The Three Realms The Three Realms (Book 3: The First Strike)

3 Realms 3-29

After Oltor’s execution, the last thing to take care of was the funeral for Rentir and Glanfu. Their bodies were resting in the morgue and the guard leafed through his magazine. He then heard a knock on the door and pressed a button to open the door. Arsha was the one who knocked. She entered the room and spoke to the guard. “Any disturbances?” she asked.

“Nope,” replied the guard. “All the stiffs here are still stiff.”

“And what about any intruders?”

“You’re hardly an intruder, since you know the knock.”

“Any attempts to create a Revenant?”

“Your Highness, what’s with all the questions?”

“The Sheriff’s office went through Rentir and Glanfu’s records, even their communication records! It’s been discovered that they made a deal with Dr. Borg!” The guard’s expression became one of disbelief.

“…Sheriff Rentir?! One of Dr. Borg’s flunkies?!” he asked. “Impossible!”

“It’s possible, I assure you,” came an oily voice. Arsha and the guard’s shadows then came together and formed a pool of blackness. Rising out of the blackness were Oyed, Dr. Borg, and Yulduk. The guard slammed the alarm and Arsha pulled out her communicator.

“Backup! Now!” she called. Two Realmfleet officers then burst into the room as everyone prepared to fight.

“Find them,” Oyed ordered Dr. Borg. “Yulduk and I will hold them off.” Dr. Borg nodded and began her search. Arsha and one officer took on Oyed while the guard and the other officer dealt with Yulduk. To their credit, the two were good fighters, managing to keep a Revenant at bay. Yulduk then cast a fireball at the two. The officer, a Blaze Elf, then held it back.

“Really?” scoffed the officer. “That is SUCH a basic spell.”

“I suppose YOU are a Flame Master?” replied Yulduk.

“I’m near enough.” The officer then created fire ropes. “Rashel bu DAH!” he shouted as he flung his arms towards Yulduk. The fire ropes then became fire snakes as they were launched towards Yulduk.

“Rasulain!” chanted Yulduk as he jabbed into the fire snakes’ mouths, splitting them down the middle and dissipating them. “And you scoffed at ME about basic spells?” The officer was catching his breath after casting his spell. “That’s only a Tier 2 spell. If you’re winded from that, you’re nowhere near as close to being a Flame Master. I, on the other hand…” A red runic circle then appeared beneath him. “Hasheenday!” The runic circle then moved underneath his opponents and a massive octopus of fire grabbed them, burning them as the tentacles constricted them.

Arsha and her partner continued swinging their punches at Oyed. He kept blocking them, then kicked into Arsha’s chest, knocking her back. Her partner then leapt towards Oyed, but Oyed grabbed him by the face and spewed black mist onto him. The mist entered his ears, eyes, and mouth and he was reduced to a twitching mess, his face contorted into a silent scream. Oyed let him crumple to the floor. “He’ll be awake from that nightmare in a few minutes,” he purred to Arsha. He then tilted her chin up. “Such beauty would go to waste if it were damaged.”

“I’m not looking to be part of your harem!” snarled Arsha.

“I offer a greater position than that. You see, you and Dr. Borg are much alike. You both seek to unite the Realms. You both want to ensure the best future possible for you and your loved ones. Dr. Borg saw it my way with no coercion, making her one of my best warriors. I extend the same offer to you. Join me and unite the Realms, fulfill your greatest wish. My offer will lead to peace.”

“Take your offer and blow it out your…!”

“INSOLENT, FECULENT CHILD!” Oyed then grabbed Arsha by the neck and hoisted her up. “Where is it?! I weakened your precious Realms’ resolve with my presence, made the veil between the living and the dead thinner by bringing Intrag into the Over-realm, made one of your fellow Captains resign, yet still you defy me! Where is it?!” He then slashed across Arsha’s face with his claws. “Where, in your soul, is the part that tells you to resist me?!” As blood dripped from her cheek, Arsha chuckled.

“There’s the issue you’re having!” she laughed. “You wanted me to be weakened by my Inner Demons! That’s what made Dr. Borg so much more pliable! That’s where we’re different!” She grabbed Oyed’s arm, then Oyed felt a pain in his head.

Oyed found himself in a barren landscape under a dark sky with the corpses of the Divine Ones littering the ground. He scoffed. “Trying to gain access to my plans, are we?”

“Not really!” cackled a demonic voice. Oyed arched an eyebrow.

“Who are you?! You’re not talking like Arsha!”

“Oh, but I AM Arsha! …More or less!” Arsha’s Inner Demon then leapt onto Oyed, her tentacles constricting his limbs and throat. Her claws then plunged into his skull!

