Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 24: The Gathering)

TMC 24-3

Megatron returned to the Nemesis-A and ordered the ship to be ready for the next day’s battle. He sat in his ready room and stewed over his lost chance of power. The coming war against Starscream’s forces wouldn’t give him enough of an opportunity to wrest that kind of power from Optimus. “Peace,” he muttered. “All I want is power to bring peace. Why is it so difficult for the universe to understand?!” His door chime then rang. “Come in.” The door opened to reveal Treadshot. Megatron stood up. “Dad!”

“I met with your mother,” replied Treadshot. “She said she told you boys everything about what I was. …I’m sorry to hear about Dion’s reaction…and yours considering Dion’s. …My boy, making the same mistakes as me.”

“Oh, come on, Dad!” protested Megatron. “The Autobots had become decadent! They went all Functionist on the Decepticons! Someone had to stop them! That’s why I gained power! You were a Decepticon once! That’s how we obtain peace, isn’t it? By seeking power?”

“That’s not the trick to obtaining peace, my boy. The trick is knowing when to give up power, something both sides lost sight of during the war.” Megatron rolled his optics and sat down. “…How’s your wife?”

“…Physically, she’s fine,” remarked Megatron. “It’s her mental state I’m worried about.”

“Hadn’t you better check on her?”

“She locked me out when I tried.”

“…She’s hurting, badly.”

“…Try again?”

“She needs her husband now.” The two mechs then stood up. Megatron went one way and Treadshot went another.

Nightbird was in the mess hall with a bottle of Engex. She gave everyone the impression that she wanted to be alone. As she poured herself another glass, someone approached her table. She looked up and glared at Drift. Drift responded with a smile as she sat down. “I’m glad I could find you, Nightbird.” Her optics then rested on the bottle. “…I see you started without me.”

“My former target wanted to meet me,” replied Nightbird, “to discuss my bright future once we commit deicide. Did you expect me to deal with any of this in a sober manner?”

“I figured a somewhat casual setting would make things…easier. Fewer ghosts lurking around.” Nightbird scoffed.

“Says the only ghost that matters.” She downed her glass, then poured another one. Drift noticed that Nightbird spilled some Engex as she poured.

“…Don’t you think you should slow down?”

“This is nothing.” Nightbird set the bottle down. “And whether or not I want more will depend on where you think this conversation is going.” Drift realized that Nightbird might not be totally receptive, so she considered her words.

“…All right, let’s talk,” she sighed. “Look, our cyber-ninjitsu styles are similar to the ones Yoketron teaches, yes?”


“So, why not have the two schools work together occasionally? I’m not suggesting a total merging of the schools, even Yoketron would be against the idea. What I’m proposing is the occasional student exchange. I mean, with Starscream beaten, do you really think either Autobot OR Decepticon will, deep down, WANT to resume hostilities? Maybe this is a good opportunity to try and…learn from one another?” Nightbird DID give the idea some thought.

“…No.” Drift was a little dismayed but held her course.


“It’s a ludicrous suggestion!”

“But why is it ludicrous?”

“Do I really need to explain why telling Yoketron that the exchange will involve his students learning how to kill, when his own dojo code calls killing impetuous courage, is a bad idea?!”

“No, but I might need some help understanding why it’s crazy to suggest that both schools at least learn from each other so they can better understand the other’s philosophies.”

“You’re being difficult!”

“Coming from you, that’s a compliment.” Nightbird slammed her hand on the table as she continued.

“You and I come from a school of killers, Deadlock! That is what we exceled in! That’s what we ALWAYS excel in! Decepticon Cyber-Ninjas are not, nor will we ever be, heroes!” Drift briefly considered her former pursuer’s words, then changed tactics.

“You said, when we were students, that you wanted to change the Decepticon Cyber-Ninja Corps; now, now you say that the Corps is irredeemable, it’s beyond redemption.” Nightbird folded her arms in annoyance.

“What are you getting at?”

“Nightbird, have you ever tried saving people instead?”

“…I’m sure that I saved plenty of people by removing certain unsavory individuals.”

“CERTAIN unsavory individuals. That means the clients had to wave a lot of Shanix under your olfactory sensors to get you to remotely care about them. You know what Bludgeon always said, never take contracts simply for the sake of others, and you didn’t. Tell me, even when you accepted the contracts, when you ran your sai into the head of a gun-toting drug lord with a resume shockingly like your own, were you really thinking about how many people you saved by doing so?” Nightbird looked away, uncomfortable at Drift’s questions. “So, let me ask again, have you ever taken up your sai because innocent people were in need, or are you chasing around potential personal futures, hoping that if you kill enough of them, you might get a decent recharge one day?”

“I…I wouldn’t…” muttered Nightbird.

“You wouldn’t…?” invited Drift. Nightbird finally stood up and slammed her hands on the table.

“I wouldn’t know where to start!!”

“How fortunate that you have someone who can help you with that!”

“What exactly do you want from me, Deadlock?!” Drift sighed.

“…I want us to move on. I don’t want to be a ghost locking you in a moment in the past. You already said that you don’t believe the Decepticon Cyber-Ninja Corps will ever change if you continue like this. If it hasn’t worked then, maybe it’s time to try something else.” Drift got up and headed towards the door. “I don’t expect an answer right now. Give it some thought. I’m not asking you to be a hero. A work in progress is good enough.” She left the mess hall, leaving Nightbird to her thoughts.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 24: The Gathering)

TMC 24-2

The brouhaha continued throughout the chambers with Marnath, Megatron, Aleena, Vector Sigma, Gaia, and Earthia staying out of it as much as possible with Earthia trying to restore order. Gaia then rolled her eyes and summoned an energy sphere the size of her hand. She then thrust it into the air and fired at the ceiling. That got everyone’s attention. “Councilors, if you’re worried about my mothers being wrathful on you, forget it. The energies this station puts out were once used in another manner to petrify my half-siblings and my mothers. They can be used to free them all again. In return, I promise you, my mothers will grant boons!”

