Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 11: Seconds of Speed)

TMC 11-6

Optimus had just gotten a report from G.U.N about Eggman in the park. He rolled his optics about the whole thing. In all honesty, he wished Eggman would just quietly fade into the background and be forgotten so he could concentrate on the Decepticon threat. He poured over the recommendations for troop deployment. As he worked, a voice piped up. “Hey, Prime,” greeted the voice.

“Oh, Primus,” Optimus thought, “not what I need right now.” The speaker jumped onto his desk. “Sonic,” Optimus admonished aloud, “I’m very busy. This better not be a social call.”

“It’s not,” replied Sonic. “Teletraan’s been trying to reach both of us.” Optimus’ optics flickered, Cybertronian blinking, then he activated his desk’s interface with Teletraan.

“Were you trying to get me?” he asked.

“Yeah,” answered Teletraan, annoyed. “I’ve been trying to get you for an hour now!”

“Sorry,” groaned Optimus. “I was buried in work. What’s up?”

“Someone’s trying to talk to both you and Sonic,” explained Teletraan. “They said they wouldn’t reveal themselves until you two contacted them. They left their contact info behind, but it doesn’t tell me the name.”

“…Is it going to be secure?” asked Optimus.

“Very, actually,” replied Teletraan. “They’ve accounted for Soundwave, for some reason.”

“Then they feel that what they need to say to us,” declared Optimus, “would have the potential to tip the war in the Decepticons’ favor. Call them.” Teletraan connected the call and a ringing was heard as Sonic and Optimus waited. Soon, the other person picked up. Their face appeared and…

“EGGMAN?!” yelped Sonic.

“Excellent!” praised Eggman over the call. “I understand this is a rather unique situation…”

“How did you find Teletraan in the first place?!” demanded Optimus. “What’s Megatron planning?!”

“If I were calling on behalf of the Decepticons,” retorted Eggman, “I wouldn’t make sure Soundwave wasn’t listening in.”

“…He’s got a point,” remarked Teletraan.

“Well, I’d say it’s good to see you,” chuckled Sonic, “but it’s not nice to lie.”

“Very droll, you pincushion,” grumbled Eggman. “Listen, I have news that will affect life on Mobius AND Cybertron as well. I need to discuss the terms of a truce with you two and the other leaders.” Sonic and Optimus blinked, then looked at each other.

The two met Eggman in an area that neither Autobot nor Decepticon had found. The area was rich in Energon, so robot mode would be affected instantly, and weapons fire would cause the area to ignite. They waited as Sira, Bokkun, Topaz, and Aleena arrived. “All right, Eggbreath,” snarled Bokkun, “YOU called the meeting! What’s this nonsense about a truce?!”

“Absolutely true, my old messenger, I assure you,” soothed Eggman.

“When you call a truce,” growled Aleena, “it usually means that you need time to rebuild the Eggman Empire!”

“Under normal circumstances, yes,” answered Eggman, “but, given that the Decepticons are going to weaponize a relic of the Transformers’ past, not this time.”

“A relic of our past?” asked Optimus. “What do you mean?”

“Go ahead and verify this footage,” urged Eggman as he handed over a flash drive, “but it IS all true. Optimus, the Decepticons have found the Allspark here on Mobius!”

“What?!” protested Optimus. “Absurd! The chances of that happening are astronomical!”

“I tell you now, the Decepticons found it and plan to weaponize it!” insisted Eggman.

“Could you explain what the Allspark is?” Sira asked Optimus.

“It’s our species’ old means of propagation before females came into existence outside of our demi-gods,” explained Optimus. “It’s a giant cube that can bring machines to our form of life.”

“But you guys got it off your planet while you were fighting the Quintessons, right?” asked Bokkun.

“We did,” confirmed Optimus. “However, only a Matrix-bearer could activate it.”

“Well, Megatron found it here!” urged Eggman. “He intends to weaponize it and use you to activate it!”

“That’s absurd!” scoffed Optimus. “Even if I believe you, the playing field’s still even. Like me, Megatron doesn’t know how a Matrix-bearer activated it. That knowledge was lost during the Great War.”

“Do you really think Megatron won’t relearn the knowledge?!” argued Eggman.

“Even if he did, why would you be so concerned?” asked Topaz. “A world ruled by machines; that’s your dream, right?”

“I’M the one that needs to rule the machines,” answered Eggman. “If Megatron has his way, I’ll be toiling with you lot, not ruling over you! To be frank, I can’t have Megatron upend my work and I can’t be distracted by you heroes. Thus, I propose a truce lasting long enough for you to get the Allspark under guard. I’d feel more comfortable with the Autobots holding onto it.”

“Do you take us for fools?!” snarled Sonic.

“No, old friend,” chuckled Eggman as he flew off, “I take you all for heroes.” He then left the area, leaving the Mobius Leaders, Sonic, and Optimus to ponder the next move.

“I…I mean, it can’t…” Prowl was floundering at the results of the repeated analysis tests of the flash drive. They had all come back the same, the footage simply WASN’T tampered with. There were Eggman robots with the Decepticon symbol guarding the Allspark. Teletraan even verified the coordinates with a Sky Spy.

“I don’t know what to tell you, Prowl,” muttered Teletraan. “Eggman was telling the truth.”

“But he’s a known crook!” protested Prowl. “Maybe there’s something we’ve missed! Let’s run a…”

“No!” argued Teletraan. “We’ve run every form of analysis on that flash drive three times over and the results are all the same! I’m not going to let myself be called insane again! Besides, it’s nighttime! Even I need my sleep!” Prowl sighed as a fact weighed down on his mind.

“I suppose it would be irresponsible of us,” he muttered, “to wait any longer if the Decepticons really DO have the Allspark. We better tell Prime.”

“Thank you!” bid Teletraan as relief crossed his avatar’s features.

“A Sky Spy?!” roared Megatron as Eggman told him what the Autobots did.

“Yes!” confirmed Eggman. “The Autobots know about the Allspark! They’ll try and take it!”

“If Unicron’s coming,” growled Megatron, “we can’t afford to let those bumbling Autobots have the Allspark! Have the guard doubled and tell Metal Sonic to get involved!”

“I will!” promised Eggman. Megatron left and Eggman doubled the guard, informing Metal Sonic that he was needed at the Allspark. Once all that was done, he relaxed. “Computer, how go the simulations?” he asked.

“All simulations complete,” answered the computer. “We’re ready to begin construction.”

“Get to it,” ordered Eggman. “Oh, fire up my music as well. Playlist: Tunes of Anarchy, Track 1.”

“Construction of Final Drafts: Initiated,” droned the computer. “Where Evil Grows: Now Playing.” The song then began.

I like the way you smile at me.

I felt the heat that enveloped me.” Eggman then activated a display that monitored construction completion.

And what saw I liked to see,

I never knew where evil grew.” He then activated a hologram of a rave with him at the center of attention and started dancing, checking the construction status all the while.

I should have steered away from you.

My friend told me to keep clear of you.” A pair of groupies then swooned for Eggman as he wiggled his eyebrows and grinned.

But something drew me near to you,

I never knew where evil grew.” The area then went dark for a minute before the hologram changed to a skiing trip. Eggman then joined in the illusion and pretended to ski down the slopes.

Evil grows in the dark,

Where the sun, it never shines.

Evil grows in cracks and holes,

And lives in people’s minds.” The hologram then changed to a T-rex chasing him down city streets.

Evil grew, it’s part of you,

And now it seems to be,” Eggman then “tripped” and turned just as the T-rex bit his head. He pretended that he was headless for a bit as he continued dancing as the rave came back.

That every time I look at you,

Evil grows in me!” Eggman continued dancing, unaware that one of the ravers was out of place.

“…Doctor,” called the raver. “…Doctor…DOCTOR EGGMAN!” The “raver” was Shockwave’s holo-form. Eggman yelped and shut off the music and hologram. “May I ask you something?” inquired Shockwave.

“Of course, Shockwave,” answered Eggman.

“What, pray tell, are you doing?” quizzed Shockwave.

“I’m designing new weapons to defeat the Autobots,” explained Eggman.

“YOU are making weapons to DEFEAT the Autobots?” asked Shockwave. The doubting tone was strong in her query.

“That’s right,” replied Eggman, a little hurt. “After all, it’s been said across the media that Dr. Julian Ivo ‘Eggman’ Robotnik has the most magnificent machines on Mobius!”

“Doctor,” remarked Shockwave, “they actually called your failures to kill Sonic magnificent, not your robots.”

“Very funny,” scoffed Eggman.

“I didn’t joke,” countered Shockwave. “I stated facts.”

“You’re just jealous,” argued Eggman, “that Megatron still needs me!”

“I don’t feel any jealousy,” replied Shockwave.

“You obviously have emotions,” chuckled Eggman. “How else would you explain your freak-out on Metro…” Shockwave then grabbed him by the shirt.

“I don’t know how that knowledge came your way, and I don’t care!” she hissed. “You will NOT use that against me again, if you value your internal organs!” She released him roughly and stormed out of the lab.

“…Meh, what do I care?” dismissed Eggman as he brushed himself off.

“Construction complete,” reported the computer.

“Excellent!” cheered Eggman. “We’ll deploy them once the Autobots and Decepticons meet in the cave!”

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 11: Seconds of Speed)

TMC 11-5

The next day, Sonic was racing towards Station Square Park. He had gotten wind that Eggman was planning something there and was determined to stop him. As he tore through the streets, Shadow appeared from a turn he had made. “Hey, Shadow!” called Sonic. “Long time no see!”

“Move it or lose it, Faker!” snapped Shadow. “I’m after Eggman!”

“Hey, what a coincidence, so am I!” chuckled Sonic.

“Oh no, you don’t!” snarled Shadow. “He’s mine!” The two then raced each other towards the park. They then went through the park entrance and raced halfway through the park until they found Eggman having a solo picnic. “All right,” whispered Shadow, “we need to approach him with caution. Sonic, you circle around to that bush over there and…and…and you’re just RUNNING RIGHT AT HIM! GET BACK HERE, YOU BLUE IDIOT!” Shadow dashed after Sonic and both Hedgehogs ended up dangling by their feet from a noose in a tree.

“Ah, Sonic,” greeted Eggman. “So kind of you to join me. And I see you’ve brought a friend.”

“I’m not his friend!” denied Shadow.

“What are you up to, Eggman?!” demanded Sonic.

“Well, I don’t want to spoil any surprises,” replied Eggman, “but, since you’re here, I might as well tell you my most impressive and evil scheme to date! You see those non-Mobian pigeons over there?” He pointed to a flock of the birds just doing their thing by a path. “Well, observe that sign as well!” continued Eggman. It was a standard “Don’t feed the pigeons” sign. “When that cop over there comes here,” Eggman went on as he pointed out the cop, “I’m going to feed the pigeons!” He cackled in his usual manner while Sonic and Shadow raised an eye-ridge and looked at each other. Eggman then noticed the expressions on his enemies’ faces and his cackle died off.

“…That’s your ‘most impressive and evil scheme to date’?” asked Sonic.

“Seems a little tame, compared to breaking the planet open,” muttered Shadow.

