Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 19: Beast Wars!)

TMC 19-13

Once the repairs to Scorponok’s old body were completed, the Predacons gathered in a storage bay. Saurion was in a makeshift seat and wore a judge’s wig. Tarantulas was bound by power bonds, pinning his arms to his chest. Saurion pounded a gavel to call order. “Let the trial commence!” he called. Inferno worked as court stenographer as she typed out what Saurion said on a Transformer-sized typewriter. “Waspinator shall speak for the Defense.”

“Ooh, Wazzzpinator like Defenzzze!” remarked Waspinator as he hovered in beast mode. “A little more defenzzze and, maybe, Wazzzpinator not get blown up all the time!” He transformed and landed by Saurion’s side. He then cleared his throat before beginning his “opening arguments”. “Tarantulazzz zzzend mezzzzzzage to Maximalzzz zzzaying that he wazzz going to uzzzurp ZZZaurion! Then lozzzezzz ZZZyber Planet Key to Maximalzzz and Autobotzzz azzz well azzz counter-viruzzz! ZZZaurion angry! Think Tarantulazzz a traitor! Want to ZZZLAG Tarantulazzz! Given how creepy he izzz, Wazzzpinator down with that!” Saurion enjoyed Waspinator’s little speech and Inferno dutifully typed the whole thing down. Tarantulas felt fear deep in his Spark, knowing that he wasn’t getting out of this without a good enough reason for Saurion. “Defenzzze take a rezzzt,” finished Waspinator.

“Ah, brilliant as always, yes,” praised Saurion. “Predacons, your verdict?” They all looked to each other, then they pointed their guns at Tarantulas. “Guilty as charged, I see. Then the sentence is execution, yes! Tarantulas, anything to say before sentence is carried out?”

“You do realize I had an accomplice, right?!” pleaded Tarantulas.

“Ah, yes, Scorponok,” replied Saurion. “Well, he’s managed to convince me not to have him killed. He’s told me how it was done and where your other labs are, as well as his own. He’s agreed to be placed under watch.”

“Then, surely you can give me the same courtesy?! I didn’t tell him where ALL my labs are! I promise, I won’t complain about being watched!”

“All the labs? Tarantulas, I applaud your good intentions, but we’re THROUGH being lenient with traitors! Predacons, take aim!” The Predacons all leveled their guns at the helpless spider.

“SAURION!” bellowed a voice. Megatron and the Thrashracons stormed into the room. “Stand down, all of you! Tarantulas is free to go and is under MY protection!”

“WHAT?!” protested Saurion. “What possible reason could you possibly have for protecting that scheming spider! He is a traitor! He is useless!”

“No, he is not! We may have lost Animatros’ Omega Key, but he’s managed to copy all the data on it. It’s still encrypted like Xitra’s, but we have the necessary data, and our progress is uninterrupted.”

“I won’t suffer traitors at my table!” Saurion then leveled his own gun at Megatron.

“HOLD THEM DOWN!” Megatron ordered Strika’s team. The Predacons were then tackled and restrained while Megatron freed Tarantulas. Tarantulas stretched and cackled.

“Much appreciated, Lord Megatron!” he praised.

“Shockwave requires help on the new project,” ordered Megatron. “Go assist her.”

“At once!”

“I WON’T LET THAT FAILURE-!” Megatron grabbed Saurion by the throat.

“YOU’RE THE REAL FAILURE HERE, SAURION!” he bellowed. He then slammed Saurion to the floor and pinned him down. “Your hasty actions allowed the Autobots to assist the Maximals! Thanks to you, Scorponok and Tarantulas had to pick up YOUR slack! As long as I am in command, Tarantulas is to be unharmed. Now, are you going to continue the execution, or shall I release you?” Saurion snarled, then he sighed in defeat.

“Tarantulas is to be spared,” he ordered the Predacons. The Thrashracons then released the Predacons and Megatron got up, letting Saurion pick himself up.

“A wise decision,” praised Megatron. He turned to Tarantulas. “Well?”

“Ah, yes, the project” recalled Tarantulas. “Excuse me.” He was about to leave, then remembered. “Thank you for saving my life. You won’t be sorry.”

“Know this, Tarantulas,” warned Megatron, “if I am, YOU will be sorrier!” Tarantulas took the hint calmly and headed off. Megatron then turned to Saurion. “Get a ship ready. You and your Predacons are coming with us.”

“I have a ship in mind,” replied Saurion darkly.

Sonic toured Maximal City with Cheetor. “Man!” he sighed. “I didn’t think I’d EVER see Maximal City in all its glory!”

“Yeah, it’s nice to see it with people in it!” replied Cheetor. The two then met up with Rhinox, Rattrap, Tigatron, and Airazor.

“Had a good run?” asked Tigatron.

“One of the best!” answered Sonic. “I’m just sorry it has to end so soon. I was really enjoying Animatros.”

“Well, our borders are open to you and your Autobot friends,” assured Rhinox.

“Yeah, and we’re stuck here!” grunted Rattrap. “You know, half the supplies on the Axalon had to be used to fix up the city!”

“Come on, there’s always next time!” remarked Airazor. Just then, Kong knuckled up to them.

“Hey, Boss Monkey!” called Sonic. “Just giving Animatros a good see-you-later!”

“Actually, Sonic, we’re coming with you,” replied Kong grimly. “Maximals, prepare the Axalon for immediate take-off and joining the Autobot fleet.”

“WHAT?!” protested Rattrap.

“The Predacon ship, Darksyde, is joining the Decepticon fleet. They’ve managed to copy over all the data on the Cyber Planet Key and they also possess Xitra’s. If they manage to get the data on all four, they’ll use it for their own purposes, whatever they are. If our Cyber Planet Key stays here, it’s ripe for another theft. We’re taking it with us. Sonic, we’ll meet you once the Axalon’s inside Fortress.” He then left the group.

“…Just when things are FINALLY looking up!” grumbled Rattrap before he gave a pitiful laugh. “We’re all gonna die!”

Fortress Maximus was now orbiting Animatros, waiting for the Axalon. It then arrived, a rounded ship that had a wider aft and multiple panels surrounding the underside’s perimeter. It docked inside the hangar the Blue Typhoon rested in. The docking tube extended as the clamps held the ship in place. The Maximals departed and looked around. Sonic greeted them. “Welcome to Fortress Maximus!” he called.

“Thanks for having us, Sonic,” replied Kong.

“Optimus is on the bridge right now. I’ll take you guys there. Just try to keep up!” It was a joke as Sonic kept a good pace with the Maximals. They soon arrived at the bridge.

“Welcome aboard, Kong Primal,” greeted Optimus. “I’d give you a tour right now, but we’re pressed for time. The Decepticons have entered transwarp already.”

“Then we may as well get secure ourselves for the journey,” replied Kong. “When will we get there?”

“Yesterday, quite literally,” reported Fortress Maximus.

“Unfortunately,” sighed Teletraan, “the Cons will be an hour ahead of us.”

“Then let’s get going!” declared Optimus. “Set course for Velocitron and engage transwarp drive!”

“Course laid in!” reported Cliffjumper. “Engaging transwarp…NOW!” Fortress Maximus then entered transwarp space. The crew felt the g-forces, then settled back down.

“It’s safe to walk around, now,” reported Fortress.

“Then now’s a good time to familiarize ourselves,” mused Kong. “check out our quarters, meet the rest of the crew…specifically, now’s a good time to have Rattrap clear out all his junk out of my quarters on the Axalon!”

“Rattrap!” admonished Cheetor.

“Opportunistic Vermin!” snarled Slash.

“Hey! Come on, gimme a break, will ya?!” protested Rattrap. “We were stuck in our beast modes and Scrape Ape’s quarters were a perfect hideout!” Slash simply punched Rattrap, causing his chair to spin.

“…They’re not gonna stop, are they?” Optimus muttered to Kong and Grimlock.

“Nope,” replied Grimlock.

“Not a chance,” agreed Kong.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 19: Beast Wars!)

TMC 19-12

Inferno, Terrorsaur, and Waspinator leveled their guns at the lab’s entrance. “On my command,” called Megatron. “When they come out, fire around-”

“HERE THEY COME!” called Scorponok. Terrorsaur, Inferno, and Waspinator then opened fire, their shots exiting the lab.

“I SAID ON MY COMMAND!” roared Megatron.


The shots died down as Slash hoisted Tarantulas up by the head. He had regained consciousness by then. “And just what, pray tell, do you intend to do with those trigger-happy lunatics?” he asked. Slash declined to answer and just spoke to Rattrap.

“Cover me, Vermin,” she growled. She then tugged Tarantulas with her and approached the lab entrance. Rattrap then spotted a pipe near him.

“…Well, no sense in denying my beast instincts now,” he mused.

“Do not fire, Villains!” shouted Slash as she shoved Tarantulas ahead of her before holding her rotary sword to his neck. “I have a hostage!”

“Why, so you do,” purred Saurion. He then prepared to fire his hip rockets!

“NO!” shouted Megatron as he kicked Saurion, cancelling the rockets’ firing sequence. As Saurion massaged his hips, Megatron berated him. “I don’t know if you recall, but we need him! Want a list why?!”

