The Three Realms The Three Realms (Book 3: The First Strike)

3 Realms 3-32

Elmpam stirred in the Emboramiis’ room, rolling over to her side to see that her husband was absent. She woke up fully and sat up. “Orbak?” she called.

“In the bathroom, sweetie,” called Orbak’s voice. Elmpam then sighed in relief and got out of bed, joining him in their bathroom. Orbak was looking himself in the mirror. “Elmpam, we need to discuss my mustache.”

“I’ll say,” muttered Elmpam. “I’m supposed to be the one with furry lips here.”

“No kidding.” Orbak scratched his lip. “This thing’s itchy and I swear I saw yesterday’s food in it!”

“So, shave it off!”

“…I’m gonna give it ‘til tonight. After that, if I still feel the same as now, it’s gone.”

“…All right then. I can go with that. Now, we better get ready. Much as I like seeing your bare chest, we DO have something on the agenda involving other people.”

“Yep, better get started.” The two then got themselves dressed. They were halfway done when they heard a knock on the door. “Hello?” called Orbak.

“Breakfast is being served in the Main Dining Hall,” answered the maid outside.

“We’ll be out shortly,” replied Elmpam. After they put their clothes on, Elmpam fastened her hairpiece next to her ear and Orbak set his crown around his head. They then left the room and were escorted to the Main Dining Hall. The other Royals and the Borkshorms soon filed in and sat around the table with the Royanas and Arsha’s lovers at the head. Bacon, eggs, sausage, pancakes, and breakfast rolls were all laid out on the table.

“Mhm! Elgrad,” declared Bermak, “your staff are superb when it comes to…!”

“Master, don’t talk with your mouth full!” admonished Jamula. Bermak blushed a bit.

“It’s all right,” chuckled Elgrad. “I’ll make sure my kitchen staff hear of your appreciation, Mr. Borkshorm.”

“So, forgive me if I’m prying,” began Foresna, “but when are you guys going to meet again?”

“Same time as yesterday,” answered Elgrad.

“All right, just wanted to know. My sister’s been asking me to walk her down the aisle.”

“She’s getting married?” asked Arsha.

“In two days,” answered Foresna.

“Congratulations to the Bride, then!” wished Hanako. “Who’s her lucky partner?”

“Partners, Your Majesty,” replied Foresna. “An Orc man named Torsharko, a Sea Dragon woman named Ramsural, a Zephyr lady named Sumfem, and a Human woman named…well…Ars.”

“Oh, poor girl,” sighed Arsha. “Her name’s so short.”

“Arsha, there’s nothing wrong with being called Ars.”

“Maybe for you, but for me, it sounds so…soft, you know?”

“Yeah, well, that’s not HER view, is it?”

“…No, no, it’s not.”

“Well, good luck,” bid Elgrad. “Make sure to give them my best.”

“Will do, Your Majesty!” replied Foresna.

“Come on, it ain’t that bad!” protested Endram as he and Orbak held a less-important discussion.

“He’s right,” agreed Elgrad. “The mustache is a proud tradition, just like a beard!” He stroked his own for emphasis.

“How you put up with a perpetually scratchy chin is beyond me!” scoffed Orbak. “It looks like a caterpillar’s trying to weave its cocoon on me!”

“No, it doesn’t!” countered Elgrad.

“Orbak, you look great with a mustache!” urged Endram.

“I really don’t!” argued Orbak. “This thing catches more food than I thought possible! I swear, I could just run my tongue through it and have a ready snack! It’s gross!”

“Just be a little more thorough with cleaning your face!” answered Elgrad.

“It’s too much effort for me!”

“It ain’t THAT much effort!” remarked Endram.

“Wait, Elmpam didn’t protest, did she?” asked Elgrad.

“Not as hard as you think,” answered Orbak. “I was the one who voiced my own complaints about it to her this morning, so she felt no need to complain about it. I made a deal that if I still feel bad about this thing, then it’s shaved off tonight.”

“Oh, give it another day!” protested Endram.

“No, my mind is made up!” declared Orbak.

“…Fine, fine,” sighed Elgrad.

Everyone went about their day, then had lunch before the Royals and Rokalla went into the Conference Hall. “Over-Queen Feymay Felompha in attendance.”

“Over-Queen Emfam Felompha in attendance.”

“Crown Over-Prince Lardeth Felompha in attendance.”

“Over-Queen Roomef Felompha in attendance.”

“Over-Queen Jeefef Felompha in attendance.”

“Over-Queen Olmarfa Felompha in attendance.”

“Over-Queen Ufnamfa Felompha in attendance.”

“Over-Queen Teefmanam Felompha in attendance.”

“Over-Queen Pofomofo Felompha in attendance.”

“Over-King Endram Felompha in attendance.”

“Mid-King Elgrad Royana in attendance.”

“Crown Mid-Princess Arsha Royana in attendance.”

“Mid-Queen Hanako Royana in attendance.”

“Under-King Orbak Emboramii in attendance.”

“Crown Under-Princess Malnar Emboramii in attendance.”

“Under-Queen Elmpam Emboramii in attendance.”

“Third-Level Admiral Rokalla Borkshorm in attendance as witness.” Rokalla recorded the meeting again.

“Day two, everyone, let’s get talking,” declared Elgrad. “When we ended the last meeting, the question was how patient do we need to be before we call one of Dr. Borg’s moves the first strike?”

“Jeefef, you’re still an active military member,” called Elmpam. “What would you recommend?”

“There are three scenarios that would suit as a good first strike,” answered Jeefef. “Burning a farmer’s field, killing a top citizen, and stealing money from every citizen in a civilized area, even a village, they would be avenues to pursue.”