“…Okay, all cards on the table,” sighed Eggman as he started untying the noose, “I’m going through a mental block on my evil plans.” Sonic and Shadow then fell to the ground, giving Eggman a slight sense of amusement. “Seriously, I’ve got nothing. I feel like all the stupendously EVIL plans are being gobbled up by the Decepticons. I try to come up with a plan for world domination, but Megatron would have already thought of it and organized teams to enact it. I mean, yeah, the only upside to this is that they’re the ones being stopped by you heroes instead of me…”

“Actually, it’s more the Autobots that are stopping the Decepticons,” replied Sonic.

“Oh, so you’re feeling sidelined by your Transformer friends too, huh?” muttered Eggman.

“Yep,” sighed Sonic. “All I’ve been doing lately is doing the tamer hero stuff. You know, helping an old lady cross the street, rescuing a cat from a tree, getting a lost child back to his parents, that kind of stuff.”

“At least you’re DOING something,” grunted Shadow. “This is my first proper deployment in months. Lately, I’ve been cleaning my motorcycle and training with Omega. Sometimes Rouge ropes me into being her pack mule whenever she goes shopping.”

“Looks like this slump is affecting us all,” sympathized Eggman. “Sonic, my friend/nemesis, I’m dry! Seriously, I’ve lost my mojo! Can you offer any advice?”

“I’m not an evil scientist, Eggman,” answered Sonic. “And you’re not exactly a hero, so I think it would be counterproductive for us to ask each other for advice.”

“I know, I’m just grasping at straws right now,” mumbled Eggman. “Well, I needed to get away from the Decepticons for a while. I guess I’ll see you around, Sonic.” Eggman packed up his picnic and left the park in his egg-mobile, abandoning his latest scheme.

“…You know, I can’t help but pity him,” sighed Sonic.

“I don’t pity him,” rumbled Shadow. “I’m going back to G.U.N.” He pulled out a communicator and connected to G.U.N. “Command, this is Shadow. False alarm. Eggman’s scheme was feeding the pigeons in the park near a sign saying not to do so. …Yes, I’m aware at how sad that is. He didn’t even fight me and Sonic. He just gave up when he announced his plan and didn’t get the reaction he wanted. …Yeah, he’s in a slump like the rest of us. Unfortunately, his slump’s Transformer-related too. …Yeah. …Yes, Ma’am. …Understood, on my way back now.” He ended the call and sped back to G.U.N.

Sonic sighed when he was left alone in the park. He sat under a tree, just staring off into space, thinking about the Autobots. He considered visiting Amy, something he hadn’t done in a while. He wanted advice and Amy, while lovesick for Sonic, DID give good advice and told her friends what they needed to hear. “SONIC!” came a voice Sonic knew. Amy was running up the hill in her Scarlet Specter outfit, forgoing the wig, mask, and hat.

“Hey, Amy,” greeted Sonic, “I was just thinking about you.” Amy gasped.

“You were thinking…about ME?!” she squealed happily. She then spun around, gushing about how Sonic was thinking about her.

“Yeah, I need your advice,” explained Sonic.

“My darling Sonic needs my help!” gushed Amy. “What can I do for you, my precious Blue Blur?!”

“I’ve been feeling sidelined lately,” answered Sonic.

“Sidelined?” asked Amy.

“Yeah,” confirmed Sonic. He then explained what he, Shadow, and Eggman were talking about. Amy sat near him and just let him talk for a while. “I don’t know,” he finally sighed, “maybe I’m getting jealous of the Autobots.”

“I don’t think it’s that,” replied Amy as she sat next to him.

“What makes you say that?” asked Sonic.

“I think it’s the fact that the Autobots and Decepticons are at war,” explained Amy. “When they first landed here, we all believed we’d have a few good adventures with Optimus and his friends. But, thanks to Megatron, the Autobots are more concerned with survival. Not just their own, but ours as well.”

“So, what, isolating themselves from us will protect us?” quizzed Sonic.

“I don’t know what their thinking is,” replied Amy. “Right now, I think we should try and understand them a little better, give them help when they ask for it.”

“If they ask for it,” muttered Sonic.

“WHEN,” insisted Amy. “They’re still our friends.” Sonic didn’t say anything. He just sat there, letting Amy rest her head on his shoulders.

Eggman returned to Robotropolis and made his way to his lab. He just sat down in a chair, staring at his equipment. He tried coming up with ideas, but everything went up in smoke before he could even move himself to use his tools. Eventually, he just shouted and flailed his limbs angrily with no direction and no purpose, scattering tools and papers everywhere. After that fit, he just flopped into his chair again. “What’s going on?!” he demanded to himself. “I was a threat to the world! THE biggest threat! …Why would the Decepticons just let me rot? I gave them a base of operations! …Now they barely give me the time of day.” He just sighed again, sitting alone for a while…until Megatron entered.

“Doctor, I need you for guard duty,” boomed Megatron.

“What is it?” sighed Eggman.

“I need a guard detail around the Allspark,” explained Megatron. “Give it top priority. The cube can, quite literally, change the world as we know it. We must NOT let Optimus get his hands on it.”

“I’ll see to it,” grunted Eggman.

“Excellent,” praised Megatron. “You’re giving us the tools we need to win this war.” Megatron then left the lab. Eggman grumbled as he prepared to detail a guard unit, then he recalled something.

“…Computer, remind me of the Allspark’s significance to the Transformers,” he ordered.

“The Allspark,” replied the computer, “was the primary means of Transformer reproduction before the female gender was included in the species. The Quintessons attempted to weaponize it when they had controlled Cybertron, making all sorts of vehicles into living weapons. To do that, the Quintessons forced the Prime of the time to use the Allspark to their whims. During the war that led to the Transformers’ freedom, they had to launch the Allspark into space, resulting in Transformer victory in the long run.”

“…Make machines come to life, you say?” mused Eggman. “Only a Prime could activate it?” Eggman pondered his next moves…then his wicked grin came out. “Computer, detail a guard and make sure they’ve got the Decepticon symbol on them. After that, get me a secure channel with Sonic and Optimus, out of Soundwave’s reach.”

“At once,” confirmed the computer. Once the computer switched itself off, Dr. Eggman began chuckling, then giggling, then launched into a full-blown evil laugh!

“Look out, Mobius!” he cackled. “Dr. Eggman’s got his mojo back!” He then made his way to a drawing board and started creating new vehicles for his plans.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 11: Seconds of Speed)

TMC 11-4

After the meeting had ended, Rodimus had pulled Hot Rod to the basement, filled with all sorts of stuff for the Autobots that had been relegated to storage. “Unplug your exhaust pipe, Old Me,” scoffed Hot Rod. “I’m a star!”

“This is a military operation!” snarled Rodimus. “Not an Alien Hunt! set!”

“I’m only the greatest bot here!” countered Hot Rod. “That kid, on the other hand, seems to be a little puffed up in the carburetor!” Rodimus then slapped Hot Rod across the face.

“That ‘kid’,” he corrected as Hot Rod rubbed his cheek, “is your Prime! A little humility MIGHT earn some respect!”

“Dad always said ‘Fume-running bots take in Energon, humble bots serve it!’” argued Hot Rod.

“Dad was a coward!” roared Rodimus. “You let Nyon and Ki-Aleta make us an even bigger one!” That did it! Hot Rod’s hand retracted into his forearm and a buzzsaw replaced it as he slashed across Rodimus’ face.

“Never…EVER…call me that again!” growled Hot Rod. Rodimus then swept his leg at Hot Rod’s and tripped him up. Hot Rod’s hand returned, and he grabbed Rodimus’ leg, pulling him to the floor. The two bots then wrestled, hell-bent on tearing the other a new one. While their fight went on, Optimus, Prowl, Strongarm, Kup, Ironhide, and Chromia dashed into the basement. Kup, Strongarm, and Ironhide pulled Hot Rod off Rodimus and Optimus, Prowl, and Chromia held Rodimus back.

“That’s enough!” shouted Optimus. “THAT’S ENOUGH!” The two fighters stopped struggling for just a second. “I don’t know what in the Pit has gotten into you idiots,” the two fighters opened their mouths to explain, “and, frankly, I don’t care!” Optimus interjected before either of them could speak. “You two are Autobot soldiers! I thought we were all above petty infighting! Prowl! Strongarm! Have Ratchet look them over in the brig!”

“Yes, Sir!” replied Prowl and Strongarm as they led Hot Rod and Rodimus to the brig.

“Teletraan,” called Ironhide, “pull up any footage from before the fight.”

“Got it,” replied Teletraan.

“Display,” ordered Optimus. A screen played the footage of Hot Rod and Rodimus’ conversation before they started trading blows. “That’s twice now,” muttered Optimus.

“So, he still hates himself over Nyon and Ki-Aleta,” mused Kup.

“You know why he gets so defensive over those names?” asked Optimus.

“He hasn’t told you?” quizzed Kup.

“No,” replied Optimus.

“Sir, those were his two greatest disasters,” explained Kup. “It’s why he acts the way he does.”

“…I think you better tell me,” directed Optimus.

While Optimus had to discipline Rodimus and Hot Rod, Galvatron had led Megatron back to Mobius. They arrived in a cave system that offered little light. “For Primus’ sake!” grumbled Megatron. “Must you drag me through caves?!”

“These caves,” assured Galvatron, “will lead to a great power that helped defeat Unicron before!”

“Oh, please!” scoffed Megatron. “The chances of that are astronomically dismal!”

“I found its remains in my time!” insisted Galvatron. “It was discovered whole a few days ago!”

“And you told the crews not to tell me immediately?” quizzed Megatron. “Last time I checked; ALL FINDINGS WERE TO BE REPORTED AT ONCE!”

“This one needed,” argued Galvatron, “to be kept under the radar, since Eggman is sure to bungle it!”

“Oh, come on!” protested Megatron. “What could possibly be so important that Eggman didn’t need to know until later?!”

“Observe!” directed Galvatron as he gestured to a large cave opening. A blue glow emitted from inside the cave, giving Megatron a sense of curiosity. He entered the cave…his jaw dropped, and his optics widened when he saw the source of the glow. Embedded in the rockface was a massive cube that dwarfed him. From what he could see, the material seemed to be a mix of stone and metal and the face of the cube that was uncovered was coated in hieroglyphs of an ancient time. Megatron turned to Galvatron as the future Decepticon entered the cave. “I had to confirm my findings before anyone got a chance,” he explained.

“Then, this is…?” stammered Megatron.

“It is,” answered Galvatron. “In my time, Unicron had shattered it, thus rendering it useless for any immediate attacks. We had gathered the pieces, but we don’t have a vessel to utilize its power.”

“…We need a guard posted,” declared Megatron, “and a means of getting it out of the rock.”

“The comms still work down here,” revealed Galvatron. Megatron then called the moon-base.

“Megatron to base!” he demanded. “Detail a guard platoon and prepare an extraction team!”

“What for, Lord Megatron, Dude?” asked Soundwave’s voice.

“Galvatron has just made the find of the age,” replied Megatron. “Right now, I’m staring…at the Allspark!”

Optimus approached Hot Rod’s cell in the brig with Kup on his heels. He stared at the upstart Velocitronian for a good minute before speaking. “Kup told me what he knew about Nyon and Ki-Aleta,” he began. “However, he’s only got bits and pieces. You never told him the full story. Care to fill him and me in?” Hot Rod said nothing. “…Well?” Still nothing. “…All right, let’s try again with Rodimus.” He turned to Rodimus’ cell. “Willing to help?” Rodimus said nothing, then sighed.

