Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 19: Beast Wars!)

TMC 19-6

Kong and Saurion were just hammering away at each other, trying to tear wires out of their opponent’s joints. “I have to tell you, Saurion, you’re giving cosmic rust a bad name!”

“Primal, you are too flippant for my tastes!” growled Saurion as he pulled out a Cyber Key. “I think I preferred you when you were a mindless animal!” He flicked the Key into the air. “CYBER KEY POWER!” The Key inserted itself into the back of his beast mode’s head and it moved from his shoulder to become a new forearm. The jaws then opened to reveal a laser weapon inside the throat. Saurion fired his new weapon as Kong transformed to beast mode and rolled out of the way. He transformed back into robot mode and flicked his own Cyber Key into the air.

“CYBER KEY POWER!” called the boss monkey. The key inserted itself into his back and deployed missile launchers. Kong Primal fired and scored a direct hit on Saurion, knocking the Predacon back.

With Optimus and Megatron, their melee weapons were swinging into each other. “You just couldn’t stay out of this, could you?!” growled Megatron as he tried to get his mace untangled from Optimus’ axes. “You had to interfere in local planetary business!”

“We have allies, just as you do!” retorted Optimus as he yanked hard, pulling Megatron face first to the ground.

“Worthless idiots!” Megatron then swung his arm out and tripped Optimus up. Optimus transformed and barreled through Megatron. It was then that Megatron started shorting out! “Wh-what?!” he managed to get out. Saurion then suffered the same problem, as did all Decepticons and Predacons.

“Energon Field Build-up!” strained Saurion. “The hunt has gone too long!”

“DECEPTICONS! PREDACONS! RETREAT!” shouted Megatron. The Decepticons and Predacons transformed to their alt-modes and took off. The Maximals then helped the Autobots to their feet before they all transformed to their alt-modes.

“All right!” cheered Cheetor. “Beast or bot, we’re STILL the baddest! YEAH!”

“And it looks like things are about to return to normal,” observed Rhinox.

“Maybe, even better!” Kong Primal then gave off a roar of victory and pounded his chest.

“Hold off on the victory party!” called Optimus. “Kong Primal, was it?”

“Yes, and you are?”

“I’m Optimus Prime.”

“PRIME?!” squeaked Rattrap in a panic. The Maximals then transformed and saluted.

“As you were,” replied Optimus. The Maximals returned to beast mode. “Look, Grimlock’s made a startling discovery. I think we better discuss it in Fortress Maximus.

Once they were briefed about Saurion’s theft of Animatros’ Cyber Planet Key and the other Maximals having fled the city with their programming blocks still up, Kong’s troops went back to Maximal City to help Nightscream. Knuckles accompanied them on the way. “Man!” complained Rattrap as they trudged through the jungle. “All this for a lousy oversized Cyber Key!”

“What IS the deal with it, anyway?” asked Knuckles. “It’s clearly important to you guys in general.”

“The Cyber Planet Key, Mr. Knuckles,” explained Kong, “is Animatros’ most carefully guarded relic. It’s the greatest source of earth-based magic among the Transformers. That’s why Saurion stole it!” That last sentence was directed at Rattrap, seeming wholly unconcerned.

“Yeah, like I care!” he said. “You know, we were supposed to be doing deep-space exploration on the Axalon! Playing home-world defense was nowhere in MY job description, you know what I’m saying? You sure you’re cut out for this commander gig?” Kong sighed in annoyance.

“Remember the Great War, Rattrap! If the Predacons and Decepticons tap into the Cyber Planet Key’s power, they end this one in THEIR favor! We can’t let that happen!”

“Besides, you wanted exploration,” remarked Knuckles, “and now, here you are with an organic alien life-form. What more do you want?”

“Well, call me picky,” snarked Rattrap, “but an organic alien my size would be nice!” Kong ran his hand down his face.

“Just no pleasing some people,” he sighed once more.

“Mr. Knuckles, why don’t you climb up here?” offered Rhinox.

“You sure?” asked Knuckles.

“Positive, it would be no trouble at all.”

“I think I’ll take you up on that.” Knuckles hopped onto Rhinox’s back. Soon, the Maximals and their passenger made it to Maximal City. Tigatron tensed up.

“It now feels strange to see an artificial structure,” he muttered.

“Well, we’re gonna have to get in there and try and fix up the Predacons’ damage,” remarked Kong.

“So, hurry up and open the doors!” called a voice ahead of them. “I’m waiting!” They all yelped and whirled around to see Sonic smirking at the City Gate.

“SONIC?!” cried Knuckles. “HOW DID YOU-no, wait, no, I know exactly how you got here. I guess the REAL question is why?”

“Do you know how little of Nebulos I saw?!” replied Sonic. “I’m not missing out on this planet!”

“Does Optimus know you’re here?” asked Kong.

“Sure he does! He’s cool with it!”

Optimus presented a hastily scrawled note to Tails. “Going for a run. Meeting with the Maximals. Catch you later,” read the note.

“Sonic?” asked Tails with a deadpan voice.

“Sonic,” replied Optimus in the same voice.

“How long were you here?!” asked Cheetor.

“About 45 minutes,” remarked Sonic.


“Sonic’s maximum speed,” replied Knuckles, “can make a sonic boom.”

“So THAT’S why he’s called Sonic,” mused Rhinox.

“Well, I mean, it ain’t inaccurate,” remarked Rattrap.


“Uh oh,” gulped Knuckles.

“Oh? Is that a challenge I hear?” chuckled Sonic.

“Here it comes!” sighed Knuckles.

“First one to that mountain is the winner!” Cheetor pointed his paw to a mountain in the distance.

“A mere jog!” taunted Sonic.

“Oh no!” groaned Rattrap. The rest of the Maximals followed suit.

“Oh yeah?! Prove it!” challenged Cheetor. The cheetah-bot and blue Hedgehog then prepared for a run.

“Here we…GO!” called Sonic. The instant Sonic said “GO!”, the two took off.

“CHEETOR, NO!” yelled Kong.

“SONIC, DON’T TAKE THE and you took the bait,” sighed Knuckles. Kong Primal activated his comms.

“Cheetor! Return to the city immediately!” he ordered. “We don’t have time for this!” His reply was met with static. “…Cheetor?! Please respond!” He then recalled something Grimlock said during the briefing. “Oh, that’s right, they had to report to Optimus via laser signal. The comms towers are out. That’s just prime!”

“So, uh, this your first day on the job or what?” snarked Rattrap.

“Shut up, Rattrap.”

“Oh, yes, SIR! You know, I feel just HEAPS better knowing that our lives are in your capable hands! …We’re all gonna die.”

“Airazor, take Rattrap with you and get Cheetor and Sonic back here.”

“You got it, Big Bot,” replied Airazor.

