Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 26: Farewell Tour)

TMC 26-5

Drifting in space, a purple, metal t-rex stomped around on a spaceship (the former Decepticon Flagship, the original Nemesis), grumbling to himself and gnashing his teeth. As he griped, he approached the conference room and found his ragtag group of various bots that served Megatron once. “Saurion, Terrorize,” grunted the t-rex as he converted to robot mode. “Thunderblast, report.”

“No significant changes to the galactic standings yet, Sir,” sighed the femme-boat.

“Saurion, this is ridiculous!” complained Dirt Boss. “We’ve been drifting with no real end in sight!”

“Wee Dirt Boss is right,” rumbled Mole Dive.

“Saurion, what ARE we looking for?” asked Lugnut.

“Something. ANYTHING,” grunted Saurion.

“Yeah, that ain’t vague at all,” rumbled Dirt Boss.

“Hold up,” called Thunderblast. “Space Chatter’s been cleared.”

“Finally!” sighed Saurion. “Tell me, how will the Decepticon Empire fare now?”

“Combing the data now and…” Thunderblast’s sentence faded. “…Oh my.”

“What?” asked Saurion. Thunderblast hesitated. “…Your current commander asked you a question!”

“Er, say, Saurion, Baby, how do you feel about Nebulanese foo-?”

“Do NOT change the subject! What’s…going…on?!”

“Well, Sir…the…er…the Decepticons…that is… the Empire, it’s sort of…well-”

“Spit it out already!” Thunderblast stayed silent, then sighed in defeat as she reported the latest news.

“The war is over. Megatron’s serving a House Arrest sentence for war crimes and reparations are currently being made for the worlds the war touched. Earthia’s the second Galaxy Convoy.”

“Then the Decepticon Empire…is GONE?!” yelped Mole Dive.

“Yeah, it is. So, about that-”

“RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHH!” Saurion’s roar echoed throughout the ship. “THAT’S IT! I’M DONE! I QUIT!”

“Quit?!” protested Lugnut. “Sir, you can’t quit conquest when we’ve barely started!”

“Not conquest, you idiot, no! I quit this whole slagging universe!”


“Everyone, I refuse to live in a universe where a feared empire loses its nerve, and a damned talking flower runs a slagging interstellar alliance! So, pack your bags! We’re leaving!”

“To where?!” protested Mole Dive. “Sir, we can’t just leave a universe! It’s…it’s…well, it’s impossible!”

“…Not if our little prize in the vault’s the real deal,” mused Thunderblast.

“…You mean that sword?”

“Well, might as well see if we need to give lie to the myth right now, yes,” rumbled Saurion. “Dirt Boss, fetch the sword.”

Everyone on the ship gathered around the Sword of Parallels. It spoke to them in demonic whispers, as it always did since its initial forging. “No, I’m not going to waste my life controlling Mini-cons, Energon, or Cyber Planet Keys,” grunted Saurion. The Sword whispered again.

“That sounds like a bad 80’s cartoon!” complained Thunderblast. “Next!” The Sword whispered once again.

“The Frack are O Parts?!” asked Dirt Boss. The whispers continued. “No scrap, that’s contrived!” More whispers reached their ears.

“…You know, having the Allspark in our hands COULD prove useful,” mused Lugnut.

“Perhaps, but it might also be more trouble than it’s worth,” replied Saurion. “Let’s put that on the ‘Maybe’ pile.” The Sword whispered again.

“No, I’m not going to let a human girl kiss me!” gagged Mole Dive. The Sword whispered once more.

“…Control both Primus AND Unicron, you say?” asked Saurion.

“How?” quizzed Lugnut. The Sword whispered its explanation.

“The Twelve Primal Keys, you say? Go on,” urged Dirt Boss as he and Thunderblast leaned in. The Sword continued its explanation.

“So, find all twelve, unlock the Infinity Gate, travel sideways in time to get to the God Realm, and then use the Keys against Primus and Unicron?” Mole Dive summed up. The Sword whispered its confirmation. Mole Dive smiled. “I’m game.”

“Me too,” agreed Lugnut.

“Let’s control some gods!” declared Thunderblast.

“Sir, I think we have a majority,” reported Dirt Boss. “I’m in.”

“Majority? You mean unanimous decision,” rumbled Saurion. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must open the gate to that universe. All hands, to the bridge!” Everyone charged off to the bridge and Saurion unsheathed the Sword, reading off the inscription. “In the name all that I command, I command thee, thou blade! Open thy hidden ways! Lead me to my destiny!” He then made one quick, animalistic slash and a large, purple portal opened. The Sword faded as it opened its last universe. “Our destiny awaits, my Decepticons, yes!”

“Sure you don’t want to say goodbye?” joked Thunderblast.