“They were my greatest failures,” he explained. Hot Rod flinched.

“Kup already told me that before he told his interpretation of the story. I need more than that,” directed Optimus. “Nyon was a Cybertronian city. What were you doing there?”

“…Recon work for Velocitronian Command,” replied Rodimus. “I was stationed there because there were rumors of a Velocitronian Decepticon force about to commit genocide on the populace because of their natural artistic expression being used to further the Autobot cause. I was only 2,002 at the time, a brasher upstart with delusions of heroism. I thought that, if I could avert the crisis, I would be a hero. I had confirmed the rumors to Velocitronian Command and further explained that the Velocitronian Decepticons had gotten ahold of Vamparc Ribbons.”

“Vamparc Ribbons?!” repeated Optimus.

“Those things that drain a bot of their Energon and use it as a weapon?!” gulped Kup.

“The same,” answered Rodimus. “I was ordered to return to Velocitron and then return to Nyon with a full platoon. …I didn’t. I went straight to the Decepticon Command Center in Nyon and attacked the base single-handedly.”

“Okay, I’m not exactly a brilliant strategist,” remarked Optimus, “but even I would have been hard-pressed to do something that dumb!”

“I don’t know,” mused Kup, “Sonic told me about how you stormed Eggman’s base when you lost your magic.”

“…I am going to SKIN that rat!” hissed Optimus.

“In any event, I ran through the base, thinking my actions would save everyone,” continued Rodimus. “…They didn’t. The Decepticons were instructed to use the Vamparc Ribbons the instant an intruder was detected inside the base. They found me. Once I was captured, the commander of the base, Lugnut…”

“That idiot?” asked Kup.

“You and I clearly have different views on that monster,” replied Rodimus. “Lugnut made me watch as he… as he…” He was choking back tears.

“…Lugnut?” asked Optimus. “He was ready to…commit genocide in the name of the Decepticons?!”

“I broke out of the base, dialing my speed up to 11,” Rodimus finally continued. “I shouted to the people, using my after-images to outline a safe path…but the Ribbons…” At that moment, Rodimus broke down.

“Oh, Primus…” realized Optimus as he looked at Hot Rod.

“…Since he can’t go on, I will,” grunted Hot Rod. “After Nyon, I took a crew of Autobots with me to find the Magnificence, a legendary super-computer that could tell you the answer to every question. I only had one on my mind.”

“Whether or not there were Nyon survivors,” guessed Optimus.

“Yep,” confirmed Hot Rod. “I had a crew of four with me; Download, Gizmo, Backbeat, and Dealer. We were using an ancient map to the Magnificence as a guidebook and soon landed on its resting place, Ki-Aleta. That world’s got storms charged with ionic energy over its rocky surface, making our scanning equipment useless. We had gotten past the dead Omega Guardians and were ready to enter the Magnificence’s resting place. Dealer stayed behind to watch our backs while I took Download, Gizmo, and Backbeat inside the tomb. We approached the Magnificence and took it from its resting place…”

“You SAW the Magnificence?” asked Optimus.

“It looked like a Transformers brain module,” explained Hot Rod. “I took it, then it all went to the Pit. Dealer tried to contact us, telling us to get out of there, but the transmission was cut off by his dying screams. At that point, the Magnificence didn’t matter. I knew I had to get everyone out. We ran, trying to avoid the traps as fast as we could, but Gizmo lost his head to an axe from the ceiling, Download was dumped down a pit that was flooded with acid, and Backbeat was speared from the floor. All I could do was run and run and run until I returned to the ship. I flew solo, gave my report, then left the Autobots to return to what really matters to a True Velocitronian; the racing circuit.”

“And that regret has haunted me!” growled Rodimus. “You fled like a coward!”

“My old life was better!” shouted Hot Rod.

“Was it?!” argued Rodimus. “Can you really look anyone in the eye and say that you made a mistake in joining the Autobot Militia?!”

“Yes!” declared Hot Rod. “An entire city died because of me! My entire team died because of me!”

“Hot Rod, Rodimus Prime, you two couldn’t be more wrong on either count,” interrupted Optimus.

“…Excuse me?” asked Rodimus.

“What’s THAT supposed to mean?!” snarled Hot Rod.

“That ‘acid pool’ that Download fell into,” began Optimus, “was nothing more than coolant. He told me vague descriptions of a mission that went awry. In any case, Jazz is living proof that there WERE survivors of Nyon. His grandmother, Songbird, led as many bots as she could out of Nyon through the catacombs below the city. She helped everyone find new refuge in Praxis after liberating the city. Their artistic expression rallied more Praxian freedom fighters than ever before to the Autobot cause, Prowl and Strongarm included.”

“…You mean…all my screw-ups…” realized Hot Rod.

“Led to Sentinel Prime and his team first landing on this planet and ending the first war,” confirmed Optimus. “Don’t get me wrong, you two are still on waste disposal duties for two weeks for conduct unbecoming an Autobot, but just know that you DID save people back in the day.” He then turned on his heel and left the brig, Kup following behind.

“…I…I ran away from…” mumbled Hot Rod.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 11: Seconds of Speed)

TMC 11-3

Optimus yawned as he headed to the mess hall the next morning. He wasn’t in the best of tempers. He entered the mess hall and saw Blackarachnia, Ratchet, Jazz, Sonic, and Tails already there. “Morning,” mumbled Optimus.

“Well, Autobots, I’d say we are all honored,” snarked Blackarachnia. “His Majesty has decided to grace us with his presence.”

“Spare me, Lieutenant!” snapped Optimus as he grabbed his morning Energon ration. “It’s turning into one of THOSE days.”

“Let me guess, the Council,” mused Ratchet.

“Hot Rod,” guessed Tails.

“His mage-phobic friends,” called Jazz.

“A combination of the three,” revealed Optimus. Ratchet handed him a pair of processor-ache pills. “Thank you,” bid Optimus. “Hopefully, we can slow Hot Rod down. Kup said he was coming soon.”

“Kup?” asked Ratchet. He then grinned. “Man, I remember that old-timer. He’s actually a Velocitronian that’s not so reckless.”

“From what Rodimus told me,” replied Optimus, “he’s the one that raised Hot Rod.”

“Good morning!” called Hot Rod’s voice.

“Look out,” mumbled Blackarachnia under her breath. Whether or not Hot Rod heard that was left for debate as he headed straight for the Ration dispenser. He took a sip of Energon and smacked his lips.

“Well now,” he mused, “never thought I’d taste ration Energon before, but, then again, I guess you learn to ignore it while in the trenches, huh?”

“Something a wuss like you never experienced during the last thousand years of the first war,” muttered Ratchet.

“…Excuse me?” asked Hot Rod as he fixed Ratchet with a glare.

“You Velocitronians have a history of draft deferrals,” remarked Ratchet. “So, don’t talk about the trenches like you were there. I doubt you were.”

“…Look up Nyon and Ki-Aleta,” hissed Hot Rod. The announcement of a Space Bridge then interrupted the tense moment.

“I’ll get that,” offered Blackarachnia.

“Nah, they’ll want a fresh-faced bot!” replied Hot Rod. “I’LL get that.” He sped off to the command center, leaving the Autobots, Sonic, and Tails to stare at the door.

“…Fresh-faced?!” growled Blackarachnia. She then turned to Optimus. “I know this is vain of me, but am I…?”

“No, sweet-spark, you’re not developing indents on your face,” assured Optimus. “That’s still centuries away for bots our age, anyways.”

“…You’re right, I’m being paranoid about my age too early,” remarked Blackarachnia as she leaned on Optimus. He just patted her shoulder, causing her to hum happily.

Hot Rod arrived at the command center and turned to Teletraan. “All right, let’s see the new bot!” he declared. “Teletraan, if you please!”

“You know, now that I think about it,” mused Teletraan, “I’m gonna enjoy your reaction when you see the bot.”

“…Why?” asked Hot Rod.

“Opening Space Bridge,” reported Teletraan. The portal opened and Hot Rod decided to drop the subject. No sense in dwelling on the unimportant stuff, in his mind. In hindsight, he really SHOULD have dwelt on it. A figure stepped through, then it became crisper as it got nearer.

“…Oh no,” groaned Hot Rod as he recognized the figure. An old Transformer came out with a metal cigar in his mouth. His helmet had a small hexagon on it and his face was covered in dents, like Ironhide’s. He was colored teal and he had a wheel on each shoulder.

“Well, well, well,” rasped the old mech. “If it ain’t the young punk!”

“Kup!” moaned Hot Rod. “Just when I thought I would avoid one of THOSE days!”

Kup made his acquaintance with the Autobots and their Mobian Allies in the conference room an hour later, sans Hot Rod and his Alien Hunt! colleagues. “So, that’s the sitrep, huh?” mused Kup as he heard the story. “I can’t say it ever made much sense, the whole time-travel thing.”

“I seem to recall a story where you and Ironhide,” remarked Optimus, “had a time-travel fubar and got your afts handed to you by Vector Prime.”

“I didn’t tell you that, I’m sure,” muttered Kup.

“I told him,” answered Ironhide.

“So, imagine my surprise,” continued Optimus, “when Vector Prime allowed this.”

“Future must be really bad if he’s allowing time travel, despite his views on the subject,” mused Kup.

“It is,” replied Rodimus. It was then Kup got a closer look at Rodimus.

“…That’s a lot of scars for only 50 years,” he rumbled. “I ain’t talking about the physical ones. I can see the mental ones in your optics.”

“…You fell right before my optics,” answered Rodimus. “As did many of my friends and family. I never took the chance to tell you how much I appreciated you raising me. …I was such a jack-hole.”

“If your Kup was anything like me,” replied Kup, “then I’m sure he would tell you this: I’ve always known you had potential, Lad.”

“…Thanks,” mumbled Rodimus.

“Speaking of other selves,” remarked Kup, “where’s your younger self?”

“And his Alien Hunt! friends!” snapped Optimus. “I DID say that ALL Autobots were to assemble here, didn’t I?!”

Hot Rod, Meteorfire, and Cosmos were lurking outside the conference room, listening in on what was said. “Let’s not go into a tizzy,” called Blackarachnia’s voice. “I’m sure they’ll be here soon.”

“Oh no, they won’t!” Hot Rod muttered under his breath.

“I thought you said Kup never cared about your goals,” mused Cosmos.

“Potential for what?” mused Meteorfire. “Being an Autobot toady? Or being an Autobot hero?”

“He’s trying to make me a toady,” hissed Hot Rod. “I’m gonna be a hero!”

“Well, in any event, it’s great to have you here,” praised Optimus. “We need new bots, something awful.”

“Anything to help out,” replied Kup as he took out his cigar, pulled a dull crystal out of it, threw it into waste disposal, then put in a bright yellow crystal before he started smoking it again.

“When did you get the Cy-gar?” asked Ironhide.

“Oddly enough, it’s a prescription Cy-gar,” explained Kup. “Keeps me from having flashbacks of my time on Tsiehshi. You know, the planet with Ore-8?”

“I DO know,” muttered Ironhide grimly as sympathy flashed across his face.

“I’ll…er…ask about that later,” muttered Optimus.