“Hey!” protested Rattrap. “I ain’t the kid’s babysitteeaaaAAAAAHHH!” Airazor’s talons scooped up Rattrap by the front legs and carried him off into the sky. “IF I WANTED TO FLY, I’D BE A BAT, NOT A RAT!” wailed Rattrap. They soon got out of sight.

“…How often does Rattrap do this?” asked Knuckles to Kong.

“Too frequently, for my tastes,” replied the gorilla Transformer.

The Three Realms The Three Realms (Book 5: The Final Fight)

3 Realms 5-4

Oyed and Arsha circled each other, daring the other to make the first move. “Tell me, my dear,” mused Oyed, “how long have you been up?”

“Long enough!” replied Arsha.

“I somehow doubt that.” Oyed then fired a magic blast which Arsha batted away before slamming her fist into the ground. A stone spike erupted under Oyed’s feet, but he twirled out of the way. He then…cartwheeled towards her. Arsha then caught Oyed’s legs and spun around quickly until she let go. He went crashing into a building.

“Using cheap theater clichés!” she grunted. A shot from the Scorpion then hit the ground near her feet. “My ship!” She chanted a speed spell and took off for the Endeavor at high velocity!

Meanwhile, Oyed picked himself out of the building. He knocked some dirt out of his ears. “Sweet ME, that was painful!” He then looked around. “Where IS she?” His comms then chimed. He picked up the call. “Hello?”

“Lord Oyed,” remarked Scorpo on the other end, “I don’t know if it’s escaped your notice, (if it has, well, I can’t fault you), but ARSHA’S MAKING IT TO HER SHIP!” Oyed then saw Arsha running!

“OH NO, YOU DON’T, YOU WALKING CAT O’ NINE TAILS!” he roared. He charged after Arsha, flinging magic blasts all the while. Someone then threw a spear into Oyed’s body with enough strength to pierce the torso and pin him to the ground. He was stuck and in pain. Arsha tracked the spear’s trajectory to see her father joining her.

“Great to see you again after half a year!” he called. “Though I wish Oyed wasn’t involved!”

“Great to see you too, Daddy!” replied Arsha. She managed a quick kiss on his head. “Now RUN!” She grabbed his hand, and they took off. They soon made it into the Endeavor. She let Elgrad go as she continued running through the ship. She passed by Lardeth briefly. “Hi Princess! Bye Princess!” she called. She then made it to the bridge. The necessary crew was there. Shalvey then glanced at her.

“Captain on the bridge!” she called. Denstra quickly left the Captain’s chair and took her usual one while Arsha sat down.

“Nazay, has everyone made it?” called Arsha.

“Everyone that didn’t volunteer to cover the retreat!” replied Nazay.

“Damn!” growled Arsha. “Well, if they die, we WILL avenge them! Is there a destination in mind after this?”

“The Ralandren Plains!”

“Take us there!” Nazay’s fingers danced across the console and the Endeavor rose into the air. Unfortunately, the Scorpion was firing its weapons in a way that kept the Endeavor pinned to the ground.

Oyed freed himself from the spear and saw what the Scorpion was doing. “Very good,” he mused. He then teleported himself onto the bridge.

“Titan on the bridge!” called Scorpo.

“As you were,” replied Oyed. “Keep the Endeavor pinned. Once it’s scrapped, I want a kill squad here to destroy any survivors.”

“Understood, My Lord,” said Scorpo.

“Dammit! They shorted out navigation!” growled Nazay. “Malak, can you give me any visual cues, like the sun’s position?!”

“It’s still rising in the west!” called Malak. “Our bow’s pointing in that direction!”

“An Over-realm sunrise! Perfect!” declared Arsha. “Malak, can you target the array beneath the Scorpion?”

“Getting a target lock on it now!”

“Fire when ready!” Malak got his target and keyed in a firing pattern. The Endeavor’s shots then struck true, hitting the pecten-shaped array on the Scorpion’s keel. The enemy ship rocked and Nazay took the opportunity to get the Endeavor out of there! The ship went hard to port until the bow was facing the south and sped off. Once it was clear, the Endeavor and crew grew to their normal size.

“Report!” called Oyed.

“The shots hit the sensor array!” replied Dr. Borg. “They went straight to the engines! We’re going down!”

“Okay, no, that is NOT something I’m putting up with!” snarled Oyed. Black clouds surrounded his hands as Scorpo doubled over in pain. The treatment lasted a minute until Scorpo started gasping for air. Once done gasping, he noticed that his engines were fixed and the ruptures in his hull were gone. “After them, you fools!” ordered Oyed.

“The Scorpion’s fixed itself!” called Malak. Arsha pressed a button on her armrest.

“Bridge to Engineering! Give us every scrap of power for the weapons!”

“We’re consuming all the mana to outpace them!” replied Thangred. “If we spin up the weapons again, we’re never gonna evade them!”

“And if we don’t, we’ll get shot out of the sky before we get to the plains! Weapons power now!” She ended the call, and the Endeavor came about for an attack run.

“She…she can’t be serious!” chuckled Oyed as the Endeavor turned towards them.

“Come about!” called Dr. Borg.

“Nay! Belay that!” replied Oyed. “Let her fly straight and true! Full bore and into the abyss!”

“Are you mad?!” protested Dr. Borg.

“I’m not letting Arsha slip away again! I will do whatever it takes to get rid of her and avoid this embarrassment! Cannons to full power! Turn that vessel to scrap!”

“They’re charging weapons!” reported Malak

“How many drone fighters do we have?!” asked Arsha.

“A full complement!”

“Launch them all!”


“Make them swarm the Scorpion! We need to make an escape!” Malak keyed in the commands.


“DRONE FIGHTERS!” reported Scorpo as the drone fighters swarmed out of the Endeavor like bees defending their hive. “A FULL SQUADRON! I’M GETTING SWARMED!”


“The targeting sensors can’t get a lock on the Endeavor,” reported Dr. Borg, in a tone of calmness that belied the situation.


“The weapons can’t get a clear shot, whether we eyeball it or not. They’re draining power from the engines too rapidly. We don’t have a choice. We must break off pursuit.”


“That’s no longer your call to make! We won’t survive and the Scorpion is sure to be scrapped! That will set back your plans too far for you! We’re retreating, end of discussion! Scorpo, clear us a path and get us out of here.” The Scorpion’s tail weapon cleared a path and escaped the swarm. The ship then vanished in a black cloud.

“The enemy has brokne off pursuit!” cheered Malak.

“Recall our surviving drone fighters,” ordered Arsha as a smile crossed her face. “Nazay, stay on course.”

“Aye, aye, Captain!” replied Nazay. Arsha grinned. The Endeavor was still a well-oiled machine, even when she was absent.

“Denstra, I know you’ve had the Conn for some time, but I need you to take it back for a little longer. I need to see Marshii.”

