Standalones TMC

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles: Thankful Wins

A giant, red robot with a blue helmet and antennae was at a firing range, keeping his skills up to scratch. Even after 20 years of peace, he still felt as though there was something out there waiting to shatter it. Whether it was his own guilt at imprisoning his brother or some angry god who wanted to see the Great Experiment reach its conclusion, he didn’t know. His thoughts were interrupted by someone clearing their throat. He turned and looked down to see a human standing there. The human was male, had a black ponytail, and dressed in a shirt and tie. “Green Dalek, correct?” rumbled the robot in his new deep voice.

“And you’re a version of my childhood hero, Optimus Prime” replied the human, Green Dalek.

“…You read as human, not Dalek,” muttered the robot, Optimus.

“Back in the early days of the internet, Doctor Who was still an obscure thing. I call myself the Green Dalek specifically because green’s my favorite color.”

“That WOULD give a human some needed anonymity back in the early days.”

“What about you? Where I’m from, your story isn’t finished yet.”

“That will be for another day.”

“True, don’t want any spoilers.”

“So, Green Dalek, how do you want our bout to proceed?”

“Well, we’ve both got the voices for it. Whoever can say the darkest bit of dialogue in the deepest voice possible without choking out is the winner.”

“And our battlefield?”

“I’ve asked a former contestant if we could use their home as the battleground.”

“Which one?”

“Vicky, Arsha’s first opponent.”

“Ah, so she’s granted us permission to use her home.”

“The old circus tent, like her last fight.”

“Very well.”

“The challenge has been set, the terms have been agreed upon, and the chance of victory is agreeable for both sides,” called a woman’s voice. “All five of the Founding Chizaran Princesses will be judging. Tomorrow afternoon, your fight begins! Prepare and make ready! Good luck!”

“See you tomorrow, Prime,” bid Green Dalek. “Till all are one!” He vanished in green light.

“Till all are one,” returned Optimus.

The day had arrived and both human and Autobot arrived in the old, abandoned circus tent. Standing between them, being filmed by a floating camera, were five women in ballgowns, each woman dressed in either pink, green, red, blue, or purple. They then began their announcement.

“I am Rojenthi, the Red Princess of Chizara, and the war-time leader.”

“I am Azuliterii, the Blue Princess of Chizara, and the technological leader.”

“I am Rosadera, the Pink Princess of Chizara, and the peace-time leader.”

“I am Verdutha, the Green Princess of Chizara, and the environmental leader.”

“And I am Moradelia, the Purple Princess of Chizara, and the history leader.”

“This is it, ladies and gentlemen!” cheered Rojenthi. “The final round of the 600,017th Verse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale! With this round, we’ll determine who controls First Place prize, the Mirror of Reality!”

“Representing T-R-4-N-5-F-0-R-M-3-R-5-M-0-8-1-4-N-C-H-R-0-N-1-C-L-3-5, we have Optimus Prime! Representing Universe 7-3-4-9-7-8-4, we have Green Dalek!” introduced Azuliterii. “Both are currently in W-4-N-D-3-R-L-U-5-T, graciously offered by a combatant, Vicky!”

“The final outcome,” continued Rosadera, “shall be determined by a guttural-off!”

“Optimus and Green Dalek,” explained Verdutha, “must each give a line in a deep voice, trying to go deeper than their opponent.”

“The instant one cannot find a good line, or their voice gives out, they are defeated,” Moradelia went on.

“Green Dalek, are you ready?” asked Rosadera.

“Ready and waiting!” declared Green Dalek.

“Optimus Prime, are you ready?”

“Let’s do this,” rumbled Optimus.

“Then all that’s left,” declared Rosadera, “is to determine who shall display the deepest-sounding voices! With this round, we shall determine who will take home the Mirror of Realty! Speak with honor, speak with pride, and, most importantly, speak well! Who shall start?”

“Green Dalek, would you mind?” asked Optimus.

“Are you sure?” asked Green Dalek.

“Beyond the shadow of a doubt.”

“Might prove to be your mistake.” Green Dalek cleared his throat before he began. “Autobots, transform and roll out!”

“I believe that is MY line,” Optimus replied in a lower tone. The conversation went into lower and deeper tones.

“You’re not the only Optimus Prime to say that.”

“Perhaps, but I AM the best.”

“A rather rookie mistake.”

“I have made Unicron blink before.”

“Did you come back from the dead?”

“I saw no need to die.”

“Brave; but breaking the mythos.”

“I prefer not to stagnate. It’s against my people’s goals.”

“A noble goal, to be sure. But do you have the will?”

“More than enough will.”

“Let us hope…” Green Dalek didn’t get far as he coughed. “Dammit!” he whispered. “Too low, even for me!”

“My own vocal circuits are starting to overheat.” Rosadera snapped her fingers as Optimus’ vocal circuits cooled and Green Dalek drank a glass of pink, sweet-tasting water.

“Oh well, maybe next time,” sighed Green Dalek.

“I look forward to seeing you win one,” wished Optimus.

“Speaking of winning,” called Rosadera, “this contest is over! Ladies and gentlemen, we have our winner! The one that spoke in the deepest possible voice, the new owner of the Mirror of Reality, the winner of this round, the champion of the 600,017th Verse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale…is Optimus Prime, the youngest leader of the Autobots and the champion of T-R-4-N-5-F-0-R-M-3-R-5-M-0-8-1-4-N-C-H-R-0-N-1-C-L-3-5!” The cheers were loud and long! “Congratulations, Optimus Prime! You have earned the Mirror of Realty! Tell me, do you intend to use it or is it too powerful for anyone to use?”

“The latter, most assuredly,” rumbled Optimus.

“Good fight,” bid Green Dalek.

The Closing Ceremony took place on Thanksgiving. Optimus, Green Dalek, and the Third-Place winner, an opposite version of Megatron that leads the Heroic Decepticons, one that Optimus knew. “Ladies and gentlemen,” began Rosadera, “we thank you all for joining us for this particular 3V2R! These three combatants,” she gestured towards Optimus, Good Megatron, and Green Dalek, “have proven to be the toughest of this tournament’s contenders. Now, they shall claim their rewards.” Azuliterii approached Good Megatron and handed him a book.