“Then the question becomes,” remarked Lardeth, “how do we keep the people from panicking until then?”

“Maybe we actively help them in their day-to-day lives?” suggested Malnar.

“I’m not so sure that’s a good idea,” winced Pofomofo. “That would make us easy targets.

“Not if we use cloaking spells and disguises,” replied Malnar.

“She’s right,” mused Olmarfa. “If Dr. Borg is saying that we’re ineffective in keeping them safe, we need to see to it that we can keep them brave. What better way than to be more active in helping them? Besides, Dr. Borg may be smart, but she can’t anticipate everything.”

“She IS capable of being surprised,” remarked Arsha. “This would go against her simulations of us.”

“I say we put it to a vote,” called Ufnamfa.

“Agreed,” answered Elgrad. “All those who wish to go along with Malnar’s idea until a disaster that Jeefef gave examples of, say Aye.”

“Aye!” called Feymay, Emfam, Roomef, Olmarfa, Ufnamfa, Teefmanam, Elgrad, Arsha, Orbak, and Malnar.

“And against?” asked Elgrad.

“Nay!” replied Lardeth, Jeefef, Pofomofo, Endram, Hanako, and Elmpam. Arsha and Malnar stared wide-eyed at Lardeth.

“Rokalla, what’s the total?” inquired Elgrad.

“That’s ten votes for Aye and six votes for Nay,” reported Rokalla. “The Ayes have it.”

“Then we need to draft a plan to be more active in helping people,” declared Elgrad.

Speaking of drafting plans, Yamta was pouring over the plans for Castle Narven. She seemed a little distracted by something. As she worked, the door behind her opened. “Thought you could use some food,” called Remsu’s voice as she entered the room with a tray of food.

“Not hungry,” replied Yamta. Remsu set the food down on a table.

“Even assassins need to grow big and strong.”

“Don’t need food right now.”

“Yamta, you DO need food! You know I’m half Succubus, right? Lust Demons can smell when a person’s hungry about a por away.”


“Of course not! The mere fact you believed such a lie tells me you’re not thinking straight and need to eat!”

“I need to come up with a plan to…!”

“You’re waiting on Castle Security reports, remember?!” The silence hung in the air for a few moments. “Look, this is the perfect time for you to take care of yourself. Don’t let the future spin you up so bad.” Yamta stared in silence, then headed to the food tray. She then picked up the fork and started eating. “There we go. Isn’t that better?”

“Yeah, I guess,” muttered Yamta as she ate.

“Look, what’s wrong?”

“…I never really gained any admiration from my old classmates. All my life, I wanted to show everyone that there IS no reason to refuse contracts. Money is money. We’re not mercenaries! …But the Crimson Diamonds want to water assassination down. I ask you, is it really assassination if we can’t collect big scores?”

“No, just hired help.”

“It’s just…no Crimson Diamond’s killed a Royal since the First Age.”


“…Yeah, I am.”

“Well, starving yourself won’t do you any good.” Yamta nodded slightly and continued eating.

The meeting finished and everyone headed off to do their thing. “Lardeth, a word,” growled Arsha. Lardeth followed Arsha to somewhere private.

“We can’t afford to paint targets on our backs like that!” he hissed once they stopped and Arsha took out her hairpiece.

“You know Malnar wouldn’t suggest that,” replied Arsha, “unless she has several precautions laid out!”

“Precautions that any sap could undo if they had at least a shred of intelligence! Dr. Borg’s got that in spades!”

“She’s also very rigid in her thinking! We continue to help people despite disaster, she’ll slip up!”

“You sure of that?”

“I’ve fought her longer than anyone else in that room! Trust me, Malnar’s idea is the best we’ve got! What would you have done?”

“Tamper with her machines, for starters!”

“She’d figure that out a lot quicker than helping people through disasters!”

“That’s why we strike at random intervals!”

“Lardeth, she’d probably anticipate that!”

“Kids!” called another voice. It was Jeefef. “I trust you’re not debating on what was already decided?”

“Mama, you don’t like the idea any more than I do!” protested Lardeth.

“No, I don’t,” replied Jeefef, “but the decision’s been made and, like it or not, you are duty-bound to honor it. There will be NO further discussion on this, is that clear?”

“…Yeah, it’s clear,” grumbled Lardeth.

“Good,” declared Jeefef. “Now, I’m going to bed. You kids should do the same.” She then walked off.

“…I still say you’re supporting an unnecessary risk,” grunted Lardeth as he left.

“I DO know where he’s coming from,” remarked another voice. Arsha turned to see Elgrad. “I wouldn’t want your mother to paint a target on her back.”

“If I can play Destroyer’s Advocate for a minute, why did you agree with me? By that logic, you wouldn’t want Malnar hurt either.”

“Because I know Malnar, she’s a good planner and wouldn’t suggest something so risky unless she had back-up plans, much like you and your mother.”

“If only Lardeth would see it that way!”

“I think Jeefef’s given him reason to think and remember how she works.” Arsha thought for a minute, then smiled.

“She tends to do that. Though, I think Lardeth’s gonna take a little more time to accept it.”

“True, but that’s how he is.”

“Yep. Honestly, I wouldn’t have him any other way.”

“That’s my girl!” Elgrad then yawned. “I think we better go to bed.”

“No argument there. Good night, Daddy.”

“Good night, sweetie.” Arsha and Elgrad then went to their respective rooms.

The Three Realms The Three Realms (Book 3: The First Strike)

3 Realms 3-31

The Endeavor made it to Largandra. Elmpam was escorted by Arsha and her lovers to the Royana Castle. Elgrad and Hanako were outside the gates when they arrived. “Good to see you, Elmpam,” greeted Elgrad as they shook hands.