“Whose boons?” asked Marnath as everyone returned to their seats. “The Transformers’ boons? Absolute twaddle-speak says I.”

“If you have a better alternative,” growled Megatron, “please, share!”

“…Space squids,” replied Marnath. Megatron’s optics flickered before he put his hand on his head.

“…Oh boy, here we go!” Marnath addressed the Council now.

“Let us not, dear friends, forget our dear friends, the space squids. Gloriously flippant planet-sized sausages, but if they were all penned up together, they would eat each other without a second thought. That’s the nature of life, isn’t it? So, yes, we could hole up here, well-armed and well-provisioned, and half of us would be dead within whatever passes for a month on everyone’s calendars. It seems, to me at least, a bit grim however it’s sliced. The second option is that we, as Gaia naively suggests, free the Vok and Gaia’s mommies and pray they will be understanding. …I really doubt it. Being petrified and knowing that the universe moved on without you would really enrage you. So, considering that psychological factoid, can we, in fact, pretend that they will be anything other than life scorned, like which fury whatever bad place for the dead in our respective religions hath no? We cannot.”

“Yes, but your 36th Point of Profit says peace is good for business,” countered Earthia.

“That’s the 35th Point.” Earthia thought about Marnath’s words, then realized she was right.

“What’s the 36th?”

“War is good for business. It’s easy to get them confused. Besides Point 36 is the relevant point here. The previous options lead to a profitless peace, so we’re left with one option. I agree with, and I can’t believe I’m validating a man’s suggestion here, Vector Sigma. We must fight.” Llyra rolled her eyes at that.

“You Femaxians ALWAYS run from a fight!” Marnath looked hotly at her.

“Do not!”

“Do so!”

“Do not!”

“Do so!”

“Do not!”

“You do so, and you know it!”

“Do not, slander and calumny!” All eyes were now on Marnath. “We Femaxians only embrace the oldest and noblest of profiteer traditions. I submit that here, now, that is what we all must do. We must fight…to run away!”

“Run away to where?!” called Vector Sigma. “I’m asking for us to fight so we can end this nonsense! One major fight and that’s it! The universe can’t withstand a protracted war against Starscream’s ilk! You’re suggesting forever fighting to consolidate our forces elsewhere!”

“Besides, as per the Galactica Codex,” called Earthia, “an act of war, which is exactly what you two are suggesting, can only be declared by the Galaxy Convoy.” Optimus arched his eyebrow and looked to Megatron.

“Don’t look at me!” answered the Decepticon Lord. “I never heard of such a Convoy either!”

“Earthia, now’s not the time to make stuff up!” Optimus called to Earthia.

“Am I making stuff up?” asked Earthia. “I call upon Treadshot, the Keeper of the Code!” Optimus and Megatron goggled at that.

“…T…Treadshot?” stammered Optimus.

“Dad?” gulped Megatron.

“Oh, this is all ridiculous!” shouted Brinn through his face of Wrath. “Hang the Codex! Who cares-!” A laser shot then struck near his hand. Brinn switched to his face of Doubt/Judgement and looked down with a fearful expression. He then looked up to see a Praxian Cybertronian blow on the barrel of his gun. He had the alt-mode kibble of a generic sports-car and sported a blue and yellow color scheme.

“The Codex is the law,” he rasped. He then made his way to a seat between Optimus and Megatron. He looked to Megatron, then nodded. “You’re looking robust, boy.”

“Th-thanks, Dad,” gulped Megatron. Treadshot then looked to Optimus.

“…Orion, the boy I was forced to saddle with Ironhide during my exile. …He’s made a fine young mech out of you. I’m just sorry I was absent for all these years.”

“…Cybertron’s not gonna be the same one you were forced to leave,” replied Optimus.

“No, but that change will end the corruption you and your mother and brother fought against. …Megatronus, I just wish you didn’t see the need to join the Decepticons.” Treadshot then activated a computer screen and keyed in a command. A set of alien letters then floated across the screen.

“Galactica Codex,” Optimus read aloud. Treadshot keyed in another command and read out the section he wanted.

“Ah!” he called. “Earthia is right!”

“Hang on,” remarked Megatron as he read the entry aloud. “‘An act of war may only be declared by the Galaxy Convoy (title suggested by and acquired from Sigmar Prime), who would parlay with shared adversaries.’ Who woulda thunk it? There IS a Galaxy Convoy.”

“There hasn’t been a Galaxy Convoy,” remarked Alana, “since the Council first formed. That’s not likely to change.”

“Why not?” asked Aleena. Treadshot answered her question after finding the entry in the Codex.

“You see, Your Majesty, the Galaxy Convoy is elected by popular vote or is chosen by appointment by the previous Convoy.”

“Let me guess,” sighed Aleena, “since the Council formed, everyone’s voted for themselves and thus rendered the second means of succession moot.”

“Yes.” Treadshot then deactivated his computer.

“I call for a vote,” suggested Marnath.

“Seconded,” replied Megatron.

“All right, let’s get voting,” declared Earthia. “I vote Earthia of Greengate.”

“I nominate Alana of Tlalak.

“Basso Profundo of Eurythma.”

“Judge Commodore Brinn, last of the Quintessons.”

“Aleena of Mobius.” The crowd looked to the two Transformer Leaders.

“…You ARE members as of now, are you not?” asked Earthia. Optimus arched an eyebrow, then shrugged.