“…Well, I suppose it would be rude not to say anything.” Saurion then cleared his throat. “To my old friends in this universe, I would like to say it’s been a pleasure living here, but it wouldn’t be true, no. You’ve constantly upended my schemes and derailed my plans! So, to that, I bid adieu, yes! To my new universe, I give you this warning: I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end! I am that which is, which was, and is yet to come, and you will know my name is Megatron when I lay my vengeance upon you!” He turned to the crew. “All hands, you may now refer to me as Megatron, yes! Full speed ahead!” The old Nemesis fled into the portal. Once it entered, the portal closed.

Angel Island, home of the Master Emerald and its guardians, Knuckles the Echidna and Rouge the Bat. It was Knuckles’ turn for guard duty as he sat by the Master Emerald altar, reminiscing about how much things have changed in his life. Sonic was now King of Mobius, G.U.N. was now inclusive of magic wielders, Eggman and Morgane went into retirement (he’d trust that as far as he could throw Eggman), and Rouge was giving up her quest to steal the Master Emerald. As he rested, he heard metal against the ground in a rhythm. He looked to see Optimus come up to the altar. “Prime?” he quizzed.

“Knuckles the Echidna, I presume?” replied Optimus.

“Kid, what are you doing here? I thought you were heading back to Cybertron.”

“I ain’t due for another hour. Just thought I’d wrap up my farewell tour where it all started.” Optimus looked past the altar. “I see you haven’t filled in the craters our stasis pods made when we landed here.”

“I still remember the voices coming out of the pods. Goldbug was still Corporal Bumblebee and he reported that you guys successfully landed and Ironhide grunted that it felt more like falling than landing. After that, you threw up.”

“I remember the shock I felt when I saw that we were in the air.” Optimus’ comment elicited a chuckle from the two. “And what an adventure that kicked off! 15 years on this crazy planet!”

“Do you ever wonder what would happen if you DIDN’T chase after Jazz?” Optimus got a faraway look.

“…Often. But you know what, I still wouldn’t change a thing. I’m gonna miss Mobius.”

“You can still visit us, can you?”

“Oh, of course. The Space Bridge still has Mobius’ coordinates locked in. I’ll be sure to bring Blackarachnia in two months. Wouldn’t want to leave an ally behind.”

“You know, I’ve been meaning to ask Rouge, it looked like G.U.N. was more prepared for you guys.”

“Tails alerted them to us when he found us entering the atmosphere.”

“Good thing he did.”

“No kidding. The last thing we needed was to be shot at while picking up Jazz.” Optimus sighed as he reminisced. “…Well, time to bring the farewell tour to a close.”

“Need a lift?” Knuckles held up a ring.

“The old warp ring! Let me try!” Knuckles handed the ring over and Optimus flicked it into the air. It expanded and projected a golden portal. He then stuck his head through it, then pulled it out. “That’s the place. Well, goodbye, Knuckles the Echidna.”

“See you later, Optimus Prime. ‘Til all are one.”

“‘Til all are one.” Optimus then stepped through the ring, and it disappeared behind him. Knuckles looked to the sky and sighed.

“Well, I guess this is it. …You know, I wonder if Eggbreath really IS retired.”

“So ends our involvement in Cybertronian affairs,” sighed Eggman as he sat in his chair. “And so ends the Eggman Empire’s dreams of conquest.”

“Now, Eggy!” protested Morgane.

“It’s true! Morgane, I’m not getting any younger and I don’t have an heir! Let’s face it, my dreams are nothing more than dust!”

“I don’t believe that for a minute. We still have a chance to make this a planet for Robotniks to rule!” Eggman then decided to address something.

“Morgane, you’ve been rubbing your belly for a while now. Are you hungry or something?”

“Not right now, but the little one will need nourishment.”

“Little one? …Wait, are you saying…?!” Morgane grinned.

“No heirs? A load of rubbish, I say.”

“And you’re SURE I’m the father?! Please say yes!”

“I had your medical bots confirm. This child is yours.” Eggman gave a cheer of happiness.

“Then what am I doing sitting around and feeling sorry for myself?! I must make sure my child has something to command! They shall make this world a techno-magical paradise!”

“Adding magic to their repertoire?”

“Given that mages exist, I’d be a fool if I didn’t have my child learn how to defend themselves against offensive magic.”

“I’ll take care of that front; you train them in science.”

“Exactly what I had in mind, my dear! Look out, world! The Eggman/Le Fay Empire’s not done yet! OH HO HO HO HO HO!”

