracker,” called Megatron. “With Unicron, we need as many soldiers as possible! Now, I still say the Warworld is a tad much, but you have my permission to join us.”

“I just need to call in more Autobots to balance things out,” supplied Optimus. “We ARE in the middle of a truce.”

“And could someone explain what’s going on about other halves?!” called Bumblebee.

“Starscream has a second personality that takes over his body,” explained Thundercracker, “a solar-power wielding Covenant thumper by the name of Sunstorm. Whenever he takes over, all reason is lost. Sunstorm believes he’s Primus’ Messiah.”

“…Glad I never met him.”

“With Sunstorm having a separate body, though,” replied Deathsaurus, “his power will be decreased! You will exist as two people and he wouldn’t be able to kill you without sacrificing his own Spark.” Starscream’s mad expression then faded as the upsides were lain at his feet.

“…Never in my life have I wanted something so much and never known until I received it!” A grin then appeared on Starscream’s face. “Who’s with me in leaving this doomed mudball?”

The Three Realms The Three Realms World Building


Dragons, easily one of the most powerful of races in the Realms. Most connected to the elements of the Realms, they once started as mindless beasts. Elves then taught them how to speak and think. After that, they became some of the most advanced species in all the Realms. Unlike Elves, Dragons DO have different species. There are 10 species among Dragons, all of which have different characteristics.


  • Two legs in back
  • No tail
  • Wings for arms
  • One horn on forehead


  • No wings.
  • Serpentine body
  • Two grasping hands in front
  • Fins for propulsion through water
  • No horns


  • Pair of stag-like horns
  • Turtle-like
  • No wings
  • Four legs


  • No legs
  • Wings
  • No horns
  • Long whiskers


  • Fluffy
  • No horns
  • Moth antennae
  • Paws with claws
  • Long ears


  • Pair of curved horns joined in middle of forehead
  • Serpentine
  • Four taloned feet
  • Wings
  • Crocodile mouth


  • Beak
  • Feathered
  • Two legs
  • No wings
  • No horns
  • Peacock tail feathers


  • No horns
  • Wings line front legs
  • Four horns
  • Tail for locomotion


  • Small horns
  • Dog-like muzzle
  • Serpentine
  • No legs

Shadow (Recently rediscovered)

  • Branched horns
  • Horn on nose
  • Wings
  • Tail for locomotion
  • Grasping hands

The Three Realms The Three Realms World Building

Elf Affinities

Elves are some of the most well-known species across the Realms. They usually give themselves an air of mystery by occupying their time in contemplation. However, there is one thing they don’t want to be a mystery, and that’s what makes a certain Elf a Wood Elf or a Sea Elf. Despite what people think, there AREN’T exactly species of Elves, much like there aren’t species of humans. They have varying skin tones as well as varying affinities of the elements that make up the Realms. They always address themselves by their name and what affinity of Elf they are. For example, Elmar would say “I am Elmar Narven, Wood Elf”. Below are the various types of affinities available to Elves.

Earth types

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Sand

Fire types

  • Blaze
  • Magma
  • Inferno

Water types

  • Sea
  • Ice

Air types

  • Wind
  • Sky

Lightning types

  • Electric
  • Thunder

Love types

  • Lust
  • Romance

Magic types

  • Light
  • Middle
  • Dark

Death types

  • Necro

Balance types

  • Eternity

Life types

  • Health

Drows are considered Elvish, but not really Elves. They have the same affinity types as Elves, just a different culture.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


The pride of the Under-realm’s Greshkagh Mountains, Aldarval Naltomak has served Realmfleet for most of her 42,197 year life. This Troll has had the honor of being not only the first Troll to reach the position of Supreme Admiral, the highest rank of Realmfleet, but also the oldest woman. In her personal life, she is honored to be called a wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Her Fairy and Elf husbands and her Mermaid wife are honored to be her spouses and parents to 22 children, grandparents to 97 grandchildren, and great-grandparents to 209 great-grandchildren. Her brother and sister, of course, have Views about galivanting around Realmfleet, but Aldarval likes her life so far.

The Three Realms The Three Realms (Book 4: Trials of Light and Dark)

3 Realms 4-13

“How is this POSSIBLE?!” roared Oyed as the evacuation to the Mid-realm was completed. “Two of the darkest races, having long turned their backs on the Divine Ones, and yet we STILL lost the Under-realm after they switched sides!” He then fired blasts of energy all around him. Thankfully, no one was around and nothing of value was destroyed, so he could rant as long as necessary. It took a good 5 minutes until he calmed down. “Okay, deep breath. There are still the Manticores and Sphinxes to consider. Now, remember what Tormo told you, the Sphinxes have been discovered and they’re getting aid in regard to the barrier keeping them from any civilized areas. The Manticores still have the key, so you can easily convince them to join you. It will be easier to keep them than the Drows and Shadow Dragons…”

“NINCOMPOOPS! ALL OF YOU!” roared Shefarn’s voice. Oyed stopped and followed the voice to see Shefarn berating a group of people. “YOU DIDN’T PURGE ANY DATA WHATSOEVER?!”

“We didn’t have time!” protested a Robot. “We had to leave immediately!”

“What’s going on?” asked Oyed.

“You know the evacuation of Plunder Island Stronghold?” asked Shefarn.

“…What about it?”

“They didn’t purge any sensitive data, not even our current location!”