“Megatron of the Decepticon Heroes Alliance,” she announced, “Third Place prize is the Libretto of Prophecy. It will allow you to look into the future from multiple viewpoints and gives you the opportunity to choose which prophecy you wish to come true.”

“My lady, I shall guard this thing jealously,” promised Good Megatron. Verdutha approached Green Dalek with a device that functioned like a belt.

“Green Dalek,” she revealed, “Second Place prize is the Fandom ShielDriver. This shall help you shield the weak and protect your family whenever someone in your world goes too far.”

“ShielDriver?” asked Green Dalek. “Does that mean I can become a Kamen Rider? I don’t even know how to use this thing!”

“There’s an instruction manual inside a compartment in the belt,” explained Verdutha.

“That will help,” mused Green Dalek. Rosadera then approached Optimus with a large mirror in her hands.

“Optimus Prime,” she proclaimed, “as promised, you are the master of the Mirror of Reality. Use it however you see fit but guard that thing jealously.”

“I intend to,” promised Optimus.

“With all that,” declared Rosadera to the audience, “it’s time for the Closing Parade! If the winners will follow us, we’ll all go to the Winner’s Float!” The three contestants climbed onto the float and it moved off into the streets as the Chizaran Spectrum Marching Band led the way. Like the last time Optimus fought in the 3V2R, the parade was a good two hours before it arrived at the Closing Torch. The winners stepped down, received their torches, then they threw their torches into the Closing Torch and it leapt high into the air, flashing in all the colors of the Chizaran rulers. “Ladies and gentlemen from all realities,” began Rosadera, “we cannot thank you enough for supporting past, present, and future tournaments. We thank you all for tuning in on this Thanksgiving. As we all return home, we urge you all to stay safe and have fun! Happy Thanksgiving!” The cameras then turned back to Blancalmarem and Nemengra.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we thank you all for joining us this Thanksgiving!” began Blancalmarem.

“We enjoyed seeing all the decorations of the viewers and contestants!” continued Nemengra.

“Thanks to your support, this tournament was a success! We hope to see you tune in to more tournaments! I am Blancalmarem, the white princess of Chizara and the life leader!”

“I am Nemengra, the black princess of Chizara and the death leader!”

“And we thank you for joining us for the 600,017th Verse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale!” the two princesses finished together.

(Author’s note) Green Dalek is the man that inspired me to continue with my hobbies. He helped me in writing how his bout with Optimus would go. Go check out his stuff!

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Born and raised in the Mid-realm’s capital of Largandra, Yamta Velonar is a human member of the Crimson Diamonds, an assassins’ organization and Realmfleet Academy’s rival in education. Dillusioned by the Realms’ current direction, the 9,007 year old Yamta joined Dr. Borg as part of the Realm Trinity Imperial Council, hoping to make a greater assassins’ organization. Orphaned at a young age, she is someone who loves her job more than anything or anyone.

The Three Realms The Three Realms (Book 3: The First Strike)

3 Realms 3-11

“Who in the Depths are you?!” demanded Arsha.

“A shadow,” replied the armored figure through their voice-modulator. They then fired two more spikes that generated an energy shield. “Stay out of the way while I complete my contract.” As Arsha and her group fired on the shield, the figure marched towards the fight between Bashoon and Rooshee. Neither combatant realized the newcomer’s presence until the figure grabbed the back of Rooshee’s head and flung her into a tree. Rooshee shook her head to clear the dizziness until the figure forced her to her knees.

“Citizen, do NOT interfere in Realmfleet affairs!” snapped Bashoon.

“When your methods are ineffective, Squirt,” countered the figure, “I do nothing else but interfere.”

“…Squirt?” asked Bashoon.

“You know what it means.”

“No one in my life ever called me Squirt except…except for…Yamta?!”

“Bingo.” The figure then removed their helmet to reveal their face. It was a human woman with frizzy blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and lipstick looking like dried blood.

“Yamta, wha…?!”

“Teladashios Rooshee,” interrupted the woman, Yamta, as she cuffed Rooshee’s arms behind her back and grabbed her head. “Arrested for authorizing unlawful experimentation on sentient beings. Wanted for breaking free from Realmfleet Max.” She then drew one of her spikes and held it to her throat. “Tell me, Ex-Admiral, how many Chimeras died before they got a chance to experience life?”

“…800,097 when I was in charge, last time I checked,” snarled Rooshee.

“Eight hundred thousand and ninety-seven Chimeras,” repeated Yamta. “The blood of eight hundred thousand and ninety-seven Chimeras is on your hands. You let eight hundred thousand and ninety-seven Chimeras die before they could see the outside world.” She then leveled her gaze at Bashoon. “Sounds too dangerous to be left alive to me.”

“Yamta, let her go!” insisted Bashoon. “This is a Realmfleet matter!”

“The law states,” snarled Yamta, “that anyone with a kill-count of 100 or over outside of a wartime situation is to be executed immediately! Why isn’t she dead?!”

“We have to give people a chance to redeem themselves!”

“You’d rather fight the people you’re supposed to protect rather than the real problem!”

“Ms. Yamta!” called Arsha after the barrier was taken down. Bashoon and Yamta turned to her. “Realmfleet is NOT a death squad!”

“Realmfleet Academy flunked me after each of my three attempts!” replied Yamta. “You guys didn’t give this Largandra girl any REAL education! The Crimson Diamonds did!” She then pressed a button on the spike, and it extended into Rooshee’s neck almost instantaneously, killing her. Yamta released the body and let it fall to the ground. “One less killer. My contract is complete.”

“DAMMIT, YAMTA!” shouted Arsha. “That’s a line we do NOT cross!” Yamta then drove her fist into Arsha’s solar plexus, knocking the wind out of her.

“Stay on your side, then, Royana! I’ll stand with Dr. Borg!” Arsha then gritted her teeth and fought through her pain. She summoned her armor again and decked Yamta in her face. As Yamta fell, Arsha stood over her. “…Go ahead!” challenged Yamta. “I’m a Crimson Diamond Alum. I’ve got 101 completed contracts. Actually, 102, now that Rooshee’s dead.”

