State of the Web

State of the Web 2023

…Wow, 2023 was NOT a good year for updating this site for me. Well, time for me to change that. I’ve got other stories to write and I’m currently finishing college. Soon, while I’ll have a few more working hours, I will also have a bit more energy to write. While Fantasniar fell through, I’m replacing it with Doctor Who: Magenica! Yes, I’m making a Doctor Who fanfic! I’ll also update Journey Through Wonder. Here’s to 2024!

State of the Web

State of the Web 2022

Hello everyone! It’s time for another State of the Web this year! 2022 saw a lot of changes this year. It’s been a slow year because I have college work to do, especially when it comes to a term paper on John Milton, the guy who wrote Paradise Lost.

Looking back:

  • I finished The Three Realms.
  • I started Journey Through Wonder.
  • I made my first horror story.
  • I made my first Thomas the Tank Engine pictures.

Looking forward:

  • I’ve decided to scrap the stories from the previous State of the Web.
  • I’ll upload a story based on the heavy metal tribute video game Brütal Legend that will be a little heavy with the language and gore.
  • I’ll make my own sci-fi story.
  • I’ll be doing my own Godzilla story


  • Will I make a crossover on these three stories?
  • Will these new stories be received well? (Especially since the Brütal Legend story will be my goriest and will be the first story where I write the F-Bomb.)
State of the Web

State of the Web 2021

Hello everyone! I decided to do my first end-of-year letter concerning my site, a sort of State of the Union, if you will. As many of you know, I’ve been working on this site since May of 2020. I’ve uploaded my stories, both completed or otherwise, onto it since DeviantArt Eclipse hit us. Now, here we are, 2021 and I have done a lot.

  • Looking back:
    • I’ve finished Transformer: Mobian Chronicles.
    • I’m in the process of finishing the final battles of the Final War in The Three Realms.
    • My avatar is taking a darker turn.
    • I’ve improved on how to draw, both digitally and on paper.
  • Looking forward:
    • I will finish The Three Realms
    • I will start Journey Through Wonder, the last crossover of my three major series.
    • I will start new stories in comic format
      • Fantasniar (a Tolkien-like retelling of certain fairy tales.)
      • Dragonball: Kold (What if someone other than Goku landed on Earth?)
      • Transformers: Trinity (The Transformers meet Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel.)
  • Unknown
    • Will the new stories have a crossover?
    • Will they meet my old characters?
    • Will the comic style formats be received well?

The future’s always uncertain, so I would be a fool if I didn’t list the unknowns. Fellow Trekkies know what Kahless says about the wind’s opinions on fools, so I won’t be one. For now, as we did for 2020, let’s put 2021 past us and work to a brighter future for 2022! Happy New Year and let’s navigate Anansi’s web!