“She’ll grumble at your recklessness,” chuckled Denstra, “but, like all of us, your lovers and parents included, she’ll be happy to see you again.”

“And I her, as well as all of you. You all did well in my absence. After my check up and whatever Marshii prescribes, I need all Senior Staff to meet in the Conference room with me, my lovers, and our parents. I need to be filled in on what happened.”

“We’ll be on standby for when you’re cleared for duty, Captain,” replied Shalvey. “It’s good to have you back.”

“Good to BE back.” Arsha then finally dismissed her armor and headed to Sick Bay.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 19: Beast Wars!)

TMC 19-5

Optimus and Megatron’s teams clashed farther down the plains. The axes and mace were out and Optimus and Megatron personally dueled. “Megatron, you can’t do this!” snarled Optimus. “The Maximals have a right to live!”

“Yeah, yeah! I heard it all before!” dismissed Megatron. “‘Oh! I have a right to live! I need to exist like anyone else!’ You know what Animatros has? Limited resources! The Maximals are content to horde them, so they gotta go!”

“They ARE acting like animals,” remarked Saurion. He then bit into Prowl and tossed him aside. “Best to get rid of them when they can’t understand how to utilize the natural materials like we do.”

With Sonic and his friends, they were fighting the ant and Eggman. “OH HO HO HO HO! Oh, this is just too good! A beast fighting more beasts!” cackled Eggman.

“Less talking, more defense!” snapped the ant. “The invaders of the Colony will be destroyed! I will gladly lay down my life for my Queen!” Her mandibles then grabbed Shadow. She slammed him to the ground, causing him to gasp in pain.

Meanwhile, with the Maximals and Dyno-bots, Rhinox and Slag led the way. Rattrap, riding Slag, squeaked in fear. “Hey! Heads-up! Roadblock ahead!” A line of rocks blocked the path.

“Rhinox! Slag! Veer left!” called Kong as he rode Rhinox. “There’s a clearing about a hundred meters!”

“Belay that!” called Rhinox to Slag. “Just use your head!” Rhinox lowered his. Slag caught on and lowered his head. The two then increased speed and charged THROUGH the barrier! They were none the worse for wear, surprisingly.

“…Ah, yes,” sighed Kong, “silly me.”

“Lord Megatron, we have multiple Spark signatures coming our way!” called Ravage. “Six belong to the Dyno-bots!”

“Where do the other six come from?!” demanded Megatron as he slammed Optimus to the ground. Just then, the Dyno-bots and Maximals arrived.

“Ah, there’s our prey!” cheered Saurion. “And too stupid to do anything but run, yes! Honestly, what was the idea of bringing frightened animals to a battlefield? It serves no purpose, no! All you can do is watch us slaughter them, Grimlock! What say you to that!”

“I don’t know what he would say to that,” interjected Kong, “but I would say that’s just prime!” Saurion and the Predacons gasped. Megatron snarled.

“You said they WERE their beast modes!” he roared at Saurion.

“I did! I mean, they are!” protested Saurion.

“Well, obviously not! Take care of them!”

“Dyno-bots, you go help the Autobots,” suggested Airazor.

“Are you sure?” asked Slash.

“Positive,” replied Kong. “We’ll swat those pesky Predacons!”

“Oh, I would not count on that, Kong Primal, no!” growled Saurion to the Maximal Commander. “For I believe you’re soon to have…how shall I put it…difficulties of your own, yes!”

“We don’t have to do this, Saurion!” urged Kong. “There has been peace between the Maximals and Predacons since the end of the Great War! Why start this up again?!”

“Peace, perhaps, on YOUR side, Maximal Scum, yes, but not on ours! Permit me to inform you that an enemy which appears to be ‘peaceful’ may, in fact, be merely…biding its time! We Predacons have NEVER abandoned our Decepticon brethren’s goal of galactic conquest, no! We have merely been waiting for the right moment…TO STRIKE!”

“You mean, like THIS?!” called Cheetor as he dashed towards Saurion and slashed his enemy’s face.

“CHEETOR!” called Kong. Saurion seemed more amused than angry at Cheetor’s actions.

“AH! A treacherous, underhanded sneak attack! Oh ho ho, I like you, pussycat, yes!” he praised before adopting his commanding tone. “But it shall avail you not, no! For now, the power gauntlet has been cast! Predacons, TERRORIZE!”

“Do it!” Kong called to his Maximals. “MAXIMIZE!”

“Wazzzpinator, TERRORIZZZZZZZZZE!” shouted the Wasp. His head then split in half as arms folded out from under the head, making a torso unit with the wasp head serving as the chest. Part of the abdomen then split away as lower legs unfolded and feet flipped out. The robot’s head popped out of the torso, revealing red insect eyes and a set of mandibles over his mouth. “Wazzzpinator will zzzcrap Maximalzzz!” buzzed the bot, Waspinator. The mandibles opened every time the hidden jaw moved.

“Cheetor, MAXIMIZE!” Cheetor’s belly split and unfolded into humanoid limbs as his cat legs folded to the back with his tail. His beast head became the new torso unit as the head popped out. The face was cat-like, similar to Ravage’s, and had a yellow helmet. “Time for this cat to POUNCE!” He drew a gun that looked like it had a colon at the back, just above the handle.

“Tarantulas, TERRORIZE!” The tarantula’s transformation was exactly like Black Scar’s complete with pincers for hands. His head had a visor over his eyes, and his mouth was almost spider-like with three fangs on each side of the face moving out at every syllable. He cackled madly as he snapped his claws. “Time to feast on some Maximals!”

“Rhinox, MAXIMIZE!” Rhinox’s transformation was like Slag’s. His robot mode’s head was green with gold trim. “I’d prefer to tag along and smell the flowers,” he then drew out a pair of hand-held gatling guns that had a circular saw blade surrounding the barrels, “but you Predacreeps have put me in a bad mood!”

“Inferno, TERRORIZE!” The ant’s transformation was like Waspinator’s. Her abdomen then opened in four parts like a lotus blossom to reveal a jet engine. Her head had a mouth with pointed teeth and her eyes were permanently marked with an insanely angry expression. However, her laughter belied the angry look. “Maximals, you will all BURN!” She cackled as her jet engine ignited and the abdomen panels rotated like helicopter blades to lift her into the sky.

“Airazor, MAXIMIZE!” Their falcon head became the torso unit as their taloned feet extended on longer legs. Their wings folded to the back as their arms sprouted from their sides. Their head popped up with a helmet design looking like Laserbeak’s, but feathery. They smiled as they activated wrist-rockets. “They stoop to conquer!” they cheered.

“Scorponok, TERRORIZE!” Scorponok shifted to robot mode and opened his claws to reveal missile launchers. “Would have liked to have been Metrotitan-sized, but, oh well!”