“Smart kid, he is,” Kup remarked to Ironhide. “Now then, I need quarters.”

“There’s a good-sized room next to mine and Chromia’s,” offered Ironhide.

“Wreckers forever!” declared Kup. “I’ll take it!”

“Let me show you to them, then!” cheered Ironhide.

Hot Rod pushed Meteorfire and Cosmos against the wall as Ironhide and Kup left the conference room. “You know,” muttered Kup, “I haven’t seen the young punk since he greeted me in the command center. I’ve got this feeling he’s been avoiding me.”

“You’re slagging right, I am!” Hot Rod hissed under his breath.

“Ah, we’ll catch him sooner or later,” Ironhide assured Kup. “In the meantime, after I show you your quarters, I intend to beat you again at Lob.”

“Excuse me, you mean you’re going to lose to me at Lob!” challenged Kup.

“Sounds like age rusted your memory circuits!” answered Ironhide.

“Oh, it is ON!” declared Kup. As the two old mechs walked down the hall, Hot Rod heard Jazz talking.

“Rodimus, I don’t know how you could have treated a nice mech like Kup so badly,” he remarked.

“It’s been a regret of mine since his death in my timeline,” replied Rodimus. Hot Rod and his friends then strode into the conference room as he cleared his throat.

“Well,” snarked Optimus, “look who decides to stroll in! We were just talking about you. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that Kup is going to be staying with us for the foreseeable future.”

“He’s doing no such thing!” snarled Hot Rod. “I want that useless rust-bucket off of this planet!” The Autobots gasped.

“Hot Rod!” admonished Rodimus. “How can you talk like that about the bot who practically raised us?!”

“You seem to have forgotten how much he held us back!” countered Hot Rod. “Kup is nothing more than a relic that needs to retire now! The guy can’t even keep my racing victories straight!”

“It sounds like his priorities are elsewhere,” remarked Blackarachnia. “You know, somewhere more important than racing.”

“What’s more important than racing?!” argued Hot Rod.

“Stopping the Decepticon menace and changing the future leap readily to mind,” answered Optimus.

“I’d say you need some debugging!” countered Hot Rod.

“Hot Rod, it sounds like you’re just jealous,” mused Jazz. “Why, having Kup here is like a breath of fresh air.”

“I have to agree with Hot Rod,” remarked Meteorfire. “There’s just something that rubs my actuators the wrong way about Kup!”

“Meteorfire’s right!” insisted Hot Rod. “Just why is he here?! I’ll tell you why! Optimus, he’s going to slow your war effort down with his ridiculous yarns, leaving us wide open to Decepticon attack!”

“Why, shame on you, Hot Rod!” snapped Rodimus. “Just because of that, I’m going to have you read his service record just to prove how wrong you are about that theory and you ARE going to read it!”

“Meanwhile, Kup is here at my behest!” continued Optimus. “As the commander of this base and this time-zone’s Prime, I insist he stay!”

“…Fine!” growled Hot Rod. “Fine, you’re the boss, but you’ll regret it! I’ve always said he was too slow! When are you gonna believe me?! WHEN?!”

“Not in my lifetime, I can tell you that,” remarked Optimus. Hot Rod growled.

“Come on!” he said to his friends as he led them out of the conference room.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 11: Seconds of Speed)

TMC 11-2

Jazz was on monitor duty the next day. Looking for Rodimus’ friend was going to take a tremendous effort and needed all Autobots to give it their all. Prowl was communicating with Jazz while he was on patrol. “So far,” he reported, “it’s just a few petty crooks that needed to be taught a lesson.”

“All right, you’re due in, according to Ultra Magnus’ timetable,” remarked Jazz. “Head on back and…”

“Hold that thought,” interrupted Prowl.

“What is it?” asked Jazz.

“It looks like a trio of bots are setting up cameras outside Cream’s school,” explained Prowl.

“Can you give me a visual?” requested Jazz.

“On it,” replied Prowl. One of his headlights pulled its cover back and revealed a camera with a connection to the base. “Oh, Primus,” moaned Prowl once he got a better look. One of the bots was Hot Rod, the second bot was a green femme with a red helmet, and the third bot was a mech with wings.

“Hey! It’s the Alien Hunt! crew!” called Jazz.

“They’re setting up for another episode,” deduced Prowl.

“…At Cream’s school?” asked Jazz.

“Well, this IS an alien world,” reminded Prowl. “Maybe there’s some members of their audience that want to see more peaceful worlds.” Once it was determined everything was set up, the mech with wings started speaking.

“G’Day, all you secret hunters!” he began. “I’m Meteorfire!”

“I’m Cosmos!” introduced the green femme.

“I’m Hot Rod!” continued Hot Rod.

“And it’s time for Alien Hunt!” all three finished.

“And today, by popular demand,” Meteorfire went on, “we’re taking a look at an Earth Educational Facility!”

“All right, everyone,” called the principal, a female Mobian pig, “let’s get to class. Giant, shape-shifting, alien robots aren’t anything new nowadays.”

“Excuse me, Mrs. Hammly,” replied Cream, “but these robots are new.”

“I’m sure your Autobot friends can take of this, Ms. Cream,” assured Mrs. Hammly.

“Although,” Cosmos continued from Meteorfire’s previous sentence, “this planet’s no longer called ‘Earth’ anymore. Because of increased diversity and an awareness of other dimensions, the planet was renamed ‘Mobius’. A good thing, in my opinion. Can you imagine calling your planet ‘Dirt’?”

“This world’s been attacked by the Xordas’ mutation wave,” Hot Rod went on, “but it didn’t go as the Xorda wanted. The animals attacked the Xorda and made new civilizations!”

“Just like their past,” continued Meteorfire, “Mobian schools are a rich epicenter of diversity and culture! However, me and my mates figure that it’s more than that.”

“Thanks to this Solstar Neutralizer,” called Cosmos as she pulled out a fancy-looking gun, “we’ll find out how much more.”

“Wait, SOLSTAR?!” yelped Jazz over Prowl’s radio.

“And the serial number says that it’s Rom’s Neutralizer,” growled Prowl. “That’s it, I’m moving in!” Prowl transformed and stormed up to the Alien Hunt! crew. “HEY!” he barked. “I’m placing you three under arrest for theft of Solstar…!” He didn’t get far as Cosmos used the gun to fire a ray of light at the school! As the inhabitants of the school were bathed in the light, several staff members and students changed into unearthly body shapes!

“I don’t believe it!” cheered Hot Rod. “The rumors are true!”

“Oh, when the stars align!” cheered Meteorfire.

“Ladies and gentlemen, your means of viewing do not need adjustment!” assured Cosmos. “So many races supposedly went extinct during the Great War! But, as you can plainly see, that’s not true! They’ve just been relocated to Mobius!”

“Look at them all!” sighed Meteorfire happily. “The Ancient Energon Masters, Clorans, the Nibarians, the…Skuxxoids?” The School bully was an alien that looked like a cross between a pig and a lizard. “Wait, you’re an adult. Why are you among children? Pit, why are you even on this planet? Your species is thriving.”

“Er, I’m on the run from a horrible marriage,” explained the Skuxxoid.

“It doesn’t matter!” dismissed Hot Rod. He then turned to Prowl whose mouth was wide open in stark surprise. “Well, Prowlio?” chuckled Hot Rod. “Amazed that there are so many species?”

“…So…many…” squeaked Prowl. “So many…so many rules broken!”

“…Huh?” asked Cosmos.

“You IDIOTS broke too many rules!” shouted Prowl.

“Wha…there’s gratitude for you!” snapped Meteorfire. “We rediscover so many species and you’re angry about broken rules?!”

“Hold on, did you know that the species that were declared extinct,” interjected Cosmos, “were still alive?!”

“Every Autobot law enforcer and their bosses, and that includes the Prime,” replied Prowl, “knew they were still alive!”

“So why hide it from the rest of us?!” demanded Hot Rod. Just then, the school’s trees grabbed the Alien Hunt! crew.

“Oh, for Primus’ sake,” growled Meteorfire, “if this is the result of a Majip…!”

“Watch the slurs!” snarled a woman’s voice. Cosmo and Trema then stormed up.

“A Seedrian?!” yelped Cosmos.

“One who shares a name with you,” growled Cosmo.

“Cosmo?” quizzed Meteorfire. “Did you regenerate or something?”

“Never mind the distant past, let’s focus on the more recent past!” snarled Cosmo. “I thought you and Cosmos learned your lesson after the Alovan Meteor incident! Looks like I was wrong since you’re dragging a kid into all this!”

“First off, I’m 3,000, a fully-functioning adult…!” interjected Hot Rod.

“Whatever,” dismissed Cosmo as she returned to ripping into Meteorfire. “Thanks to your big broadcast of 4020, the Galactic Council and the Black Block Consortia are harassing me to get answers! Also, Rom wants his gun back!” She commanded the trees to release the content creators, then she picked Meteorfire up by the shoulder. “Aren’t you an Autobot?!” she continued as she jabbed at the symbol on Meteorfire’s chest. “You’re supposed to keep the peace, not shatter it to pieces!” Meteorfire swatted her hand aside and got nose to nose with her.

“I’m a content creator first and foremost!” he snarled. “Besides, are you really the one to lecture me on priorities? Why are you with a Nebulan?! Last I checked, your species hated each other!”

“That’s changed once we entered the Autobot Alliance,” replied Trema. “And I’d say she IS the one to lecture you on priorities! The Galactic Council intercepted your transmission and noticed you were on all pan-galactic frequencies! Even Decepticonversations picked it up! You know, Decepticon social media?!”

“Oaky, so, maybe we can do without Decepticon subscribers,” muttered Meteorfire. Hot Rod and Cosmos then looked at him as if he had two heads!

“So, you’re taking responsibility for this?” asked Cosmo.

“Pit no!” snapped Meteorfire. “You ruined Alien Hunt!’s big comeback, you Majip!”

“This planet has plenty to offer, so we’ll be looking for a new angle!” declared Cosmos.

“And if any bad guys come our way, we’ll beat them up for you!” finished Hot Rod. “HOT ROD, TRANSFORM!” Hot Rod’s chest flipped up as his shoulders joined the sides of the chest so it became a car’s hood. His feet folded outwards, then his lower legs folded at the knee joints and came together to become a car’s rear. The wings he had rotated 180⁰ to become tailfins, completing his alt-mode’s sports car look.

“COSMOS, TRANSFORM!” Cosmos’ head swung back on an assembly while the arms and legs swung out and attached themselves to one another, making her a green fighter craft with a red dome.

“METEORFIRE, TRANSFORM!” Meteorfire’s legs swung to his back and formed a jet’s rear while his arms tucked themselves into his chest and his chest swung up to become a jet’s fuselage. The three bots then activated their holo-forms. Hot Rod’s was a Mobian Cheetah, Cosmos was a Mobian Hare, and Meteorfire was a Mobian Peregrine Falcon. The camera followed the three bots as they escaped their accusers. “So, despite this setback, we still proved that some of the ancient ‘extinct’ races aren’t so dead after all!” Meteorfire said to the camera.

“We’ll be back after things have cooled down,” continued Cosmos.

“And, like we promised the downer patrol,” Hot Rod went on, “we’ll beat up anyone that wants to take advantage of them. But, for now…”

“THANKS FOR HUNTING WITH US!” called all three.