“…You need help,” declared Arsha. “I can get you…” She was then tripped up as Yamta swung her leg into Arsha’s.

“You Royanas really ARE moral cowards!” she hissed. “We’re at war with those animals! Animals like Rooshee and Ganshar! You think that because you and your mommy and daddy don’t kill, you guys are better than them?! You let them fester with thoughts of revenge!”

“That’s enough,” called Dr. Borg’s voice as a small Realmgate opened. Everyone pointed their wands at her, but she cast a magic shield around her and Yamta.

“What about the others?” asked Yamta as everyone fired on the shield.

“Not today,” replied Dr. Borg. “We must go.”

“…You’re right, the contract is complete.” As Dr. Borg continued casting the shield, Yamta followed her into the small Realmgate. The Realmgate closed and Arsha snarled as she dismissed her armor.

“Just…perfect!” she hissed.

I’m sorry to say that the incident made the papers. With people reading the articles concerning Yamta’s appearance, it caused quite a stir. Some insisted that Realmfleet should have done more while others argued that they couldn’t risk a spread of gel-pox across the Realms, so what could they safely do? A fair question, but a lot of people were still frustrated with Realmfleet, thinking that they were struggling to keep the Final War from happening. When she visited Midiriki’s house to catch up with her parents, Arsha got some more information about Yamta. Her being from Largandra was true, as was her being a former Crimson Diamond. The Crimson Diamonds are a league of assassins that are raised since birth to learn how to kill quickly, quietly, and without fuss. They’re generally employed by unscrupulous lords or the Splitter branches to remove other people. They’re generally considered a rival to Realmfleet Academy in that they produce some of the best teachers. Most Royals tend to have their children sent to the Crimson Diamonds to learn how to avoid being killed by an assassin. This is generally disliked by the Crimson Diamonds, but they cannot say much since they most likely taught the parents too and would, in all probability, use their own tricks against them. Because of this, the Crimson Diamonds don’t accept any contracts with Royals as the potential victim. Yamta had gained notoriety within the Crimson Diamonds after successfully killing the former Headmaster, putting her on the new Headmistress’ list of trouble students. Arsha and Elgrad were special cases in learning from both Realmfleet Academy and the Crimson Diamonds. Verifying Yamta’s claims was child’s play for them. “I just can’t believe it,” sighed Arsha to her parents as they had tea.

“I’m surprised Yamta’s gotten a contract with Dr. Borg,” muttered Hanako. “Her empire would upend the Crimson Diamonds.”

“The Headmistress told me and Arsha about Yamta’s history there,” replied Elgrad. “She’s not exactly one with scruples. The headmistress told me, in confidence, that Yamta would be the only one impetuous enough to accept a contract to kill a Royal.”

“Dr. Borg must need someone like Yamta in her ranks,” guessed Hanako.

“She’d probably start a new assassin school,” muttered Arsha as she rubbed her temples.

“…Arsha, are you okay?” asked Elgrad.

“I’ve been getting spun up as of late,” sighed Arsha. “What with Oyed coming back in our lifetime and Dr. Borg acting like she’s going to start the Final War. With all that went on in Kurontar and here…my dreams are NOT restful.”

“Isn’t Falnii a Dream-Weaver?” asked Hanako. “She’d love to help, I’m sure.”

“I’ve never really had her use her abilities on me,” mumbled Arsha. “I don’t want to be dependent on her.”

“Have your other fiancés tried?” quizzed Elgrad.

“Even Falnii’s been trying to get me to try,” answered Arsha.

“Then take her advice,” urged Elgrad.

“…I’ll think about it,” muttered Arsha as she stood up and left the room. Hanako and Elgrad both had the same thoughts on their mind.

“Poor girl,” sighed Elgrad.

“This wasn’t how her tour was supposed to go,” mumbled Hanako.

“I know part of the idea is to test how one handles adversity, but there’s only so much one can handle.”

“Our girl’s very independently minded, almost to a fault.”

“She got it from me.”

“I’d say she got that from me.”

“…We both compounded the issue.”

“I can agree with that.”

Arsha sat alone in the guest room, puzzling out her feelings. On the one hand, she didn’t want to be dependent on Falnii’s abilities. But, on the other, Falnii was trained since birth to be a Dream-Weaver. She would know how to help without letting someone be reliant on her. She continued thinking about her predicament until someone spoke. “Yamta was right to a point,” remarked the person. Arsha gasped and whirled around to see Laywam at the door. “800,097 on Rooshee’s hands? She should have been executed.”

“We don’t inflict harm unless all other options have been exhausted,” countered Arsha. “It’s what separates us from Dr. Borg and her followers.”

“Oh, please! Is this really the time for some sanctimonious nonsense?! You don’t see rapists and murderers every day, do you?! Well, I do! Do you happen to know how many people they’ve each wronged?! I do! Do you know how many joined Dr. Borg after Remsu made the first successful breakout of Realmfleet Max?! I do!”

“Okay, Laywam, I think you need to chill out…”

“Chilling out’s the last thing we need! Chilling out is what allowed Dr. Borg to return! She’s spoken to Oyed, you think she’s not going to start the Final War in our lifetime?! We’re squandering our resources in trying to appease her when we need to be scouring the Realms and hitting her hard! Precisely where it hurts!”

“That’s only going to provoke retaliation and lead to incalculable losses! I won’t risk the Realms like that!”

“You seem fine risking your crew! Just ask Eltan! Sheendii! Drelta! Blenter! Entran! They’re still Revenants!” Arsha’s face flared into a snarl before she buried her anger again. “You know your problem, Arsha? For all your insistence that you can handle the crown when your parents step down, you’re soft! You never took up arms when you had the chance! Numerous chances!”

“The only reason we’re talking is because Aldarval’s personally checking on each kingdom’s military readiness should the Final War start.”

“…Impossible! She can’t be doing that!”

“The attempted peace talks with the Realm Trinity Empire are a front. We need Oyed to believe we’re less ready than we are.” Laywam was floored by this revelation. “I took a risk even telling you. I was sworn to secrecy. That’s why I must insist that this conversation never leaves this room. Understand?”