“Astound me with it,” muttered Saurion.

“One: he’s the only one who knows how to make more of the virus! If you want to infect the rest of the Maximals, you need him alive! Two: He’s still in the middle of his research into the Omega Keys!”

“Cyber Planet Keys.”

“NOT THE POINT! We still need him to complete his work on that front! Three: Shockwave needs a lab assistant!”

“Allow me to counter your list with my own! One: Shockwave is replacement enough for him! She can decode his data-trax and make it herself, possibly make it better. Two: I had Scorponok take over that project! Three, the most important bit: We intercepted a little message of his!” He then pressed a button on a nearby console and played the message. Tarantulas goggled in horror. “It was on an open frequency, to answer the question you’re keeping locked behind your chelicerae. Don’t bother saying it wasn’t you, we ran vocal matches and Spark checks.”

“S-Saurion, I can explain!” begged Tarantulas. Saurion then fired his hip rockets, causing Tarantulas and Slash to dive out of the way. Inferno and Terrorsaur then grabbed him by the arms to hold him in place.

“Now, are there any other stupid Maximal or Autobot ploys you wish to try?” Saurion asked Slash. A ceiling tile then fell as if it was kicked down from someone. Rattrap then landed on a table, kicked Saurion, making Animatros’ Cyber Planet Key fall from his subspace pocket, then Rattrap grabbed it and rolled to another part of the lab.

“How’s this, Scale-belly?!” He then fired his gun and knocked the enemy’s guns out of their hands. “Ha HA, gotcha!” Just then, they all heard a noise that sounded like someone winding up for a sneeze.

“TAKE COVER!” shouted Megatron. The sneeze was accompanied by a wall-destroying Energon discharge. The wall to the right of the lab’s door was nothing but rubble and Optimus’ forces stepped inside with Hydran wiping his nose.

“Nobody move!” ordered the Prime.

“Hey! Boss Truck!” called Rattrap as he handed Kong the Cyber Planet Key in a casual manner. “Nice of you to show, but, eh, we’ve already been there and done that.”

“What the rodent is trying to say,” snarled Slash, “is that the situation is under control.”

“I think not, no!” growled Saurion. “For I still have…the counter-virus!” he then pulled out the container. Megatron then leveled a fusion cannon at it.

“Unless you lot convert to your alt-modes and surrender immediately,” threatened the Decepticon Lord, “the Flame Convoy goes offline…PERMANENTLY!” Hydran then place a hand on Kong and Optimus.

“Don’t…” he groaned.

“…No choice,” sighed Kong. “Right now, our first priority is your survival.”

“Everyone, transform and surrender,” muttered Optimus. He and his army then transformed into their vehicle or beast modes.

“There are times,” grunted Slash, “when I would prefer to be a Decepticon!” She then went to beast mode.

“You see? A bargaining chip is ALWAYS useful!” Saurion remarked to Megatron.

“I suppose you DID have some merit,” mused Megatron. He then turned to his foes. “But, now the game is over and…” Hydran moaned pitifully and sat down so he could clutch his stomach.

“What’s wrong?” asked Optimus.

“Wild bean vines,” groaned Hydran. “Hard to digest!” He then got up and moved around.

“DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON ME, MAXIMAL SCUM!” roared Saurion. Optimus then noticed that Hydran was rotating in a way that looked like he was aiming his rear. A thought then struck the young Prime and it made his holo-form’s face display fear.

“Back up, back up, BACK UP!” he ordered.

“Wait, why are you…” Megatron then realized what Hydran was doing! “You wouldn’t!” The instant his rear was pointed directly at Saurion, he raised his tail! Saurion then got the idea.

“Oh no! Not that!” he begged.

“RETREAT!” Megatron’s order came too little, too late! The rear-based Energon discharge launched him and his forces out of the lab and into the sky.

“BLEARGH!” gagged Kong as he tried to wave the stench away from his nose. “That did it!”

“Let’s get out of here!” called Optimus.

“Not without the counter-virus!” interjected Rattrap.

“Gotcha!” cheered Grimlock as he picked up the container in his teeth. Everyone then left the lab at top speed.

They were back in Fortress Maximus when Hydran had the counter-virus given to him via an IV needle. Ratchet got readings that made him smile. “He’s responding well to the counter-virus,” he reported to Optimus. “A little rest and he’ll be good to go in two hours.”

“And the Cyber Planet Key’s currently under heavy guard,” replied Optimus. Tails then came up to them.

“Repairs are almost done!” he cheered. “Fortress Maximus will be ready to fly again within an hour!”

“What about Scorponok’s old body?”

“From what Swoop and Airazor reported, they still haven’t recovered from…well…the last discharge.”

“I’m not too terribly proud of that one,” mumbled Hydran. Then…he wound up for a sneeze!

“TAKE COVER!” called Ratchet. Everyone hid behind the repair berths again as Hydran reached the climax of his windup. He then sneezed! …Although, there wasn’t any additional noise of damage to the walls. Ratchet poked his head up to see that Hydran wasn’t discharging any Energon. The sneezing fit then stopped.

“Couldn’t it have cured my seasonal allergies?” groaned Hydran. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief before they laughed.

Meanwhile, with Megatron and his army, they were still draped across various trees. “This is certainly the most humiliating defeat of my entire career!” groaned Saurion. “Yeeessss!”

“…This never happened!” Megatron growled to Shockwave.

“What never happened?” asked Shockwave, feeling equally embarrassed as her Lord.

“Exactly.” Megatron then addressed the troops. “We’ve been lazy for long enough! We have repairs to make!” Everyone got out of the trees, then Terrorsaur gathered up the pieces of Waspinator and put him back together. Megatron arched an eyebrow. “The way you put him back together so nonchalantly…”

“It happens a lot,” replied Terrorsaur.

“Wazzzpinator hazzz been called Chew Toy of Fate for mozzzt of life,” grumbled Waspinator. Once everyone was divided according to tasks, Saurion addressed his Predacons.

“This is not yet over, no,” he growled. “Once we’re done, Tarantulas WILL be placed on trial!” Tarantulas gulped in fear.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 19: Beast Wars!)

TMC 19-11

Slash sniffed the air as she and Rattrap walked. “WAIT!” she called. “I detect a scent! Vile corruption! A whiff of…festering putrefaction!”

“So I had a limburger sandwich for lunch,” remarked Rattrap. “I’m a rat, give me a break.”

“I’ve been uncomfortably aware of your stench for the past hour, Vermin. This is something else.” Slash sniffed again. “Something over…THERE!” Her head moved forward towards a set of rocks…a set of rocks with tarantula legs scuttling off of them!

“HE’S MINE!” called Rattrap as he transformed to robot mode and flicked a Cyber Key into the air. “CYBER KEY POWER!” It inserted itself into his back and rotated. The armor near his hips then released wheels as his legs folded at the knee to make stabilizer struts for the wheels. He tore off at top speed after Tarantulas transformed to his own bot mode and ran.

“LEAVE BATTLE TO THE WARRIORS, MOUSE!” shouted Slash as she took off after Rattrap. Tarantulas then jumped over a small cliff. Rattrap and Slash then jumped after him. They landed on the ground and looked out over the flat terrain.

“…Hey, uh…where’d he go?” asked Rattrap. Slash sniffed the air again, then the ground opened beneath their feet and wheels. They both tumbled down the hole and landed on a slide with Slash on top of Rattrap. “HEY! GET YOUR FEET OUT OF MY FACE, LIZARD LLIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAH!” The two then went down the slide. Slash had to tilt Rattrap’s upper body side to side so she could avoid the stalactites. She then hit one that she missed, causing a boulder to roll down the slide after them. They reached the bottom and skidded to a stop once they hit the ground. Slash got off of Rattrap and transformed to her bot mode. Rattrap’s Cyber Key then popped out and his wheels turned back into legs. They checked themselves over, then Tarantulas jumped down from the ceiling and leveled a firearm at them while cackling.

“Playground’s closed, Minimals!” taunted Tarantulas.

“How long did it take for you to come up with that, Eight-eyes?” asked Rattrap.

“Same amount of time as your insult, Rodent!”

“The counter-virus!” demanded Slash. “Hand it over!”

“Not until I am named the new Flame Convoy! You better think fast! Hydran doesn’t possibly…huh?” Tarantulas’ attention was grabbed by rumbling coming from behind him. He turned to see the boulder for only a split-second before it caught him up in its embrace as it rolled to the cave wall. It pinned the spider against the wall…HARD.

“Ooh, that’s gotta hurt!” winced Rattrap. The boulder broke apart as Tarantulas fell from the wall, unconscious.

The two rivals decided to drag Tarantulas with them throughout the cave system. “Man,” complained Rattrap, “this day just keeps getting better and better!”

“Yes,” grunted Slash, “there’s little I enjoy more than hauling an unconscious arachnid through underground tunnels! …ARGH, THIS IS ABSURD!” She released Tarantulas and kicked him!

“Hey!” protested Rattrap. “We need Spider-boy there to get the counter-virus, Toothy! And you know these caverns gotta lead to his lab!”

“I know nothing of the sort! Unlike you, I don’t spend my time scurrying through sewers!”