“Tigatron, MAXIMIZE!” Tigatron’s transformation was like Cheetor’s. His face looked wiser.

“Terrorsaur, TERRORIZE!” squawked the red Pteranodon. The head and neck folded to the back as the wings folded under the head while the limbs sprouted from the chest unfolding into them. The head popped out, revealing a red helmet. “Time to fry some Maximals!” screeched Terrorsaur.

“Rattrap, MAXIMIZE!” Rattrap’s transformation was rather simple as the head folded down to the chest while the legs and tail folded to the back to let the arms and legs stand the robot up. His head had a brain-like pattern on the scalp, and he had a pair of buck teeth, like a rat’s.

“Saurion, TERRORIZE!” A robot arm unfolded from the neck of the t-rex, making it into a shoulder, while the tail became an arm-mounted weapon on the new arm. Like Grimlock, the sides with the arms became wings. The arms and shoulders rotated, allowing the new wings to rest on the back as the beast feet became the robot’s feet. The head popped up to reveal a head with a purple helmet sporting the Predacon symbol on the crest.

“Kong Primal, MAXIMIZE!” Kong’s feet rotated and new feet unfolded, making the hands into heel spurs. The upper arm fur then folded up to make shoulder pads as the face of the gorilla swung down to reveal a head that looked like Optimus’.

“Predacons, OBLITERATE THEM!” ordered Saurion.

“Maximals, SWAT THEM!” called Kong Primal. It was then that the fight began in earnest!

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 19: Beast Wars!)

TMC 19-4

A gorilla knuckled his way through the jungle. As he did, he came to a clearing with strange beasts. They were shaped like him, but they made noises he did not understand. As he observed them moving things around the strangely-colored mountain, he felt footsteps near him. He turned to see a beast he knew all too well, the one we know as a T-rex. He roared and pounded his chest in an attempt to scare the beast off. The T-rex’s reaction, however, surprised him. He looked serene, unlike the one he knew. This piqued the gorilla’s interest, so he followed him.

A rhino looked around the plants for something to eat. He then found a good patch of leafy plants and started munching. As he ate, he noticed a triceratops stomping through. The triceratops looked at the rhino and moved his head in a way to direct the rhino to follow him. The rhino considered, then decided to follow the triceratops.

A tiger prowled through the jungle, looking for prey to kill and feast on. As he moved, he noticed a brontosaurus lumbering through the jungle. The tiger noticed that the brontosaurus had seen him but looked unconcerned. This confused the tiger. Prey should be very worried. He then figured the size difference between them was a good reason. The brontosaurus then leaned his neck towards the tiger and nudged him to go ahead of him. The tiger growled, not liking being directed, but he did as requested and went ahead of the brontosaurus.

A peregrine falcon flew the skies, looking for prey. As they flew, a Pteranodon flew over them. He didn’t make any aggressive moves against them, so they were curious as to why he flew over them in the first place. For the moment, the falcon put hunger to the back of their mind and flew after the Pteranodon.

A rat scurried through the undergrowth looking for something, ANYTHING to eat. He was also looking for a good place to hide. As he scurried through, he bumped into a velociraptor’s leg. He chattered in a threatening manner, warning that he would bite if he was cornered, but the velociraptor appeared unconcerned. She simply stomped off. The rat looked perplexed, as if the dinosaur was familiar. He then followed the raptor. He wasn’t sure, but the noise that sounded like “vir-min” made him twitch in annoyance.

A cheetah ran through the open plains, looking for a good kill. As he did, he saw a stegosaurus lumbering along. He crouched, thinking it was a good kill, then the stegosaurus managed to sidestep the cheetah’s leap! The cheetah was stunned! As he tried to bring the stegosaurus down, the other dinosaurs led their beasts to the plains. The noise of all the animals echoed throughout the plains. The t-rex then roared for quiet. Once everyone stopped making noises, the t-rex spoke. “Hear me, Maximals!” he called. “I know you’re scared now, but me and my Dyno-bots can help you, just as you helped us long ago.” The t-rex, Grimlock, then activated his computer. “Access Maximal Core Consciousness. Passcode: Grimlock!”

“Passcode accepted,” came multiple voices. The animals roared in fear.

“SILENCE!” shouted Grimlock. It was noisy enough to get the animals to stop again. “…Much better. Now listen well…and learn as we once did from you.”

Back with the Predacons and Decepticons, the villains looked like they were preparing for a big game hunt. “Oh, I’ve longed to hunt prey!” chuckled Megatron as he examined an automatic weapon. He turned to his allies. “Everyone, move out!” Eggman grabbed a rifle and caressed the stock.

“Hunting helpless Transformers with automatic weapons and various predators at your side! Now THAT’S a sport!” Eggman laughed as he fired some shots into the air. As they moved out, some of the Decepticons were banging drums to try and scare the Maximals into leaving their hiding places.

“Once, we were just robots in disguise,” Grimlock continued at the plains. His audience seemed more receptive. “But, on this world, we beast machines have become something more! A program from Cybertron was designed to help us remember who we are and block anything that resembled the functions of our alt-modes. With beast modes, that has proven to be an error. Our beast forms are part of us. Fighting their nature only made our urges stronger. We must accept both beast and robot forms. Feel your core consciousness. Find the programming block and delete it! Bring your beast and robot modes together! Let them work in harmony…and let them both make you stronger than you were before!” The tiger growled in an animalistic tone before it became more…human, for lack of a better word. He then smiled.

“So, the student has become the master,” chuckled the tiger. The falcon then squawked before shaking their head.

“Phew!” they sighed. “That’s a processor-ache I don’t want again!” The gorilla then roared before he massaged his head.

“I understand now!” he breathed. The rat chattered before speaking.

“Rat. Robot. Rat! Robot!” he exclaimed. “I’m a robot AND a rat! Yeah, yeah, I LIKE it!” The rhino lowed before talking.

“Phew! That’s better!” he sighed. The cheetah yowled, then started laughing.

“I think I get it now!” he cheered.

“Grimlock, old friend,” called the tiger, “it’s great to see you again!”

“I thought it was you,” chuckled Grimlock. “What other big cat would be named Tigatron? And is that Airazor over there?” He nodded to the falcon.

“Sure is!” they answered. “Looks like you’re comfortable with your beast mode.”

“It took some genetic work to keep our rage down,” explained Grimlock. “Now, you two, I know, but I don’t know about the rest of you.”

“Then let’s introduce ourselves,” declared the gorilla. “I’m Kong Primal, head of Maximal Security and Captain of the Axalon.”

“And don’t think of just calling me a cheetah,” called the cheetah. “I’m Cheetor!”

“Interesting,” mused Grimlock.

“Interesting?!” protested Cheetor. “Grimlock, the word is spot-on smooth!” He then chuckled smugly. “It’s a crime!”