“WHAT?!” Oyed was livid! “YOU IDIOTS!”

“Hey, cut us some slack!” protested the Robot.

“I’ll cut off your heads for this!”

“We can’t afford any loss of numbers,” called Dr. Borg’s voice as she approached the group. “They will be punished later, my Lord. For now, we must prepare for our meeting with the Manticores.”

“The sooner we get them and the Sphinxes, the happier I’ll be. I HATE deserts!” growled Oyed.

The Endeavor landed on an island right at the southern exit of the Caltem river, the natural border between Aridu and the Regatim Oasis. “Shalvey, open a secure channel to all Captains and route it to my ready room,” ordered Arsha.

“Aye, Captain,” replied Shalvey. Arsha then went to her ready room and sat at her desk.

“Secure channel is being requested for use,” droned the computer. “Please verify your identity.”

“Royana, Arsha. Serial Number 5-5-4-7-9. Captain of the Endeavor, Registry:CRS-2784. Secure Access code 7-9-7-8-7. Priority Alpha.”

“Verification complete. Awaiting input from recipients.” Arsha needed to only wait a few seconds before all Fleet Commanders signaled they were on the channel. Aldarval then appeared.

“Admiral?! You’re getting involved?! The briefing never mentioned that!”

“I wanted it to be a surprise,” answered Aldarval. “Thank you for organizing this, Arsha. This will make the briefing easier.”

“What’s the situation?” asked a Minotaur woman.

“Everyone, are you all in your ready rooms?” asked Aldarval. Everyone confirmed that they were. “Good. What you’re about to hear does not go beyond your rooms unless necessary. Is that clear?”

“Sounds pretty serious,” muttered Arsha as she joined the others in confirming their understanding.

“It is. Everyone, we’ve finally discovered Dr. Borg’s methods in dismantling Realmfleet. The reason she attacked Realmgate City is because any plans involving Realmgates will give her the means to shut our Realmgate network down and build her own. The reason she wants to shut ours down is that it’s interfering with the construction of her larger Realmgates. She’s trying to connect her personal Realmgates to a larger one but wants it to be under her command. The Drows and Shadow Dragons would have destroyed the original ones for her.”

“Good thing they defected so quickly,” said a male Ice Elf.

“However, there ARE other hibernating races throughout the Mid and Over-realms. Both Mid-realm ones are here on the Northern Continent, one I believe Arsha is familiar with.”

“…The Sphinxes?! They’re working for Oyed?!” yelped Arsha.

“More like working for Manticores while the Manticores work for Oyed.”

“Manticores?!” gulped an elderly Mermaid. “You mean lions with large bat-like wings and a scorpion’s tail?!”

“The same.”

“And they’re walking around the Continent?” asked Arsha.

“Not yet.”

“I guess we should find some elephants,” joked the Ice Elf.

“Believe it or not, we DID send an elephant. We’re watching it now to see if the legend about Manticores being unable to kill an elephant are true.”

“And what are we doing during this test?” asked the Mermaid.

“We’re going to try and persuade the Sphinxes to ignore the Manticores and join us.”

“…What about getting the Manticores to join us?” asked the Ice Elf.

“Oyed won’t allow that to happen again with any more races,” answered Arsha. “For all his short-sightedness, he’s good at not repeating mistakes.”

“Which is why time is of the essence,” urged Aldarval. “Arsha, the instant our Protectorate Pirate friends get here, I need you to brief them. Have them join you in a strike against the Manticores from the inside. I will lead half the fleet in an external strike. The other half will continue to work on the Sphinx barrier.”

“It STILL isn’t down?” asked Arsha.

“I’m afraid not, despite all our best efforts.”

“Then the Sphinxes’ nerves are probably frayed. They’ll be prime targets for Oyed to recruit. Are you sure you don’t need me there? I’ve had some experience with them.”

“Merrim’s had more experience since you last saw her. No, I need you on the internal strike.”

“Very well. I’ll make sure our late-comers are briefed…and make sure they don’t tear each other’s throats out.”

“Yeah, they AREN’T exactly on good terms, are they?” remarked the Mermaid.

Back at Plunder Island Stronghold, the cleanup was finished. Reb inspected everything and seemed satisfied. “Well, my darlings,” she purred to her new crew, “it looks like my old home became MORE comfortable than ever! I’d say we all made a SPLENDID choice in becoming Privateers, wouldn’t you agree?” The crew agreed. “Well, I’d say it’s about that time. I need some volunteers to go with me and my DARLING husband to the Mid-realm to do what we can to wipe Oyed’s HEINOUS presence off the face of the Realms. I need 50. Who wishes to go?” Everyone raised their hands. “…All 1,800, I see. MOST difficult. Let’s see…” She went through the rows and checked everyone. Those she chose, she gave a gold coin to. Once all 50 coins had been passed out, she and Melgem led everyone onto her new ship, a small Interceptor-class vessel,the Divine Revenge. The ship was a Mechanica, a male by the name of Divre.

“All decks report ready,” reported Divre.

“And so do we,” declared Reb. “Mr. Alndar, set a course for the nearest Under to Mid Realmgate, then get us to our BELOVED Arsha’s position.”

“Course laid in,” reported Mr. Alndar, the Cecaelia Helmsman.

“Take us up.” The Revenge soon left the island and made its way towards a Realmgate.