“Yeah? Well, a sewer smells better than your breath, Bronto-brain!”

“You’ll get used to it when I bite your useless head off!”

“DIE, MAXIMALS!” During the argument, Tarantulas had regained consciousness and leveled his gun at his enemies.

“SHUT UP!” shouted Slash and Rattrap as they both punched him in the face.

Meanwhile, Airachnid and Scorponok searched the lab at the end of the tunnels. They still hadn’t found the virus sample needed to make more. “This is absurd!” grunted Airachnid. “A spider doesn’t need to spend their whole life underground!”

“Quit yammering!” barked Scorponok. “We still need to find the…huh?” his attention was grabbed by a computer warning. Airachnid got further details. It detected Slash and Rattrap dragging Tarantulas through the tunnels, still arguing. Slash mentioned that she didn’t see how noble it was to go offline underground while Rattrap was giving her fake sympathy. “Not good,” muttered Scorponok. Airachnid activated her comms.

“ Airachnid to Saurion, I suggest that all Predacons, Novacons, and Decepticons report to Tarantulas’ lab immediately. We’re about to have company.”

Back at Fortress Maximus, the Autobots, Omnibots, Mobians, and Maximals had gathered outside. “We can’t wait any longer!” urged Optimus. “For Hydran’s sake, we need to launch a frontal attack!”

“Wait,” moaned Hydran pitifully as he appeared at the door, “I’m coming too.”

“Hold on there, Sir,” countered Kong. “You’re a little under the weather, remember?”

“Hey, if I’m going to tear up the wallpaper,” replied Hydran as he stumbled outside, “I might as well do it on Pred turf.” He then started to fall forward. Grimlock caught him before he hit the ground.

“Your power cells are dangerously low, Hydran!” he reminded the Flame Convoy.

“Can you guys eat stuff besides Energon?” asked Sonic.

“Yeah, but only in beast mode,” replied Cheetor. “Besides, it’s only to top off power reserves.”

“It might be his best chance,” remarked Sonic. “Hydran, you might wanna transform and eat something.”

“You know, that’s a good idea, Mr. Sonic.” Hydran transformed, albeit sluggishly.

“Fliers, take point,” ordered Optimus. “The rest of us will converge on Predacon City as fast as we can! Time to voice our complaints to the Predacons personally! Let’s roll out!” Everyone then headed off in the direction of Predacon City. Hydran then saw a thicket of wild bean vines near Fortress. He tentatively munched on a bean, then gave a hum of approval before he tore into them.

Back in Tarantulas’ lab, all of those under the Decepticon Banner had gathered as Airachnid pressed a few buttons before something rose from a desk. It was a container of glowing, green liquid. “Here it is!” she cheered.

“The virus?” asked Megatron.

“No, the counter-virus,” replied Airachnid.

“Probably what the oncoming Maximals are after,” muttered Scorponok. He then leveled a claw at it. “We must destroy it!”

“NO!” shouted Saurion as he grabbed the container. He then examined it, forgetting all the others in the lab. “You think you can just expire like that? No. You still have use. A bargaining chip should remain in play until the game is over, yes.”

“Why do you always talk to yourself?” asked Megatron, snapping Saurion back to reality.

“Ah, I simply have a penchant for INTELLIGENT conversation!” Megatron twitched at the implications in that sentence.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 19: Beast Wars!)

TMC 19-10

“YOU ATTACKED THE FLAME CONVOY?!” shouted Megatron once the Predacons rejoined the Decepticons.

“Oh, I attacked him when I took the Cyber Planet Key,” replied Saurion.

“Of all the imbecilic actions I’ve witnessed during my tenure as Lord, this has to rank among the top 10!”

“Relax, this was merely covering my bets, yes.” A Huntsman spider then approached them.

“Airachnid, TERRORIZE!” Her transformation was different from most Spider-based Animatronians. Her legs went to her back as the rear unfolded into legs while the underside folded to the sides and became arms. The head split down the middle with a fang on each side and became shoulder armor while a head with a helmet that evoked Maleficent popped up. “Waspinator and Terrorsaur are returning, Lord Saurion,” she reported in a slight purr.

“Good.” Waspinator and Terrorsaur then approached the group in their beast modes. Terrorsaur’s rear was singed and Waspinator was missing a pair of legs. “Status report on Hydran!” demanded Saurion.

“Dragon-bot zzzneezzzed out a big one,” buzzed Waspinator.

“Then the virus actually works!”

“Take it from me,” whimpered Terrorsaur. “I’ve got the toasted tail to prove it!”

“Excellent! Yes!” Scorponok then approached the group. Saurion turned to Airachnid and Scorponok. “Prepare more of the virus immediately! We must infect more Maximals if they do not acquiesce to my demands!”

“And your demands are…?” ventured Megatron.

“To be the new Flame Convoy, effective at once! Animatros needs to be a Decepticon ally, thus it needs a leader most like a Decepticon.”

“About the virus,” gulped Airachnid, “there IS a problem. Tarantulas can’t be found.”

“And, like a good war-time scientist,” continued Scorponok, “he’s encoded his data-trax. Shockwave and I can’t access them.”

“THEN FIND HIM!” bellowed Saurion. “Start with his lab! Search everywhere! I WANT! THAT! VIRUS!”

Hydran was taken to the Repair Bay aboard Fortress Maximus. Ratchet and his medical staff examined him and the Maximals that carried him. Optimus, Kong, Grimlock, Galen, and Sonic waited outside. Ratchet then met with them. “Did you find anything?” asked Optimus.

“Whatever he has,” reported Ratchet, “it isn’t contagious. But, given the symptoms Kong described and what we found, it’s clearly an Energon Discharge virus of unknown type.”

“Energon Discharge?” asked Sonic.

“Oh no,” groaned Grimlock. “Swoop had one once.”

“He told me the grim details,” replied Ratchet. “To answer your question, Sonic, an Energon Discharge virus attacks the internal Energon reserves. If left unchecked, he’ll spontaneously expel his Energon until his reserves are depleted.”

“Can you cure it?” asked Galen. A noise then came out of the Repair Bay. It sounded like someone winding up for a sneeze!

“HIT THE DECK!” called Kong. The sneeze then erupted from the Repair Bay with a stream of energy blasting the door down. Inside, the Medical Staff had already taken cover as Hydran wiped his olfactory sensors.

“…It’s an artificial virus of unknown origin,” explained Ratchet as everyone picked each other up and went inside the Repair Bay. “There isn’t a cure readily available.” Hydran then sneezed again! The sneeze nearly took Optimus’ head off! Hydran sneezed again! And again! And again! He couldn’t stop for a good long while! His sneezes were destroying the Repair Bay, consoles, screens, and all! Everyone took cover behind the Repair Berths. Hydran’s sneezes then blew their cover…quite literally. The sneezes stopped as Hydran rubbed his optics.

“QUICK! GO TO BEAST MODE!” called Sonic. Hydran then transformed. For while, all was calm.

“…Phew! That’s better!” sighed the Flame Convoy.

“Good thinking, Sonic,” praised Optimus. …No it wasn’t. Hydran still sneezed out some of his Energon. The shot put a hole in the wall.

“…Gesundheit,” bid Grimlock. “Guys, maybe we should have him somewhere less…vulnerable?” Backstop pulled a scanner out of the rhino head on his right shoulder and waved it over Hydran.

“His internal Energon reserves are fading fast!” he reported. “If we don’t find a counter-virus soon-” Hydran sneezed- “he’ll not only tear up the base, but himself as well!”

“Then we need to send out our best scouts,” declared Grimlock. “I’ll send out Slash.”

“And I’ll have Rattrap join the hunt,” offered Kong.

“Wait a cycle!” called Optimus. “I’ve seen those two argue! There is NO way that’s a good idea!”

“Hey! Prime! Incoming message!” called Teletraan through the comms. “It’s Tarantulas!”

“Put him through!” ordered Optimus. Tarantulas’ voice then cackled throughout the comms.

“My dear Maximals, you’re probably wondering who made the Energon Discharge virus your precious Hydran is afflicted with. Well, wonder no more!” He cackled again. “For those of you who are significantly slow, even for a mere Maximal or Autobot, I created the virus! I DO have a counter-virus, but unless you make me the new Flame Convoy, not that stupid Saurion as he originally planned, more Maximals will be infected! Consider my offer!” He cackled as the message ended.

Given the circumstances, Rattrap and Slash were still sent out together, much to the two’s consternation. They started their search near where the Maximals fired on the retreating Predacons. “You sure about this, Chopperface?” asked Rattrap.

“I inflicted considerable damage on Tarantulas as we fired on the Predacons,” answered Slash. “Given the distance between here and wherever he was around Fortress Maximus, he couldn’t have gone far. And he will, no doubt, have the counter-virus!”

“Yeah? Well, you better hope so, for YOUR sake!” Slash twitched angrily at Rattrap’s statement.

“Excuse me?” She then fully faced the robot rat. “Are you implying that the current situation is somehow MY responsibility?!”

“Well, you didn’t exactly stop Saurion from firing that virus-activator, Gear Head!”

“I didn’t exactly see you raising a finger to stop him either, Cheese Lips!”

“Oh no, you ain’t pinning YOUR mistake on ME! YOU started this, you oversized iguana!”