The day had finally arrived. All Cybertronian refugees that wanted to return home were now onboard the ships. Optimus headed to the transport pad and looked at the crowd gathered. “…Everyone,” he said, “it’s been a pleasure to explore your world, but the time has come for me to return to mine. However, the possibilities of me visiting Mobius again are 100%. And if you ever need help, just say the word!” The crowd then cheered as many held up signs wishing Optimus good luck, telling him to come back soon, and that Mobius would miss him. Optimus waved and smiled. He then activated his comms. “Optimus to Ark. One to beam up.” He then shimmered out from view.

“Space Bridge coordinates confirmed,” reported Cliffjumper.

“Fleet reports ready,” announced Prowl. “They’ll follow us on your command.”

“Helm…get us home!” Cliffjumper keyed in a command.

The Ark turned to face the Space Bridge as it opened. Once the portal stabilized, the thrusters of the mighty starship spun to life and fired. Once the Ark moved, the fleet followed. They went into the portal, and it closed behind them. On the Space Colony ARK, Shadow and Maria looked out the window, watching the whole thing. “Good luck, Optimus,” bid Shadow.

“Come back soon!” called Maria.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 26: Farewell Tour)

TMC 26-4

A few days later, Amy was having a bachelorette party with her friends at Mayworth Manor. All the guests had received their food and drink and sat around the table in the main dining hall. Sira was at the head of the table with Amy on her left and Natalie on her right. She stood up and called for quiet. The guests then gave their full attention to Sira. “…Duty,” she began, “a mage’s life is filled with…solemn duty. I have commanded mages in battle. I have witnessed secrets be exposed to the public. I have represented the Mage Community of Mobius as we made first contact with the Transformers and the Nebulans. But none of them compare to my solemn duty…” a smile then graced her face as she turned to Amy, “as the one officiating Amy’s wedding to our planet’s future king, the hero of Mobius, Sonic the Hedgehog.” There were a few chuckles among the guests. “Now, I know that, on an occasion such as this, it’s expected that I be gracious and fulsome in my praise on the wonders of this blessed union,” she then got a wicked grin as she looked to Amy, “but have you and Sonic considered what you were doing to me?!” The guests chuckled again. “Of course, YOU’RE happy, but what about MY needs, hm?! This is all a dratted inconvenience! I was grooming you to be my replacement as the Grand High Mage of Mobius, and you decided to be Queen! And while you and Sonic are happily ruling all of Mobius, I will have to train my new successor! You all know him! Yes, I said ‘him’! It’s a cat I believe you all know! The famous Spike Witwicky! You all heard of him! He’s a tyrannical martinet who will never EVER allow me to get involved in non-crucial non-mage affairs!”

“That IS part of our charter,” remarked Trema. “We can’t use magic so-”



“Shut up.”

“Yes, my friend.” The guests laughed a little harder.

“Twenty years I’ve been waiting to say that!” chuckled Sira. She then turned to Amy. “But seriously, Amy, there’s still time to reconsider, yes?” Amy appeared to think on it for a second. She then shook her head.

“Nah!” she answered.

“No?” Sira then gave an exaggerated sigh. “All right then.” She raised her glass. “Amy Rose, of all the students I trained, you are, with no exaggeration, the most accomplished of them all. You have continued fighting against evil, whether it be based in light or dark, and you are driven to continue. In maritime tradition, I wish you and Sonic clear horizons, my beloved friend.” Sira turned to everyone. “To our planet’s future Queen, Amy Rose!”

“To Queen Amy Rose!” cheered the guests. Amy felt a few happy tears welling up in her eyes as she raised her glass.

The day finally came. The venue was an outdoor one as they wanted to account for more giant guests. The altar was set up with Sonic in a tuxedo with a rose boutonniere on one side. Sira stood in the center of the altar as everyone waited for Amy. Sonic then looked down the aisle to see Amy. Her dress was large, had pink trim, and she wore a rose behind her ear. The organist then played “Here Comes the Bride” as Amy was walked down the aisle by Natalie. Once they arrived at the altar, Natalie took her seat and Amy stood opposite of Sonic. Sira looked at the two Hedgehogs and smiled happily. “Dearly beloved,” she began, “we are gathered here today to witness the union of the Hero of Mobius and my most accomplished student. As many of you know, Amy was a little…hesitant to give up her goal of marrying Sonic.” Amy and Sonic winced. “But they both survived a year of hell when Mobius was under Unicron’s rule and came out of it with a better understanding of each other. Knowing them, their love will help them overcome any obstacle, including any arguments that will crop up between them. Their strength will be an example to all of us. If there are any who object to their union, speak now or forever hold your peace.” No one said a word. “…Very well then. Sonic the Hedgehog, do you take Amy Rose to be your lawfully wedded wife and Queen? To have and hold forever? To cherish for as long as you both shall live?”

“I do,” replied Sonic.

“Amy Rose, do you take Sonic the Hedgehog to be your lawfully wedded husband and King? To have and hold forever? To cherish for as long as you both shall live?”