“Optimus Prime of the Autobot Alliance.”

“Megatron of the Decepticon Empire.”

“Llyra of Nebulos.” This went on and everyone voted for themselves until Marnath held the last vote.

“…Optimus Prime of the Autobot Alliance.” Her vote surprised everyone.

“…What?” asked Optimus.

“I know. Curious, isn’t it?” The Council Chambers then went into an uproar, with many Councilors demanding Marnath change her vote to them. “Am I to understand that we’re NOT going to keep to the Codex?” The whine of a blaster being armed silenced everyone as Treadshot pointed his gun at everyone. The Council then sat down.

“…Very well,” sang Basso Profundo. Everyone then turned to Optimus. “What say you, Optimus Prime, the Galaxy Convoy?” Optimus then set his head.

“Prepare every vessel that has weapons,” he declared. “Tomorrow, we go to war.”

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 24: The Gathering)

TMC 24-1

A massive Space Station, twice the size of Jupiter, functioned normally as it orbited a gas giant three times its own size. It was shaped like a globe, but the bottom half was golden while the top was made of windows and atmospheric shields. Looking into the dome, one could see buildings surrounding a central sphere, almost like the spokes of a bicycle wheel. As it floated, multiple ships entered visual range after slowing down from their journey through warp space. The ships were assigned flight paths and docked at their respective air locks. An elderly Femaxian woman, a fat, elf-like man with a goatee and roughly half Optimus’ height, and Earthia of Greengate waited for their new visitors. The visitors (Optimus, Megatron, Llyra, Gaia, Vector Sigma, and Aleena) then came forward. “Welcome to the Council Station,” greeted the Femaxian. “I am First One Marnath.”

“I am Basso Profundo, Grand Conductor of Eurythma,” greeted, or rather SANG, the elf-like man in his bass voice.

“And I am Earthia of Greengate,” finished Earthia.

“Nice to finally meet you in person, Earthia,” replied Aleena. “I’m Aleena, Queen of Mobius.”

“I’m Llyra, Supreme Councilor of Nebulos.”


“Transformers need no introduction!” sang Basso Profundo. “Especially not you, Optimus Prime and Megatron! You two upended the Council’s hopes that you had finally stopped fighting yourselves!”

“Basso Profundo,” replied Optimus, “what we’re about to tell you all will end our war.”

“Many Primes have said that; all have lied!”

“Basso Profundo, enough!” snapped Earthia. “We have to get going.” She turned to the new arrivals. “If you will follow us.” Everyone followed them to the Council Chambers.

“Very welcoming,” muttered Aleena.

“The Transformers’ reputation isn’t a good one,” explained Optimus.

“What’s that going to mean for us?”

“…No clue.” They entered the chambers and Optimus’ group was floored by how many members there were. Earthia then took the highest seat and tapped a gavel on a little stand. The chambers went quiet.

“As she who issued summons,” she called, “I convene this, the ninety-eighth Galactic Council.” Everyone sat down. “To confirm your council-ship and right to be heard, present now your pieces of Tarxanite, my fellow councilors.” Optimus’ optics went wide as he looked to Aleena, then Megatron. Megatron was still looking around the chambers.

“Bigger than I remember,” he muttered. “Must have added new members.”

“Megatron, Tarxanite!” hissed Optimus. Aleena looked to him in pleading.

“Relax, look,” assured Megatron. “This isn’t the first time I set foot on this station. Sentinel Prime and I came here to try and plead our case about Mobius when it was Earth. They laughed us out, but we still managed to be heard at least.” Optimus and Aleena then noticed what people were putting into a collection bowl that floated by their seats.

“…They’re not pieces of…Tarxanite, whatever it is,” remarked Aleena. “They’re pieces of junk!”

“The original plan was to use Tarxanite to buy your right to be heard,” explained Megatron, “but when the First Galactic Council came together, it was during a Galactic Economic Depression that was so bad, you couldn’t even buy a gemstone as common as Tarxanite. They were, to a point, flat broke when they came together.”

“…So, change the name!”

“To what, pieces of whatever we happen to have in our pockets at the time? Real grand sounding.” They then went through their pockets and put them into the bowl. This went on for a minute until it stopped at Basso Profundo’s seat.

“Basso Profundo, your Tarxanite, please,” directed Earthia.

“Might I point out,” sang Basso Profundo, “that we are still short a delegation. I am as content as a chorus to wait until the Quintesson Imperial Magistrate arrive.”

“The Imperial Magistrate is dead!” called a voice. Just then, Judge Commodore Brinn stepped into the chambers and deposited what he had in his pockets. “Thanks to THEIR banishment of THEIR devil from an insignificant planet,” he pointed an accusing finger at Optimus and Megatron as he spoke through his face of wrath, “my planet and people are gone! I have only a ship of survivors, and no women to help restart the race! Optimus and Megatron, I accuse you of using Unicron as a means of eliminating us!”

“Not guilty!” countered Optimus. “We only wanted Unicron out of our lives! The coordinates were supposed to go somewhere away from all civilizations, especially from those even bordering on the Neutral Zone!”

“Whatever crime we have committed, I assure you,” supplied Megatron, “it was NOT our intention. We have proof of this.”

“Oh, do you?!”

“He refers to us!” called Gaia. The Council members then got a better look at her and Vector Sigma and started chatting amongst themselves.

“A Vok?!”

“Is that Lux and Umbra’s daughter?!”

“This is impossible!

“Unicron is only the darker half of a Vok named Primacron,” continued Gaia. “The Transformers are not guilty of the Quintesson Genocide. If anything, we are.”

“What proof do you have that YOU are the real guilty party?!” demanded Brinn.