“I beg to differ, Mouse!”

The argument could be heard over the comms. Optimus, Kong, and Grimlock heard every detail. “Pre-evolved bird brain!” hissed Rattrap.

“Eater of garbage!” retorted Slash.

“Sheesh,” muttered Optimus, “and I thought I was immature back in the day. Hey, Kong, Grimlock, are you two sure it was a good idea sending those two out together?”

“To be honest, no,” replied Grimlock.

“Me neither,” supplied Kong. “But their squabbling’s caused problems in the past. At least, this time, our situation wasn’t caused by them. They’ll either learn to work together or they’ll destroy each other.” Hydran then sneezed somewhere far off, causing chunks of the ceiling to fall on the three leaders. Kong simply sighed as his upper torso and right arm poked out of the rubble. “And, right now, I don’t really care which.” A few small bits then fell onto Kong’s head, causing him to sigh in defeat before looking upwards.

“Sweet Primus,” muttered Optimus. “Learning about a mystic prophecy one minute, then learning about an Autobot that turned herself into a Predacon on the genetic level, now the planet’s leader is sick and our hopes at curing him rest on the shoulders of two polar opposites!”

“I know, it’s almost like the first season of an old Earth CGI cartoon that came out in the 90’s,” remarked Grimlock. “Right down to the gags.”

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 19: Beast Wars!)

TMC 19-9

Rattrap’s teammates were stunned at his information. “Have you lost it, Rattrap?” asked Cheetor. “Inferno is who?!”

“Roadblock!” insisted Rattrap. “Inferno is Roadblock!”

“N-No, no!” argued Airazor. “Roadblock’s an Autobot warrior! Inferno here is a…well, she’s not all there like Roadblock was!” Inferno then groaned as she got up and shook her head. She then transformed to beast mode. The Maximals did the same. “Roadblock?” asked Airazor. Inferno flashed her mandibles.

“Take it easy, Roadblock!” called Cheetor. “We’re here to help!”

“I don’t require help anymore!” snarled Inferno. “Not now that my dormant memories are back to the forefront!”

“It really IS you, Roadblock!” gasped Airazor. “But how-?”

“Ever since Tarantulas made me into what I am now, I was buried inside my new identity of Inferno! I couldn’t reach the surface, couldn’t communicate! But the whole time, I was watching, LEARNING!”

“We’ve recovered you! It’s great to have you back, Roadblock! With you on our side, we can beat the Preds!”

“Beat them?! Why should we go against the ones who know how corrupt the Dynasty of Primes is?!” That shook the Maximals.

“Er, Roadblock-”

“I AM INFERNO, NOW! Clean your optics, Airazor! The destruction of the Matrix is the only hope the Transformers have of achieving dominance!”

“IMPOSTER!” called Cheetor. “The Roadblock I knew would NEVER side with the Decepticons!”

“Spots, I hate to burst your bubble,” gulped Rattrap, “but she DID!”

“Then we need to bring her back to our side…by ANY means necessary!”

“Whoa, hold on a minute!” called Sonic.

“Cheetor’s right!” called Airazor. “We need Roadblock more than we need Inferno! Her Spark must have been corrupted! Rattrap, do whatever you need to do!”

“Oh, when the stars align!” chuckled Rattrap.

“Rattrap! Belay that order!” interjected Kong’s voice. He, Tigatron, and Rhinox joined them. “Maximals, stand down!”

“But, Kong!” protested Cheetor. “She-”

“We saw it all from the Oracle,” interrupted Kong. “Roadblock…Inferno…made a conscious choice.”

“I was afraid of that,” sighed Sonic.

“Well, she made the wrong choice!” urged Rattrap. “We need to get her head reset and-”

“If we tamper with her mind after she made a conscious choice,” argued Sonic, “we’re no better than her current bosses!”

“Besides, the Call came out,” reminded Kong. “This business IS concluded. Let her go.” Rattrap, Airazor, and Cheetor grimaced before parting to give Inferno room to pass. As she left, Inferno called back.

“Goodbye, Maximals. You recovered my memories for me, so I will spare you for now. When we meet again, after Hydran has made his address, you will have to kill me in order to survive.” She then disappeared in the trees.

“…I can’t believe YOU, of all people-!” Airazor snarled at Sonic.

“Look, both sides want this planet to run in harmony,” replied Sonic, “but harmony without free will is just oppression. We can only hope Inferno will remember that in time.”

“Maximals, Optimus also saw the whole thing,” explained Kong. “He’s going to have the Autobots keep the Decepticons off our backs as Hydran addresses us. Let’s go.” Kong knuckled his way to the front and Rhinox brought up the rear. Sonic headed back to Maximal City to pick up Knuckles.

“Roadblock?!” cried Prowl once he got the news. “She’s Inferno?! How?!”

“Someone with a knowledge of genetics, from what I could glean,” replied Optimus. “Either Shockwave or someone using her work. In any case, we have Maximal City’s A.I., Sentinel, back up and running. He’s sent auto-repair drones to fix the comms towers and has managed to pinpoint the location of all the Maximals. Even when they’re beasts, they still heard the Call.”

“Well, so did the Dyno-bots. They’ve headed off to the Pangea.”

“Let them.”


“They helped Kong Primal’s team regain their old minds, they can help them restore the rest of the Maximals.”

“If you’re sure…”


“Well, all right. I guess the best thing we can do is to keep them in our prayers at the moment.”

Every form of metal beast arrived at an ancient starship, the Pangea, the colony ship that brought the original Cybertronian colonists to Animatros. As the Animatronians clamored, whether they were affected Maximals or Predacons still capable of transforming, a robot, wingless dragon stepped to the ship’s old entrance ramp. He roared for silence. “As I have repeated during each of these gatherings, as my ancestors have done before me, so I say now, I am Hydran, the Flame Convoy of Animatros! Why has communication between the Maximals and Predacons ceased?! Who was fool enough to take the Cyber Planet Key?!”

“Lord Hydran!” called Kong, “we accuse the Predacons and have proof of what happened!”

“…Not many Maximals claim to have proof,” remarked Hydran. “Who among you carries it?”

“That would be Nightscream, Lord Hydran.”

“Nightscream, step forward.”

“Nightscream, MAXIMIZE!” Nightscream’s beast feet and wings split away as the chest folded down and split into legs while feet folded down. As the feet’s rear toes folded to the sides to make thumbs, the beast head folded to the chest as the bot head popped up to take its place. His helmet made him look like he had hair all swept to the left of his face. Nightscream inserted a memory drive into a console. “The proof is here!” It then showed footage of Saurion’s attack with him brandishing the Cyber Planet Key.

“So it was YOU, Saurion!” roared Hydran.

“You DO value survival of the fittest, do you not?” asked Saurion. “Why else would I take it?! I had the strength to do so!”

“Stealing an artefact is NOT survival of the fittest!” roared Hydran. He then rolled his optics at the continued noise. “WHY DO THE MAXIMALS NOT STOP?!”

“Lord Hydran, I am Grimlock!” called the Dyno-bot leader. “We have a means of getting them to stop!”

“…Then do so, Outsider.”

“Actually, I think I’ll leave that to Kong Primal.” Kong nodded and began.

“Access Maximal Core Consciousness! Passcode: Kong Primal!”

“Passcode: accepted,” called all the computers of the Maximals. The afflicted Maximals roared.

“QUIET!” shouted Kong. The noise…stopped. “…Much better. Now, let me tell you how to help yourselves. You must first delete the programming block. Our ancestors may have needed it once, but that’s now a thing of the past.”

“So, what are we?” asked Hydran. “Robots or animals?”

“Both. We’re a blend of beast and bot. We are still the same when we’re animals. Deleting the programming block is just the first step. The key is finding the balance within yourself. Then, and only then, can you easily go from beast to robot and back again.” The Maximals growled…then found the programming block.

“Programming block: deleted,” came the voices of multiple computers. The Maximals then felt something calm them, then a new rhino spoke.

“You know, that sounds like something Tigatron would say,” he chuckled.

“That line of thinking was expanded upon,” replied Tigatron, “when my former students, the Dyno-bots, retaught that lesson to me.” By now, all the Maximals were talking as normal.

“A splendid show, Mr…I’m sorry, I didn’t ask for your name,” recalled Hydran as he gestured to Kong.

“I’m Kong Primal, head of Maximal City Security.”

“And now, you are Kong Primal, my chosen successor.”

“Well, it was no WHAT?!” The assembled Maximals and Predacons all repeated Kong’s question.

“That was the initial reason why I called you all here,” explained Hydran. “I was going to pick my successor. Kong, I say this only to state a fact, you are NOT physically stronger than me, but you are a perfect blend of brain and brawn. When I step down, YOU shall be the new Flame Convoy. Until then, I intend to get used to my new activation code. Hydran, MAXIMIZE!” His beast head, like many Animatronians, folded down to join the chest, the front legs became arms with hands of clawed fingers, and the beast mode’s rear legs served to hold the robot upright as the head popped up.

“…Lord Hydran, I’m both floored and honored,” replied Kong as he transformed to bot mode.

“The honor is all mine, my future leader,” assured Hydran.