“Likewise,” returned Elmpam. “Has Orbak arrived yet?”

“Right here!” called Orbak’s voice. Everyone turned and…were surprised at Orbak’s current appearance. There was something new about him. “…Wh…what?” he asked.

“Nothing, sweetie,” replied Elmpam. “Just wanted to know when you decided to join the fire brigade.”

“Daddy, why do you have a mustache?” asked Malnar.

“Just trying something out,” replied Orbak.

“Has it started?!” called Emfam’s voice.

“Not yet,” replied Elgrad as the Felomphas arrived. “We’re gonna do lunch, then we talk.”

“Good idea,” chuckled Ufnamfa. “I could use some food.” Endram then saw Orbak.

“There we go!” he cheered. “See? That’s what I was talking about!”

“And now it makes sense,” remarked Hanako.

“Dad, that was your idea?” asked Lardeth.

“Yeah! He looks rugged, doesn’t he?” chuckled Endram.

“…Mama Teefmanam, mind helping me out here?” asked Lardeth. Teefmanam then joined the two men.

“Endram, sweetie,” sighed Teefmanam, “you remember the talk we had?”

“…Which one?” asked Endram.

“The one where something that works for you may not work for everyone?” replied Lardeth.

“What about it?” quizzed Endram. “…Oh, you think this is one of those things?”

“Yeah, this is one of those things,” confirmed Teefmanam.

“So, should we get inside?” asked Olmarfa.

“We’re still waiting on a Realmfleet Admiral,” answered Hanako.

“And here he is with his husbands and harem-girl,” called Elgrad as Rokalla appeared with three other Orc men and an Orc woman in a harem outfit.

“So, you’re the Summit Witness, Sir?” Arsha asked Rokalla.

“I am, indeed,” replied Rokalla. “I don’t believe you’ve met my lovers.”

“Can’t say as I have.”

“Then may I present my husbands, Herksher,”

“Hello,” bid one of the Orc men.


“Good Day,” greeted another.


“Hi,” called the last Orc man.

“And our Harem girl, Jamula.”

“Greetings, Your Highness,” bid the Orc woman as she bowed.

“Well then, welcome to Castle Royana,” declared Elgrad. “If everyone will follow me, we’ll head to the main dining hall. It’s buffet style, so help yourself.” He and Hanako led the way through the outer wall’s gate, across a moat, through an inner wall’s gate, and into the main castle doors. They then went through a door on the left side of the foyer and into a banquet hall with a long food table set up. Everyone got a plate and got the food they wanted. Jamula looked at Hanako’s plate with curiosity.

“Your Majesty, what is that?” she asked.

“This?” replied Hanako as she used her chopsticks to point at her food. “It’s sushi, a Sakuran Kitsune province dish, my home part of the Sacchrinda Kingdom. It’s raw fish wrapped in rice. Wanna try it?” Jamula looked at Prormerk and he shrugged. She took that as an opportunity to go ahead and grabbed a green ball of paste! “WHOA! WAIT A MINUTE! NOT THAT…!” Too late. Jamula put the ball into her mouth and the people not familiar with Orcs stared, their jaws to the floor.

“…A bit of a kick,” remarked Jamula, “but I’ve tasted spicier.”

“You’ve tasted…you’ve gotta be kidding me!” squeaked Elgrad when he found his voice. “You just…you just ate a whole ball of Kitsune wasabi!”

“Miss, are you okay?!” asked Emfam.

“…I’m not feeling much heat at all,” replied Jamula.

“How?!” asked Hanako. “That’s the spiciest condiment in all the Realms! If I ate half of that, I’d be puking my guts out and crying!”

“That’s thanks to His Majesty’s first ancestor,” answered Jamula as she pointed to Orbak.

“The area Realmgate City is in was once a harsh wasteland, with the Orcs wandering the place as nomads,” explained Orbak. “Because of that, Intrag altered their genetics so that they could draw nutrients from a wide variety of organic and inorganic matter.”

“Wait, I never knew this!” yelped Arsha.

“Orbak, Jamula, are you two telling me,” asked Ufnamfa, “that Orcs can eat ANYTHING?”

“We can eat MANY things, but not everything,” corrected Jamula. “The least we can eat is rocks, but that’s only if we’re starving.”

“You’re pulling my leg!” remarked Lardeth.

“Give me something you don’t usually eat, and I’ll bite into it,” challenged Jamula.

“Okay…um…” Hanako floundered, feeling like she would be taking advantage of her if she did so. “…I can’t think. Domesta!” The Head Maid appeared, her lower half still a blue smoke tail.

“Yes, Your Majesty?” asked Domesta.

“I wish for something unusual that we don’t eat but an Orc does,” wished Hanako.

“They told you they can eat a lot of things and you don’t believe them?” guessed Domesta. Hanako nodded and Domesta snapped her fingers. Her bottle then appeared in her hands.

“Wait, I didn’t mean…!” yelped Hanako.

“Relax, this is just a copy of our bottle,” assured Domesta. “Dumarith’s still in the real one, quarantining himself because a Genie cold.”

“A Genie cold?!” yelped Elmpam. “Oh dear!” Domesta handed Jamula the bottle and Jamula bit the bottle neck off and chewed it as if it were food!

“Holy…!” yelped Arsha as she witnessed the whole thing. Jamula then offered the bottle to her masters. They declined after patting their stomachs.

“…Okay, but it’s really tasty,” mused Jamula as she continued eating the bottle.

“Okay, everyone, we fooled around long enough,” muttered Elgrad. “I trust we all know why we’re here?” Everyone nodded. “Then let’s not waste any more time. Royals, Rokalla, let’s get to the Conference Hall. Everyone that’s not a Royal or Rokalla, I’m sorry, but this is a private summit. You’re welcome to stay here, but you cannot enter the Conference Hall.”