“I do,” answered Amy.

“Have you the rings?” The Ring Bearer then held out the pillow the rings sat on. Sonic and Amy each took one. Sonic then held Amy’s hand.

“With this ring, I do thee wed,” he declared as he slipped the ring onto her finger. Amy then held Sonic’s hand.

“With this ring, I do thee wed.” She then slipped the ring on his finger.

“By the power vested in me and the unifying force of love,” declared Sira, “I hereby pronounce you man and wife! Sonic, you may kiss the bride!” Sonic and Amy then kissed as everyone clapped, shouting words of congratulations. Sonic then picked up Amy and carried her down the aisle. Once at the venue’s exit, Sonic turned back to the crowd.

“We’ll see you at the reception!” he called.

“Don’t take TOO long!” said Amy. Sonic, still carrying Amy, then took off at his usual speed.

“Well, come on!” urged Sira. “We got a reception to get to!”

The reception was held outside the Autobot base. A band played music as Sonic and Amy danced. Amy was pleasantly surprised. “Why, Prince Sonic,” she purred, “I had no idea you could dance.”

“It took me a while to learn,” replied Sonic. “I had Natalie help me.”

“Oh, is that why? I thought you were trying to get a magic teacher. She’s great on both counts.”

“Nah, I think I’ll leave the magic to you.”

Grimlock and Slash looked at the happy couple dancing. Grimlock had a thought. “Hey, Slash, you ever think about getting married?” Slash thought it over.

“…No, I’m not into romance.”

“Fair enough.” The two then heard Sludge groan. He had his head in his hands. “Sludge?” asked Grimlock. “Everything okay?”

“Primax High Grade should be illegal!” growled Sludge. Grimlock and Slash looked at each other.

“It IS,” remarked Slash. Optimus approached the three Dyno-bots.

“How’s everything doing?” he asked.

“Just fine,” replied Grimlock. “…Although, me and my team need to discuss our flight path to Animatros.” Optimus arched an eyebrow.

“Animatros? Why there?”

“Because we’re going there. Not with the rest of the refugees.”

“Wait, wait, wait, hold up! What are you saying?! You’re NOT going back to Cybertron with us?!”

“No. Cybertron doesn’t feel like home anymore. Now, Animatros, on the other servo, I don’t know, I guess our beast modes feel more at home there. Plenty of space and a planet full of beasts like us, why not become Maximals?”

“The only downside is,” snarled Slash, “I’d have to deal with the Vermin more often!”

“Oh, for Umbra’s sake, just marry him already!” snapped Sludge.

“He already is! To Botanica!”

“…The tree femme?” asked Grimlock.

While Optimus was talking to the Dyno-bots, Sonic and Amy finished their dance and spoke with Sira and Aleena. “That was a lovely speech at the ceremony,” Amy praised Sira.

“It was from the heart,” answered Sira.

“And don’t worry about your position on the Council,” chuckled Sonic. “I’ll make sure you have plenty of time on it.”

“Oh, like Hell you’ll put me on that Council!” remarked Sira. That prompted a laugh from everyone. “I have too much power as it is!”

“Speaking of power,” mused Aleena, “you two, we need to discuss when you’ll take the throne.”

“Oh, yeah,” winced Sonic.

“No hurry, of course, but I WOULD like to know.” Sonic and Amy then looked at each other.

“I WOULD like Optimus to see it,” said Amy.

“…How about a month after our one-year anniversary?” suggested Sonic.


“A month after your one-year anniversary?” asked Aleena. “More than enough time to get you two settled in.”

“Ladies, gentlemen, and all other gender identifications,” called Blaster, “it’s time for the last song. Like Optimus and Blackarachnia, Sonic and Amy picked the same song out while they spoke to me in secret.” Sonic and Amy goggled at each other.

“You like Sinatra too?!” they yelped.

“And given that we’re closing the book on a great deal of things,” continued Blaster, “I think this song is very appropriate for this time.” Sonic and Amy got up as Blaster nodded to his cassettes. They then played some smooth jazz as Sonic and Amy danced slowly. Blaster then sang.

And now the end is here,

And so I face that final curtain.

My friend I’ll make it clear,

I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain.

I’ve lived a life that’s full.

I traveled each and every highway.

And more, much more than this,

I did it, I did it my way!

Regrets, I’ve had a few,

But then again too few to mention.

I did what I had to do,

And saw it through without exemption.

I planned each charted course,

Each careful step along the byway!

And more, much more than this,

I did it, I did it my way!

Yes, there were times I’m sure you knew

When I bit off more than I could chew.

But through it all, when there was doubt,

I ate it up and spit it out!

I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way!

I’ve loved, I’ve laughed and cried,

I’ve had my fill, my share of losing.