“Eh, bit tacky,” remarked the rat. “You never had taste, did ya, kid? Now THIS!” The rat stood up on his hind legs and puffed out his chest. “THIS is what class is all about! Grimlock, call me Rattrap!”

“I would rather call you VERMIN!” snarled Slash.

“Chopperface?!” yelped Rattrap as recognition flashed across his muzzle. “I don’t believe it! YOU came back!? That’s it, I’m scrapping her!”

“Rattrap, please!” called Kong.

“Please?! Ah, for booting up cold! The only thing worse than a stinking Pred is a stinking Decepticon!”

“Shut up, Rattrap, or I’ll cut meeces to pieces!” snarled Cheetor as he flashed his claws.

“Ease back, Cheetor,” rumbled the rhino. “Living large is for forms like me, Rhinox.”

“Yeah, and just consider yourself lucky I didn’t get rough on youse!” taunted Rattrap.

“Moderate your conflict circuits, Maximals!” called Kong. He was clearly annoyed with the whole situation. He turned to Grimlock. “Forgive my teammates’ rudeness. We were stuck in beast mode for so long.” Explosions then echoed across the plains.

“Whoa! Talk about your nick of time!” yelped Cheetor.

“It’s Prime and his team!” reported Swoop. “They’re fighting Megatron’s forces, and a team of animals led by a purple t-rex!”

“Saurion!” growled Kong.

“Remember, don’t fight your beast instincts!” reminded Grimlock.

“He’s right,” agreed Tigatron. “We must let them help our robot forms, both in battle and in peace. …But for now, let’s get ourselves to the battlefield and slag some bots!”

“Maximals, move out! We’re helping the Autobots!” called Kong as they mounted Rhinox, Grimlock, and Slag. The whole group then tore through the plains, running towards the battle!

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 19: Beast Wars!)

TMC 19-3

“Save them from their beast modes?” asked Tails once Grimlock spoke to the other captains about what they learned from Nightscream.

“It has to do with Transformer programming,” answered Galen. “You see, each Transformer has a sort of program block that keeps them from slipping into their alt-mode too easily.”

“Whenever we transform,” explained Optimus, “we ARE the alt-mode. However, it’s perilously easy for us to forget our own robotic nature, so Cybertronian programmers developed software that allows us to block out those thoughts. Unfortunately, it varies from bot to bot. For those of us who transform into other machines, there’s a mental trick that allows us to stay in alt-mode indefinitely. We feel like we’re compressed, so whenever we transform, it feels like a good stretch.”

“But those with animal alt-modes,” guessed Tails, “feel like they’re not totally compressed, that they merely changed shape as outward appearances suggest for all Transformers.”

“Exactly,” answered Optimus. “For us machines, the programming block can easily allow us to stay in alt-mode indefinitely. For beasts, though, they can only stay in alt-mode for about a half-hour, not nearly enough to recycle their Energon Density Dampeners to full capacity. That’s why a rectifier coil is so important for an Energon Shield.”

“But the Dyno-bots are animals,” remarked Tails. “They’ve stayed in alt-mode as long as you. Why don’t they start believing they’re dinosaurs?”

“That, I think I can answer,” replied Grimlock. “You see, on the way to Mobius, during the Metarex affair, we…deleted our programming blocks.”

“WHAT?!” everyone else cried out.

“Without them, you guys should have been animals by now!” exclaimed Optimus. “What possessed you to even delete them in the first place?!”

“They were configured for our old vehicle modes,” answered Grimlock. “Remember? Shockwave altered us on the genetic level. That patch you guys gave us was making the programming blocks act like a virus, so Swoop decided it would be a good idea to get rid of them until we made new ones. However, now that we’ve got a better handle on our emotional states, we’ve been able to test out our beast modes more effectively that they became a part of us. …In fact, I think that can help the Maximals!”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea! To convince a whole civilization to give up a part of themselves has always been disastrous! Besides, the Maximals are animals now! Their brains are no longer wired to understand the concepts we do!”

“Well, we have to try! If we don’t, the Decepticons and Predacons will tear them apart!”

Speaking of the Predacons, Megatron and Saurion were talking. “So that’s what this whole affair was about?” asked Megatron.

“Quite the tale, yes,” replied Saurion. Ravage then approached them. He looked angrily at Saurion.

“So, you knew about what the Tripredacus Council’s agent was ordered to do!” he growled. “After that, you set a trap for that agent with that Energon cache!”

“Oh, no! Really?” Sarcasm was thick within Saurion’s voice.

“An agent of the Council?” asked Megatron.

“I believe you met him as he accompanied me to greet you and your Decepticons,” replied Saurion. “That spider currently being patched up by Knock-out.”

“He’s the agent? What is his designation?”

“He was once called Mesothulas, though, nowadays, he’s called himself Lieutenant Tarantulas of the Predacon Secret Police.”

“A mole?! Within your own organization?!”

“And, for a while, I never suspected.”

“I sent Tarantulas out to retrieve an Energon cache, but,” Ravage snarled at Saurion, “it was a trap! Saurion, you are a piece of work! Even with all the power you’ve secured, you still operate your own agenda!”

“I am not naïve, Ravage,” replied Saurion. “You had received orders from the Tripredacus Council as well. I believe you were trying to terminate me…unless that was a lie, yes?”

“No, it wasn’t a lie.”

Because, of course, they still wanted to smooch the skidplates of the Maximal Elders. It’s no secret that such was why I betrayed them, no.”

“Your crew is all in one place and I want no witnesses! So, tell me, why should I tolerate your existence any longer?”

“Ravage, if you harm one square centimeter on him-!” Megatron’s threat was cut off by Saurion’s chuckling.

“My dear, Ravage, did you ever wonder why I went after the Cyber Planet Key in the first place?”

“…You were looking for local Energon deposits,” replied Ravage. Megatron grinned. He had already heard the story from Saurion.

“A mere bonus, from what he told me,” chuckled the Decepticon Lord.

“It allowed me to recruit followers and gain potential for power,” supplied Saurion. A dark grin then crossed his T-rex lips. “But the real reason was this: the Cyber Planet Keys are the rawest of magic implements, each one carrying a certain aspect of magic; the Beast Cyber Planet Key for Earth, the Velocity Cyber Planet Key for Air, the Construction Cyber Planet Key for Water (for reasons unknown), and the Solar Cyber Planet Key for Fire. How public the knowledge on the Cyber Planet Keys would be was left up to the rulers. The Functionist Council, your old rulers, had every intention of keeping their planet in order in accordance with the Grand Taxonomy and to a supposed order to magic, but like good rulers, they covered their bets. They inscribed a secret message onto the Solar Cyber Planet Key, a message which I discovered and decoded.”

“I’m expected to believe you?!” scoffed Ravage. “The Solar Key was destroyed, along with Xitra!” Megatron then chuckled.