“Remember to smash that Like button!” called Hot Rod.

“Obliterate the Share button!” cheered Cosmos.

“And conquer that Subscribe button like a Hunter!” finished Meteorfire. “Thanks for tuning in, all you ripper mates, and we’ll see you all…” he then made the “Devil” sign “ON THE NEXT ALIEN HUNT!

Back at Cream’s school, Cosmo, Trema, and Prowl looked at the smoke trails the three streamers left in their escape. Prowl then looked down and saw the Solstar Neutralizer on the ground. “Well,” he sighed as he picked it up, “at least Rom’s getting his gun back.”

“Yeah, but the Galactic Council’s gonna have a stroke over this!” groaned Cosmo.

“The Autobots will assist in cleaning up this mess,” assured Prowl.

“If the Council gives you people the chance,” muttered Trema.

“If I know Optimus,” remarked Prowl, “We’ll still assist whether it meets Council Approval or not.”

“Councilors, I promise you…!” Optimus tried to explain to the Galactic Council over an audio-only call in his office. “…Yes, I AM aware of how many…no, no, this is not nor…I understand. Don’t worry, we WILL fix this. …Very well. Good day.” Once the call ended, Optimus shouted in frustration.

“May I come in?” asked Rodimus’ voice.

“As a matter of fact, yes!” snapped Optimus. Rodimus stepped in and Optimus jabbed an accusing finger at him. “Your past self is an immature brat who works with anti-mage idiots!”

“Ah, so you DID hear about Meteorfire using ‘Majip’ earlier today,” remarked Rodimus.

“How he becomes YOU is beyond me!” snarled Optimus. “As I understand it, Kup put the brakes on you a few times.”

“He did,” replied Rodimus. “I take it you’re calling him here?”

“I am!” declared Optimus. “And YOU’RE going to help Kup get Hot Rod under control! If he fails to do ANYTHING that isn’t self-serving, I’m holding you two personally responsible, is that clear?!”

“Crystal clear, Sir,” confirmed Rodimus. “I’ll call Kup, if you wish.”

“No, you need to do some preliminary work in getting Hot Rod to slow down,” directed Optimus. “I’ll call Kup after I talk with Prowl. Dismissed.” Rodimus saluted and left Optimus’ office.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 11: Seconds of Speed)

TMC 11-1

Blackarachnia was in her new lair, setting up a Black Widow style web. She hummed to herself as she attached a new trap line from the mess above to the floor and reinforced it with another strand going up. She then went from humming to singing.

Oh, the taste of your lips, I’m on a ride!

You’re toxic, I’m slipping under!

With a taste of a poison paradise,

I’m addicted to you, don’t you that you’re toxic?

And I love what you do, don’t you know that you’re toxic?

“Britney Spears?” called a voice. Blackarachnia looked down to the floor to see Optimus trying to free himself from a trap line.

“I like some of her music,” replied Blackarachnia, giggling at Optimus’ attempt to break free. She dropped down from a line like Spider-man and kissed him while she was upside down.

“Er, mind letting me out of here?” asked Optimus. Blackarachnia giggled, then sprayed something on Optimus’ armor, allowing him to escape the trap line and letting him slide through the others. She set herself onto the floor, then wrapped her arms around Optimus’ shoulders.

“Do you mind helping me clean my lair?” she requested. “I could use a big, strong mech like you.” She then batted her optics.

“All right,” replied Optimus. The embrace broke and they headed off to organize the lair. Optimus found a box and managed to see the contents. “Legs,” he called to Blackarachnia, “when did you become a fan of Sailor Moon and why do you have so much Sailor Moon junk?”

“I CAN QUIT WHENEVER I WANT!” snapped Blackarachnia. “GET BACK TO WORK!”

“Fine, addict!” snarked Optimus. As he moved the box to another location, he noticed a teal glow. “Er, Lieutenant, what’s glowing in your room?”

“What color is the glow?” called Blackarachnia.

“Teal,” replied Optimus. Blackarachnia then joined Optimus and opened the door to see her Chrono-knife as the source of the glow.

“That indicates someone from another time zone’s coming here!” she yelped.

“Past? Future?” asked Optimus.

“It doesn’t tell me that,” explained Blackarachnia, “only that Vector Prime’s going to have a quantum fubar to clean up.” The glow then faded. “Okay, now we gotta figure out…” She was interrupted by a scream. The two Autobots raced over to find…a rather hilarious sight. Vector Prime was in vehicle mode and tangled up in Blackarachnia’s trip lines. The two young bots laughed as Vector Prime tried to transform in the mess.

“It’s not funny!” snapped Vector Prime. “Get me down!”

“I got you, my Prime,” giggled Blackarachnia. She sprayed his armor down with the same stuff she sprayed Optimus with and Vector Prime fell to the floor. Optimus couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Laugh it up, young one!” grumbled Vector Prime as he transformed to robot mode.

“My Prime,” interjected Blackarachnia, “my Chrono-knife glowed teal. I think you have a quantum fubar to deal with.”

“Since I authorized three time-travelers from the future to come to this time,” replied Vector Prime, “I already took care of any potential problems.”

“You let people from the future go to their past?!” yelped Optimus. “But I thought…!”

“I know I wrote my views on time travel in the Covenant of Primus,” interrupted Vector Prime, “but their time-zone, your future, was too ghastly. It needs to change. One of them is currently with Megatron. The other two will be with you shortly. However, I’d watch out for one of them. He seems a little…off.”

“Well, we better find our time-travelers before the Decepticons do,” declared Optimus. “Thanks for the heads-up, Vector Prime.”

“My pleasure,” replied Vector Prime before he summoned a teal portal and went into it.

“If he’s authorizing time-travel,” muttered Blackarachnia, “the future must affect even the other Primes.”

“We better find our new friends and fast!” remarked Optimus.

“Teletraan, we need a bridge back to base,” Blackarachnia called.

“Coming up,” replied Teletraan. A Ground Bridge opened and they returned to base. Optimus then switched the comms on.

“Autobots, Blackarachnia and I just had a little chat with Vector Prime,” he announced. “We’ve got three time-travelers, one already found by the Cons and the other two needing to come to us. We’ve all had drills for this, so it’s time to start looking for temporal anomalies and chroniton radiation. That is all.” At the end of the call, Jazz and Sonic came in.

“Time-travelers?” asked Jazz. “Do we know which era?”

“From a ghastly future, according to Vector Prime,” explained Blackarachnia. “So ghastly that he allowed time-travel.”

“So, it’s time to enact all protocols relating to this kind of thing,” declared Optimus.

“You guys have protocols for time-travel shenanigans?” asked Sonic in disbelief.

“Well, one of our demi-gods IS the Guardian of Time,” replied Blackarachnia, “so, why not?”

“I just feel like you guys are needlessly protocol-driven nowadays,” muttered Sonic.

“Sonic, I don’t know if you remember,” remarked Optimus, “but we ARE at war! While I don’t like him, Tower IS right in one respect: we need some form of procedure to keep focused.” Just then, music started playing. “…the Frack?”

“It ain’t me!” yelped Teletraan.

“Is that…Redbone?” asked Jazz.

Come and Get Your Love, I think,” remarked Blackarachnia. The lyrics confirmed it.

Hail! (Hail!)

What’s the matter with your head? Yeah!

“There’s someone in the underground storage!” reported Teletraan.

“Show us!” ordered Optimus. The screen showed the underground storage with an unknown Transformer dancing.

Hail! (Hail!)

What’s the matter with your mind,

And your sign an-a, oh-oh-oh?!” The bot was red with a yellow flame design and had a fancy yellow spoiler fashioned into a set of wings. He had three exhaust pipes on his arms travelling all the way up to the shoulders.

“Oh, Primus, no!” groaned Optimus.

“Why one of them?!” wailed Blackarachnia.

“I didn’t call Velocitron!” yelped Jazz. The bot was still dancing.

Hail! (Hail!)

Nothin’ the matter with your head!

Baby, find it, come on and find it!

“Who is he?” asked Sonic. Optimus drew in a breath before answering.

Hail, with it baby,

‘Cause you’re fine,

And you’re mine, and you look so divine!

“A Velocitronian!” Optimus finally answered. At that point, the bot grabbed a spare tool and started using it like a microphone!

Come and get your love!

Come and get your love!

Come and get your love!

Come and get your love!

“Teletraan, stop the music!” ordered Optimus. The music cut off, but the Velocitronian continued dancing and singing.

“Hail! (Hail!) What’s the…huh?” He then noticed the music had stopped. “HEY!” he called. “What’s the idea?!” Optimus activated the comms to the storage area.

“Get your aft up here!” he snarled.

“Hey, Prime-boy!” called the bot.

“That’s Optimus to you, hot shot!” snapped Optimus. The bot flinched, then ran out of the room at an incredible speed!

“Did he just…?” spluttered Sonic.

“The bots of Velocitron,” explained Optimus, “live for speed.”

“..Sounds like a little slice of heaven to me!” chuckled Sonic. The bot appeared with a snarl on his face.

“It’s…Hot…ROD!” he growled. “Don’t mistake me for that slow-as-scrap stooge!”

“Hot Rod?” asked Jazz. “As in, Hot Rod, the new co-host from Alien Hunt!?”

“Hey, someone’s seen our streams!” cheered the bot, Hot Rod.

Alien Hunt!?” asked Blackarachnia. “I thought that was cancelled.”

“It’s back on!” explained Jazz.

“Er, could someone explain what’s going on?” asked Sonic.

Alien Hunt! is a live-show,” answered Optimus, “where the hosts find aliens and explain the myths and legends around them and then find the facts. It was originally just hosted by two Autobots, Meteorfire and Cosmos. After the incident with the Alovan Meteor, it was cancelled by order of the Black Block Consortia, the peace-keepers of the Galactic Council.”

“Well, it’s back on! Meteorfire and Cosmos took me under their wing,” continued Hot Rod, “and we’re pursuing the biggest story of all time, right here on Earth!”

“Mobius,” corrected Optimus. “Hot Rod, I’m gonna level with you right now, we’ve got three time-travelers from our future. As long as you and your friends are here, you’re going to remain on call. Last I checked, Velocitron was still an Autobot ally.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll help out,” replied Hot Rod. Just then, a portal opened up, revealing a figure stepping through. “What in the name of the Speedia 500?!” yelped Hot Rod. The figure came out of the portal as it shut, revealing an older-looking Hot Rod. This one looked grim-faced and battle-scarred and was more bulky than the original Hot Rod.

“Are you one of the time-travelers?” asked Optimus.

“I am,” replied the older Hot Rod. “I am Hot Rod from 50 years later, your successor, Optimus Prime.”

“…This annoyance?!” yelped Optimus as he pointed to Hot Rod. “He’s gonna replace me in your timeline?!”

“If unaltered, that IS how the future will proceed,” confirmed the older Hot Rod. “You will die in an attempt to take down Megatron, only to succeed in taking his right arm. He then learns more about dark magic and restores his arm with Dark Energon-based crystal mail, making him my enemy once you passed the Matrix on to my younger self. I accepted the Matrix, reluctantly, and became what I am now. I am Rodimus Prime, and I’m here to save the future.”

“…So COOL!” cheered Hot Rod. “Alien Hunt!’s got a whole hashtag dedicated to time-travel shenanigans!”