And now, as tears subside,

I find it all so amusing.

To think I did all that, and may I say

Not in a shy way,

Oh no, oh no, not me. I did it my way!

For what is a man, what has he got?

If not himself then he has naught

To say the things that he truly feels

And not the words of someone who kneels!

The record shows I took all the blows and did it my way!

Yes, it was my way.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 26: Farewell Tour)

TMC 26-3

Sonic ran around Green Hill Zone to satisfy the nostalgia. He missed going through the stone loops. No one was ever sure how they were formed, with many believing that they were artificially made. Others argued that they were natural formations. Sonic, on the other hand, just found them to be good fun. He made it to the end, spinning the sign from a younger Eggman’s face to his old face when he started his hero career. He sighed as he looked back. “…Gonna miss you.”

“I have a feeling you’ll be running around here again,” chuckled a voice. Optimus’ holo-form then came up to him. “Pre-wedding nerves?”

“…I guess so.” He then sat down on a rock. “You know, I’ve been wondering what would happen to my usual hero business if I ever took the throne. Now I’m getting married and Mom’s gonna step down some point after the wedding. This is just another page in history, isn’t it? Will this be the end of my old life? …Turn the page.”

“This isn’t the end, Sonic.” Sonic arched an eye ridge.

“You say that with such surety.”

“From experience. When I became Prime, I thought that everything I once loved wouldn’t matter anymore. Nowadays, though, I realize that they still do. They’ll always matter, Sonic. It’s just how you wish to proceed that determines whether or not you’ll grow as a person.” Sonic smiled.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Just then, the sound of jets entered their ears. “…You hear that?” asked Sonic.

“How could I not?” replied Optimus. That was when Eggman and his newest mech arrived. It looked like a giant hand.

“Having your little bachelor party without me, Sonic?!” cackled Eggman. “I must say, I’m hurt that you didn’t invite me!”

“Is that…Gigatron?!” yelped Optimus.

“No, I just found his instruction sheets and made my own mech based off him. Sonic, Optimus and Megatron had their final battle, now it’s time for ours!”

“You never change, do you?” sighed Sonic. He then cracked his fingers and loosened up for a run. “Well, I was feeling nostalgic anyways! Let’s do it! Optimus, hang back, will ya? This one’s mine!” Optimus chuckled.

“All right, I’ll get out of your quills.” Optimus then headed off.

“It’s just down to you and me, Sonic!” challenged Eggman. “Nothing can save you now!”

“Are you done talking?” retorted Sonic as he stretched. “Cause I’m getting bored.”

“Then allow me and my new Egg Deviltron to alleviate your boredom!” The Egg-mobile then docked with the hand and it flexed all its fingers. It then flew backwards as Sonic took off after it. The hand then tore chunks of the ground up and threw them at Sonic. Sonic spin-dashed off the chunks to get closer to the Egg Deviltron. He then spin-dashed the robot and damaged it. “All right, time for the next stage! Bat mode!” The hand then turned into a giant bat. The Egg Deviltron then fired a sonic ray from its mouth. Sonic ran up along a rock wall and spin-dashed its mouth, damaging it again. “Right, new tactics! Iron Mammoth mode!” The Egg Deviltron turned into a four-legged beast and slammed the ground with its feet.

“Come on, I beat tougher attacks than that!” taunted Sonic. He waited until the shockwaves reached him before he jumped up. He then spin-dashed each leg, rendering the shockwave attack impossible.

“Then how about this?!” The two were near a body of water. “Hydroplane mode!” The beast then turned into a hydroplane and skimmed backwards along the water. Sonic kept his momentum up and ran along the surface of the water. As it fired lasers, Sonic dodged them, then ran alongside it and spin-dashed it onto land. “Griffin mode!” The hydroplane turned into a griffin and fired missiles from its wings. Sonic dodged them, then ran up one to spin-dash the mech again. “Okay, time to dash! Ostrich mode!” The Egg Deviltron transformed into an ostrich and ran fast!

“Come back here!” snapped Sonic as he increased his speed. Sonic could only maintain the gap between him and Eggman’s new toy. If he tried to spin-dash, he’d lose the momentum. Luckily, Eggman’s computer changed that.

“Alert! Speed exceeding design tolerances!” it warned. “New mode is required!”

“Killjoy!” grunted Eggman. “Single dragon mode!” The ostrich then changed into a dragon and breathed fire.

“Uh oh!” yelped Sonic. He dodged the fire blasts quickly. Eggman growled, then smiled again.