“Allow me to tell the tale,” explained Vector Sigma. “Attach me to the best mind probes you have. You will see that I am not lying.”

“…Bring out the T-9 model mind probe,” called Earthia. Vector Sigma was wired to a machine. “Now, speak.”

“It starts before the Big Bang,” began Vector Sigma.

Once he finished his tale, everyone got readings that confirmed he was telling the truth and was sane. Brinn seemed to have sobered up. “…Very well, I withdraw my accusation of the Transformers being responsible for the genocide of my race. You’re still accused of rebelling against us when we commanded Cybertron.”

“On that, we happily declare that we’re guilty,” answered Optimus. Vector Sigma was removed from the mind probe and returned to his seat.

“The question is not whether the Transformers are responsible for Quintessa’s destruction,” called Earthia. “The question is that Primus and Unicron woke Tornedron up and Starscream’s directing the action. So, how do we answer it?”

“We fight them!” called Vector Sigma. “We all have weapons and-!” The chambers hooted in laughter. Basso Profundo stood up.

“This station is a fortress,” he belted out, “a well-supplied fortress! There is no need to fight if they cannot get in!”

“My friends,” called Megatron, “there is a third option. In another age, when this station was much smaller, the First Galactic Council voted to leave the Vok home-world alone. …That was a mistake in the long run. Yes, it kept the peace, but gave Primus and Unicron a means for enacting their combined experiment! Better were the days when mastery of the stars came not from deals with distant Gods, but by working with active ones! Lux, Umbra, and Gaia were the example of divinity taking an interest in their creations! Councilors, we are left with only one option…we must free the Vok and Gaia’s mothers!” The chambers were silent…for only a few seconds. After the silence, jeers followed as everyone angrily pointed at Megatron and made threats.

“Shoot him!”

“Tear out his voice-box!”

“Shoot him AND tear out his voice-box!” called Optimus, prompting Megatron to roll his optics. “Then shoot the voice-box and buff out those scars!” Brinn then spoke up.

“The Imperial Magistrate would have freed the Vok!”

“No one rushed to their aid in the past!” countered Basso Profundo.

“And it’s not likely their mood will improve on their release!” called a woman that looked like a Vulcan but dressed as an Aztec woman and used her emotions. Her name was Alana of Tlalak.

“I agree with Vector Sigma!” called Llyra. “Why should we listen to the pseudo-mermaid?!” Alana twitched as she glared and answered Llyra.

“Because the ‘pseudo-mermaid’ comes from a race capable of conquering your world!”

“You threaten me?!”

“I silence you!” Alana then drew a pistol and leveled it at Llyra. Optimus rushed and knocked the pistol aside, but Alana had fired it at the ceiling from the impact.

“Rash idiot!” grunted Megatron as all hell broke loose.

“This is lunacy!” mumbled Aleena.

“This is politics.”

“Meanwhile, our enemies are bearing down on us,” muttered Gaia.

“If they aren’t already here,” mused Vector Sigma.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 23: Seeds of the Future)

TMC 23-10

Thundercracker was led to the grave site by Optimus and Megatron. They showed off the ghosts and Thundercracker became scared. “Is that what this is?!” he gulped. “You’re bent on showing me my sins?! A trial?!”

“Let’s get one thing out of the way,” replied Firestar’s ghost, “you ran me through with your sword. You made my parents grieve.”

“It’s a little late for sorry now, isn’t it?!”

“It is…but not for atonement.”

“…You really think I CAN atone for what I did?! I’ve tried every path, but there’s no chance of me escaping the Pit for killing a child!”

“Then train a new generation of Seekers,” directed Firestar. “A generation that blends both Autobot AND Decepticons together. …Before that, though, you need to defeat the one who planted the idea in your head during that fight.” Thundercracker arched an eyebrow.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that someone projected their will into you, forced you to think about killing me, then just watched as you did so.” Thundercracker’s optics flickered, then they widened in disbelief.


“Starscream. He made you into his puppet. Now’s a good time to cut your strings and destroy him!”

“Starscream…Starscream! …STAAARRRSCREEAAAM!” Thundercracker then held his sword to the sky. “I say this pledge to all witnesses! Death to Starscream for his crimes!”

“Death to Starscream!” repeated Optimus, Megatron, and the ghosts.

“Good hunting, Thundercracker of the Seekers,” bid Firestar as she and her parents then faded.

“If you need help, you need merely ask,” offered Megatron.

“I’m gonna hold you to that, Sir,” replied Thundercracker.

A week had finally passed. Everyone had mastered their super forms and were ready to board the starships on course for the Galactic Council. As everyone was getting ready to board the ships, Optimus and Megatron stood by the teleport pads, facing each other. They then stepped forward. After staring at each other for a few seconds, they moved their hands towards the other and clasped their opposite’s hand. “TO THE UNITY!” called the two leaders.

“TO THE UNITY!” cheered the crowd.

“With this historic handshake,” continued Optimus, “I, Optimus Prime, pledge to both Autobots and Decepticons to fight together! Even if the Council won’t listen to us, we shall prevail to bring peace and harmony to the universe!”

“And to annihilate Primacron’s warped creations!” continued Megatron.

Kong Primal looked to Waspinator as the crowd boarded the ships. “I meant to ask, who’s leading you guys now that Saurion’s gone?” he asked.

“…It’zzz Terrorzzzaur,” replied Waspinator as he looked to Terrorsaur. “Tarantulazzz fled back to Animatrozzz to hide with refugeezzz.”

“What about you?”