“I think not, Hydran, no!” growled Saurion. He went to bot mode and fired a strange energy beam at Hydran. It enveloped him in a green aura and made him weak. “Predacons, we WILL have our day, one way or another! Return to the city!” The Predacons escaped as the Maximals transformed to bot mode and fired.

“HOLD YOUR FIRE!” called Kong. The Maximals turned to him. “We have bigger problems! Help me get Hydran to Fortress Maximus! I’ll explain more on the way!”

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 19: Beast Wars!)

TMC 19-8

Optimus was now in Maximal City with Grimlock and Llyra. “So, let me make sure I understand this,” he remarked, “you guys tied your defense A.I. to the most powerful super-computer in Transformer history and keyed it so that only your leaders could access it, is that correct?”

“…I mean, it sound stupid when you say it like that,” replied Nightscream.

“I don’t know what the original Maximal Elders were thinking,” sighed Optimus, “but their decision has clearly left you guys vulnerable. We first need to sever Sentinel from Vector Sigma.”

“Hold on!” protested Kong. “The Oracle can look into the future! It can teach a computer how to predict an enemy’s movements!”

“We can do that just fine without it!” argued Grimlock as Optimus keyed in a command. An image of a mere fraction of the universe then appeared in the table.

“I am the Oracle,” greeted an ethereal voice. “After the Central God, Primus, was, before the ancestral home-world, Cybertron, was, I was. Who awakens me?”

“Oracle…Vector Sigma…you know, you got more names than a Tolkien character!” snapped Optimus. “In any case, it’s Optimus Prime again, on Animatros.” There was silence for but a moment.

“…Why have you awakened me again, Optimus?” asked the super-computer in the voice Optimus was familiar with.

“You have an A.I. bound to your programming, Vector Sigma,” explained Optimus.

“An A.I. that is an extension of my will. To sever it from me would be like asking you or the Maximals to cut off one of your limbs.”

“So we DON’T touch Sentinel just yet,” guessed Kong.

“Not until you hear what I can only hint at about all Transformers.”

“What’s THAT supposed to mean?” asked Llyra. The room was then surrounded by stars as the planet of Cybertron appeared in the center. An explosion of red, purple, blue, and green light then erupted from Cybertron’s canyons. Vector Sigma then resumed speaking in its ethereal voice.

“The Great Transformation awaits, Optimus Prime. Prepare for all that you knew to be reformatted. The Divine Experiment will end and those who seek a conclusion will try to stop you. Remember this: the seeds of the future lie buried in the past. To unleash the warrior within, you and your brother must do as your Animatronian allies have done and tame the beast without. Seek balance, Optimus Prime. Transform your destiny. Transform and transcend.”

Over with Megatron, the Predacons were ignoring Megatron’s orders to remain. They seemed to be in a trance. “DON’T LEAVE! I SAID STOP!” roared Megatron. The Predacons didn’t listen, they just left the Decepticons. Megatron snarled before turning to Thundercracker. “Get those deserters back NOW!”

“They won’t listen to outsiders,” called Weirdwolf in full robot mode. “It’s the Call.”

“…The Call?” asked Megatron.

“The Call of the Flame Convoy,” explained Weirdwolf. “All those with a beast mode can hear a frequency that calls them to the Pangea so the Flame Convoy can address all of Animatros in one place. It can be resisted until all business is concluded, but it prevents an Animatronian from killing another.”

“Well, that’s fine!” grunted Megatron, sarcasm thick on his voice. He then doubled over in mental pain and heard Vector Sigma’s words.

“The Great Transformation awaits, Megatron. Prepare for all that you knew to be reformatted. The Divine Experiment will end and those who seek a conclusion will try to stop you. Remember this: the seeds of the future lie buried in the past. To unleash the warrior within, you and your brother must do as your Animatronian allies have done and tame the beast without. Seek balance, Megatron. Transform your destiny. Transform and transcend.” The prophecy then stopped and Megatron steadied his breathing

“Reformatted?!” he gasped. “Experiment?!”

Back in Maximal City, Vector Sigma showed another vision. It was set in the jungle. A yellow-orange femme with mobile crane alt-mode kibble was stumbling around in pain. Optimus’ optics lit up. “Roadblock!” he breathed.

With Rattrap and his group, Rattrap continued sifting through Inferno’s mind. Sonic, as usual, was getting restless. “Man, I could go for a run right now!” he groaned.

“You and me both, Sonic,” muttered Cheetor.

“Hey, be patient, will you?” admonished Airazor.

“Hang on a cycle,” muttered Rattrap, “this can’t be right!”

“What’s wrong?”

“Whenever I see her glancing at herself, I see another body! It’s like she was Cybertronian!”

“No way, from Cybertronian to Animatronian?!” asked Cheetor. “That’s so cool!” He then felt his partners’ gazes on him. “I mean, under normal circumstances, it would be cool! I mean, the circumstances…yeah, I’ll just shut up.”

“Oracle,” Kong asked Vector Sigma, “is Roadblock on the planet?!”

“I am,” replied the femme.

“…You can see us?!”

“I can. And I can communicate with you now.”

“Who’s Roadblock?” asked Llyra.

“An Autobot war hero,” explained Optimus. “She led the charge against Jhiaxus’ predecessor, Deltron!”

“Roadblock, thank the Matrix you’re alive!” cheered Kong.

“…I became trapped!” hissed Roadblock. “I was abandoned!”

“This is Megatron’s doing, no doubt,” replied Optimus. He then held his hand out. “But, my and my friends can hel-”

“STAY AWAY FROM ME!” shouted Roadblock. “The Decepticons aren’t the problem, the Dynasty of Primes is!”

Back with Rattrap and his team, Rattrap uncovered more. “Slagheap City!” he swore.

“What’s wrong?!” asked Sonic.

“The bot Inferno was! I just saw her shake hands with Tarantulas!”

“So HE’S the one behind all this!” declared Cheetor. “We’ll scrap him for that!”

“Can you uncover more?” urged Airazor.

“Give me a cycle!” The Maximals then heard something.

“…Oh no, the Call!” groaned Cheetor.

“We’ve still got business to settle here, kid!” Rattrap went back to work as Cheetor explained the Call to Sonic. Rattrap only lasted a few seconds before he gasped. “Say it ain’t so!” he gulped. He then pulled his tail out of Inferno’s head. “Inferno is…the Autobot war hero, Roadblock!”

“Roadblock, what do you mean?!” cried Optimus in shock.

“Do you know how my husband died?!” accused Roadblock. “My brother too?! Hoist and Grapple were the only lights in my dark world and Zeta Prime let them die when their shuttle drifted to a star that went supernova! Sentinel Prime then covered up the truth! There was only one choice I had left; to join the Decepticon Empire and cast off my old Cybertronian shell!” Optimus was stunned at what Roadblock said.

“You don’t know what you’re saying! The Decepticons and their allies have started a second war between them and us! But we CAN overcome their rampant misuse of darkness and bring us all together under the Matrix’s wisdom!”

“Don’t you get it, boy?! The MATRIX is the destructive force!” Roadblock then slowly shifted into…Inferno! “The Decepticons are right! As long as leaders are elected by some outdated mystic bauble, the wars will only continue!” The vision faded abruptly and left the heroes stunned. The Maximals then heard something.

“The Call,” observed Kong.

“Perhaps we should pick up the remainder of our forces on our journey to the Pangea,” suggested Tigatron.

“Maximals, let’s find our friends and make our way to Hydran,” called Kong. They left the room in a somber mood. Optimus, Grimlock, and Llyra sat alone, contemplating the recent vision.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 19: Beast Wars!)

TMC 19-7

Sonic and Cheetor raced through the jungle that stood between Maximal City and the mountain. “You’re too slow!” taunted Sonic.

“Oh, please! How many seconds behind are you again?!” laughed Cheetor. He then looked ahead, as did Sonic, and they saw Inferno in beast mode! They quickly went behind her and turned to face her. Cheetor transformed to bot mode and leveled his gun at her. He then fired on her. Inferno just shrugged it off as she turned to face her enemies.

“FOOL! Pain is my friend! Allow me to introduce YOU to it!” she cackled as she went to bot mode. She then leveled twin flame throwers at her opponents and fired explosive blasts. Sonic and Cheetor got out of the way. Inferno then heard a screech and turned her head skywards to see Airazor swooping down with Rattrap screaming in their talons. “Invaders from the air!” she cackled. “More meat for the Colony!” She fired at the two airborne Maximals.


“Isn’t there a rule,” snapped Airazor as they dodged Inferno’s shots, “that heroes have to face destruction with dignity?!”

“Hey! What’s the use of dying if you can’t enjoy it?” Airazor simply released their grip on Rattrap and let him fall screaming. Rattrap then recovered enough of his wits, transformed to robot mode, and kicked Inferno in her face. He then looked to Cheetor and Sonic. “You kids okay?”

“Doing fine,” replied Cheetor.

“Come on! Let’s scrap her!” called Sonic. He then spin-dashed Inferno right in the face, knocking a few of her teeth out. Rattrap whistled.

“Not too shabby there, Blue Boy,” he remarked.

“Hey, Cheetor! Your turn!” called Sonic.