Oyed finally returned to the real world and clutched his head in pain, screaming as if he were really stabbed through the head. When she fell to the floor, Arsha drove her fist into Oyed’s ribs, then another fist into his diaphragm, the impact knocking him into Yulduk. Yulduk lost concentration on his spell and the fire-octopus vanished, leaving behind a burned guard and officer. Oyed’s nightmare victim regained his mobility and mind. All four people checked each other over as Yulduk checked his master over. He was gasping in pain. “…Pain!” he hissed. “Arsha…inflicted…pain!”

“My Lord!” called Dr. Borg. “We have Rentir and Glanfu! I’m opening a way out!” She opened a small Realmgate and drank a strength potion to lift Glanfu and Rentir’s bodies. Yulduk got Oyed up and had the Titan lean on him so they could get out. Yulduk then cast a few fireballs onto the walls, distracting their opponents and giving them time to return to base. Once the fires were put out, Arsha shouted in anger.

“GIVE! ME! A FAT! BREAK!” she roared. She then went dizzy for a few seconds. As soon as her compatriots went near her, she recovered. “Okay, may need to see Malnar about that.”

“Your Highness, are you all right?” asked one of her officers.

“I’m fine now,” she assured him.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, positive.” Arsha then released a breath in fatigue. “Have to admit, Oyed almost tempted me with his offer.”

“What made you resist?”

“His path would lead to the Realms’ downfall. I like the Realms too much for that. I don’t need him to make me a woman; I already AM one!”

“Captain, you made Oyed feel pain,” recalled the morgue’s guard.

“…Yeah, I did,” remarked Arsha in surprise.

“YOU DID WHAT?!” Malnar and Marshii shouted as Arsha was in Sick Bay.

“Use my Inner Demon against the enemy,” replied Arsha as she rubbed her ears.


“What’s the matter with you two?!” protested Arsha.

“Arsha, using your Inner Demon as a weapon could kill you!” lectured Malnar. “If you used it on a weaker opponent, the damage to your soul would be severe!”

“I DIDN’T use it on a weaker opponent!” countered Arsha. “I used it on Oyed.”

“Oyed was there?!” yelped Marshii.

“And he doubled over in pain after I hit him twice,” answered Arsha.

“…But he CAN’T feel pain, can he?” asked Marshii.

“That’s what the Codex says,” replied Malnar. “…Say, you don’t think…?”

“I’m NOT!” hissed Arsha. “I’m not the Champion!”

“But only the Champion could cause Oyed pain,” replied Marshii.

“Come on, even the Divine Ones are a little screwy on that prophecy,” remarked Arsha. “They all said so.”

“I guess you have a point,” mused Malnar. “I mean, they misinterpreted prophecies before.”

“Fair enough,” remarked Marshii. “In any case, Arsha, you’re staying there until I’ve given you a full checkup!”

“But, Doctor…!” protested Arsha.

“Shut it!” snapped Marshii.

After the incident in the morgue, Oyed had bandages over his torso and an ice pack on his head. “How’s that even possible?!” protested Yulduk.

“No yelling, please,” groaned Oyed.

“Sorry, my Lord, but, seriously, how?”

“Out of desperation came invention, I’d say. I had not anticipated someone using their own inner demons on me.”

“You don’t think she’s the Champion, do you?” Offense then crossed Oyed’s features as he stood up.

“Certainly not! Besides, if she were, it would still amount to nothing. I now know how she fights when she’s struggling for life. Victory won’t come to her. …Speaking of which, how’s Dr. Borg coming along?”

“She’s still chanting the spell at the moment.”

“Let’s go see, I never saw a Revenant being created.” Oyed and Yulduk then went into the next room. The bodies had just opened their eyes and were screaming.

“Shanwey yat talyen falunar!” chanted Dr. Borg as the pentagram glowed. “Shanwey yat talyen falunar! Shanwey yat talyen falunar! TEL!” She stopped and the bodies stopped screaming. Much like Yulduk, Rentir and Glanfu had ashen grey skin with blue veins glowing like stars. Rentir’s body still had fur, so one could only see the veins.

“Oh, Oyed, my HEAD!” groaned Glanfu.

“Glanfu? Is that you?” moaned Rentir.

“It’s me, my love,” replied Glanfu. Just then, their memories came back to them. “Our house! The explosion!”

“It DID take your lives,” replied Dr. Borg. “We got you out of the morgue.”

“Thank you,” bid Rentir. “Now, about the cousin fornicator who killed us…”

“The Over-realm Royals already executed him,” replied Oyed. Rentir and Glanfu then knelt. “Please, rise, my loyal subjects.” The two rose. “We’re currently at a repurposed Plunder Island Stronghold in the Under-realm. Would you care for a tour?”

“Of course, My Lord,” replied Glanfu.

“Splendid.” Oyed then led the two out of the room.

“…A real smooth talker, ain’t he?” muttered Yulduk to Dr. Borg.

“Well, that’s how he works,” replied Dr. Borg. Tormo then came in.