“…Terrorzzzaur is Wazzzpinator’zzz friend…but not commander. No Predacon izzz! Wazzzpinator zzzick of being evil! Zzzick of being Predacon! And Wazzzpinator ezzzpecially zzzick of getting blown to ZZZCRAP ALL THE TIME! Zzzo, Wazzzpinator QUITZZZ Predaconzzz!”

“…You’re more than welcome to join the Maximals.”

“Go on,” urged Terrorsaur as he approached them.

“…Terrorzzzaur’zzz…okay with Wazzzpinator…leaving?”

“Let’s be honest, you don’t exactly like the Predacon side and only stayed because I was the only Predacon friend you had. Hopefully, you can make more among the Maximals.” Waspinator’s lower lip trembled behind his mandibles, then he burst into tears as he hugged Terrorsaur! “HEY!”


“…Um…there, there!” stumbled Terrorsaur as he awkwardly patted his friend’s back.

Meanwhile, Ransack looked at Override. Override grinned. “Hey, put her there, buddy!” She held her hand out for a shake. Ransack looked to Crumplezone who just shrugged. He then took Override’s hand and shook it.

“I’m only doing this,” he explained, “because we got a greater enemy.”

“I can’t believe I’m fighting for harmony!” complained Brawl. “What a load of bunk! I’m a lean, mean, conquering machine!”

“I gotta work with this guy?” muttered Afterburner to himself. “I’m not so sure about this.” Brawl heard that!

“Hey, put it on mute, soldier! The one thing I can’t stand is a smart-mouthed Technobot!”

“Well, Sonic, looks like we gotta work together again,” muttered Eggman. “How many times is that? Seven?”

“Eight. Remember the Unicron Games?”

“I remember, I still think it was seven.”

“…Weird, I thought it was eight. …Must have been a dream. I thought we both fought in Soleanna.”

“And you died, but came back to life by the Princess kissing you?”

“…You had the same dream too?!”

“I suppose we’re on the same side,” Morgane grunted to Merlin.

“For how long?” asked the wizard.

“…Until either our deaths or until we return to Mobius in victory against Starscream’s forces.” Merlin nodded sagely.

“I can work with that.”

“All right, everyone!” called Optimus to the crowd. “It’s time to get down to business!”

“All hands, report to your ships!” directed Megatron. “Set course for the Galactic Council Space Station!” Everyone then lined up and followed their leaders through the transporter beams.

Optimus made his way to the Ark’s bridge and looked around again. “Here we go again,” he muttered.

“Sir?” asked Goldbug.

“I’m just getting a little déjà vu. Some time ago, we left this planet to pursue a threat. Now, here we are, leaving Mobius to pursue a threat.”

“The only difference is that the threat is a divine one instead of a mortal one.” Optimus smirked as he turned to the rest of the bridge.

“Ordinarily, I would request someone to play the opening music for the original Star Trek, but we’re pressed for time. No splitting infinitives today.”

“Fleet reports ready,” called Prowl.

“Course laid in, Sir,” reported Cliffjumper. Optimus sat down.

“All ships to the Council Station, maximum warp,” he ordered.

“Maximum warp, aye, Sir.”

“The fleet’s moving off,” called Ravage.

“We bring up the rear,” replied Megatron. “Collective warp signature?”

“Warp 12.2,” Strika read from her console. “We’ll get to the Council Station in an hour.”


“Last ship’s spinning up its engines,” reported Ravage.

“Spin ours up and get us out of here.” Ravage obeyed and the Nemesis-A followed the fleet.

Starscream’s War-world entered Mobian space about an hour later after the fleet arrived. Starscream grinned wickedly as he could as he thought about the prospect of destroying the planet and all traces of the Prime. The boy was too nosy for his tastes. “Skywarp, scan for the Matrix,” he ordered.

“You got it!” replied Skywarp. He keyed in a command. “Scans underway and…FOUND HIM! HE’S BY THE MOON BASE!”

“Oh, how foolish of him! Deathsaurus, report!”

“I’ve got a torpedo ready, my Lord,” replied Deathsaurus.

“Ready another. The first one will destroy Prime as we want. Use the second one to destroy the base.”

“Readying second torpedo…done!”

“Fire one!” Deathsaurus fired the torpedo at the area where “Prime” was. It exploded on the moon’s surface.

“…Readings are still consistent,” reported Skywarp, shocking everyone.

“It should have killed him!” remarked Sunstorm. Skywarp checked his instruments, then his optics widened in horror.

“That wasn’t the Prime! It was a device masking the anti-matter residue in this area! He’s nowhere in the solar system! …He created false readings!” Starscream’s optics widened.

“…Deathsaurus, send a team down to the base! Download whatever data you can!”

“On our way!” Deathsaurus took a team, and they flew down to the base. They were offered no resistance. The team then got all the data they needed.

“Deathsaurus,” Starscream called over the comms, “do you have Prime’s location?”

“I have data…concerning a combined effort against us!” reported Deathsaurus.

“Calculating residue trail!” called Skywarp.

“Deathsaurus, return to the War-world!” ordered Starscream.

“…I don’t believe it!” breathed Skywarp.

“What? What is it?!”

“They’re heading towards the Galactic Council Space Station!”

“…They’re going to plead their case!”

“…Orders, Starscream?”

“Pursuit course! Maximum speed!”

“No!” came Primus’ voice in their heads. “Make your way to Voksphere.”

“…Voksphere, why?!”

“They will, in all likelihood, try to awaken your organic cousins and Gaia’s mothers. Do hurry to Voksphere. Unicron, Tornedron, and I will meet you there.” The mental call ended.

“That’s bad!” gulped Skywarp. “If they do, Primus and Unicron will be recombined, and we’ll be hosed!”