“We understand, Your Majesty,” assured Falnii.

“All right, let’s get to it,” declared Elgrad. He and Hanako led the Royals, Rokalla, and their heirs to the Conference Hall while Falnii, Foresna, Gorfanth, Jamula, Herksher, Bermak, and Prormerk stayed with Domesta.

“A Genie cold?” asked Foresna.

“You know how you guys get a cold?” answered Domesta. “Similar symptoms, only, there’s another one for us.”

“What’s that?”

“We lose control of our magic. I’m serious, time and space can be warped, objects appear out of nowhere, people or things may be changed, that sort of thing.”

“And staying in the bottle is a good idea?”

“Yes, actually. It keeps the haywire magic contained. Now, this means I have to REALLY be fanatic about not getting infected.”

“Don’t want to ruin the castle?”

“Nope. My hubby and I wouldn’t like to disappoint the Royanas.”

“…Hubby?” asked Herksher.


“…Is ‘hubby’ some sort of pet name between you two?” quizzed Jamula.

“No, I call him my hubby because we’re married.” Everyone’s jaw dropped.

“Genies? Marry?!” stammered Bermak.

“And everyone thought an Orc’s ability to eat most everything was shocking!” breathed Jamula.

“Why not?” asked Domesta. “We have the same emotions as you guys!”

“It’s just…usually, Genies scoff at the idea of marriage!” remarked Prormerk. “How long have you two been married?!”

“About 400 years. In fact, next month is our anniversary.”

“Have either of you…?” asked Gorfanth.

“No anniversary’s been forgotten by either of us.”

Everyone in the Conference Hall sat at the table and introduced themselves around it. “Over-Queen Feymay Felompha in attendance.”

“Over-Queen Emfam Felompha in attendance.”

“Crown Over-Prince Lardeth Felompha in attendance.”

“Over-Queen Roomef Felompha in attendance.”

“Over-Queen Jeefef Felompha in attendance.”

“Over-Queen Olmarfa Felompha in attendance.”

“Over-Queen Ufnamfa Felompha in attendance.”

“Over-Queen Teefmanam Felompha in attendance.”

“Over-Queen Pofomofo Felompha in attendance.”

“Over-King Endram Felompha in attendance.”

“Mid-King Elgrad Royana in attendance.”

“Crown Mid-Princess Arsha Royana in attendance.”

“Mid-Queen Hanako Royana in attendance.”

“Under-King Orbak Emboramii in attendance.”

“Crown Under-Princess Malnar Emboramii in attendance.”

“Under-Queen Elmpam Emboramii in attendance.”

“Third-Level Admiral Rokalla Borkshorm in attendance as witness.” Rokalla activated a device to send a private recording of the meeting on a secure channel to Aldarval.

“As the one who organized this,” declared Elgrad, “with all in attendance, and with a witness, I hereby declare the All-realm Royal Summit now in session. Now, the situation is already clear, but I’m going to sum it up. Dr. Borg, a renegade Sprite scientist, is working with Oyed to start the Final War. Now, Arsha, you’ve had more experience with her, even going so far as to deck her and, from what your reports have said, kill her twice.”

“That’s because of a machine she’s created to digitize her soul and create a clone body so she can come back. An unnatural form of immortality, in my opinion,” explained Arsha.

“Then any insights you have would be valuable,” suggested Elmpam.

“Dr. Borg seems to be Depths-bent on remaking the Realms,” answered Arsha. She then got a look. “Now that I think about it, the way she talks about it, I don’t think her goals line up with Oyed’s all that much.”

“What do you mean?” asked Emfam.

“Whenever she talked about her goals,” replied Arsha, “she says she’s doing it for a peaceful future of herself and her followers. Not once has she mentioned Oyed. Where does he fit in to her vision?”

“…You’re right, Oyed wants us to continually fight until all life is extinguished and he’s fully absorbed the Divine Ones’ power,” mused Olmarfa. “How does that fit into Dr. Borg’s vision?”

“It sounds like Dr. Borg is in a weak state,” offered Elgrad. “Our intelligence reports say that she’s at Reb Rojam’s old home of Plunder Island Stronghold and is in dire financial straits. It seems to me that the only way to catch her off-guard is with a preemptive strike. The Fae Republic is well-versed in aerial attacks, so any advice from them would…”

“I did NOT just hear you suggest that!” hissed Emfam. “Dr. Borg has Revenants in case you forgot! I won’t tell Rellmeer to send her people to die at their hands!”

“And I won’t condone that kind of bloodshed in the Under-realm!” declared Orbak.

“But, Orbak, Emfam! Dr. Borg is a Sprite!” protested Elgrad. “Who better to know how her mind works than Rellmeer! Need I remind you that Dr. Borg is a threat to the Realms?! She must be stopped by any means necessary!”

“Too many Out-realmers have died for the Under-realm throughout the previous Wars,” replied Orbak, “and I refuse to allow more to die unless there’s no choice. If you intend to go on a fool’s attack on Dr. Borg as it stands, you’ll do so without my help.”

“Besides, she would want us to make the first strike,” advised Arsha. “She’ll twist it so that her followers believe that we would attack people willy-nilly and people would then send money to her war effort instead of us. Callous though this sounds, if the Final War DOES start, SHE needs to be the one to make the first strike.”

“What would entice her to strike?” asked Orbak.

“We need to set up defensive perimeters around our most vital areas, for a start.”

“She has a point, Elgrad,” remarked Hanako. “If she’s forced to strike the least vital areas first, she won’t get much in the way of money, manpower, or firepower. We could easily overwhelm her if we stay on the defensive.”