“Xitra WAS destroyed, no question,” he replied as he pulled out another gold Cyber Key, this one with an image of a rising sun, “but the Key survived. And we’re not expecting you to believe US.” Ravage was stunned at the Key’s appearance, then took it from Megatron’s offering hand. He plugged his tail into the Key’s back. “I must warn you,” called Megatron, “the original message has degraded over time. Saurion and his crew could only get parts of the message.” Ravage’s optics then projected a bot with a single camera eye for a head.

“This is One of Twelve, Convener, of the Functionist Council of Xitra,” began the bot, “and if you are receiving this, it means Xitra is dead…for now.” Ravage arched his eyebrows. “However, the Council has learned that the four Cyber Planet Keys can restore planets, so I leave this message to any person sympathetic to us that may find…may find…may find…may find…may find…” The message wound down and Ravage considered his next actions. He then activated his personal computer.

“Delete mission from Tripredacus Council,” he ordered.

“Complying,” replied the computer. Every mission detail was then purged from his databanks.

“Now,” he said to his Lord and his former target, “let us talk.”

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast

Princess Arsha Royana in Full Armor

Arsha has returned and is ready to tear Oyed a new one! Her armor’s mail is made of mithril mesh and her plating and helmet are made of arcanium, both very durable metals.

The Three Realms The Three Realms (Book 5: The Final Fight)

3 Realms 5-3

The battle raged on as everyone on the base scrambled to evacuate. Dr. Borg and her followers continued causing chaos as Oyed dueled Elgrad. “Your child’s on life-support!” snarled Oyed.

“And you’re not taking her off it!” replied Elgrad.

“Give it up! She’s been a vegetable for half a year! I thought it was kindness to pull the plug!”

“I am NOT sentencing Arsha to death!” Oyed then decked Elgrad into a wall.

“I was under the impression,” he purred, “that medical law requires comatose people to be taken off life support after a certain amount of time had passed. You’re breaking a law to satisfy your own ends; some King you are!” Elgrad didn’t respond. He just resumed slashing at Oyed. “Mister, it was Arsha who caused me pain, both physical and (as of late) mental. So, be a good little King and step aside!” Still no response outside of sword-swinging, trying to kill him dead. “Fine then, I guess Hanako’s gonna be a widow as well as a grieving mother!” Oyed began attacking more ferociously.

Arsha still stayed in bed, breathing normally. Inside her head, she was at a fjord near the sea. She and her lovers were happily laughing and enjoying life. She was leading them on a merry chase, her skirts slowing her down even as they were hitched up, not that she didn’t want to be caught. Foresna managed to catch her, then Falnii got both of them, then Malnar, then Lardeth, and finally Gorfanth. They all fell to the ground laughing. As the wind blew over them, Arsha looked to her lovers. “This is perfect,” she sighed.

“Like a waking dream,” replied Lardeth. Just then, explosions of light lit up the sky.

“Look! Fireworks!” called Falnii.

“…A new addition,” remarked Arsha. She then grinned at her lovers. “I bet you guys can’t catch me!”

“Oh, I bet we can!” challenged Malnar. Arsha then sprang up and resumed the chase. Her lovers then followed her around the fjord.

Outside her mind, the Endeavor was continuing the evacuation. Thangred, Elmar, and Orthena oversaw the equipment being moved. “No, no, over HERE!” snapped Orthena. The Pixie then moved his load to the right location. “Now put that one over here!” Elmar then interjected his opinion.

“That would fall too easily! Bring it over here!” The ship then rocked. Thangred then made his way to the intercom.

“Cargo bay to bridge! What’s happening?!”

“The Scorpion just decloaked!” explained Denstra. “It’s firing on us!”

“Well, that’s gonna make the evacuation interesting!”

“Where’s Arsha?!”

“Too many Trinnies are getting between us and the people trying to move her!” called Rellmeer as she ran up to the comms.

Inside Arsha’s head, she was at a fjord near the sea. She and her lovers were happily laughing and enjoying life. She was leading them on a merry chase, her skirts slowing her down even as they were hitched up, not that she didn’t want to be caught. Foresna managed to catch her, then Falnii got both of them, then Malnar, then Lardeth, and finally Gorfanth. They all fell to the ground laughing. As the wind blew over them, Arsha looked to her lovers. “This is perfect,” she sighed.

“Like a waking dream,” replied Lardeth. Just then, explosions of light lit up the sky.

“Look! Fireworks!” called Falnii.

“…A new addition,” remarked Arsha. Just then, the waters at the shore of the fjord shook as if a stone was thrown into them. “…And that.”

“An addition?” asked Malnar. “It’s always been this way, hasn’t it?”

“Yeah, we’ve always…always…Gorfanth, kneel down for a minute.” Gorfanth was confused but did so. Arsha then moved across his front until she matched his horns to a pair of rocky protrusions coming out of the fjord’s middle. Arsha then realized what was going on. “…No. …No, not here!” She then saw a small scene on the beach. It was a smaller version of the fjord, but it looked like the rocks were tumbling away to reveal small versions of Arsha’s lovers. As they rose, an even smaller Arsha was facing a demonic version of her. “…It is! This is all a dream!” Arsha collapsed and sobbed. Her lovers’ images then knelt to her.

“I’m sorry,” sighed Falnii, “but the Final War isn’t over. Oyed hurt you so bad that your mind went to a loop of your ideal day with us. Arsha, we’re simply not real and neither is the fjord.” Arsha continued crying in frustration.

“Why couldn’t I have kept this scene up?!” she demanded. “Why did I have to figure out it was all a dream?!”

“And who’s to say that you can’t make this dream a reality?!” asked Gorfanth.

“Who’s to say I can with Oyed around?!”

“Who’s to say Oyed needs to be around?” asked Foresna.

“Arsha, think about the real versions of us,” urged Malnar. “Do you think they’ll want you to stay in this dream forever?”

“You’re probably hooked up to a life-support machine in the real world,” supplied Lardeth. “You have to admit, that’s no way to live.”

“And Oyed won’t rest until the Realms are dead,” reminded Falnii, “including your family.” Arsha’s sobbing softened until it stopped. It was then her face contorted into rage.

“Oyed…Oyed…NOT ONE FINGER ON THEM, OYED!” roared Arsha. The scene then faded, and a bright light filled her vision.

The fight between Elgrad and Oyed continued, although Elgrad was starting to tire out. “Frail feeble human!” growled the Titan. “How you managed to become dominant is beyond me! When I’m done with the Realms, I’ll create a new one! A new world that only understands bounty, not poverty!”

“A world without change!” panted Elgrad.

“A world where everyone knows their place.”

“A world I would hate!”