“Well, two heads are better than one, I always say! Twin dragon mode!” The dragon sprouted another head and fired. Sonic then jumped between the two heads and stuck his tongue out at Eggman. Eggman then saw what Sonic was doing. “NO! DON’T-!” The two heads then fired as Sonic got out of the way. Eggman got caught up in the smoke and coughed. “J-Jet mode!” he wheezed. The dragon then turned into a jet and made a getaway. Sonic ran under it and spin-dashed the underside. “Oh, come on! Do you have any idea how much I spent on waxing this thing?! Car mode!” The jet turned into a car and ran alongside Sonic. It fired lasers, prompting Sonic to go with some fancy footwork. He then spin-dashed each laser turret as the car changed sides.

“Come on, you spent all that time studying Transformers!” laughed Sonic. “Where’s the robot mode?!”

“Well, if you insist! Egg Deviltron, TRANSFORM!” The car turned assumed robot mode. The head looked a lot like Eggman’s, but with a crown. The Egg Deviltron fired a laser from its crown. Sonic kept dodging until he gave a few more spin-dashes to the robot’s torso, where Eggman was housed.

“Alert! Damage too extreme! Ejecting pilot!” warned the computer.

“What?! NO!” wailed Eggman. His face contorted into a snarl as he glared at his hated enemy. “You…you…you-you…YOU HORRID LITTLE HEDGEHOG!” The Egg-mobile ejected and the Egg Deviltron exploded, throwing the Egg-mobile higher into the sky. Sonic looked up and sighed.

“Megatron could let go of his hatred of Optimus,” he muttered. “I was hoping you’d do the same.”

Morgane picked Eggman up out of the circle she used to teleport him back to Robotropolis. “Had enough?” she snarked.

“…I hate that hedgehog!” growled Eggman.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 26: Farewell Tour)

TMC 26-2

A week later, at G.U.N. HQ, soldiers lined an aisle. At one end of the aisle was the door, the other end had Aleena, Topaz, the G.U.N. Top Brass, Rouge, E123-Omega, Maria, Sonic, and Optimus. Aleena sat on a throne as Topaz stood at her right. “Bring out the prisoner!” called Aleena. Soldiers on each end of the aisle gave drumrolls as the door opened to reveal two soldiers on either side of a hand-cuffed Shadow. They escorted him down the aisle and approached the throne. They stopped in front of the throne. “Mr. Shadow, I always knew this day would come, given your career,” remarked Aleena. “Are you prepared to face the charges?”

“I am prepared,” answered Shadow.

“Topaz, read the charges.” Topaz unfurled a scroll and read from it.

“‘We, the officers and soldiers of the Guardian Units of Nations, being of sound mind and judgment, hereby make the following charges against Agent Shadow: one, that he did knowingly and willfully perform above and beyond the call of duty on countless occasions, and two, most seriously, that he has earned the admiration and respect of the entire organization.’” She closed the scroll. “How do you plead?”

“Guilty,” answered Shadow.

“Then, at the recommendation of your friends and colleagues,” declared Aleena, “I hereby sentence you to be promoted to the position of Supreme Commander of G.U.N. to serve as my military advisor with all the rights and privileges thereto. May Chaos have mercy on your soul.” Shadow’s escort then removed the handcuffs as Topaz brought out a military dress jacket for someone Shadow’s size. Shadow put it on and stood to attention. “Congratulations, Commander Shadow.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” replied Shadow.

“Hip hip!” called Optimus.

“Huzzah!” replied everyone else.

“Hip hip!”


“Hip hip!”

“Huzzah!” Everyone then clapped.

The celebration party went on for a good hour. Shadow shook a lot of hands. To his friends, it was clear that he was uncomfortable and ready to get back to his usual home. Sonic just could resist ribbing the poor guy. “Weight of command getting you down already?” he whispered.

“Ha ha, very funny!” growled Shadow. “You know, you’re gonna feel the same way when you take the throne!”

“…Yeah, I probably will, so I’m gonna enjoy a little more joking around until then.” Aleena then tapped something against her glass and signaled for quiet. The room’s noise ceased.

“Thank you all,” she began. “This day is not only for Shadow, but for his new starship. In accordance with the Pax Galactica, all civilizations that crossed the faster-than-light threshold must send their flagships out on an annual mission of the Military Head’s choosing. For us, that means Shadow. I know what some of you are thinking, ‘But we only have one F.T.L capable ship, and that belongs to Tails!’ Well, you’re right in that the Blue Typhoon is Tails’ ship, but that’s no longer the case. While the Autobots were pursuing the Decepticons on their journey to Cybertron, we’ve constructed more ships, thanks to the data we’ve acquired from the Decepticons’ Harbinger and the Autobots. Thanks to them, the Blue Typhoon is the first of the Typhoon-class of fighter craft carrier starships. Thanks to the help of the newly established Naval Construction Contract, we’ve got three more classes of starship; Alliance-class destroyers, Realm-class corvettes, and Nebula-class science vessels. Today, we’re going to officially christen the name of the Mobian Fleet’s flagship, Shadow’s ship. Follow me, everyone!” They followed Aleena to the hangar the ship was docked in. It looked like an arrowhead with two warp nacelles connected to a star-drive section mounted on the arrowhead’s aft. A small dome rested on the top of the arrowhead, marking where the bridge was. Sheets were covering the name and registry number wherever it was printed. “Shadow,” called Aleena, “step forward.” Shadow did so as Aleena handed him a printout of the dedication plaque that hung up on the bridge as well as a champagne bottle. Shadow read the name and grinned.