“Doctor, we need to discuss something,” he griped as he presented a paper to Dr. Borg. She took it and looked it over. Her eye then went wide.

“Yulduk, Tormo, assemble the Council,” she ordered. “We have financial problems to discuss.”

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


King Endram Felompha is the second husband of the Felompha Royal Family. Like Twirja, he served aboard the Crelima and lost his arms somehow (he’ll change the story about the circumstances). After the previous King, Yentil, died, Pofomofo found him and introduced him to her wives. Soon, he married them and became King. He enjoyed raising the Felompha Children and was happy to learn that Lardeth was gonna be the Crown Prince. His relationship with Lardeth couldn’t be better.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


A 3,300 year old playwright, Queen Pofomofo Felompha is the more sentimental of Lardeth’s parents. Sometimes seen sitting down looking at old photographs, she loves her trips down memory lane. She loves looking back at memories, especially wedding memories of the Felomphas’ marriages. After Yentil died in a train accident, she was the one who found Endram and got her wives in on the idea of remarrying. She’s also a Dream-weaver, like Falnii. In fact, it was during the Dream-weaving class she sometimes teaches that allowed Falnii and Lardeth to meet.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Queen Teefmanam Felompha has been running her own Let’s Play channel since she was 310. Now, at 3,067, she’s one of the more popular Let’s Players out on IntraRealm Communications, the Realms’ equivalent to our internet. She’s part of a group of Let’s Players (one of their number being Galanta) that raise money for charity. Like any gamer, she’s had her ragey moments and her language can get…colorful, to say the least.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


The 3,100 year old Ufnamfa Felompha is an Over-realm Queen who enjoys a good train ride. She’s always fascinated by the way a train would move its pistons to carry itself from one stretch of track to another. She spends some of her free time volunteering at a local heritage railway. She’s also a woman who loves good food, so she spends the rest of her free time assisting in the castle’s kitchens.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


3,159 years ago, Olmarfa was left on the doorstep of a Lust Demon Family. Her birth family couldn’t take care of her and had to give her up for adoption. She barely remembers her birth parents, but the Succubus and Incubus/Zephyr Blender who raised her and helped her shape the clouds she generated gave her the love and care she needed. When she came of age, she became a dancer for a Wysper City casino and was well received by the audience. She spent 2,000 years performing before Emfam and Jeefef approached her. They corresponded regularly and now she’s Queen Olmarfa Felompha. Her birth parents, sadly, never saw their daughter before they died. As such, she champions for the best treatment of orphans and raises money for charity with her dancing.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


The 3,209 year old Queen Jeefef Felompha is an unusual Zephyr amongst the Rulers of the Over-realm. Unlike most Zephyrs who usually have long cloud hair decorated with some fluffy hairpiece and have the clouds on their bodies form a dress, Jeefef keeps her hair short, unornamented, and she prefers pants. That’s because she spent some time among a male dominated ship and wanted to blend in with the crew. She did and she became a respected Admiral before becoming a Felompha. She’s the one who taught Lardeth the basics of skyship life.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Queen Roomef Felompha has overcome quite a tragedy in her life. When she was 200, her father died and his death saddled her 15 mothers, 28 sisters, and 1 brother with debt. Unfortunately, half of her siblings had poor immune systems, so they couldn’t contribute much. This led to the family nearly losing the farm and taking on jobs wherever they could, sleep be damned. Roomef took on a job as an actress and worked her way up, giving her money to her family so they could eat. Sadly, her outlook on life was marred by depression. She felt like she would never feel stable again. That changed when she was 400. Queen Emfam requested that a play be performed at her castle. The actors, Roomef included, then performed and Emfam’s heart leapt whenever Roomef went on stage. She then met up with her later and they soon saw each other regularly. Emfam helped Roomef’s family and Roomef’s acting, while great already, improved mightily. Later, she and Emfam gained more lovers and soon married and gave birth to children. She still acts at her current age of 3,000 and her family’s enjoying their new stability, her sickly siblings becoming stronger than ever now.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


The woman who inherited the crown of the entire Over-realm, Emfam Felompha comes from a family of 14 mothers, 3 fathers, and she’s the middle of 67 sisters, a large family even by Zephyr standards. She’s always carrying the Staff of Wisdom, the symbol of the Felomphas’ rule, and is a woman who always supports her spouses’ hobbies. She’s good friends with Elgrad and Elmpam, chatting with them whenever she gets the chance. It was during a visit to the Regatim Oasis that she, Elmpam, and Elgrad introduced their kids to each other.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Queen Feymay Felompha, on top of being Queen of the entire Over-realm, is also a member of the Wysper City Hooded Artist’s Guild, swearing an oath to keep her head covered and create as much artwork as she can. She’s the one who carried Lardeth in her womb. At age 3,087, she’s known as one of the more free-spirited women of the Felomphas. Happily married to 7 other Zephyr women and an Elf man, you can always find her at her easel.