“CYBER KEY POWER!” called Cheetor as he invoked his Cyber Key. The Key inserted itself into his shoulder and turned, deploying curved swords from the shoulders. Cheetor then ran around Inferno and managed to slice off the jet engine inside her abdomen. Inferno howled in pain.

“My turn!” called Airazor. They swooped down, grabbed Inferno, and threw her into a tree, knocking her out cold. They then prepared their wrist rockets.

“Hey, hey!” called Rattrap. “An opportunity like this don’t come but once in a lifetime, you know?”

“Opportunity for what?” asked Cheetor.

“Come on, Spots! Use your head! Remember when I talked about being a Memory Sifter?”

“A Memory Sifter, what’s that?” asked Sonic.

“Well, have you heard of a Cortical Psychic Patch?”

“Yeah, it allows one bot to read the mind of another.”

“Well, I was born with one. Right here in the beast mode’s tail. Back in the day, I used to read a perp’s mind and present my findings to the court so they could be used as evidence. …Maximal Elders decided it was an ‘infringement on a person’s rights’!”

“You know that there are other, more safer means available!” snapped Airazor.

“Hey, I was born with a Cortical Psychic Patch! What’s the use of having it if I’m forbidden from using it?! Besides, she’s not exactly conscious. She won’t fight.”

“That sounds like a slippery slope I’m not sure I want to go down!”

“And if she consents?” asked Inferno’s voice. Everyone whirled around, ready to fight as Inferno picked herself up. “At ease, I have no reason to fight right now.”

“Yeah, right!” scoffed Rattrap. “Aren’t you the one who burns all the trees in the name of your ‘Queen’?!”

“I’m with Rattrap! Let’s get her!” called Sonic.

“The bird’s actions,” continued Inferno, “knocked some of my previous memories to the forefront.”

“What, now you’re a goody two-shoes?” snarked Rattrap.

“Nothing of the sort, I still hate the Maximals, but now it’s becoming clear to me why I do, as well as Autobots. If you can access my memories and make me remember what I once was, I will owe you.”

“Yeah, right, then you’ll stab us all in the back at some point!”

“Of course, and then you will try and undo the damage I would do.”

“Rattrap, this could be a great opportunity,” urged Airazor.

“Hey, hey, hey!” argued Rattrap. “You were against me using my patch earlier!”

“Because I didn’t hear any consent! Now I did, so it’s not an issue anymore!”


“Shut up and just do it, Rattrap,” sighed Sonic. Rattrap rolled his optics.

“Yeah, yeah, story of my life! All right, Mandibles, sit down and open the back of your head.” Inferno did so and powered down. Rattrap inserted the back of his tail as he put a helmet on. He lowered the helmet’s visor and began his work.

Meanwhile, Kong, Rhinox, Tigatron, and Knuckles made their way through the empty city. “I gotta say, I think I’d prefer the hustle and bustle,” muttered Knuckles.

“I don’t know,” mused Rhinox, “under better circumstances, I’d enjoy the peace and quiet.”

“There’s the Council Chambers,” called Kong as he pointed to a door. “That’s where Nightscream was last seen.” They cautiously entered the room and looked around. Knuckles then looked up to see Nightscream snoozing on the ceiling. He quietly got the attention of the Maximals and pointed upwards.

“It seems his beast mode’s starting to affect him,” rumbled Rhinox.

“It’s not the beast mode, it’s the program block,” replied Tigatron.

“…Access Nightscream’s Core Consciousness,” Kong ordered his personal computer. “Passcode: Kong Primal.”

“Passcode: accepted,” came the reply. It startled Nightscream into waking up and screeching while flying around the room. Tigatron then jumped up to Nightscream and brought him down, pinning him to the table. Nightscream continued screeching.

“ENOUGH!” shouted Rhinox. Nightscream stopped making noise and looked to Rhinox. “…You’re scared, Young Nightscream, but we’re here to help.” At this point, Tigatron sensed Nightscream was calm enough to hear his fellow Maximals out. “You fear your beast mode, but it’s part of you, just as ours are part of us.”

“The programming block we all got as Sparklings?” continued Kong, “we don’t need them. We’re both beasts AND bots. That block has been suppressing our beast side when they should be partners. There’s a way to get both beast and robot forms together, the first step is to merely delete the programming block.” Nightscream blinked, then he sent a mental command.

“Programming block: deleted,” reported his computer. His bat face then softened.

“I think I get it now!” he sighed happily. “Thank you, Sir!”

“It looks like the Dyno-bots fixed what they could,” remarked Rhinox as he looked at the repaired consoles. “We can pick up where they left off.”

“The other Maximals!” yelped Nightscream. “Where are they?!”

“Still out in the jungle,” replied Tigatron. “If we can gather them back here, we can fix what Saurion did.”

“But Saurion still has-!” Nightscream stopped.

“The Cyber Planet Key, yes,” finished Kong. “Which is why we need to access the Oracle.” The Maximals then gave Kong a look. “…Did I grow a tail?”

“Kong, I have nothing but the highest respect for you,” began Tigatron, “but did you blow a fuse?!”

“The Oracle’s meant for the Maximal Elders!” agreed Rhinox. “We’re not allowed to-!”

“I don’t know if you’ve all forgotten,” interrupted Kong, “but the Maximal Elders were the first casualties along with the Tripredacus Council! We’re the senior Maximals here!”

“Could someone explain what or who the Oracle is?!” snapped Knuckles.

“The Cybertronians have another name for it, its original name,” explained Kong, “Vector Sigma.”

“Wait, you guys have a link to some mystic super-computer that can repair the Matrix?”

“…That IS one of its many functions, how do you know that?”

“Oh, I’ve got a story to tell you. Let’s get Optimus here. He’s had access to it before.”

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 19: Beast Wars!)

TMC 19-6

Kong and Saurion were just hammering away at each other, trying to tear wires out of their opponent’s joints. “I have to tell you, Saurion, you’re giving cosmic rust a bad name!”

“Primal, you are too flippant for my tastes!” growled Saurion as he pulled out a Cyber Key. “I think I preferred you when you were a mindless animal!” He flicked the Key into the air. “CYBER KEY POWER!” The Key inserted itself into the back of his beast mode’s head and it moved from his shoulder to become a new forearm. The jaws then opened to reveal a laser weapon inside the throat. Saurion fired his new weapon as Kong transformed to beast mode and rolled out of the way. He transformed back into robot mode and flicked his own Cyber Key into the air.

“CYBER KEY POWER!” called the boss monkey. The key inserted itself into his back and deployed missile launchers. Kong Primal fired and scored a direct hit on Saurion, knocking the Predacon back.

With Optimus and Megatron, their melee weapons were swinging into each other. “You just couldn’t stay out of this, could you?!” growled Megatron as he tried to get his mace untangled from Optimus’ axes. “You had to interfere in local planetary business!”

“We have allies, just as you do!” retorted Optimus as he yanked hard, pulling Megatron face first to the ground.

“Worthless idiots!” Megatron then swung his arm out and tripped Optimus up. Optimus transformed and barreled through Megatron. It was then that Megatron started shorting out! “Wh-what?!” he managed to get out. Saurion then suffered the same problem, as did all Decepticons and Predacons.

“Energon Field Build-up!” strained Saurion. “The hunt has gone too long!”

“DECEPTICONS! PREDACONS! RETREAT!” shouted Megatron. The Decepticons and Predacons transformed to their alt-modes and took off. The Maximals then helped the Autobots to their feet before they all transformed to their alt-modes.

“All right!” cheered Cheetor. “Beast or bot, we’re STILL the baddest! YEAH!”

“And it looks like things are about to return to normal,” observed Rhinox.

“Maybe, even better!” Kong Primal then gave off a roar of victory and pounded his chest.

“Hold off on the victory party!” called Optimus. “Kong Primal, was it?”

“Yes, and you are?”

“I’m Optimus Prime.”

“PRIME?!” squeaked Rattrap in a panic. The Maximals then transformed and saluted.

“As you were,” replied Optimus. The Maximals returned to beast mode. “Look, Grimlock’s made a startling discovery. I think we better discuss it in Fortress Maximus.

Once they were briefed about Saurion’s theft of Animatros’ Cyber Planet Key and the other Maximals having fled the city with their programming blocks still up, Kong’s troops went back to Maximal City to help Nightscream. Knuckles accompanied them on the way. “Man!” complained Rattrap as they trudged through the jungle. “All this for a lousy oversized Cyber Key!”

“What IS the deal with it, anyway?” asked Knuckles. “It’s clearly important to you guys in general.”

“The Cyber Planet Key, Mr. Knuckles,” explained Kong, “is Animatros’ most carefully guarded relic. It’s the greatest source of earth-based magic among the Transformers. That’s why Saurion stole it!” That last sentence was directed at Rattrap, seeming wholly unconcerned.

“Yeah, like I care!” he said. “You know, we were supposed to be doing deep-space exploration on the Axalon! Playing home-world defense was nowhere in MY job description, you know what I’m saying? You sure you’re cut out for this commander gig?” Kong sighed in annoyance.

“Remember the Great War, Rattrap! If the Predacons and Decepticons tap into the Cyber Planet Key’s power, they end this one in THEIR favor! We can’t let that happen!”