“…You can count on me, Arsha. …I’m…I’m sorry for calling you soft.”

“Apology accepted. You simply didn’t have all the facts.” Laywam bowed her head, then left the room, leaving Arsha to talk to herself. “…That was stupid, Royana! Laywam may slip and this could reach Dr. Borg’s ears! …Mom and Dad are right, I need Falnii to help me.”

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Encouraged by his parents to assist and marry Dr. Borg and her other spouses, the Kurontar Sea-bred Shefarn is a wizard par excellence. Spending most of his 892 years of life in magic research, he helps Dr. Borg with her experiments when the situation calls for it. He’s not exactly on friendly terms with his home’s rulers, the Caldoras. The earring on his left ear is what allows him to “swim” through air as he stays hydrated.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Originally a Forgemaster from the Greltharg Merfolk Kingdom, Tensam Borg assists his spouses, Dr. Borg, Remsu, and Shefarn, in bringing the Realms under the rule of the Realm Trinity Empire. At 3,097, he long ceased contact with his father after he married Dr. Borg. He wears his veil merely as a fashion statement, liking the concept.

The Three Realms The Three Realms (Book 3: The First Strike)

3 Realms 3-10

There was an air of vigilance on the Endeavor as well as the Sacchrinda Kingdom. News had gotten out about Rooshee and Dr. Ganshar skulking about and everyone was slightly worried. Unfortunately, the inevitable argument of what to do with them after they were caught again had come into play. Even Arsha found herself at odds with her cousin, Midiriki’s daughter, Laywam Rotano. Laywam was a genius when it came to catching criminals, but I’m sorry to say, her empathy for them was a little lacking. She never really bothered to take in that some criminals were forced to commit crimes because of desperation and felt it was best to either lock them up or execute repeat offenders. “They’ve clearly proven that they don’t care about anyone else!” insisted Laywam during a call.

“They need help!” replied Arsha. “We can’t just kill them!”

“We keep trying to help, but they keep slapping it aside!”

“We need to keep trying!”

“Arsha, if we keep trying after they keep refusing help, we’re just as insane as them!”

“And going down their path makes us saner than them?!”

“It’s not THEIR path if we’re only doing it to protect our society!”

“Laywam, do you know how many families would be broken?”

“Their families are already broken, and they want to move on without the black sheep!”

“There’s still some form of love in their hearts, I’m sure of…!”

“I hate to interrupt,” called Midiriki as she entered the shot, “but I need to call the doctors. I heard there was a vaccine report.”

“All right, I’ll see you two later,” Arsha finished the call and shut off the video feed. She then recalled what Midiriki said. “Vaccine report?” she muttered. “Computer, locate Marshii.”

“Dr. Marshii Borontho has just arrived on the bridge, making her way to the Ready Room door,” reported the computer. The door chime then rang.

“Come in,” invited Arsha. Marshii then entered the room, looking giddy. “What can I do for you?”

“We’ve got a vaccine!” cheered Marshii.

“Are you sure?!” asked Arsha.

“Positive! It’s passed all the trials and we’re ready to send it out to the public!”

“Perfect! Organize vaccine distribution efforts!”

“You got it, Captain!” Marshii ran out of the room, leaving Arsha to relax.

“Arsha Royana,” she asked herself, “what would you have done if vaccine research went any longer? …Yeah, going nuts and buggy seems to be the usual reaction.”

As promised, the poor were given the vaccine first, then it worked its way up to the Royals. The disease died out before it could get any worse and the public health restrictions were lifted. Masks came off and gloves were removed as people hugged each other in public now that it was over. However, that didn’t mean the Endeavor’s problems were done. Dr. Ganshar and Rooshee were still out there, plotting revenge on the crew. Jonthar offered full assistance and it was readily accepted. The Kingdom Guard and Endeavor crew conducted sweeps across the area to find Rooshee and Dr. Ganshar. The Maropwems also joined in the search, wanting justice done for Anful and his family. Rosalmia and two of her lovers, an Orc man from the Endeavor called Lekshanth and a Zephyr man from the Kingdom Guard called Emfemafal (sometimes called Emfem), discussed that subject. “It’s just not fair!” complained Rosalmia. “Anful’s baby is going to grow up without him! What’s gonna happen when they’re old enough to start asking questions?! What do you tell them?! A vengeful Elf and Minotaur duo killed him just to deliver a message?! How can anyone handle that kind of truth?!”

“It’s a dilemma that defies answer,” replied Emfemafal.

“I can’t think of any answers either,” muttered Lekshanth.

“You know, in a way, I hope we DON’T find Rooshee and Ganshar,” growled Rosalmia. “I don’t trust myself not to say or do anything to them!”

“Well then,” chuckled Lekshanth, “Emfem and I will have to make sure that we keep them safe from you.” The three had a good giggle.

“Thanks for listening, boys,” bid Rosalmia.

“Any time, Rosie, any time,” assured Emfemafal as they hugged her.

“Right,” declared Rosalmia. “We hung around here long enough. Let’s get going on our patrol.”

“We’re right with you, Rosie,” affirmed Lekshanth as they moved off. “Never fear.”

Elmar, Bashoon, and two Guardsmen approached Arsha and Jonthar’s position in the woods. Jonthar was kneeling as Arsha had declined her head. Both had their eyes shut as they prayed. “Captain?” asked Elmar.

“We’re all right,” assured Jonthar, not looking up. “This was the spot where Tulmek was taken, right?”

“That’s correct,” replied Elmar.

“We were just praying that he would recover,” explained Arsha. “I already increased my donation amount to mental research.”

“This shouldn’t have happened at all,” sighed Bashoon. “It simply…” She was interrupted as magic blasts surrounded them. “Oh no! It couldn’t be…!”

“BARMEK!” bellowed a voice. Rooshee then teleported behind Bashoon, grabbed her by the hair, and flung her aside. Bashoon picked herself up as Dr. Ganshar swooped in and fired her wand at Arsha’s group. As she distracted them, Rooshee towered over Bashoon.

“By the Ones!” breathed Bashoon. “Rooshee! You ARE free!”

“No thanks to you!” snarled Rooshee.

“You’re blaming me?!”