“…Fine, I’ll hold off any plans of attack,” decided Elgrad. “I’ll recommend to Aldarval that she start looking into siege-defense strategies for our most vital areas.”

“In that, you will have the Under-realm’s full support,” declared Orbak.

“And the Over-realm’s,” supplied Emfam.

“There’s still another matter to discuss, though,” remarked Elgrad. “How long can we be patient?”

“Let us discuss that tomorrow,” suggested Hanako. “We need to think about this.”

“Agreed,” replied Elgrad. “Any objections to adjourn until tomorrow afternoon, same time, speak now.” No one said a word. “Since there are none, I hereby adjourn this summit until tomorrow. My staff will show you to your rooms.” Everyone got up and the staff then led the visitors to their rooms. Arsha and her lovers decided to sleep in her room. She updated the Endeavor on what was going on without giving the details on what was discussed, then they got ready for bed.

The Three Realms The Three Realms (Book 3: The First Strike)

3 Realms 3-30

Arsha was soon healed up and released from Sick Bay. She returned to the bridge of the ship and sat down in her chair. “Any news?” she asked Shalvey.

“Just a message from Rokalla,” Shalvey answered.

“What new mission has he got for us?” asked Malak. Shalvey then opened the message.

“…Erm, we’re gonna be taking Elmpam to Largandra,” she reported.

“What? Why?” asked Arsha.

“The message asked that I only tell everyone once you saw this first.”

“…All right.” Arsha got up and checked out the message. Her face fell as she read it. “…No.”

“What’s the matter?” asked Nazay.

“No. No! No! No!” Arsha hitched up her skirts and left the bridge in a hurry, repeating “no” all the while.

“…Wh…what’s going on?” asked Nazay.

“…An All-realm Royal Summit,” answered Shalvey. The bridge crews’ eyes went wide at the thought. The Rulers of the Over, Mid, and Under-realms were going to meet to discuss the future of the Realms.

“Arsha, will you three please calm down and be professional about this!?” snapped Elmpam as she and Rokalla spoke with Arsha, Lardeth, and Malnar in the conference room.

“Mama, there is NOTHING professional about this!” protested Malnar. “Every time there’s an All-realm Royal Summit, it leads to war!”

“I know the historical implications are staggering,” interjected Rokalla over the screen, “but the situation with Dr. Borg’s alliance has now escalated. If she and Oyed are taking bodies from a morgue, it’s a safe assumption that she’s building up a Revenant army out of the followers that died.”

“And our parents’ decision is to talk about sending people to die at a Revenant’s hands?!” snapped Lardeth.

“Lardeth, you know that’s not how your parents work,” reminded Elmpam.

“I can’t believe we’re having this conversation!” moaned Arsha.

“Look, the people of the Realms want the Realm Trinity Empire to be gone,” replied Elmpam. “and if you kids raise a stink over this, especially in the face of how Golems of Dr. Borg’s design were allowed onto the Endeavor to search for wayward merfolk, it’s NOT gonna look good.”

“And you think Daddy would want to talk about this?!” protested Arsha.

“Arsha, it was your father who organized this,” answered Rokalla.

“…The man who’s trying to find the most peaceful option,” muttered Lardeth, “and HE’S the one organizing this?!”

“Arsha, I trust you’re not raising a stink over this!” hissed Elgrad once the talk in the conference room was over and Arsha returned to her ready room.

“I feel like I can’t do anything BUT raise a stink!” answered Arsha. “Daddy, this is what Dr. Borg wants!”

“If intelligence reports are accurate, this isn’t EXACTLY what Dr. Borg wants.”


“Arsha, our spies in her organization reported that she’s got the firepower, but not the manpower. Now, this leaves her in a financially weak position. If she starts the Final War now, she won’t be able to pay her armies in the long run.”

“And how did our spies get into the Realm Trinity Empire in the first place?!”

“They’re the Realmfleet Revenants.”

“…You mean…Eltan’s group?”

“They disguised themselves as different Revenants and got the information during one of Dr. Borg’s rallies.”

“And they were okay with being used that way?!”

“Eltan insisted that she and her group be used that way.” Arsha shut her eyes and declined her head in frustration. “Look, I know you don’t want to put people into harm’s way, but that’s par for the course for a ruler. Like it or not, as my heir, those kinds of decisions are YOUR birthright. …Just make sure you listen to the people’s opinion as you make that decision.”

“…I’ll be there with Elmpam shortly.”

“Very well. Elgrad out.” The call ended and Arsha ran her hands down her face. What her father said was true, that kind of decision DID come with the Crown. That didn’t change her feelings on the matter.

Dr. Borg, Oyed, and the Realm Trinity Imperial Council met in their secret chambers. Several members clicked their tongues in disappointment. “Terrible,” remarked Scorpo.

“Absolutely terrible,” agreed Femfaf.

“My Lord and fellow Council Members,” addressed Dr. Borg, “I’d be a terrible scientist if I denied the facts Tormo presented to us. We’ve spent more on armaments than we should have.”

“No kidding,” muttered Tensam as his hands fiddled with his veil. The report was in front of him on the table. “We’ve only got 3 million golds for our armies’ food supplies. 3 million!” One of his legs jabbed the report for emphasis. “We’re practically starving!”

“That is true,” interjected Shefarn, “but we must remember that the Realms aren’t exactly eager to go to war against us.”

“That’s what we’re TRYING to get them to do!” snapped Dr. Borg.

“You must admit, there’s no money in peace,” supplied Tormo.

“We need a good impetus to get them to fight us,” muttered Remsu.

“What we need,” suggested Jansha, “is an assassination.”