“Did you have a hand in naming this thing?” he asked Aleena.

“I…may have had some influence.” Shadow grinned at her blatant coyness. He then raised the bottle against the ship’s hull.

“I hereby dub thee…the MSS Enterprise!” He smashed the bottle successfully and the sheets were removed. On the arrowhead section was something that would make any Star Trek fan squee uncontrollably; MSS Enterprise, NCC-1701! Mobius had constructed a real-life Enterprise and Optimus was grinning like a maniac!

“Well, Shadow,” he chuckled, “looks like you’ve become the first Enterprise Captain!”

“It looks that way,” replied Shadow.

Once the party wound down, Optimus took a drive to the outskirts of Station Square. After at least ten minutes, he arrived at the ruins of the old Autobot base. His holo-form stepped out and simply walked through the ruins, imagining what it once was. He stopped in the old Command Center and looked up to the destroyed monitor, imagining Jazz telling a joke to Teletraan 1. He then heard another vehicle approaching and looked to see Hot Rod’s holo-form stepping out of his vehicle mode. Hot Rod smiled. “Reminiscing?” he asked.

“Yeah,” sighed Optimus. “It was home for us.”

“I remember sneaking into your storage bay and grooving along to Redbone.”

“Your speed impressed Sonic when you came up here.”

“…You think time will be kind to this place? I mean, as kind as it can be? It DID go before its time.”

“I think so. I’ve heard it said that time was a predator that stalked us all our lives. Lately, I’ve been thinking of time as a companion that goes with us on a journey and reminds us to cherish every moment, because it’s never gonna come again. What we leave behind isn’t as important as how we lived. After all, we’re only mortal.” Hot Rod smirked.

“Speak for yourself, Prime. I plan to live forever.” Optimus grinned. He then took the Matrix out of his chest. It was still empty. Hot Rod then sighed in disappointment. “You know, I was kind of hoping I’d still get a shot at that thing.”

“Maybe you still will,” mused Optimus. “Somehow, I doubt I’m the last of the Primes, just the last of the Second Dynasty. Maybe, once it’s full again, the Matrix will choose you as the first of the new Dynasty. It’d be nice to see how Rodimus Prime will handle himself now that Unicron’s out of the picture.” The two holo-forms then headed back to their respective vehicle modes and headed off.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 26: Farewell Tour)

TMC 26-1

Mobius, a world where certain animals evolved to speak and walk like humans. A normally peaceful world and is protected by many heroes against a mad scientist wanting to take it over for his own. However, the scientist hadn’t made a peep in recent days. Right now, though, that was a good thing. The whole planet and its refugees from another world were worried that the main hero of Mobius didn’t succeed or survive. Within the castle of Mobius’ Queen, her Majesty, Queen Aleena the Hedgehog, was pacing her room in motherly worry. “My boy, where are you?!” she asked. “I know we’ve got a seat on the Galactic Council, but I need to know if we w-!” someone knocked on her door, startling her out of her thoughts. “…Come in,” she called after releasing a breath. One of her butlers then opened the door.

“Sorry to disturb you, Your Majesty,” he began, “but you have visitors outside the castle.”

“And they are?” asked Aleena.

“Optimus and your son.” Aleena quickly breezed by the butler, dashed through the foyer, and ran out of the castle to see Optimus, Shadow, Topaz, Sira, Trema, Amy, Gaia, Umbra, Lux, and Sonic!

“MY BOY!” she cheered as she ran up to him. She then enveloped him in a bear hug.

“Mom! Easy!” begged Sonic. She then pulled herself away, leaving her hands on his shoulders.

“My sweet boy! Are you hurt?! Do you need a bath?! Did the Vok-?!”

“Mom, easy! We won!” Aleena goggled.

“Wait, we won?! Primacron’s-?!”

“Dead and done!” replied Umbra. Aleena then looked up to her. “My apologies, I’ve yet to introduce myself. I am Umbra, one of Gaia’s mothers.”

“And I’m Lux, her other mother,” introduced Lux. She then took a deep breath and sighed happily. “Feels just like Voksphere!”