“Besides, you wanted exploration,” remarked Knuckles, “and now, here you are with an organic alien life-form. What more do you want?”

“Well, call me picky,” snarked Rattrap, “but an organic alien my size would be nice!” Kong ran his hand down his face.

“Just no pleasing some people,” he sighed once more.

“Mr. Knuckles, why don’t you climb up here?” offered Rhinox.

“You sure?” asked Knuckles.

“Positive, it would be no trouble at all.”

“I think I’ll take you up on that.” Knuckles hopped onto Rhinox’s back. Soon, the Maximals and their passenger made it to Maximal City. Tigatron tensed up.

“It now feels strange to see an artificial structure,” he muttered.

“Well, we’re gonna have to get in there and try and fix up the Predacons’ damage,” remarked Kong.

“So, hurry up and open the doors!” called a voice ahead of them. “I’m waiting!” They all yelped and whirled around to see Sonic smirking at the City Gate.

“SONIC?!” cried Knuckles. “HOW DID YOU-no, wait, no, I know exactly how you got here. I guess the REAL question is why?”

“Do you know how little of Nebulos I saw?!” replied Sonic. “I’m not missing out on this planet!”

“Does Optimus know you’re here?” asked Kong.

“Sure he does! He’s cool with it!”

Optimus presented a hastily scrawled note to Tails. “Going for a run. Meeting with the Maximals. Catch you later,” read the note.

“Sonic?” asked Tails with a deadpan voice.

“Sonic,” replied Optimus in the same voice.

“How long were you here?!” asked Cheetor.

“About 45 minutes,” remarked Sonic.


“Sonic’s maximum speed,” replied Knuckles, “can make a sonic boom.”

“So THAT’S why he’s called Sonic,” mused Rhinox.

“Well, I mean, it ain’t inaccurate,” remarked Rattrap.


“Uh oh,” gulped Knuckles.

“Oh? Is that a challenge I hear?” chuckled Sonic.

“Here it comes!” sighed Knuckles.

“First one to that mountain is the winner!” Cheetor pointed his paw to a mountain in the distance.

“A mere jog!” taunted Sonic.

“Oh no!” groaned Rattrap. The rest of the Maximals followed suit.

“Oh yeah?! Prove it!” challenged Cheetor. The cheetah-bot and blue Hedgehog then prepared for a run.

“Here we…GO!” called Sonic. The instant Sonic said “GO!”, the two took off.

“CHEETOR, NO!” yelled Kong.

“SONIC, DON’T TAKE THE and you took the bait,” sighed Knuckles. Kong Primal activated his comms.

“Cheetor! Return to the city immediately!” he ordered. “We don’t have time for this!” His reply was met with static. “…Cheetor?! Please respond!” He then recalled something Grimlock said during the briefing. “Oh, that’s right, they had to report to Optimus via laser signal. The comms towers are out. That’s just prime!”

“So, uh, this your first day on the job or what?” snarked Rattrap.

“Shut up, Rattrap.”

“Oh, yes, SIR! You know, I feel just HEAPS better knowing that our lives are in your capable hands! …We’re all gonna die.”

“Airazor, take Rattrap with you and get Cheetor and Sonic back here.”

“You got it, Big Bot,” replied Airazor.

“Hey!” protested Rattrap. “I ain’t the kid’s babysitteeaaaAAAAAHHH!” Airazor’s talons scooped up Rattrap by the front legs and carried him off into the sky. “IF I WANTED TO FLY, I’D BE A BAT, NOT A RAT!” wailed Rattrap. They soon got out of sight.

“…How often does Rattrap do this?” asked Knuckles to Kong.

“Too frequently, for my tastes,” replied the gorilla Transformer.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 19: Beast Wars!)

TMC 19-5

Optimus and Megatron’s teams clashed farther down the plains. The axes and mace were out and Optimus and Megatron personally dueled. “Megatron, you can’t do this!” snarled Optimus. “The Maximals have a right to live!”

“Yeah, yeah! I heard it all before!” dismissed Megatron. “‘Oh! I have a right to live! I need to exist like anyone else!’ You know what Animatros has? Limited resources! The Maximals are content to horde them, so they gotta go!”

“They ARE acting like animals,” remarked Saurion. He then bit into Prowl and tossed him aside. “Best to get rid of them when they can’t understand how to utilize the natural materials like we do.”

With Sonic and his friends, they were fighting the ant and Eggman. “OH HO HO HO HO! Oh, this is just too good! A beast fighting more beasts!” cackled Eggman.

“Less talking, more defense!” snapped the ant. “The invaders of the Colony will be destroyed! I will gladly lay down my life for my Queen!” Her mandibles then grabbed Shadow. She slammed him to the ground, causing him to gasp in pain.

Meanwhile, with the Maximals and Dyno-bots, Rhinox and Slag led the way. Rattrap, riding Slag, squeaked in fear. “Hey! Heads-up! Roadblock ahead!” A line of rocks blocked the path.

“Rhinox! Slag! Veer left!” called Kong as he rode Rhinox. “There’s a clearing about a hundred meters!”

“Belay that!” called Rhinox to Slag. “Just use your head!” Rhinox lowered his. Slag caught on and lowered his head. The two then increased speed and charged THROUGH the barrier! They were none the worse for wear, surprisingly.

“…Ah, yes,” sighed Kong, “silly me.”

“Lord Megatron, we have multiple Spark signatures coming our way!” called Ravage. “Six belong to the Dyno-bots!”

“Where do the other six come from?!” demanded Megatron as he slammed Optimus to the ground. Just then, the Dyno-bots and Maximals arrived.

“Ah, there’s our prey!” cheered Saurion. “And too stupid to do anything but run, yes! Honestly, what was the idea of bringing frightened animals to a battlefield? It serves no purpose, no! All you can do is watch us slaughter them, Grimlock! What say you to that!”

“I don’t know what he would say to that,” interjected Kong, “but I would say that’s just prime!” Saurion and the Predacons gasped. Megatron snarled.

“You said they WERE their beast modes!” he roared at Saurion.

“I did! I mean, they are!” protested Saurion.

“Well, obviously not! Take care of them!”

“Dyno-bots, you go help the Autobots,” suggested Airazor.

“Are you sure?” asked Slash.

“Positive,” replied Kong. “We’ll swat those pesky Predacons!”

“Oh, I would not count on that, Kong Primal, no!” growled Saurion to the Maximal Commander. “For I believe you’re soon to have…how shall I put it…difficulties of your own, yes!”

“We don’t have to do this, Saurion!” urged Kong. “There has been peace between the Maximals and Predacons since the end of the Great War! Why start this up again?!”

“Peace, perhaps, on YOUR side, Maximal Scum, yes, but not on ours! Permit me to inform you that an enemy which appears to be ‘peaceful’ may, in fact, be merely…biding its time! We Predacons have NEVER abandoned our Decepticon brethren’s goal of galactic conquest, no! We have merely been waiting for the right moment…TO STRIKE!”

“You mean, like THIS?!” called Cheetor as he dashed towards Saurion and slashed his enemy’s face.

“CHEETOR!” called Kong. Saurion seemed more amused than angry at Cheetor’s actions.

“AH! A treacherous, underhanded sneak attack! Oh ho ho, I like you, pussycat, yes!” he praised before adopting his commanding tone. “But it shall avail you not, no! For now, the power gauntlet has been cast! Predacons, TERRORIZE!”

“Do it!” Kong called to his Maximals. “MAXIMIZE!”

“Wazzzpinator, TERRORIZZZZZZZZZE!” shouted the Wasp. His head then split in half as arms folded out from under the head, making a torso unit with the wasp head serving as the chest. Part of the abdomen then split away as lower legs unfolded and feet flipped out. The robot’s head popped out of the torso, revealing red insect eyes and a set of mandibles over his mouth. “Wazzzpinator will zzzcrap Maximalzzz!” buzzed the bot, Waspinator. The mandibles opened every time the hidden jaw moved.

“Cheetor, MAXIMIZE!” Cheetor’s belly split and unfolded into humanoid limbs as his cat legs folded to the back with his tail. His beast head became the new torso unit as the head popped out. The face was cat-like, similar to Ravage’s, and had a yellow helmet. “Time for this cat to POUNCE!” He drew a gun that looked like it had a colon at the back, just above the handle.

“Tarantulas, TERRORIZE!” The tarantula’s transformation was exactly like Black Scar’s complete with pincers for hands. His head had a visor over his eyes, and his mouth was almost spider-like with three fangs on each side of the face moving out at every syllable. He cackled madly as he snapped his claws. “Time to feast on some Maximals!”

“Rhinox, MAXIMIZE!” Rhinox’s transformation was like Slag’s. His robot mode’s head was green with gold trim. “I’d prefer to tag along and smell the flowers,” he then drew out a pair of hand-held gatling guns that had a circular saw blade surrounding the barrels, “but you Predacreeps have put me in a bad mood!”

“Inferno, TERRORIZE!” The ant’s transformation was like Waspinator’s. Her abdomen then opened in four parts like a lotus blossom to reveal a jet engine. Her head had a mouth with pointed teeth and her eyes were permanently marked with an insanely angry expression. However, her laughter belied the angry look. “Maximals, you will all BURN!” She cackled as her jet engine ignited and the abdomen panels rotated like helicopter blades to lift her into the sky.