“I’m open to suggestions,” offered Yamta. “Who’s got the weakest security that would incense the Realms into fighting us?” Yulduk then snapped his fingers as an idea hit him.

“I’ve got just the target and she’s here in the Under-realm!” he called.

“Who?” asked Scorpo.

“She?” Oyed muttered to himself.

“Why,” answered Yulduk, “the Queen of the Galdredan Lava Kingdom!”

“Andwayla Narven?” inquired Remsu. “What good will getting rid of her do?”

“Well, her kingdom doesn’t have the best security, right?” asked Yulduk.

“Right,” answered Remsu, still not following. Femfaf’s eyes then went wide.

“And she’s the one who drafted Anti-Splitter Policy, yes?” she asked.

“She did,” replied Remsu, finally getting it, “Anti-Splitter policy that took too much time and money to fully carry out!”

“Exactly!” confirmed Yulduk.

“There’s a cherry on top for that,” mused Jansha. “According to the news, Calandra’s married Elmar and current gossip is that she’ll be accompanying him on the Endeavor.”

“Barring any tragedy?” asked Remsu.

“That’s the rumor,” confirmed Jansha.

“And such an act would force her to return to the Galdredan Kingdom, thus keeping her constantly thinking about her beloved Elmar and being too distracted to effectively lead her armies,” chuckled Oyed.

“And Galdredan people are known to be the toughest fighters in the Under-realm, second only to Orcs,” supplied Jansha.

“Well, looks like we have a reason for people to give money to us,” mused Dr. Borg.

“I’ll draft up a plan,” declared Yamta. “Andwayla Narven will die very soon.”

“My followers, this pleases me!” chuckled Oyed.

Once the meeting ended, Dr. Borg headed to her laboratory. As she walked, she got a feeling of being followed. She looked around and saw one of Reb’s former pirates, a male Lightning Dragon named Rochak, standing there. “…May I help you?” she asked.

“I need to speak to you, somewhere private,” answered Rochak. Dr. Borg arched an eyebrow.

“Follow me,” she directed. She led Rochak back to the conference room.

“Always wanted to see the inside of this place,” Rochak mused. “Even when Reb was in charge of Plunder Island Stronghold, this was a private conference room, ‘trusted’ advisors only. A place where you’re free to discuss your secrets and your lies, yes?” Dr. Borg bristled at that comment.

“You said you wanted to speak to me about something?”

“‘Someone’ is the more correct term.”

“And who are we talking about?”


“Okay, enough with the riddles! Tell me what you know!”

“I know what you told us. Oyed intends to remake the Realms into one united Realm, bringing about an end to what divides us. I also know what you DIDN’T tell us! How he intends to unite us is through our love for combat! He intends to have everyone constantly fight for his sole amusement!” Dr. Borg’s eye went wide.

“Rochak, no one else must know Oyed’s real intentions!”

“Or what? You’ll have me killed?”

“I would never kill any of my followers, especially pirates!”

“Wouldn’t you? Didn’t you try to have Reb and Melgem killed?”

“That’s different!”

“It’s the same! A heavily armed island base, an army of proactive soldiers wanting to bring about change by any means necessary, if it’s not quite the same…it soon will be! Are you aware that Jansha created more robots like her?”

“She showed me the production lines, yes.”

“Did she show you their computer simulations?”

“I got a look at them.”

“Did she tell you that all the models predict that prolonged combat would kill everyone in the Realms?!”

“I won’t allow prolonged combat!”

“Not even if Oyed told you to allow the Final War to continue until the end of time?!” The silence was deafening. Rochak then shook his head. “Predestined, preordained. Life will die and Oyed will absorb his children’s power to create a darker Realm. The end of our world…inevitable.”

“Rochak, I…” As Dr. Borg placed her hand on Rochak’s shoulder, he gasped and whirled around, knocking her hand away. “…I’m worried about you. You’re mixed up. I’m not a mindless destroyer like Oyed. Those things you’re worried about won’t happen. I won’t let them.”

“…For all our sakes, I hope not,” muttered Rochak. “I won’t tell anyone what we’ve just discussed, but it WOULD be nice for everyone to know what we’re actually fighting for.” He left the room, leaving Dr. Borg to her thoughts.

“…If things go right, you’ll know by the start of next year.”

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Admiral Rokalla Borkshorm hails from the Under-realm’s Orc home of Realmgate City. The 22,091 year old middle child of five Orc children from a well-to-do family, Rokalla is the one who Arsha checks in with about her missions. The studs on his pauldrons indicate that he’s a Third-Level Admiral, just two levels below Supreme Admiral. He’s content where he is. He’s got three husbands (Herksher, Bermak, and Prormerk) and a harem-girl, Jamula. Despite his appearance, he’s actually a typical Orc when it comes to good hygiene. Orcs are generally considered the cleanest race in the Under-realm. They take pride in their appearance, just having naturally messy hair.

The Three Realms The Three Realms (Book 3: The First Strike)

3 Realms 3-29

After Oltor’s execution, the last thing to take care of was the funeral for Rentir and Glanfu. Their bodies were resting in the morgue and the guard leafed through his magazine. He then heard a knock on the door and pressed a button to open the door. Arsha was the one who knocked. She entered the room and spoke to the guard. “Any disturbances?” she asked.

“Nope,” replied the guard. “All the stiffs here are still stiff.”

“And what about any intruders?”

“You’re hardly an intruder, since you know the knock.”

“Any attempts to create a Revenant?”

“Your Highness, what’s with all the questions?”

“The Sheriff’s office went through Rentir and Glanfu’s records, even their communication records! It’s been discovered that they made a deal with Dr. Borg!” The guard’s expression became one of disbelief.