“I forgot how poor my attention span was,” sighed Rodimus. He then returned his gaze to Optimus. “Have you enacted all time-travel protocols?”

“I gave the order a minute before Hot Rod appeared on our sensors,” explained Optimus. “Vector Prime told me and Blackarachnia that there are three time-travelers. Who are the other two?”

“Megatron’s future self, called Galvatron,” replied Rodimus, “and a young, psychokinetic hedgehog named Silver. By now, Galvatron should be telling Megatron about this.”

“Then we need to find Silver,” declared Optimus. “Come with me, we need to plan out a search for Silver.”

“Make sure you drop by my new quarters for an Alien Hunt! interview with me and my mentors!” called Hot Rod. “Man, the amount of clicks we’ll get!” Rodimus rolled his optics as he followed Optimus. “…What?” asked Hot Rod.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 10: Double Trouble)

TMC 10-10

Nemesis Prime was executed in a cave on Mobius. Megatron himself fired the fatal shot. Once all Decepticons had reconvened on the moon, Megatron received the full report on what happened while he was away. He stepped out of the atmospheric shield and walked along the moon’s surface. He stopped once he was within Crater Stöfler. No one could hear him, but he roared in frustration. He then picked up a large rock the size of his fist and threw it. He aimed his fusion cannon at the rock…but was taken aback by another energy weapon pulverizing the rock into dust. He looked towards the direction of the shot and found a purple mech with a large orange cannon on his right forearm. He wore a three-pronged crown on his head and had large grey shoulder pads and a left arm made of purple crystal. His optics blazed red and he had the black outline of the Decepticon Symbol on his chest. As the mystery mech walked towards Megatron, he lowered his cannon arm and glared at Megatron. “You pathetic waste of Decepticon steel!” snarled the new mech over the subspace channel. “I’d kill you right now if I felt the risk to my own life was negligible!”

“Who are you?!” demanded Megatron.

“Look at you!” continued the mech. “Every mistake I have ever made just waiting to happen!”

“…I’m every mistake YOU ever made waiting to happen?” scoffed Megatron. “What, are you me from the future?”

“From 50 years into the future, yes,” confirmed the mech. “Because of some soldier jokingly saying I’m a galvanized Megatron, I’ve taken the name of Galvatron.” Megatron scoffed again.

“Very well, Oh Galvatron,” he snarked. “Please, continue with this contrived time-travel plot. Perhaps a cryptic warning about how I lose my arm?”

“I would obey Vector Prime’s word of not revealing too much,” replied Galvatron, “but the future is too ghastly, so I’ll just flat out tell you. You lose it when a dying Optimus shoots it off.”

“Optimus doesn’t have the Spark!” argued Megatron.

“You then spend the next 50 years fighting the Chaos Bringer, right after he rises from Mobius’ core,” continued Galvatron.

“Not even the Chaos Bringer can survive the fiery core of a planet!” dismissed Megatron.

“You fight alongside Optimus’ successor during that time,” finished Galvatron. “His name is Rodimus Prime, Hot Rod after he inherits the Matrix.”

“Hot Rod is too immature for the wisdom of the Primes,” countered Megatron, “so he cannot lead the Autobots!”



“Must I always resort to these methods?!” snarled Galvatron as he took out a cortical psychic patch and jammed it into the back of his head. Megatron charged at Galvatron, missing only because Galvatron side-stepped and managed to jam the other end of the patch into Megatron’s head. Data then flooded into Megatron’s processor like a painful wave. After a few seconds, he realized what the data was. It was Galvatron’s memory of events, undeniable proof that what will happen will happen unless Megatron accepts Galvatron’s help. A few seconds later, Galvatron disconnects the patch from both their heads.

“You mean…his name is already spoken?” panted Megatron.

“Unicron is festering at the core of the planet,” confirmed Galvatron as he pointed to Mobius hanging in the moon’s sky. “Eggman met him once, waking him up by splitting the planet like his namesake.”

“Dark Gaia and Unicron are the same beast,” mumbled Megatron.

“What’s the plan, then?” asked Galvatron.

“A truce must be reached with the Autobots,” declared Megatron. “We must unite against Unicron!”

“Good plan; enacted too little, too late,” remarked Galvatron. “With my help, we’ll unite with the Autobots, defeat Unicron, you make me fade at best, become an alternate future at worst, and get to keep both of your aaaaAARGH! STOP STARING AT MY ARM!” Megatron shook his head and refocused his attention. “Now, listen carefully!”

“Lord Straxus,” called a combined Duocon answering to the name Flywheels, “Presenting Krok as instructed.” Krok entered the office. He had no discernible alt-mode parts, being a Monoformer.

“Stand easy, Flywheels,” commanded Straxus. Krok noticed this was the first time he saw Straxus’ head as it was covered by a hood. “You too, Krok.”

“As you command, Lord Straxus,” obliged Krok. “I must say, it is an honor to be invited to Darkmount, the very heart of Poly…”

“Speak up, will you?” interrupted Straxus. “Or just supplement your vocalizations with the subspace radio.” Krok opted for the latter.

“I was saying, Your Excellency,” continued Krok, “it is an honor to be in Polyhex’s heart of the fortress of Darkmount. Er, pardon me if it’s a personal question, but…”

“Is my hood a hearing aid? Yes,” interjected Straxus. “It amplifies sound so my damaged audio receivers can pick up. My audio circuitry was damaged during the Battle of the Space Bridge. Ten billion megatons of nuclear weaponry. Can you imagine that, Krok?”

“That would make our soldiers sound like useless Mini-cons!” gasped Krok.

“There ARE Mini-cons within our ranks,” interjected Flywheels.

“Pardon?” asked Krok.

“Some Mini-cons are discovered to have powers and can access them and share them when combining with us,” elaborated Flywheels.

“Er…what I meant to say, Your Eminence,” stammered Krok, fearing that tiny bit of racism would cost him his life, “is useless AUTOBOT Mini-cons!”

“It’s of no concern,” remarked Straxus. “I’m sending certain soldiers to find the Mini-con home world so we can have an advantage over the Autobots. …You may laugh, Krok.” Krok realized what that meant and so laughed…not a very convincing laugh.

“A very humorous…” began Flywheels.

“I wasn’t talking to you, Flywheels,” interrupted Straxus. “Now, Krok, the reason I have recalled you from Gigantion…”

“Lord Straxus,” explained Krok, “local resistance proved far greater than our strategists anticipated.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I had them destroyed,” replied Straxus.

“…The local resistance?” asked Krok.

“Your strategists, Krok!” corrected Straxus. Krok laughed again in the unconvincing laugh.

“That wasn’t humor,” explained Flywheels. Krok stopped laughing.

“What does the planet Mobius mean to you, Krok?” inquired Straxus.

“Er, the planet…Mobius, you say?” floundered Krok. “Well, it…er…”

“At the Orion arm of this galaxy?” offered Flywheels.

“Don’t help him, Flywheels!” snapped Straxus.

“Wait, that’s an Earth name for one of the galaxy’s arms,” interjected Krok. HE then remembered reports. “Mobius was once Earth, correct? The site of the Decepticons’ defeat during the First War?”

“Yes, Krok,” replied Straxus. “It also marks the point of our people’s nearest stretch towards the Cybertronian/Quintesson Neutral Zone 2,000 years ago! Ever since we attacked Earth, we’ve had to…bide our time until we could rise again.”

“The reason we’re in a second war is because we have a new Lord of the Decepticons,” explained Flywheels.

“I understand,” confirmed Krok.

“The new Lord has a special mission for someone like you, Krok,” continued Straxus. “Earth, Mobius now, is to be the site of our vengeance against the Autobots, so the new Lord wants you to join him on Mobius at once!”

“Near the Neutral Zone?” gasped Krok.

“At once!” insisted Straxus. “Flywheels, the data cylinder!”

“Here, Lord Straxus,” obliged Flywheels as he handed Straxus a cylinder the size of a Transformer’s hand.

“This cylinder is currently locked,” explained Straxus as he handed the cylinder to Krok. “It may only be opened when you have landed on Mobius.”

“What does it contain?” asked Krok.

“Your orders,” replied Straxus. “Orders our new Lord passed on to me, orders that must be obeyed to the letter! Now, your ship is ready and waiting. I have personally selected five other Decepticons to accompany you to Mobius.”

“Er, four, you mean, My Lord,” corrected Flywheels.

“And YOU, Flywheels, make five,” elaborated Straxus.

“…SIR?!” squeaked Flywheels.

“Don’t thank me, Flywheels,” interjected Straxus. “For 1,000 years, you’ve served as my secretary! It’s time you saw some action!”

“Will this be a dangerous mission, My Lord?” quizzed Krok, quietly hoping it would be.

“HIGHLY dangerous, Krok!” promised Straxus. “We all know how much Flywheels relishes the chance to lay down his Spark for the glory of the Decepticon Empire! Don’t you, Flywheels?”

“The glory of the Decepticon Empire, yes, My Lord,” As soon as he spoke, Flywheels’ chest and head popped out, revealing wings and folding into a jet while his arms and legs folded into a tank.

“…Psychosomatic Hyperreflexia,” explained Straxus. “He can’t tell a lie without going into his alt-modes.”

“I’m scared of losing my Spark, okay?!” protested Flywheels as his voice came from both the jet and tank.

“Trust me, Flywheels, it shall be for a GLORIOUS cause!” assured Straxus. “Escort Krok to his ship! Dismissed!” The tank and jet recombined into Flywheels’ robot mode and led Krok to his ship.

“By the way,” mused Flywheels to Krok, “is your ship REALLY called the Weak Anthropic Principle?!”

“I like it!” protested Krok. “The acronym spells WAP! Like whapping your enemies!” Once they left, Straxus smiled darkly.

“All of you will die for a glorious cause,” he chuckled. “All hail Unicron.”

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 10: Double Trouble)

TMC 10-9

“Well, Optimus, it looks like G.U.N owes you yet again,” sighed Topaz on screen.

“I’m just proud to help my allies,” assured Optimus.

“Have you had any contact with Amy?” asked Topaz.

“Not as of late,” answered Optimus. “I’ll let you know when she comes back as soon as I hear from her.

“Understood,” confirmed Topaz. “See you later, then. Topaz, out.” The call ended and Optimus slunk into his chair.

“What a day,” he sighed. His door chimed. “Come in,” he called. Pyra Magna came in.

“Am I interrupting?” she asked.

“Not at all,” replied Optimus. “What can I do for you?”

“Have you been able to access your elemental mode at will?” asked Pyra Magna.

“I have, twice over,” answered Optimus. “I had to make sure that fight wasn’t a fluke.” He turned into his elemental mode at will to prove it to Pyra Magna, then turned back. “I DO need to address the Energon efficiency. Maybe some training will make it more Energon efficient.”

“It will,” confirmed Pyra Magna. “Optimus, there’s something that must be done today, something that’s been a long time coming.” She opened her hand to reveal…

“A Wizard’s Crest?!” gasped Optimus.

“YOUR Wizard’s Crest,” answered Pyra Magna. “Optimus Prime, I, Pyra Magna, do hereby recognize you as a brother Wizard of the Red Order. You have successfully completed your training and kept an open mind wherever you went in the universe, fixing mistakes as you went and learning from those mistakes. May you strengthen the universe as a true wizard.” She handed the crest over to Optimus.