“I told you that what I was doing was for the benefit of the Realms! I told you that the fight against new diseases was getting harder! I told you not to let Realmfleet know! I ORDERED you! But no! You disobeyed orders and I paid the price! Now, it is only fitting that I return the favor! Now I will…”

“You’ll shut up, that’s what you’ll do!” Bashoon drove her feet into Rooshee’s stomach, knocking her back. Bashoon got back up and drew her wand. “You’re getting exactly what you deserve!”

“What I deserve?!” Rooshee picked herself back up and the two circled one another, daring the other to make a move. “I didn’t ask to be stripped or rank and imprisoned!”

“And if you just used your call to demand some form of apology, I would have given you one without a second thought! But no, you broke out of prison, got yourself an accomplice, and terrorized a pandemic-stricken kingdom! You’re still a callous cow and whatever regrets I had are now gone!”

“For that, Barmek,” Rooshee inserted her wand into her axe, “you can expect a whole new form of torture!”

“I somehow doubt that, Ex-Admiral!” Bashoon inserted her wand into her knife and the two fought like their lives depended on it! Bashoon made energy waves with her slashes! Rooshee made rocks fly out of the ground! It was a fight that would be remembered!

Dr. Ganshar was still taking potshots at the group, separating them from Arsha. Once they were far enough, Dr. Ganshar leapt out of the trees and attacked Arsha. “TRAITOR TO SCIENCE!” she bellowed as her kick knocked Arsha to the ground.

“Says the lady who abused her child!” growled Arsha as she assumed her armored form, this time, leaving her rose in her hair.

“I won’t be judged as a criminal! Jansha was supposed to be a prototype! If she learned her place, it would have been a new era of robotics!”

“That ‘new era’ would have been built on suffering! You practically gave her the means to join Dr. Borg!”

“That was YOUR doing and yours alone! Your constant questions gave her the means of independence when she wasn’t ready!”

“Her desire for independence was not yours to dictate!”

“She is my creation, and I WILL get her back to fix her!”

“She’s made herself beyond a mere software update!”

“SHE IS MINE!” Ganshar then leapt onto Arsha with the fury of a wild tiger! As she slammed her fists onto Arsha, she ignored the pain that came from bare flesh striking steel. The force of her blows was pushing Arsha back slightly.

“Ganshar, stop! You’re gonna hurt yourself!” Ganshar didn’t listen. As she struck, her rage increased. Her vision was so tunneled, fixated on Arsha. At this point, she was incoherent in her speech! “All right, this has gone on long enough!” Arsha knocked Ganshar back and drew her sword while setting her wand into it. She kept making energy waves to keep Ganshar at bay. Unfortunately, Ganshar was acting so animalistic, she kept moving on all fours at speeds one doesn’t usually obtain in such a posture. She then climbed a tree and leapt over the energy waves to get the jump on Arsha. She resumed slamming her fists onto Arsha. “TAWENDO!” announced Arsha as she slammed her fist into the ground. The trees’ branches then extended and wrapped around Ganshar’s limbs, restraining her in the air. Unfortunately, Ganshar was thrashing so much, the branches threatened to break.

“TAWENDO YAL!” shouted Jonthar. The branches became thicker and thicker until Ganshar couldn’t move anymore. She bellowed in animalistic fury, unable to do anything. Her roars…then became screams of tear-ridden frustration. Her goal of revenge at that night was ripped away from her! Her fear of losing to Arsha again came true! In her moment of clarity…she just resorted to loud sobbing. Arsha still held her fist to the ground as she panted, her armor dissipating and her rose turning brown. She took it out of her hair as Jonthar knelt by her, placing his hand on her shoulder while she caught her breath. “Nature magic not your forte?” he asked.

“Not at a Fae’s level, no,” replied Arsha. “Being half human is also a disadvantage in that regard, not that I want to be a full Kitsune. I love myself too much for that. …Well, I love myself a lot more than Ganshar loves me.” Arsha and Jonthar looked at Ganshar in pity as her sobs got softer.

“Such a brilliant mind,” sighed Jonthar. “What caused her to be so cruel?”

“Her own family,” answered Arsha. “They were a High Elf family that wanted a son instead of a daughter. Nothing she did would earn their approval. They insisted that their cruelty was their way of showing love to her. They died of Stoneblood disease.”

“As a father, I can assure you, cruelty is NEVER the answer.”

“I hope Ganshar can get the help she needs.”

“We shall ensure…” Jonthar’s sentence was interrupted as a large spike split into a four-pronged claw and attached itself to the back of Ganshar’s head, shocking her with a gratuitous amount of electricity. Ganshar screamed in pain as the electricity ripped through her body before the device stopped and fell off her head. Her eyes shut as her head slumped forward while the person that used the spike stepped out of the shadows. They wore a cloak and armor that concealed everything about them, including their gender. The person pulled a sleeve back before speaking into a radio in their glove.

“Dr. Ganshar: neutralized,” droned the figure in a distorted voice.

The Three Realms The Three Realms (Book 3: The First Strike)

3 Realms 3-9

Elmar and Bashoon led the way to Anful’s cottage while a small crowd of people and a horse-drawn carriage followed. Everyone was masked and kept their distance during the journey. As they went through a forest, the wind rustled, making the hair on Bashoon’s neck stand on end. “Ensign?” asked Elmar.

“I always figured forests from the Under-realm were creepy at night,” muttered Bashoon. “You know, because of the ghosts and dangerous animals that usually live in them. This, however? I don’t know what dangers lie behind any of the trees!”

“We DO have dangerous animals here, such as bears, wolves, and cougars.”

“Cougars? Here in the Over-realm?”

“During the War of the Realms, Mid-realm soldiers brought them to try and kill any forest dwelling people.”

“Did the Over-realm bring any dangerous animals to the other Realms?”

“Why, yes. My ancestors were instrumental in introducing bears to Under-realm forests. That’s actually the reason why Anful’s family hates mine.”

“Because they were against setting bears on people?”

“No, they believed the bears were best suited for the Mid-realm.”

“…You mean you guys hate each other because of a disagreement where bears should have been introduced?”

“I didn’t say that our feud is logical.”