“Lay in a course for Voksphere!” ordered Starscream. “Maximum speed!” The War-world then turned and left Mobius’ solar system in a hurry.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 23: Seeds of the Future)

TMC 23-9

Once Megatron retrieved Soundwave and his crew, they returned to Mobius and all the fighters, Transformers and organics alike, gathered with the seven Chaos Emeralds nearby. Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Megatron, and Optimus then took the stage and faced their current students. “Well, everyone,” began Sonic, “I never thought I’d see the day, but today’s the first day of Chaos Emerald training. It’s time everyone got a Super form.”

“With the threat of Tornedron and the fact that the Emeralds were a Vok creation in the first place,” continued Knuckles, “we need to be able to use them against Starscream’s forces.”

“Now, for those who were unsure, since we were banned from having a seat,” called Optimus, “don’t panic. Earthia managed to co-sign my Omega Request. We’re allowed to plead our case and debate alongside the rest of the Council. So, with all that, let’s get to it. We now have a week before we meet the Galactic Council.”

“Now, the use of the Emeralds doesn’t come from strength,” lectured Shadow, “it comes from a thought, a happy thought. Now, I know that for some of you, myself included, it’s a challenge, but there ARE happy thoughts inside our minds. Now, close your eyes everyone.” Everyone obeyed.

“We don’t expect any of you to get it on the first try,” remarked Megatron. “In fact, it would be a miracle if you do.”

“Now, imagine a ball of light,” instructed Knuckles. “It can be whatever color you want. That ball…is the very energy of the Emeralds. See that ball! You can grasp it! Each and every one of you will be granted all sorts of powers once you grasp that ball. Forget everything. Don’t bring up the fact that we’re about to fight Starscream’s side. Think on nothing but that ball. Next, think of the one thing that makes you happy, the thing that makes you very, VERY happy! Now, place that happiness within the ball, and release it through yourself!” The whole audience was trying to do as instructed.

“…Did it work?” asked Rattrap.

“…No,” sighed Shadow. “There must be a step-”

“HOLY-!” cried out Topaz. Everyone looked at her and goggled.

“…Sweet Primus, it’s a miracle!” whispered Optimus. Topaz was hovering near Crankcase’s head (much to his terror), her eyes were amber, her hair was golden, and a gold aura surrounded her! Optimus dashed towards her. “Topaz, what were you thinking of?!” he asked. “It could help us all!”

“I…I just…” stammered Topaz as she powered down, making the Chaos Emeralds fly, only for Gaia to catch them and recharge them instantly, “I just thought of…home! Mobius!” Optimus smacked his forehead.

“Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?! It’s so simple! It’s how I got it!” He returned to the stage as Knuckles began the lecture again.

“Okay, we’re gonna try again,” he said. “Only, this time, think of home! Your home! Every happy thought that makes you think of home, whether it be Cybertron, Mobius, or Nebulos, wherever you came from! Now, close your eyes.” Everyone did so. “Now, concentrate! Forget everything except what we’re all hearing now! …Now, imagine a ball of light, whatever color you see. Now…think of…home! Think of Animatros, Nebulos, Velocitron, wherever you came from! Now, take that thought, put it into the ball of light, and release it through yourself!” Everyone tried again. Their teachers grinned as they saw the results.

“Open your eyes,” chuckled Optimus. Everyone did so and were stunned! Everyone, organic and metallic, was golden and surrounded by a gold aura! …All except Knuckles. His was…a lighter shade of his usual fur color.

“…So that’s why you don’t usually turn Super,” snarked Shadow.

“What?” asked Knuckles.

“I guess real men DO wear pink.” Knuckles got the hint and snarled.

“It’s not pink! It’s a radiant magenta!”

“There’s nothing wrong with pink,” assured Amy as she finished examining her now golden quills.

“You and Arcee are pink! I turn magenta!”

“Everyone, let’s not argue of what does and doesn’t constitute pink,” chuckled Optimus. “We all managed to tap into the Emeralds…and learned that Gaia can recharge them in an instant.”

“I always could, but I dared not, should Unicron decide he needed them,” remarked Gaia.

“Well, in any case, we all learned how to get a super form and…Dr. Eggman, what happened to you?”

“What do you…?” Eggman looked down to see that his rotund shape had altered. Instead of being obese, he was muscular. As he examined himself, he grinned.

“OH YEAH! I SHOULD HAVE CUT TO THE CHASE YEARS AGO!” he cackled. “Gyms, you’re nothing more than a bush-league sweatshop!”

“Okay, that’s enough!” called Gaia. She snapped her fingers, and everyone went back to normal.

“Aw!” protested Eggman. Gaia gathered up the Emeralds.

“We’ll return here tomorrow and learn more skills,” called Megatron. “Right now, get some rest.” The crowd dispersed. Megatron then noticed Optimus heading off somewhere.

Optimus arrived at Ironhide and Chromia’s grave markers. He knelt by them. “Hey Ironhide, hey Chromia. …Yeah, I’m back, though I don’t have good news. …I don’t know if you noticed, but we’ve put aside our differences again.” Optimus then heard footsteps and turned to see Megatron approaching.

“Talking to Ironhide and Chromia?” he asked.

“Yeah, just about to tell them-”

“About the truth of our Gods?” asked a voice. The two bots stared at each other, then turned, then promptly yelped in surprise as transparent version of Ironhide, Chromia, and a young femme with earth motorcycle kibble stood by the grave markers.

“I must be seeing things!” gulped Optimus.

“If you’re seeing things, so am I!” muttered Megatron.

“Gaia granted us permission,” assured Ironhide’s ghost. “We learned about Primacron and his experiment when we died.”

“It’s good to see that you’re banding together,” sighed Chromia happily. The young femme just glared at Megatron.

“Megatronus,” she greeted.