“Pyra Magna, I am honored,” replied Optimus. “I shall wear my Crest proudly.” He affixed it on his chest under his armor. “Better tell my bots the news,” he surmised.

“A wise decision,” agreed Pyra Magna.

“Thank you for all you’ve taught me,” bid Optimus.

“I did what I needed to do,” replied Pyra Magna.

“Come on, let’s go,” urged Optimus as he got up from his chair. Pyra Magna joined him as they headed to the Command Center. The Autobots and their friends were there.

“Well?” asked Dust Up.

“New Wizard, baby!” cheered Optimus.

“Congrats!” praised Jazz.

“Great, more magic,” muttered Ratchet.

“Don’t be such a sourpuss!” insisted Sludge. “This is the greatest day ever!” He picked up Optimus and spun around happily, hugging the young Prime. He only stopped when he heard a crunch under his feet. He lifted his foot to reveal a laser scalpel’s remains.

“SLUDGE, I NEEDED THAT!” wailed Ratchet.

“Maybe you shouldn’t leave your tools lying around,” muttered Tails.

“Guys, incoming transmission!” called Teletraan. “It’s Amy!”

“On screen!” directed Optimus.

“That was when you called yesterday to tell us the news about Nebulos,” Optimus finished the story.

“Wow, that was…eventful!” gasped Amy. “Again, congratulations on becoming a full-fledged wizard!”

“Thank you, Amy,” returned Optimus. “Forgive me if I sound personal, but how long did it take for you to master your elemental mode?”

“About a year into my training,” admitted Amy.

“Lucky,” snarked Optimus.

“And it’s a drain for us organic magic users too,” continued Amy. “But, training will reduce the drain. Mind if I help you in that regard?”

“Sure!” agreed Optimus. “Anything to gain an advantage over Megatron.”

“That does leave a question,” mused Sira. “Where’s Blackarachnia’s evil twin?”

“We’re still scanning for her,” reported Teletraan. “Her Spark signature is similar to our Blackarachnia.”

Speaking of the anti-version of Blackarachnia, she managed to find her way to an abandoned spider colony in a long forgotten area called Wood Zone. She transformed to robot mode and looked around. She still had the blank look of a bimbo for a bit, then that look faded from her face into one that was cold and calculating. “Finally,” she hissed. “I can drop the act.” She then held her hands to the sides of her head. “Two Worlds, this is Weaver,” she called mentally. “Two Worlds, come in.”

“Two Worlds, receiving,” replied Nemesis’ mental voice. “Report.”

“My part of the plan is complete,” reported Anti-Blackarachnia. “The Autobots of this world are distracted, looking for me.”

“Excellent,” praised Nemesis. “That is now six of the seven Blades.”

“Where IS Blade Seven?” quizzed Anti-Blackarachnia.

“Not where, when,” corrected Nemesis.

“Ah, different time,” realized Anti-Blackarachnia.

“You know, I think I prefer your true nature, not the bimbo act you put on in our universe,” mused Nemesis.

“It wasn’t pleasant for me either,” interjected Anti-Blackarachnia. “Now that I’m dropping the act, I think I’ll change my name to Crystal Widow.”

“An appropriate name,” agreed Nemesis. “I shall inform the Blade on Cybertron that he may send the six Specials.”

“Excellent,” replied the newly baptized Crystal Widow. “With our master having used the seven Normals, he needs only six to make a body. Let’s see, that’s two Blades from another world (one of us being the mix), one Blade solitary (and the shapeshifter), a hidden Blade (a speaker and judge) two Blades within the light, all that’s left is the Blade from across time.”

“Hopefully, the last Blade will be carrying Master’s Essence,” prayed Nemesis. “In the meantime, Megatron is about to execute me.”

“Fulfilling the requirement of one revived from death,” surmised Crystal Window.

“I have tested the resurrection device on our Ironhide before killing him and the rest of our Autobots,” reported Nemesis. “A pity he had to die again. Oh well. Oh, Megatron’s coming. Catch you later.”

“Farewell,” bid Crystal Widow. She ended the call. “Perfect. Master, I hope you’re watching! Your resurrection is coming! Soon, the universe shall know only chaos! ALL HAIL UNICRON!”

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 10: Double Trouble)

TMC 10-8

The Ark had its weapons primed as it moved on an intercept course to stop the Nemesis. “Time to intercept?” called Optimus.

“Two minutes,” reported Prowl. “The Nemesis will enter Mobius’ atmosphere in  ten.”

“Perfect, enough breathing room,” replied Optimus. “Hail them.”

“Hailing frequencies open,” confirmed Prowl.

“This is Optimus Prime,” called Optimus. “Nemesis, you are entering restricted space. Turn around immediately or we WILL open…” Nemesis Prime’s face filled the screen, interrupting Optimus.

“We will NOT stop!” roared Nemesis. “I will destroy you, your friends, and every single ally you’ve ever had! I’ll start with G.U.N!” He terminated the call. Optimus activated the ship’s comms.

“Bridge to Engineering,” he directed, “I trust everything’s shored up after the Battle of Five Ships? You know, the one where we almost got spanked by the Nemesis and Scarship? Things didn’t go well until the Dyno-bots saved our afts!”

“All taken care of, Sir!” assured Perceptor. “Light them up!”

“Which direction of us is the enemy coming from?” requested Optimus.

“Starboard,” replied Prowl. “All starboard weapons ready.”

“Fire at will!” ordered Optimus. The starboard weapons fired, causing some damage to the Nemesis. “The frack?” muttered Optimus. “Don’t they have shields?”

“They SHOULD,” remarked Prowl, “but I’m not getting any indication that they’ve raised them.”

“What gives?” muttered Bumblebee.

“This provides an opportunity,” mused Strongarm.

“Got something in mind?” quizzed Optimus.

“Without the shields, a strike team could get in,” replied Strongarm.

“Got one in mind?” inquired Optimus.

“Myself, Chromia, and the Rust Renegades,” answered Strongarm. “We storm the ship, take care of any defenses, and take the bridge.”

“What about Nemesis Prime?” asked Prowl.

“That’s where Optimus comes in,” replied Strongarm. “Sir, forgive me for saying this, but I kind of need you to keep him off our backs while Chromia gathers intel.”

“Nothing to forgive,” assured Optimus. “I’ve always wanted to face Nemesis again. Ultra Magnus, the bridge is yours. Teletraan, can you find an access point?”

“Got one right now,” reported Teletraan.

“Beam us over,” ordered Optimus. He, Chromia, Strongarm, and the Rust Renegades were beamed to the Nemesis and fanned out within its halls. Chromia plugged into a computer terminal.

“Really?!” protested Strongarm.

“We need a leg up on whatever Megatron’s endgame is,” replied Chromia.

“I thought the bridge was our priority!” hissed Strongarm.

“Any information helps,” countered Optimus. “Chromia, don’t stay too long. Strongarm’s right. The bridge is our priority.”

“I got enough,” replied Chromia as she disconnected.

“You won’t leave with that information,” called a voice. Shockwave was standing there, leveling her gun arm at the group.

“Ah, Shockwave, I presume,” rumbled Strongarm.

“I repeat, you are not leaving with that information,” commanded Shockwave. “Surrender it and leave peacefully.”

“Two problems with that,” countered Optimus. “One, we’re at war, so any intelligence on you guys is going to get to us one way or another. Two, Nemesis Prime is too unhinged to be unchallenged. We’re going to beat him and you can’t stop us.”

“…You ARE correct about Nemesis Prime being unhinged,” conceded Shockwave. “Regardless, I cannot let you pass without a fight.” She fired. Everyone took cover.

“Really want to combine!” muttered Stormclash.

“Is the hallway even big enough for your combined form?” called Chromia. Stormclash had to admit that the ceiling was too low.

“Well, you ARE right in one respect,” Pyra Magna replied, “we need a clear path. Jumpstream! Dust Up! Tactics: Thirty Seven!”

“Road Rage, coming up!” confirmed Jumpstream as she and Dust Up transformed into their sports car alt-modes, running over Shockwave.

“Ooh!” winced Optimus. “That’s gonna hurt in the morning! Good work, you guys! We have a path to the bridge! Let’s roll out!” Everyone charged towards the bridge.

“MUST I DO EVERYTHING AROUND HERE?!” shrieked Nemesis Prime. “Honestly, why do I surround myself with idiots?!” He grabbed the Dark Saber and leveled it at the bridge doors. Optimus and his team burst in, guns blazing. Nemesis managed to deflect all the shots by swinging the Dark Saber. A few deflected shots struck the Rust Renegades. “Optimus’ Angels,” laughed Nemesis. “Useless as any female would be.”

“Sexist much?!” snarled Optimus. He ran forward with his axe blade flashing, clashing with the Dark Saber.

“Just die already!” roared Nemesis as he swung the Dark Saber across Optimus’ front, making a huge gash. Optimus clutched the gash in an attempt to keep his innermost Energon inside. “Why can’t you accept the fact that you idiots who waste time trying to satisfy everyone before yourself will only die in the long run! The only thing that matters is looking out for your superiors!”

“You are NOT my superior!” snarled Optimus through the pain.


“Wrong!” snarled Optimus. “Us heroes, we’re ALWAYS above you! We learn from our mistakes AND our triumphs to become better! People like you let the past consume you, make you bitter and abusive, you let the past turn you into a monster!”

“Everyone is a monster!” countered Nemesis. “Give people enough incentive, enough of a nudge, and they’ll do things they never thought they were capable of doing! They will ALWAYS be like me!”

“No, what you mean is YOU would do that because everyone else is good and decent and kind,” argued Optimus. “YOU, Sir, are a jackhole! It just boils your blood to see a world where you didn’t become such a bully because you can’t accept that you’re just a complete and total idiot, and a cowardly one, if I may say! While YOU would stew on your failures…I just can’t wait to see what the future holds for me now that I am armed with more people and more knowledge about the world!”

“Oh brother, the ‘friends’ schtick!” snarled Nemesis. “I suppose you’re going to say that your friends are your power?!”

“…Well, they are,” replied Optimus.

“And there’s the trope!” snapped Nemesis. “What next? Do they give you a sense of ‘Burning Justice’?!”

“…As a matter of fact,” mused Optimus, “yes!”

“Let me correct something for you,” hissed Nemesis. “Justice is nothing more than an abstract concept for idiots to cling to because they’re hopelessly optimistic that there is some form of order in the universe! Justice is nothing more than a lie!”

“Maybe,” countered Optimus, “but I find it’s much more fun to fight for justice than myself!” Just then, putting all on the bridge in shock, Optimus seemed to be set on fire!

“OPTIMUS!” shouted Chromia. “Quick! Someone! Put him out!”

“Belay that!” countered Pyra Magna. “Look closer!” Everyone did…and went into shock again.

“Shouldn’t Optimus be writhing in pain?” quizzed Strongarm.

“Not if he’s found his Still Point,” replied Pyra Magna.

“Do you really think he’s found it?” asked Dust Up.

“His Still Point?” muttered Chromia.