“Me too, Daddy!” called a voice. Elgrad and Oyed then turned to see a figure approaching them. It soon became clearer as the figure stepped forward. The shape was a woman’s, the ears were foxlike and pointed, the skin was Elgrad’s tone, her hair was done up in a pony-tail, and nine, long, fluffy tails came from her waist through the hospital gown. Her slit-shaped pupils directed her glowing yellow eyes to Oyed. Her face was contorted into a snarl. “You got the jump on me last time! I won’t be so off-guard again!”

“ARSHA!” cheered Elgrad. Oyed laughed and tossed Elgrad aside.

“Then I shall make sure I do the job properly!” chuckled the Destroyer. Arsha snapped her fingers, and her armor replaced her gown. Mithril mesh-mail and arcanium plating enveloped her as her helmet’s visor was raised.

“Come! Let’s dance!” Arsha lowered her visor and the two combatants charged at each other!

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 19: Beast Wars!)

TMC 19-2

The Dyno-bots trudged through the jungle, the trees cracking as Slag and Snarl shoved them aside. “Stupid trees! Stupid mud! Stupid muggy air clogging my cylinders!” grumbled Slag.

“Save it,” growled Grimlock. “We’ve only got a few meters to go anyways.”

“Shorter than that,” remarked Slash. “I see the city!” The Dyno-bots found Maximal City, on the top of a high hill and shaped as a massive ziggurat.

“Maximal City!” sighed Grimlock happily. “Man, this brings back memories from when we hunted down magic weapons. Hey, remember Tigatron?”

“Him AND Airazor,” replied Sludge. “I wonder how they’re doing?”

“…You mean Airazor specifically or both them AND Tigatron?”



“Hey, Sentinel should be talking to us, yes?” asked Sludge. Grimlock then thought about what Sludge said. After a few seconds, he turned up to Swoop.

“See if you can attract their attention,” he ordered.

“You got it, Boss Bot,” replied Swoop. He soared to the city and called down. “Maximal City, this is Swoop of the Dyno-bots. I am here as a representative of the Autobots and me and my team request access into your city. …Maximal City? …Maximal City, please respond. …Sentinel?! …Grimlock, something’s wrong! They aren’t responding!”

“Dyno-bots, we gotta get in!” called Grimlock. They went to the main gate and started tearing into it. They did so easily. Once they got in, they saw that the city was deserted. “The Maximal Council of Elders!” called Grimlock. “Come on!” He led the Dyno-bots to the topmost structure of the ziggurat. They entered the structure to see that the chambers were empty…all except for a brown bat with blue trimming. The bat was sitting with its mouth open in a silent scream. Swoop transformed and did a Spark Check.

“…Sweet Primus, it’s Nightscream!” he exclaimed. Grimlock then transformed and grabbed the bat by the wings.

“Kid! Nightscream, it’s me! It’s Grimlock!” Swoop knelt down.

“His capacitors are out of sorts,” he muttered. “A little electro-stim should do it.” He pressed a little device on the back of Nightscream’s neck and sent the tiniest of electric charges into him. Nightscream became more lucid.

“Kid, are you all right?” asked Grimlock. Nightscream’s optics then came into focus.

“G…Grim…Grimlock?” he panted.

“Nightscream, what happened?” urged Grimlock. “Where are the rest of the Maximals?”

“Th…the-the Predacons…Saurion!” gulped Nightscream. “Th-tha-that…THING!”

“What thing?! What did Saurion have?!” Nightscream returned to a silent scream, only with a more fearful expression. “Nightscream! What thing did he have?!”

“Grimlock! Easy!” snapped Swoop. “The poor kid’s in a state of shock!”

“Preparing duplicate logs, Sir,” called Slash. Grimlock calmed his mind at Slash’s initiative.

“Go ahead.” Slash played the footage on the main screen. Nightscream appeared on it and continued his report.

“Security Officer’s Log: Supplemental. The rogue Predacons under Saurion’s command have made multiple excursions to the colony ship, Pangea. The Tripredacus Council personally visited Maximal City to help us build a new rectifier coil after the rogue Predacons destroyed our original one beyond repair. We don’t know what Saurion’s endgame is, neither does the Tripredacus Council, so we’re working closely with them to figure it out.” After the log played, Nightscream nudged Grimlock.

“W-W-We tried to contact the Predacons still within their city,” he managed to report, “n-no one heard! They didn’t hear their own rulers! T-The renegades, th-they attacked Maximal City!”

“What happened to the rest of the Maximals and the Tripredacus Council?” asked Grimlock.

“Th-they had to evacuate! W-We were dead! No power! Sentinel was taken offline! I stayed to try and fix him! Someone had to try and salvage the situation! That’s what we’re supposed to do, right?! A-And then, they hit again and…that thing in Saurion’s hands! It-it-it…they were out there and I was here!”

“What was in Saurion’s hands?” Nightscream returned to his silent scream for just a second.

“They say that the power of the Ancients’ can’t be harnessed by mortals…but it can! Straight from the Pit, I-I-I saw him use it!”

“Nightscream, what did Saurion use?!”

“A-A g-g-gold…the Cyber Planet…the Key!”

“…You mean your planet’s Omega Key?” Nightscream could only nod. “Nightscream, the Omega Key is secured aboard the Pangea!” Nightscream then gave Grimlock a fearful look.

“Don’t you think I know that?! It was, but not anymore! They all called me! They BEGGED me to save them from their beast mode! Maximals and Predacons alike, 900 in all! …I COULDN’T! I couldn’t! I couldn’t!” Nightscream then sobbed into the room’s table.

“Grimlock,” called Swoop, “we got the communications network back online.”

“Call the Autobots,” ordered Grimlock as he patted Nightscream’s back. “The situation is worse than we imagined.”

Back with Megatron’s crew, Megatron was talking with the Predacons. “I must admit surprise,” he rumbled. “I had no idea that the Predacons had a civil war.”

“And what a short civil war it was,” replied the purple T-rex. “I must say, it was quite nice to finally end those idiots in the Tripredacus Council, yes!”

“And you said you have some sort of prize from a secure area? A prize Hydran once kept secret?”

“Indeed, we do.” The T-Rex turned to the Ant. “Retrieve our prize!” A woman’s voice came out of the Ant’s mandibles.

“As you command, my Queen.” As she scuttled off to retrieve the prize, the T-rex rolled his optics. Megatron smirked.

“I was unaware that, after you won,” he joked, “you gave yourself that title.”

“The Ant has some faulty programming,” replied the T-rex, “but her loyalty is without question.” The Ant then returned with a large Cyber Key in her jaws. This one had the image of an animal’s paw with its claws extended and had gold trim. Megatron was amazed.

“The Omega Key?!” he yelped. “How did you get onto your ancestors’ colony ship?!”

“Oh, I had my ways,” purred the T-rex.

“…Okay, I admit, I’m impressed! What did you say your name was?”