“…Sheriff Rentir?! One of Dr. Borg’s flunkies?!” he asked. “Impossible!”

“It’s possible, I assure you,” came an oily voice. Arsha and the guard’s shadows then came together and formed a pool of blackness. Rising out of the blackness were Oyed, Dr. Borg, and Yulduk. The guard slammed the alarm and Arsha pulled out her communicator.

“Backup! Now!” she called. Two Realmfleet officers then burst into the room as everyone prepared to fight.

“Find them,” Oyed ordered Dr. Borg. “Yulduk and I will hold them off.” Dr. Borg nodded and began her search. Arsha and one officer took on Oyed while the guard and the other officer dealt with Yulduk. To their credit, the two were good fighters, managing to keep a Revenant at bay. Yulduk then cast a fireball at the two. The officer, a Blaze Elf, then held it back.

“Really?” scoffed the officer. “That is SUCH a basic spell.”

“I suppose YOU are a Flame Master?” replied Yulduk.

“I’m near enough.” The officer then created fire ropes. “Rashel bu DAH!” he shouted as he flung his arms towards Yulduk. The fire ropes then became fire snakes as they were launched towards Yulduk.

“Rasulain!” chanted Yulduk as he jabbed into the fire snakes’ mouths, splitting them down the middle and dissipating them. “And you scoffed at ME about basic spells?” The officer was catching his breath after casting his spell. “That’s only a Tier 2 spell. If you’re winded from that, you’re nowhere near as close to being a Flame Master. I, on the other hand…” A red runic circle then appeared beneath him. “Hasheenday!” The runic circle then moved underneath his opponents and a massive octopus of fire grabbed them, burning them as the tentacles constricted them.

Arsha and her partner continued swinging their punches at Oyed. He kept blocking them, then kicked into Arsha’s chest, knocking her back. Her partner then leapt towards Oyed, but Oyed grabbed him by the face and spewed black mist onto him. The mist entered his ears, eyes, and mouth and he was reduced to a twitching mess, his face contorted into a silent scream. Oyed let him crumple to the floor. “He’ll be awake from that nightmare in a few minutes,” he purred to Arsha. He then tilted her chin up. “Such beauty would go to waste if it were damaged.”

“I’m not looking to be part of your harem!” snarled Arsha.

“I offer a greater position than that. You see, you and Dr. Borg are much alike. You both seek to unite the Realms. You both want to ensure the best future possible for you and your loved ones. Dr. Borg saw it my way with no coercion, making her one of my best warriors. I extend the same offer to you. Join me and unite the Realms, fulfill your greatest wish. My offer will lead to peace.”

“Take your offer and blow it out your…!”

“INSOLENT, FECULENT CHILD!” Oyed then grabbed Arsha by the neck and hoisted her up. “Where is it?! I weakened your precious Realms’ resolve with my presence, made the veil between the living and the dead thinner by bringing Intrag into the Over-realm, made one of your fellow Captains resign, yet still you defy me! Where is it?!” He then slashed across Arsha’s face with his claws. “Where, in your soul, is the part that tells you to resist me?!” As blood dripped from her cheek, Arsha chuckled.

“There’s the issue you’re having!” she laughed. “You wanted me to be weakened by my Inner Demons! That’s what made Dr. Borg so much more pliable! That’s where we’re different!” She grabbed Oyed’s arm, then Oyed felt a pain in his head.

Oyed found himself in a barren landscape under a dark sky with the corpses of the Divine Ones littering the ground. He scoffed. “Trying to gain access to my plans, are we?”

“Not really!” cackled a demonic voice. Oyed arched an eyebrow.

“Who are you?! You’re not talking like Arsha!”

“Oh, but I AM Arsha! …More or less!” Arsha’s Inner Demon then leapt onto Oyed, her tentacles constricting his limbs and throat. Her claws then plunged into his skull!

Oyed finally returned to the real world and clutched his head in pain, screaming as if he were really stabbed through the head. When she fell to the floor, Arsha drove her fist into Oyed’s ribs, then another fist into his diaphragm, the impact knocking him into Yulduk. Yulduk lost concentration on his spell and the fire-octopus vanished, leaving behind a burned guard and officer. Oyed’s nightmare victim regained his mobility and mind. All four people checked each other over as Yulduk checked his master over. He was gasping in pain. “…Pain!” he hissed. “Arsha…inflicted…pain!”

“My Lord!” called Dr. Borg. “We have Rentir and Glanfu! I’m opening a way out!” She opened a small Realmgate and drank a strength potion to lift Glanfu and Rentir’s bodies. Yulduk got Oyed up and had the Titan lean on him so they could get out. Yulduk then cast a few fireballs onto the walls, distracting their opponents and giving them time to return to base. Once the fires were put out, Arsha shouted in anger.

“GIVE! ME! A FAT! BREAK!” she roared. She then went dizzy for a few seconds. As soon as her compatriots went near her, she recovered. “Okay, may need to see Malnar about that.”

“Your Highness, are you all right?” asked one of her officers.

“I’m fine now,” she assured him.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, positive.” Arsha then released a breath in fatigue. “Have to admit, Oyed almost tempted me with his offer.”

“What made you resist?”

“His path would lead to the Realms’ downfall. I like the Realms too much for that. I don’t need him to make me a woman; I already AM one!”

“Captain, you made Oyed feel pain,” recalled the morgue’s guard.

“…Yeah, I did,” remarked Arsha in surprise.

“YOU DID WHAT?!” Malnar and Marshii shouted as Arsha was in Sick Bay.

“Use my Inner Demon against the enemy,” replied Arsha as she rubbed her ears.


“What’s the matter with you two?!” protested Arsha.