“…Firestar,” returned Megatron.

“That’s Firestar?!” asked Optimus. Firestar’s face became more pleasant when she saw Optimus.

“And you’re the bot that gave Mom and Dad some sanity after my death,” she replied. She held her hand out for a shake. Optimus accepted and was surprised he could touch her.

“It’s an honor to meet you.”

“No doubt.”

“Optimus, Megatron,” Ironhide cut in, “we can’t do much because we’re dead, but there IS a way for you to beat Primus and Unicron!”

“There is?!” asked Megatron.

“You need to recombine Primus and Unicron into Primacron,” elaborated Chromia. “Tornedron also can’t absorb Chaos energy. To recombine Primus and Unicron, you must awaken Gaia’s mothers and her half-siblings. Once he’s gone and Primacron is one again, only then can you defeat him!”

“So, we need the Vok’s help,” muttered Megatron. He then looked to Optimus. “There IS something we need to do, Optimus.”

“Oh?” asked Optimus.

“Something that will unite us in our common goal against Primacron.” Megatron then pulled out an elaborate, empty container.

“…The Rite of Oneness?”

“The very same. We must not rest until Primacron’s machinations are undone.”

“…Then let’s get to it. Ironhide, Chromia, Firestar, can we avail upon you to be witnesses?”

“The dead are witnesses to every time someone’s performed the Rite of Oneness,” replied Chromia.

“But yes, we will,” Firestar finally answered. Optimus and Megatron took opposite sides of the container, then held their right pointer and middle fingers on their left wrists.

“I, Megatron, the one who suggested this ritual, proclaim the following vow: neither of us shall rest until Primacron’s twisted plans are undone permanently and Primacron and his armies are removed from the universe!”

“I, Optimus Prime, the one who agreed to this ritual, repeat the vow: neither of us shall rest until Primacron’s twisted plans are undone permanently and Primacron and his armies are removed from the universe!” They then removed their fingers from their wrists and opened a slot in them, then they held their wrists over the container, letting their innermost Energon flow out.

“To symbolize the strength of our agreement,” announced both bots, “we each contribute a portion of our most precious bodily substance, our fuel, our innermost Energon, and let our contributions mix and join as one!” They closed their wrists and pressed a button that ignited the fuel. “Now, with this sacrifice, so shall our bond be sealed! Whosoever breaks the bond gives his life in forfeit according to Cybertronian law!”

“And we serve as witness to your vow,” called Firestar. “Now, I need to see Thundercracker.”

“…Why meet your killer?” asked Megatron.

“Because he needs to know how much of him really was behind my death.”

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 23: Seeds of the Future)

TMC 23-8

On a Worldsweeper-class vessel, Shockwave’s old ship, the Enigma, Misfire was narrating to himself. “I wish I could say I was surprised, but…it was only a matter of time before we turned on each other. Our crew consists of Autotroopers and full-fledged Decepticons. War or not, shooting and killing each other’s what we do best. That said, I didn’t think things would fall apart as quickly as they did after Gaia brought us back…or as violently!” He shot someone who rounded a corner. The person, Rumble, then fell. “Whatever bonds we forged over the past few months were burnt the moment the first shot was fired. …Can you burn bonds?” He stepped over Soundwave’s body. “Soundwave, at least, tried to restore order. When he was killed (and Primus, was that messy), all Pit broke loose and I can’t help but feel…Of course, you can! ‘Burn bonds!’ It’s a saying! People say it! FOCUS, Misfire! You’re fighting for your life! …Misfire. Really weird when you say your own name in your head. MISfire. MisFIRE. …SHATTER! You SHATTER bonds, you don’t BURN bonds! Who in the Pit BURNS bonds?!” He then spotted an Aero-type Autotrooper. “Aero-379, the first to fall. Still can’t believe he didn’t get back up. All of which means there’s just the two of us left. Me and-”

“WACKYY-BLADES!” (SPINISTER!) shouted Spinister as he barreled towards Misfire and decked him in the face. Misfire readjusted his jaw and glared at Spinister.

“You just shouted out your own name, you Pinhead!”

“Twirl! In the mouse’s church!” (Yes! To confuse you!)

“Yeah?! Well, confuse THIS!” Misfire then headbutted Spinister in the chest and pushed him into the wall.

“Beetles don’t like peoples!” (That doesn’t make any sense either!) Spinister then kicked Misfire away. “Fishhook!” (Enough!) Misfire then sprawled out on the floor. He tried to pick himself up, but Spinister’s gun was right at his head. “The worms are in my head! They dress up in socks, Toehole!” (I would have waited an eternity for this! It’s over, Misfire!) Misfire simply smiled.

“…Yeah, fair enough.” A shot then rang throughout the ship and Misfire…stared at the dart that attached to his forehead via magnetism.


“True,” replied the grumpy Decepticon, “but I can’t listen to someone else’s party without wanting to mess with their holo-displays.”

“If anyone’s hacked off,” grunted Misfire as the “corpses” stood up and brushed the mag-darts off themselves, “it should be me! I really thought I had this one in the bag!”

“Flies buzz in your scalp. Make honey as you parade through skirts.” (You get distracted too easily. You bring the voices in your head out in the open.) replied Spinister.

“They’re called ‘Thoughts’,” grumbled Crankcase. “Let me know if you ever have one. Although, you’ll probably try and shoot it out your brain.” Spinister arched an eyebrow. “…That’s where thoughts live.”

“Bloop, dancing puffercows.” (Yeah, like squirrels.)


“I think Spinister’s referring to your self-narration,” remarked Aero-379 as he got a particularly massive dart off his where-the-sun-don’t-shine. “Whenever we play Shoot Shoot Bang Bang, you-”

“HEY!” snapped Crankcase. “I copyrighted the name! You have to pay me whenever you say it or invent your own!”