“I am Saurion, the current leader of the Predacons. I will not let our enemies get the jump on us, no!”

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 19: Beast Wars!)

TMC 19-1

Within a jungle, a dark blue-purple gorilla with glowing blue eyes knuckled his way on the ground. He stopped and sat down so he could fill his belly. He grabbed some of the familiar vegetation and ate it. As he ate, he noticed lights in the sky. His mind immediately went to fight or flight mode. He chose the former option and found a good tree to hide in. He went inside it and decided to sit out the light show until it stopped.

Beyond the atmosphere of the jungle planet of Animatros, two massive starships were unleashing their arsenal on each other. One was colored in blues, grays, and whites, known as the Metrotitan, Fortress Maximus. He and his Autobot, Nebulan, and Mobian crew were being rocked by laser fire coming from the old Metrotitan body of his hated nemesis, Scorponok. Inside Fortress Maximus’ bridge, Optimus and his buddies were being tossed around as they struggled to man their stations. “Hull breach in sector seven!” called Tails. “Guidance systems failing!”

“This is ridiculous!” groaned Fortress Maximus as his robot mode appeared on screen. “I’m an Exploration-type Metrotitan, not a Battle-type!”

“No choice!” grunted Optimus. “You were the only one who could lock on to the Decepticons’ transwarp trail and get us to catch up in any reasonable time!”

“Shields are doing a major fade!” called Teletraan 1 as his avatar appeared next to Fortress’.

“Plasma cannons to full power!” ordered Goldbug. Prowl’s fingers keyed in the necessary commands.

On the bridge of Scorponok’s old body, the former Headmaster-Metrotitan-downsized-to-Predacon got a reading on the enemy ship. “Their shields are down!” he called to Megatron.

“We must destroy them now!” urged Strika.

“Where’s the fun in that?!” asked Morgane.

“She’s right, a little torment is in order!” agreed Megatron. “Side guns!”

Scorponok’s body maneuvered alongside Fortress and fired the side guns right into his sides! Fortress howled in pain on the bridge. “Rupture!” he cried. “The hangar’s been breached!”

“Guys, engines are offline!” reported Tails. “We’re going down!”

“Launch all ships inside the hangar!” ordered Optimus. “Get them into safe orbit!” Tails, Goldbug, and Grimlock dashed to their ships. Once they were on their respective bridges, the ships launched out of damaged hangar and made it into orbit around Animatros. As Fortress fell, he turned in a way that his guns were pointing at his old rival’s underside.

“Cliffjumper!” called Fortress.

“I see it!” answered Cliffjumper as he fired the plasma cannons. The shot struck true and knocked Scorponok’s body out of orbit.

On the enemy bridge, Scorponok got a new report. “Engines offline!” he called. “We’re going down!”

“Get our ships in orbit!” ordered Megatron. Shockwave, Eggman, Morgane, and Thundercracker made their way to the hangar and got the ships out.

The Metrotitans soon went through the heat of atmospheric entry. They would soon reach an area where they would be cooled, but it would be long after they crashed. They managed to separate from each other. When they landed, they bounced, then skidded, leaving a huge cut of desolation on the surface of Animatros. They soon stopped. Scorponok’s body ended up in a lava-ridden area while one of Fortress’ front landing strips straddled a canyon with a river flowing beneath it.

Within Fortress’ bridge, the crew picked themselves up and started checking themselves over for damage. They had seen better days. As they checked themselves, a console beeped. Prowl looked at it and reported what it was. “The Ark, Fang, and Blue Typhoon are hailing us.”

“Open a channel,” directed Optimus as he looked at the scar running across his left optic. “Scrap, that was a landing!” Tails, Goldbug, and Grimlock appeared.

“Is everyone okay?!” asked Tails.

“Thankfully, yeah, we are,” replied Fortress. “…For the most part, at least. We’re pretty banged up.”

“Some more than others,” remarked Optimus. “Fortress, damage report.”

“Believe me, you DON’T want to know,” replied Fortress. Optimus sighed.

“That’s what I thought.”

“The good news is that Maximal City is about four miles south of us. The bad news is that they aren’t responding to us.”

“Okay, if a Metrotitan crashed near me, I’d wanna investigate,” muttered Prowl.

“Uh oh,” gulped Cliffjumper.

“Uh oh?” asked Optimus.

“Prime, we’re gonna need to adopt our old Mobian transformation restrictions here.”

“Well?!” snarled Megatron to Scorponok. “Can any allies be reached?!”

“I wish I had a clear answer,” replied Scorponok. “No Predacon’s ever ventured this far, even though it’s a tactical fallback position for Predacon City. It’s five miles north-northeast of us.”

“Then we’ll get to them later. Is there Energon on this planet?”

“Of course there is!”


“Not so good, it’s too much.”

“Lord Megatron, I just got an Energon Field Density reading,” called Knock-out. “It looks like the Energon Field’s just like Mobius.”

“SLAG!” Megatron snarled, then took a breath. “All right, we’ll just have the same transformation restrictions as we did on Mobius.” An alarm then rang through the ship.

“Proximity alert!” warned Scorponok. “Someone’s coming!”

“Identify them!” The cameras spotted what was coming. It was a variety of metal animals roughly Cybertronian sized. They were a purple and yellow Tarantula, a purple T-rex, a red Pteranodon, a red Fire Ant, and a green Wasp. Scorponok ran another scan and managed to find a match.

“It’s all right! They’re Predacons!” he reported.

“Then let us greet them,” chuckled Megatron.

“Maximal City, please respond!” Optimus urged over the comms.

“No good, Sir,” grumbled Perceptor. “The Maximal Communications Towers are all offline. We could only communicate with each other on Mobius because of a good network that could pass through the Energon field. Here, we don’t have that luxury. Anything over a hundred meters, the comms aren’t worth scrap.”

“Peachy!” groaned Optimus. “With our alt-modes, we’d stick out like a sore thumb! The only ones who could potentially…wait, they just might be the answer! Get the Fang! Have Grimlock beam down!”

Grimlock was brought to Animatros’ surface. “You rang?” he asked Optimus.

“I want you and your team,” explained Optimus, “to get to Maximal City to announce our presence. Our vehicle modes would make us stick out, but you guys are already beasts, since it’s been confirmed that there are Animatronians who have dinosaur alt-modes.”

“I get it, you want us to ease the Maximals into seeing cars and trucks and other things that go.”


“All right then, let me just rally the Dyno-bots and we’ll be good to go.”

“I knew I could count on you!” Grimlock headed off to find his team.

Fantasniar Goddesses


Goddess of the Bright Race of Cecaelias, Tayaltara is the patron goddess of sea witches. She loves wrapping her tentacles around someone and giving them hugs. Her Bright Lords at this time are Yarmatal, Tendofarm, Kindofanron, and Dredafirn.