“Arsha, using your Inner Demon as a weapon could kill you!” lectured Malnar. “If you used it on a weaker opponent, the damage to your soul would be severe!”

“I DIDN’T use it on a weaker opponent!” countered Arsha. “I used it on Oyed.”

“Oyed was there?!” yelped Marshii.

“And he doubled over in pain after I hit him twice,” answered Arsha.

“…But he CAN’T feel pain, can he?” asked Marshii.

“That’s what the Codex says,” replied Malnar. “…Say, you don’t think…?”

“I’m NOT!” hissed Arsha. “I’m not the Champion!”

“But only the Champion could cause Oyed pain,” replied Marshii.

“Come on, even the Divine Ones are a little screwy on that prophecy,” remarked Arsha. “They all said so.”

“I guess you have a point,” mused Malnar. “I mean, they misinterpreted prophecies before.”

“Fair enough,” remarked Marshii. “In any case, Arsha, you’re staying there until I’ve given you a full checkup!”

“But, Doctor…!” protested Arsha.

“Shut it!” snapped Marshii.

After the incident in the morgue, Oyed had bandages over his torso and an ice pack on his head. “How’s that even possible?!” protested Yulduk.

“No yelling, please,” groaned Oyed.

“Sorry, my Lord, but, seriously, how?”

“Out of desperation came invention, I’d say. I had not anticipated someone using their own inner demons on me.”

“You don’t think she’s the Champion, do you?” Offense then crossed Oyed’s features as he stood up.

“Certainly not! Besides, if she were, it would still amount to nothing. I now know how she fights when she’s struggling for life. Victory won’t come to her. …Speaking of which, how’s Dr. Borg coming along?”

“She’s still chanting the spell at the moment.”

“Let’s go see, I never saw a Revenant being created.” Oyed and Yulduk then went into the next room. The bodies had just opened their eyes and were screaming.

“Shanwey yat talyen falunar!” chanted Dr. Borg as the pentagram glowed. “Shanwey yat talyen falunar! Shanwey yat talyen falunar! TEL!” She stopped and the bodies stopped screaming. Much like Yulduk, Rentir and Glanfu had ashen grey skin with blue veins glowing like stars. Rentir’s body still had fur, so one could only see the veins.

“Oh, Oyed, my HEAD!” groaned Glanfu.

“Glanfu? Is that you?” moaned Rentir.

“It’s me, my love,” replied Glanfu. Just then, their memories came back to them. “Our house! The explosion!”

“It DID take your lives,” replied Dr. Borg. “We got you out of the morgue.”

“Thank you,” bid Rentir. “Now, about the cousin fornicator who killed us…”

“The Over-realm Royals already executed him,” replied Oyed. Rentir and Glanfu then knelt. “Please, rise, my loyal subjects.” The two rose. “We’re currently at a repurposed Plunder Island Stronghold in the Under-realm. Would you care for a tour?”

“Of course, My Lord,” replied Glanfu.

“Splendid.” Oyed then led the two out of the room.

“…A real smooth talker, ain’t he?” muttered Yulduk to Dr. Borg.

“Well, that’s how he works,” replied Dr. Borg. Tormo then came in.

“Doctor, we need to discuss something,” he griped as he presented a paper to Dr. Borg. She took it and looked it over. Her eye then went wide.

“Yulduk, Tormo, assemble the Council,” she ordered. “We have financial problems to discuss.”

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


King Endram Felompha is the second husband of the Felompha Royal Family. Like Twirja, he served aboard the Crelima and lost his arms somehow (he’ll change the story about the circumstances). After the previous King, Yentil, died, Pofomofo found him and introduced him to her wives. Soon, he married them and became King. He enjoyed raising the Felompha Children and was happy to learn that Lardeth was gonna be the Crown Prince. His relationship with Lardeth couldn’t be better.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


A 3,300 year old playwright, Queen Pofomofo Felompha is the more sentimental of Lardeth’s parents. Sometimes seen sitting down looking at old photographs, she loves her trips down memory lane. She loves looking back at memories, especially wedding memories of the Felomphas’ marriages. After Yentil died in a train accident, she was the one who found Endram and got her wives in on the idea of remarrying. She’s also a Dream-weaver, like Falnii. In fact, it was during the Dream-weaving class she sometimes teaches that allowed Falnii and Lardeth to meet.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Queen Teefmanam Felompha has been running her own Let’s Play channel since she was 310. Now, at 3,067, she’s one of the more popular Let’s Players out on IntraRealm Communications, the Realms’ equivalent to our internet. She’s part of a group of Let’s Players (one of their number being Galanta) that raise money for charity. Like any gamer, she’s had her ragey moments and her language can get…colorful, to say the least.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


The 3,100 year old Ufnamfa Felompha is an Over-realm Queen who enjoys a good train ride. She’s always fascinated by the way a train would move its pistons to carry itself from one stretch of track to another. She spends some of her free time volunteering at a local heritage railway. She’s also a woman who loves good food, so she spends the rest of her free time assisting in the castle’s kitchens.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


3,159 years ago, Olmarfa was left on the doorstep of a Lust Demon Family. Her birth family couldn’t take care of her and had to give her up for adoption. She barely remembers her birth parents, but the Succubus and Incubus/Zephyr Blender who raised her and helped her shape the clouds she generated gave her the love and care she needed. When she came of age, she became a dancer for a Wysper City casino and was well received by the audience. She spent 2,000 years performing before Emfam and Jeefef approached her. They corresponded regularly and now she’s Queen Olmarfa Felompha. Her birth parents, sadly, never saw their daughter before they died. As such, she champions for the best treatment of orphans and raises money for charity with her dancing.