“I’m…glad you like it,” replied Aleena, a little uncertain about Lux and Umbra. She then addressed Sonic and Optimus. “I can’t tell you how relieved I am! Did you all make it back okay?!”

“We did, though we lost some good people,” sighed Sonic. Aleena winced.

“I’m sorry you had to see that,” she sympathized.

“Well, hopefully, Sonic won’t see that anymore,” wished Optimus. “Not from any race in the galaxy.”

“…Optimus, what are you saying?”

“I’m saying that Megatron and I ended our feud. The second war between the Autobots and Decepticons…is over.”

“…Dare I ask who won?”

“Unofficially, Megatron conceded victory to me in a private fight. Officially, the two factions just stopped, sick of fighting each other and sick of bloodshed.”

“Telling the galaxy that you saw sense, hm?”

“That’s the general idea.”

“Well, if you ever need help, you need merely ask me and the G.U.N. commander.”

“About that!” called Shadow. “You spoke with Topaz about me, right?!” Aleena grinned.

“I had a pretty good idea you’d find out.”

“And you did NOTHING to stop it?!”

“Nope. In fact, your recommendation to the position didn’t spawn in a vacuum. My boy came up with the idea!” Shadow then gawked at Sonic.


“Me!” chuckled Sonic. “Looks like we’re gonna be working together a little more, eh Shadow?”

“You…suggested that I…be Commander Topaz’s…successor?!”

“Yep! Congrats, Shadow, Commander of G.U.N!” Sonic held his hand out for a handshake.

“…Do you have any idea,” Shadow shook Sonic’s hand a little tightly, “how much paperwork you saddled me with?!”

“You’re welcome!” Shadow just growled.

“So, will G.U.N HQ be moving to the Space Colony ARK?” asked Sira.

“No,” grunted Shadow as he ended his handshake with Sonic. “I’m making the Space Colony G.U.N.’s main scientific HQ. It might be old, but the labs are still operational. By the way, Topaz, I’d like to make Maria my Chief Scientist.”

“I see no issue with that,” replied Topaz. “Though, that IS up to her.” She then looked around. “Er, where’s Gaia?”

“She’s getting reacquainted with Mobius,” explained Lux. “She’s been in the core of your planet alongside Unicron for so long that she wanted to explore what her old form had to offer.”

“I wonder,” mused Umbra, “could she make the planet her body and transform as you do, Prime?”

“Knowing her, she probably doesn’t want to,” remarked Optimus.

“So, what brings you here?” Aleena asked the young Prime. “Shouldn’t you be rebuilding?”

“That’s partially why I’m here. I’m picking up the refugees that you graciously allowed on your world.”

“What about those that want to stay? I’m fine with them living here.”

“Then they may live here. I won’t rip them away from their new lives here. There’s another reason, a more personal one. I’m…kind of in the middle of a farewell tour.”

“Farewell tour?! You’re leaving us?!” yelped Sonic.

“I can’t stay on Mobius for so long like I did in the past, Sonic. My people need me. Staying on Mobius before Megatron brought his crew was kind of running from my people’s problems. I can’t stay unless it’s a diplomatic visit.”

“Man! I was hoping you’d move to Mobius!”

“I have my duties, Sonic. I can’t leave my people anymore.”

“Can you and Blackarachnia at least stay until after the big day?”

“…The big day?”

“What big day?” asked Aleena.

“The Faker and Amy are getting married…somehow,” grunted Shadow.

“…My baby boy! All grown up!” Aleena hugged Sonic again.

“Yep! And Optimus, you and Blackarachnia are invited!” invited Sonic.

“…When’s the wedding?” asked Optimus.

“About a month from now.” Optimus rubbed his chin.

“…Well, that’s probably gonna be how long it will take to make a Space Bridge to get everyone home. Sure, I can make it!”

“Er, Sonic, quick question,” called Umbra. “Does Amy know?”

“I hope so,” replied Sonic. “She picked the date.”

“I’m referring to…your relations.”

“…Wait, you mean does she know about me being Aleena’s son? Of course, she knows! I told her during the Year of Unicron!”

“Oh, geez, Umbra!” chided Lux. “You can’t drop a bomb like that on a honeymoon!”

“Sonic, aren’t you worried?” asked Shadow.

“About what?” quizzed Sonic.

“The danger. The sacrifices.”

“…Shadow, every adventure has that. Marriage is just one big adventure you’re sharing with someone.”

“That’s my boy!” cheered Aleena.

Unbeknownst to them, Swindle was watching the whole thing. He called up Eggman. “Swindle to Eggman, Sonic’s back,” he reported.

“Very well, Swindle,” sighed Eggman on the other end. “Return to base.”

“Understood.” He ended the call and a Ground Bridge opened for him. He went through and it closed behind him.