“Airazor, MAXIMIZE!” Their falcon head became the torso unit as their taloned feet extended on longer legs. Their wings folded to the back as their arms sprouted from their sides. Their head popped up with a helmet design looking like Laserbeak’s, but feathery. They smiled as they activated wrist-rockets. “They stoop to conquer!” they cheered.

“Scorponok, TERRORIZE!” Scorponok shifted to robot mode and opened his claws to reveal missile launchers. “Would have liked to have been Metrotitan-sized, but, oh well!”

“Tigatron, MAXIMIZE!” Tigatron’s transformation was like Cheetor’s. His face looked wiser.

“Terrorsaur, TERRORIZE!” squawked the red Pteranodon. The head and neck folded to the back as the wings folded under the head while the limbs sprouted from the chest unfolding into them. The head popped out, revealing a red helmet. “Time to fry some Maximals!” screeched Terrorsaur.

“Rattrap, MAXIMIZE!” Rattrap’s transformation was rather simple as the head folded down to the chest while the legs and tail folded to the back to let the arms and legs stand the robot up. His head had a brain-like pattern on the scalp, and he had a pair of buck teeth, like a rat’s.

“Saurion, TERRORIZE!” A robot arm unfolded from the neck of the t-rex, making it into a shoulder, while the tail became an arm-mounted weapon on the new arm. Like Grimlock, the sides with the arms became wings. The arms and shoulders rotated, allowing the new wings to rest on the back as the beast feet became the robot’s feet. The head popped up to reveal a head with a purple helmet sporting the Predacon symbol on the crest.

“Kong Primal, MAXIMIZE!” Kong’s feet rotated and new feet unfolded, making the hands into heel spurs. The upper arm fur then folded up to make shoulder pads as the face of the gorilla swung down to reveal a head that looked like Optimus’.

“Predacons, OBLITERATE THEM!” ordered Saurion.

“Maximals, SWAT THEM!” called Kong Primal. It was then that the fight began in earnest!

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 19: Beast Wars!)

TMC 19-4

A gorilla knuckled his way through the jungle. As he did, he came to a clearing with strange beasts. They were shaped like him, but they made noises he did not understand. As he observed them moving things around the strangely-colored mountain, he felt footsteps near him. He turned to see a beast he knew all too well, the one we know as a T-rex. He roared and pounded his chest in an attempt to scare the beast off. The T-rex’s reaction, however, surprised him. He looked serene, unlike the one he knew. This piqued the gorilla’s interest, so he followed him.

A rhino looked around the plants for something to eat. He then found a good patch of leafy plants and started munching. As he ate, he noticed a triceratops stomping through. The triceratops looked at the rhino and moved his head in a way to direct the rhino to follow him. The rhino considered, then decided to follow the triceratops.

A tiger prowled through the jungle, looking for prey to kill and feast on. As he moved, he noticed a brontosaurus lumbering through the jungle. The tiger noticed that the brontosaurus had seen him but looked unconcerned. This confused the tiger. Prey should be very worried. He then figured the size difference between them was a good reason. The brontosaurus then leaned his neck towards the tiger and nudged him to go ahead of him. The tiger growled, not liking being directed, but he did as requested and went ahead of the brontosaurus.

A peregrine falcon flew the skies, looking for prey. As they flew, a Pteranodon flew over them. He didn’t make any aggressive moves against them, so they were curious as to why he flew over them in the first place. For the moment, the falcon put hunger to the back of their mind and flew after the Pteranodon.

A rat scurried through the undergrowth looking for something, ANYTHING to eat. He was also looking for a good place to hide. As he scurried through, he bumped into a velociraptor’s leg. He chattered in a threatening manner, warning that he would bite if he was cornered, but the velociraptor appeared unconcerned. She simply stomped off. The rat looked perplexed, as if the dinosaur was familiar. He then followed the raptor. He wasn’t sure, but the noise that sounded like “vir-min” made him twitch in annoyance.

A cheetah ran through the open plains, looking for a good kill. As he did, he saw a stegosaurus lumbering along. He crouched, thinking it was a good kill, then the stegosaurus managed to sidestep the cheetah’s leap! The cheetah was stunned! As he tried to bring the stegosaurus down, the other dinosaurs led their beasts to the plains. The noise of all the animals echoed throughout the plains. The t-rex then roared for quiet. Once everyone stopped making noises, the t-rex spoke. “Hear me, Maximals!” he called. “I know you’re scared now, but me and my Dyno-bots can help you, just as you helped us long ago.” The t-rex, Grimlock, then activated his computer. “Access Maximal Core Consciousness. Passcode: Grimlock!”

“Passcode accepted,” came multiple voices. The animals roared in fear.

“SILENCE!” shouted Grimlock. It was noisy enough to get the animals to stop again. “…Much better. Now listen well…and learn as we once did from you.”

Back with the Predacons and Decepticons, the villains looked like they were preparing for a big game hunt. “Oh, I’ve longed to hunt prey!” chuckled Megatron as he examined an automatic weapon. He turned to his allies. “Everyone, move out!” Eggman grabbed a rifle and caressed the stock.

“Hunting helpless Transformers with automatic weapons and various predators at your side! Now THAT’S a sport!” Eggman laughed as he fired some shots into the air. As they moved out, some of the Decepticons were banging drums to try and scare the Maximals into leaving their hiding places.

“Once, we were just robots in disguise,” Grimlock continued at the plains. His audience seemed more receptive. “But, on this world, we beast machines have become something more! A program from Cybertron was designed to help us remember who we are and block anything that resembled the functions of our alt-modes. With beast modes, that has proven to be an error. Our beast forms are part of us. Fighting their nature only made our urges stronger. We must accept both beast and robot forms. Feel your core consciousness. Find the programming block and delete it! Bring your beast and robot modes together! Let them work in harmony…and let them both make you stronger than you were before!” The tiger growled in an animalistic tone before it became more…human, for lack of a better word. He then smiled.

“So, the student has become the master,” chuckled the tiger. The falcon then squawked before shaking their head.

“Phew!” they sighed. “That’s a processor-ache I don’t want again!” The gorilla then roared before he massaged his head.

“I understand now!” he breathed. The rat chattered before speaking.

“Rat. Robot. Rat! Robot!” he exclaimed. “I’m a robot AND a rat! Yeah, yeah, I LIKE it!” The rhino lowed before talking.

“Phew! That’s better!” he sighed. The cheetah yowled, then started laughing.

“I think I get it now!” he cheered.

“Grimlock, old friend,” called the tiger, “it’s great to see you again!”

“I thought it was you,” chuckled Grimlock. “What other big cat would be named Tigatron? And is that Airazor over there?” He nodded to the falcon.

“Sure is!” they answered. “Looks like you’re comfortable with your beast mode.”

“It took some genetic work to keep our rage down,” explained Grimlock. “Now, you two, I know, but I don’t know about the rest of you.”

“Then let’s introduce ourselves,” declared the gorilla. “I’m Kong Primal, head of Maximal Security and Captain of the Axalon.”

“And don’t think of just calling me a cheetah,” called the cheetah. “I’m Cheetor!”

“Interesting,” mused Grimlock.

“Interesting?!” protested Cheetor. “Grimlock, the word is spot-on smooth!” He then chuckled smugly. “It’s a crime!”

“Eh, bit tacky,” remarked the rat. “You never had taste, did ya, kid? Now THIS!” The rat stood up on his hind legs and puffed out his chest. “THIS is what class is all about! Grimlock, call me Rattrap!”

“I would rather call you VERMIN!” snarled Slash.

“Chopperface?!” yelped Rattrap as recognition flashed across his muzzle. “I don’t believe it! YOU came back!? That’s it, I’m scrapping her!”

“Rattrap, please!” called Kong.

“Please?! Ah, for booting up cold! The only thing worse than a stinking Pred is a stinking Decepticon!”

“Shut up, Rattrap, or I’ll cut meeces to pieces!” snarled Cheetor as he flashed his claws.

“Ease back, Cheetor,” rumbled the rhino. “Living large is for forms like me, Rhinox.”

“Yeah, and just consider yourself lucky I didn’t get rough on youse!” taunted Rattrap.

“Moderate your conflict circuits, Maximals!” called Kong. He was clearly annoyed with the whole situation. He turned to Grimlock. “Forgive my teammates’ rudeness. We were stuck in beast mode for so long.” Explosions then echoed across the plains.

“Whoa! Talk about your nick of time!” yelped Cheetor.

“It’s Prime and his team!” reported Swoop. “They’re fighting Megatron’s forces, and a team of animals led by a purple t-rex!”

“Saurion!” growled Kong.

“Remember, don’t fight your beast instincts!” reminded Grimlock.

“He’s right,” agreed Tigatron. “We must let them help our robot forms, both in battle and in peace. …But for now, let’s get ourselves to the battlefield and slag some bots!”

“Maximals, move out! We’re helping the Autobots!” called Kong as they mounted Rhinox, Grimlock, and Slag. The whole group then tore through the plains, running towards the battle!