“That was something your ancestors did, though! Why do you guys continue it now?!”

“…You know, I never really got a straight answer on that subject.”

“Then maybe now’s a good time to discuss ending it.”

“That’s up to the heads of our families. Regretfully, for both sides, they wish to continue the feud. If I may sound like a Goblin for a minute, it’s cutting into any chance of true profit.”

“‘Feuds fuel poverty’.”


“Sir, I hate to interrupt,” called a female Troll, “but can we please focus?”

“It’s quite all right, Lieutenant,” assured Elmar. “We can afford a little chat.” That was when things went wrong. Someone fired magic blasts and spooked the horses, knocking their riders off, Elmar and Bashoon included. The supplies were saved, thankfully, but the horses weren’t coming back.

“Who’s the wise guy?!” demanded Bashoon.

“Take it easy, Ensign,” advised Elmar.

“Well excuse me for being a little annoyed after someone used us for target practice!”

“I’m sure there’s an explanation. “Let’s get to the carriage and…”

“SIR!” called the Troll Lieutenant. “The carriage’s gone!”

“G…Gone, Ma’am?” gulped Bashoon.

“Yes, Ensign, gone!” confirmed the Troll. “So’s Tulmek!”

“We need to get help here!” declared Elmar. “Ensign, Lieutenant, there’s a cottage south of here, about six mebs away! Get there and raise the alarm!”

“Come on, Ensign!” urged the Troll. Before the two could go anywhere, the Troll was knocked off her feet by a magic blast.

“Lieutenant?!” yelped Bashoon.

“Leave her!” snarled a voice. While more magic blasts distracted the group, the voice’s owner stepped from the shadows. It was a cowled Minotaur woman with red eyes with only the pupils to discern any shape to them. “It’s not fully safe yet,” growled the Minotaur, “but when this gel-pox pandemic is over, we WILL settle our affairs…Cadet Barmek!” Bashoon gasped as she recognized the Minotaur!

“ROOSHEE?!” yelped Arsha once Bashoon had brought the Troll to the cottage and raised the Endeavor over a video call.

“It was her!” replied Bashoon. “She was responsible!”


“I don’t know, but she must have done something to the carriage! I’m sure of it!”

“This is bad! She’s supposed to be in prison!”

“I think she must have taken advantage of that mass breakout after the Over-Union festival.”

“What is the status of the rest of the group?”

“From what Elmar told me on the way, the supplies reached their destination.”

“Anyone lost?”

“Just Tulmek.”

“I hope Lieutenant Tulmek’s all right; I’m supposed to be officiating his wedding next month.”

I’m pleased to say that Arsha DID get her wish…somewhat. Tulmek was found alive but broken. Just like last time, the smoldering wreckage of the carriage was in a forested clearing. Tulmek would be found wandering a churchyard about a por north, babbling all the while and smashing in the stained-glass windows. Unfortunately, Tulmek was out of his mind, his sanity utterly destroyed by the ordeal he went through, the specifics of which would never be known as Tulmek would spend the rest of his life as a gibbering wreck in an institution. When Bashoon provided a statement to the local investigators, the case was reopened. Unfortunately, given that vaccine progress was still a month out, Realmfleet couldn’t send its own investigators to assist in the matter. In fairness, they couldn’t risk an outbreak of artificial gel-pox across the Realms, but it was still frustrating to hear the news, especially for Marshii. She was stressed out as she had to fix up Elmar on top of assisting in vaccine research. His recovery took longer than usual, lasting a good half a month before he was released. When he was, Arsha, her lovers, her senior staff, Endea, and Bashoon met in the conference room. “All right,” began Arsha, “Rooshee’s most likely going after us because of what happened in Vorkath. Everyone, we need a solution to put her back into prison.”

“Bashoon,” recalled Denstra, “you said that Rooshee’s eyes were red with just the pupils.”

“I did,” confirmed Bashoon.

“That’s not something a Minotaur usually does,” muttered Gorfanth. “‘When a Minotaur’s eyes are red, all sense of decency is dead’.”

“Meaning?” asked Marshii.

“Whenever our eyes are red,” explained Gorfanth, “that’s a good indication that we’re in a feral state. Our higher brain functions just shut off and we fall onto our animalistic tendencies. Yes, we even go THAT far whenever we’re feral. Thankfully, such cases are rare. Rarer still are cases where a Minotaur purposefully goes that far because they’re still in control. Usually, the way to tell the difference is to see if their eyes are totally red or if there’s a pupil in them. Bashoon, you said that you could see a pupil and that she could speak, yes?”

“That’s right,” confirmed Bashoon.

“Then Rooshee’s in a much more dangerous state for all of us. She’s still capable of reasoning.”

“And that plus animal instincts make for a dangerous combination,” shuddered Arsha. “I think we can safely believe that revenge is on her mind.”

“That actually gives us time to prepare,” piped up Bashoon. All eyes were on her at that point. “She’s only going for ranged attacks, not willing to get up close and catch gel-pox. She said to me that she would settle her problem with me after this pandemic is over.”

“Then we need to be trained for her,” declared Arsha. “I want all crewmembers to prepare to fight a Minotaur that’s controlling their feral state. Gorfanth, I know you’re not a member of this crew…”

“I can give pointers on how to fight a Minotaur,” interrupted Gorfanth. “Feral though she is, she’s still got the same weaknesses as us.”

“Then I need you to advise…” Arsha was interrupted by a lieutenant bursting into the conference room.

“Captain! News just reached us!” yelped the Lieutenant. “Rooshee’s accompanied by Androashius Ganshar!”

“Androashius Ganshar?” repeated Bashoon. “As in, Dr. Ganshar, Jansha’s mom?”

“The same!” replied the Lieutenant.

“Great, two ladies out for revenge,” muttered Thangred.

“Why the carriages?” Rooshee asked Dr. Ganshar when they reconvened at

“Cut off transport, supplies dry up,” replied Dr. Ganshar.

“So, what, we destroy every carriage to send a message?”

“Just enough.”


“We need to create a new ground for my experiments.”

“What experiments? Vaccine-related ones?”

“Don’t be absurd. I’m a roboticist, not a chemist.”