“Every magic user has something that defines them,” explained Pyra Magna, “something that gives them a reason to exist. It keeps them calm and still during any tense situation, hence the name ‘Still Point’. Once you know your Still Point, you’re given access to greater power. Little lessons along the way tell you how to master that power and use it responsibly. Some magic users go well into old age before finding their Still Point. Others find it right off the bat. Optimus needed to put a name to his Still Point. Once you find it, that power manifests into a sort of…advanced form, if you will. Another super mode based around your element.”

“You mean…?” gasped Chromia. Just then, metal formed around the fire, orangish metal for the body and bluish metal for the helmet, giving a fiery appearance to his armor. Optimus stood at his full height, ready for round two.

“Optimus Prime: Elemental Mode,” he proclaimed. He then called up the Ark. “Have you guys got a fix on Nemesis and my position?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” replied Prowl’s voice, “but what was that energy spike we detected?”

“You’ll see,” answered Optimus. “Chromia has already obtained the data she was looking for. Beam her, Strongarm, and the Rust Renegades back to the Ark and beam Nemesis Prime and I onto the light side of the moon.”

“What?!” yelped Prowl.

“That’s an order, Prowl,” directed Optimus.

“…All right, Sir,” replied Prowl. The order was carried out as Optimus and Nemesis arrived on the light side of the moon.

“Move us to the ends of the earth, if you wish!” hissed Nemesis. “You will not be so lucky a second time! I won’t let you get a third wind.”

“Just know this,” warned Optimus, “at the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall!”

“And you are, most assuredly, the latter!” snarled Nemesis as he charged at Optimus. The Dark Saber came down but Optimus blocked it with the palm of his hand, suffering no damage. Nemesis gawked. An error on his part as Optimus grabbed the sword and ripped it out of his opponent’s hands, tossing it aside while delivering an uppercut. As Nemesis floated a bit longer, Optimus jumped up, then slammed his fist into Nemesis’ chest, sending him back onto the moon’s surface. Nemesis then swung his leg into Optimus, making him lose balance just enough for Nemesis to plow his feet into his chest, knocking him back. He then leapt onto Optimus and wrapped his hand around his neck and reached for the face while Optimus held that hand back. “GIVE ME YOUR FACE!” shouted Nemesis.

“Sorry, the face stays right where it is,” snarked Optimus as he tossed Nemesis aside. “Nemesis, you ARE an organic life-form under all that,” reminded Optimus. “I’m giving you a chance to return to base and get some of the oxygen you need.”

“I really don’t need it anymore,” countered Nemesis. He transformed as his real self, Tails’ evil counterpart, launched himself at Optimus’ face. Evil Tails looked a lot meaner. An eye was replaced with a prosthetic and wires from his scalp connected to his spine. In fact, a good chunk of him was metal!

“By the Allspark!” swore Optimus as he grabbed Miles. “What did you do to yourself?!”

“What was necessary for my evolution!” replied Miles. He fired off electricity from his body, only mildly shocking Optimus.

“Dude, the fast track to evolution usually brings disaster!” argued Optimus as he tossed Miles aside.

“Spare me your lectures!” shouted Miles as he summoned his vehicle mode. “NEMESIS PRIME, TRANSFORM!” The vehicle changed into robot mode and Miles entered the robot’s chest, restoring his control over the body as Nemesis Prime. Nemesis charged again with his fist pulled back but Optimus side-stepped and delivered a punch to the chest. He then grabbed Nemesis by the shoulders and threw him into a large rock. The rock split and its fragments bounced across the moon’s surface.

“Final chance,” offered Optimus, “because I’m nice. Stop your advance on G.U.N, retreat, repair your ship, and never bother us again.”

“Nemesis, this is Shockwave,” called a voice over Nemesis’ comms.

“I’m busy!” snarled Nemesis.

“This matter cannot wait,” insisted Shockwave. “The ship is compromised. The metals have been weakened by the Autobots’ fire. The damage is extensive. We cannot proceed until we make repairs.” Nemesis growled before making a decision.

“Return to base!” he ordered. He was beamed onto the Nemesis as it retreated.

“Optimus, mission accomplished,” called Prowl. “I heard about you gaining your elemental mode. I don’t know what you did after that but Nemesis Prime turned tail and we received valuable data on Megatron’s endgame.”

“Good to hear, Prowl,” praised Optimus. “One to beam up. Once I return to the ship, assume standard orbit.”

“Aye, Sir,” confirmed Prowl. Optimus was beamed directly to the bridge where everyone could get a look at him.

“Wow!” remarked Jazz. “I always said you were on fire, but this takes the oil cake!”

“Looks good on you, kiddo,” complimented Ironhide.

“Thank you,” replied Optimus. “However, this form, much like my battle frame was, is a bit of a drain on my internal Energon reserves.” He powered down. “Now, let’s go home and get some Energon.” His declaration was received well.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 10: Double Trouble)

TMC 10-7

“So, could you explain your whereabouts?” asked Shockwave once Nemesis returned to Mobius.

“That’s not your concern,” snapped Nemesis as he sat on the throne.

“Dude, that’s MEGATRON’S throne!” gulped Soundwave.

“Megatron left me in command, so it’s MINE!” snarled Nemesis. “How go repairs to the Nemesis?”

“We are now at 86.5% of total repairs,” reported Shockwave.

“It’ll have to do,” sighed Nemesis.

“Sir?” asked Shockwave.

“Prepare the ship for immediate departure,” ordered Nemesis. “We’re going through with my original plan.”

“That seems illogical,” countered Shockwave.

“Are you questioning the one Megatron put in charge?!” snarled Nemesis.

“I simply do not think that…” began Shockwave.

“DON’T THINK! OBEY!” roared Nemesis. “Or, do I have to send you to those asteroids that once made up Xitra?!” Shockwave flinched at that and stayed silent.

“That was out of line!” shouted Soundwave.

“I’m not in the mood, Soundwave!” barked Nemesis.

“Your command style is WAY out of whack!” snapped Soundwave, not allowing himself to be deterred. “I formally submit, here and now, that you’re too crazy to be in command!”

“I said shut up!” snarled Nemesis.

“Furthermore,” continued Soundwave, “I declare you too focused on destruction and hereby announce that the Decepticon Cause needs you relieved of command!”

“How dare you!” roared Nemesis.

“Shockwave, as a Senior Officer, do you concur?” asked Soundwave. Shockwave gave no response. “…Shockwave?”

“You have not produced his medical records to prove it,” replied Shockwave.

“…You know Knock-out hasn’t had time to examine him these past few days!” hissed Soundwave.

“Then your statement would not be considered valid,” concluded Shockwave. Nemesis grinned.

“Assume your post on the Nemesis, Brigadier General Soundwave,” he ordered.

“Negative,” replied a monotone. Soundwave had activated his mouth-plate and retracted the flap on the rear of his helmet. “The Nemesis will not be moving.”

“You have something else to say?” hissed Nemesis.

“You are a visitor,” elaborated Soundwave. “Article 7, Section 2, Subsection 3, Paragraph 4 of The Doctrine, Decepticon law, states that no visitor may assume command. In Megatron’s absence and in light of Shockwave not taking her chance, I will assume command.”

“How many times must I say it?!” sighed Nemesis. “Megatron left ME in command! Assume your post!”

“You are not authorized to give orders,” droned Soundwave.

“One last time, assume your post!” snarled Nemesis as he drew the Dark Saber.

“I am in command,” countered Soundwave. Nemesis swung his blade but it was too slow. Soundwave grabbed it with his tendrils and wrested it from his opponent’s grip, tossing it aside. He then delivered a punch to Nemesis’ gut that threw him backwards. Nemesis picked himself up and growled.

“I’ll tear out whatever passes for your Ember for that!” he snarled.

“Laserbeak, eject,” droned Soundwave. Laserbeak flew out and transformed. “Operation: Hierarchy Education.”

“Comin’ up!” called Laserbeak. He fired off his blasters in rapid succession, distracting Nemesis from the tendril Soundwave snuck onto him. Nemesis was electrocuted and fell to the floor. Soundwave slammed his foot onto Nemesis’ head, not hard enough to destroy it.

“Laserbeak, return,” droned Soundwave.

“Aye!” called Laserbeak as he transformed and reentered Soundwave’s backpack.

“Stand down or face termination,” threatened Soundwave.

“I…yield,” surrendered Nemesis. Soundwave removed his foot from Nemesis’ head.

“Soundwave: superior,” declared Soundwave. “Nemesis Prime: inferior.” His back flap came back and his mouth-plate retracted. He then activated his comms. “Hey, Knock-out, dude!” he called, dropping the monotone. “Nemesis and I finally established a chain of command, but Nemmy was beaten with it. Mind patching him up?”

“Just send him to the med-bay,” replied Knock-out.

“Done and done!” replied Soundwave. He detailed a team of Egg-pawns to bring Nemesis to the med-bay. Once he was gone, Soundwave grinned.

“Righteous!” he called. Shockwave then slapped him! As he massaged the cheek she struck, Soundwave turned to his fellow Xitran survivor. “Dude! What the heck?!” he protested.

“That was stupid!” she hissed. “He has a direct line to the D.J.D! I’d be VERY surprised if you DON’T end up on the List!”

“Dude, you know he thinks of us as mere machines!” argued Soundwave. “Besides, he went too far with that Xitra remark! I’m sure Megatron will forgive me for taking him off the throne!”

“It’s not Megatron you should worry about,” countered Shockwave, “it’s Decepticon High Command.”

“What do you mean?” asked Soundwave.

“I don’t know if you noticed,” explained Shockwave, “but he’s been given the Master Key!”

“…The same Master Key that gives him permission to be the temporary Lord?” gulped Soundwave.

“Exactly!” confirmed Shockwave. Soundwave realized his error.

“I have to apologize to him,” he gulped.

“If you’re lucky,” replied Shockwave, “he’ll just put you on sanitation detail.” Soundwave scurried off to apologize to Nemesis.

“Any news whatsoever on Nemesis Prime?” asked Optimus.

“None, sorry,” replied Bumblebee.

“You did what you could,” assured Optimus. “Anything you need?”

“Something a little…dangerous,” answered Bumblebee.

“…How bad? Illegal?” asked Optimus.

“Sir, I wouldn’t ask this if I saw any other alternative, but me and Cliffjumper’s research is turning up with zilch” replied Bumblebee. “We need access to the Forbidden Archives.”

“…Perfect, not only is it illegal,” sighed Optimus, “it’s sacrilegious!”

“I’m sure Primus won’t mind if we just look,” assured Bumblebee.

“Do you have the necessary paperwork at all?” asked Optimus.

“Got Jazz, Prowl, Ironhide, and Ultra Magnus to sign,” reported Bumblebee.

“Perfect,” snarked Optimus, “now when something happens, I take the fall!”

“Nothing is gonna happen in this case!” argued Bumblebee.

“That’s what YOU think,” countered Optimus, “but I happen to think otherwise! There’s a reason the Forbidden Archives are named that way! The knowledge they hold is dangerous!” Still, Optimus signed off Bumblebee’s last bit of paperwork and allowed him access to the Forbidden Archives. “Just be careful,” warned Optimus.

“I will,” promised Bumblebee. Just then, the alarm sounded.

“Report!” Optimus ordered Teletraan.

“The Nemesis is making a beeline towards Mobius!” called Teletraan.

“Beam us up to the Ark!” commanded Optimus.