“You know, ever since we broke out, you’ve always had cryptic remarks for my questions! For once, answer straight!”

“If science isn’t straight, why should my responses be? Now, we must lay low until the vaccine is completed.”

“Elves!” Rooshee stomped out of the lab.

“Minotaurs,” grunted Dr. Ganshar as she continued her work.

Remsu was in front of a full-length mirror, examining her backside and wishing she had wings and a tail again. Because the tail isn’t thick enough to be used as a weapon and the wings only carry a Succubus or Incubus over a short distance, most Lust Demons use them as mana stores. Remove them and the Lust Demon is forever weakened. There were methods of restoring them, but it would take a lot of mana and years of study of the particular subject. Even then, the Lust Demon with new wings and a tail would need a severe mana transfusion to get them back to full power. She released a sad sigh before her mood turned angry, recalling the events that resulted in them being chopped off. The man she was once with had robbed her of them and promptly executed for it. The damage was still done and Remsu still felt like she was violated in the worst way possible. That incident was what prompted her to believe killing is the only way to deal with crime. She was so wrapped up in her thoughts, she didn’t notice someone approach. “You know Cy’s doing everything in her power to regenerate them,” assured a voice. Remsu gasped before she saw Tensam standing in the door.

“I know,” she sighed as she rubbed her arm sadly. “The pain just burns so much.” Tensam entered the room and approached Remsu. Remsu leaned into his chest and hugged him as Tensam wrapped his arms around her in reassurance. They stayed like that for a good minute before they heard a woman clear their throat. They turned to see Femfaf standing in the door.

“I don’t wish to interrupt,” she began, “but Dr. Borg has all the mana needed to restore your missing ligaments and return you to full power.”

“What?! Already?!” yelped Remsu. “Where’d she…?!”

“I have massive mana stores,” replied Femfaf. “It was easy for me to donate what I could.”

“Well…thank you!” breathed Remsu.

“The procedure’s ready when you are.”

“On my way!” Remsu escaped Tensam’s embrace and practically ran to the operating room.

“Femfaf, have you been rewarded yet?” asked Tensam.

“Just earned a seat on your wife’s council,” replied Femfaf.

“A perfect reward. We could use you.”

“I aim to please.”

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 11: Seconds of Speed)

TMC 11-7

Since this was a Cybertronian affair, Optimus asked G.U.N and their allies not to interfere unless necessary. The plan was simple; A small team of Autobots consisting of Optimus, Ratchet, Perceptor, Bumblebee, Rodimus, and Hot Rod would stealthily enter the cave from different vantage points surrounding the Allspark, take out the security and guards, get the Allspark out of the rock face, hold off any Decepticons that eventually arrive, bridge out of there, and lock the Allspark in the Vault. The mission began at 5:00 AM, so the Autobots wore dark colors to blend in with the dark of the foggy morning. They entered the cave at 5:02 and found the security console. Perceptor and Ratchet got rid of the Egg-pawn and disabled security, giving the Autobots at least 5 minutes before the Decepticons arrived to see what was going on. At 5:05, the robots surrounding the Allspark were destroyed. “All right, here comes the tough part,” muttered Optimus as he approached the cube. “Primus, if only this thing were smaller!” He touched the cube, then…it happened! It looked like the Allspark was folding in on itself. The Autobots gasped, worried that the Allspark was disintegrating. “That wasn’t what I…!” wailed Optimus.

“Wait! Sir! Look again!” called Perceptor. “That’s too orderly for a disintegration!” Upon closer inspection, Optimus saw that the Allspark seemed to be pixelating itself and the pixels entered each other.

“Sir, I think it’s shrinking!” declared Bumblebee. “How did you do that?!”

“I don’t know!” protested Optimus. “I just wanted it to be easier to carry and…!”

“The Allspark responded to the touch of a Prime back in the day,” rasped a voice. “I suppose it acts on a Prime’s will.”

“Megatron!” growled Optimus. Megatron had arrived with Starscream, Soundwave, and Rumble.

“Back away from the Allspark!” warned Megatron as he leveled his fusion cannon. “We DON’T want this situation to escalate!”

“There IS a way for this to defuse,” offered Optimus. “We can guard the Allspark and save Mobius any further trouble.”

“The Allspark is best left in Decepticon hands!” countered Megatron.

“I have information that says the Allspark MUST be protected!” urged Optimus.

“Information that came from 50 years into our future?” asked Megatron.

“…That was oddly specific,” muttered Optimus.

“Like you, I have someone from our future that says the Allspark is best kept in Decepticon hands,” explained Megatron as Galvatron appeared from the shadows.

“Hello again…brother,” greeted Galvatron.

“…Mom had a fourth kid?” quizzed Optimus.

“No, you idiot!” snapped Galvatron as he pointed to Megatron. “I’m him from the future!”

“…What do you call yourself then? Gigatron?”

“Galvatron, actually.”

“Hah! Lame!”

“My soldiers came up with it after I made the mistake of killing you. Look, let us have the Allspark and the future will be that much more secure and happy for you. In my time, we only found the Allspark’s shattered remains!”

“For all I know, you shattered the Allspark and the resulting explosion killed me!”

“I still remember that day and…!”

“ENOUGH!” shouted Megatron. “Optimus, I won’t ask again! Give me the Allspark!”

“Not a chance in the Pit!” answered Optimus.

“Then I’m left with no choice but to pry it from you! Decepticons, ATTACK!” The Decepticons charged as Optimus and Megatron locked themselves into a duel of axe versus mace while Galvatron fought Rodimus.

“You just couldn’t resist, could you!” snarled Rodimus as he swung his punches. “You saw an opportunity for a Decepticon future and decided to take it!”

“The world will be better with us in charge than our enemy!” argued Galvatron as he swung a sword at Rodimus. Rodimus side-stepped and drew an energy-launcher bow. “We will use the Allspark to control the universe!” ranted Galvatron.

“Your ambitions are nothing more than a dirty Decepticon trick!” argued Rodimus.

As they traded blows and barbs, the Autobots and Decepticons were unaware of a third party watching the whole fight. “Doctor, should we move in?” asked a robot to the main observer, Dr. Eggman.

“No, not yet,” replied Eggman. “Wait until Optimus activates the Allspark’s creation functions, then we snatch it up!”

Optimus was bashed in the head by Megatron’s flail. “Give it up, Optimus!” snarled Megatron. “You’re not guarding the Allspark! That’s best left to the Decepticons!”

“You’d never be able to use it!” argued Optimus.

“Hence why it’s safer in Decepticon hands!” Megatron then slugged Optimus in the jaw, forcing the Autobot leader to fall and drop the Allspark. Before Megatron even knelt down to pick up the cube, Optimus swung his leg into Megatron’s, tripping him up and knocking him down.

“Perfect!” muttered Eggman as he observed the readings on his scanner. “It’s still in an active state! Now for the ol’ ‘yoink’!” He pulled out a gun-like device with a four-digited claw and aimed it at the Allspark. He giggled a little bit before pulling the trigger. The gun then fired the claw as a metal cable bridged the gap between gun and claw. The claw sought out the Allspark and clamped itself onto the cube before the cable pulled it back to the gun. The combatants stopped fighting to see what was going on. “Excellent!” cheered Eggman. “My new invention’s almost fully tested!”

“Doctor, what’s going on?!” demanded Megatron.

“Oh, just the culmination of my first steps into your world!” laughed Eggman as he leveled the device at five different vehicles; an anti-aircraft truck with two large guns on the back, a tank supplied with a double-barreled gun on top of the main gun, a space-capable jet fighter, a helicopter with a gatling gun on each side, and a jeep with a cannon on the back. “Now, watch as I give birth to the culmination of my ambitions!” cheered Eggman as he leveled the gun at the five vehicles, Allspark first. He pulled the trigger and the Allspark fired a stream of light onto the vehicles. The treatment lasted a few seconds until Eggman released the trigger, terminating the light stream. Everyone waited for a while. “…Something should be…” muttered Eggman before five Mobians appeared, a Great Dane stood by the anti-aircraft truck, a Horse appeared next to the tank, a Rat materialized on the jeep’s , a Pigeon was under the helicopter’s blades, and an Ox appeared in the jet’s cockpit. They lined up and stood at military attention. “Excellent!” cheered Eggman. “Now, my creations, report! How much mastery do you have over your t-cogs?”

“Total mastery, Dr. Eggman, Sir!” replied the Great Dane.

“Then sound off and show us!” ordered Eggman.

“ONSLAUGHT, TRANSFORM!” called the Great Dane. As the holo-form vanished, the cab of the truck split and the front tilted up to form feet as the rear split and folded down to the sides to form arms. The gun assembly rotated so it faced the rear, and the arms pushed the whole robot up as a head popped out and the torso rotated at the waist. The head had a single visor for optics and the robot took on a navy-blue color with military green highlights.

“BRAWL, TRANSFORM!” shouted the Horse. Arms swung out of the front treads as the rear of the tank unfolded into legs. The front treads became shoulders as a robot’s head with a visor popped out as the barrels of the guns rotated to give the illusion of a rifle strapped to his back.

“SWINDLE, TRANSFORM!” announced the Rat. The front of the jeep folded down and split to become legs as the rollbar folded up and allowed the arms to fall into place. After the visored head came out, the robot pushed himself up and he turned to face forward as the gun fixed itself onto his right upper arm.

“VORTEX, TRANSFORM!” crowed the Pigeon. The helicopter’s front split and rotated to become legs as the tail folded into a better position to release the head while the rotor blades folded towards the tail and the sides of the rear became arms with a gatling gun on each one. Like his compatriots, he turned to reveal an optical visor.

“BLAST OFF, TRANSFORM!” announced the Ox. The rear of the jet split and folded down to become legs and feet as the cockpit and nosecone folded onto the back and arms came out of the sides. The head, you guessed it, had a visor. The new Transformers stood at rapt attention.

“IT WORKED” cheered Eggman. “The culmination of my research! I have created new warriors! My combative constructs shall be my elite guard! Behold, Transformers from beyond the stars! Behold, the Mobian-born Combaticons!”

“…A fine piece of engineering, Doctor,” chuckled Megatron as he looked inspected the new Combaticons.

“Well, it IS me we’re talking about,” boasted Eggman.

“Onslaught, was it?” Megatron asked the first Combaticon.

“That is correct,” replied Onslaught. “I am the leader of this team.”

“Splendid,” chuckled Megatron. “You shall be an excellent weapon against the Autobots. Now, tell me…whom do you serve?” He held out his hand for a handshake.

“…Lord Eggman, who’s this presumptuous walking corpse?” asked Onslaught.

“…I beg your pardon,” hissed Megatron, “what did you call me?”

“He’s the one who kept usurping me,” replied Eggman. Megatron goggled at Eggman.

“…You DID design them to be Decepticons, right?” asked Megatron.

“Onslaught, show him who the REAL lord of machines is,” ordered Eggman. Onslaught leveled the guns on his back at Megatron and fired, knocking him into the cave wall.

Agamemno Contingency Standalones TS

Agamemno Contingency 7

Agamemno Contingency, file code name: Blue Blur

Sonic the Hedgehog, as his name suggests, is a humanoid hedgehog that is capable of going faster than Mach 1. He’s capable of maintaining that same speed going backwards as well as forwards. He is also able of using seven mystical gems called the Chaos Emeralds to obtain a golden super form which gives him incredible power and flight on the levels of Superman. He has aquaphobia, meaning his biggest weakness is that he can’t swim in most circumstances. He can run on water but interrupting that run will cause him to fall into the water. His phobia’s at its height when he’s near the ocean. He is also cocky and impatient, so dismissing his skills and forcing him to wait is the best way to incapacitate him when not near large bodies of water.

Agamemno Contingency Standalones TS

Agamemno Contingency 6

Agamemno Contingency, file code name: Fox

Arsha Royana is skilled at naval command at such a young age for her universe. Her magic skills are also not to be underestimated. However, her hand-to-hand combat is only average at best as she usually uses magic to enhance her techniques. She takes death personally, believing that the death of any of her crew is always her fault. Making a weapon of that will shatter her concentration on her magic.