“…Whenever we play Mr. Grumpy Head Wound Toting Decepticon Doesn’t Understand How Trademarks Work, you always narrate to yourself aloud and gaze into the distance.” As Crankcase prepared to strangle the Autotrooper, Misfire gazed off into the distance.

“Aero-379’s right,” he remarked. “I DID have a peculiar habit of-”

“See?! You’re proving my point here!”

“Um, dudes?” called Soundwave as he approached the group. “I just did a headcount and found myself asking why you’re all here!”

“A question I ask myself every day,” grunted Crankcase.

“Dude, there’s no one at the helm! Why aren’t you piloting this boat?!”

“Oh, chill the Pit out! This crate flies itself!”

“And successfully navigates itself away from black holes?!” Crankcase opened his mouth to argue further. Nothing came out. His eyebrows then raised up in fear, then everyone else realized what Soundwave was saying! They dashed towards the bridge and manned their stations to escape the black hole.

“Pools swim for markers!” (Engaging warp drive!) called Spinister.

“Altering heading for 279 Mark 301!” reported Crankcase.

“Guys, warp engines aren’t responding!” yelped Flywheels.

“Activate shields!” called Soundwave. “Use the ones pointing towards the black hole to push us away from the gravitational well!”

“Activating shields!” replied Ratbat. “Intensifying areas aimed at the black hole! …Damn! Shields are unable to push us away!” Just then, the ship lurched.

“…Magic plants the fish in the desert!” (A ship’s locked on to us with a tractor beam!) reported Spinister.

“Can you identify it?!” asked Soundwave. Spinister checked his console.

“…Pebbles swim with moths in the lake, meowing at the sunset!” (I can’t get a clear reading, they’re cloaked somehow!)

“I guess visuals are out of the question,” grunted Crankcase.

“We’re moving away from the black hole!” cheered Flywheels.

“We just escaped the gravity well!” reported Ratbat. “Our shields are now pushing us away!” Soundwave sighed in relief.

“We’re on impulse power now,” called Crankcase.

“All stop,” ordered Soundwave. “Rumble, try and send thanks to our mystery saviors.”

“Got it,” replied Rumble. He opened a comms channel and sent their thanks. “…The ship wants to decloak to explain their intentions,” he answered back.

“On screen.” Rumble activated the screen and a ship shimmered into view. Everyone’s optics flickered in confusion.

“Home has hearts of iron, and coal burns pink,” (It’s Cybertronian, but I don’t recognize the design.) remarked Spinister.

“Run a Spark check,” Soundwave ordered Misfire.

“Running Spark check.” Misfire waited a few seconds, then his optics went wide. “Spark signature match found! It’s Megatron’s!”

“Red alert!” Soundwave called in his monotone voice and deployed his battle mask. The alarms sounded and the crew resumed their stations. “Target weapons at their engines!”

“They’re hailing us!” called Rumble.

“Open channel.” Megatron’s face then appeared. Everyone arched an eyebrow. “…Current appearance looks…robust,” remarked Soundwave.

“I thought I’d try a new look after defeating Unicron,” explained Megatron. “Soundwave, I know we didn’t part ways on the best of terms, but we need your help. It concerns our Gods.”

“Vector Sigma’s story: known to us. It is the current reason why we are adrift, doing odd jobs to survive.”

“I’m afraid the situation’s worse than you realize. Starscream’s after our collective head for daring to find out. We’re trying to get the Galactic Council on our side, but we need options.”

“Leave you lot alone for one minute, and look what happens,” remarked Misfire. “Everything’s gone to pot!”

“Soundwave, the Decepticons need you back something fierce! You need a way to defeat Starscream as much as we do!” Soundwave simply stared at Megatron. After a few seconds, he then lowered his battle-mask.

“Why should I take orders from you again? You almost set the D.J.D. on me before Deadlock took them.”

“Because what Starscream is planning is more dangerous than anything I could concoct. Soundwave, we must put aside our differences and work together. If and when we win, we can go our separate ways once more and no one will pursue you. You have my word.”

“…Fine, we’ll go with you.”

“Soundwave!” yelped Crankcase.

“One condition!” continued Soundwave. “You promise us that no one takes our head as we visit Cybertron during our travels!”

“Of course,” assured Megatron.

“Then let’s get going.” The call ended. “Crankcase, follow Megatron’s ship.”

“…Aye, Sir,” grunted Crankcase. The two ships then left that sector of space.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 23: Seeds of the Future)

TMC 23-7

On a moon orbiting a blue and green planet, there was a base. The base once housed multiple Decepticons, now it housed Eggacons, the Combaticons, Morgane, and Dr. Eggman. Eggman and Morgaine were snuggling in the command chair within the base’s main command center, just enjoying each other’s company. After returning from Cybertron, Eggman and Morgaine tied the knot and did everything they could to make the lives below feel like Hell. Though, the Autobot forces below were putting a damper on the Eggman Empire’s plans, so they decided that a little break was needed. “…What should we attempt to conquer next?” mused Eggman. Morgane thought it over for a few seconds.

“…You know, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see Adabat.”

“Ah, get some old Southeast Asian ideas?”

“Something along those lines.”

“Then that’s where we’ll go! Computer, inform the Combati-” Onslaught then ran into the command center in a panicked state.

“The sky! A portal! Danger! All sorts of-!”

“ONSLAUGHT ROBOTNIK!” snapped Eggman. Onslaught then stood to attention. “My boy, rushing in here in a panic is ill-becoming of a soldier. Now, explain to me, calmly, what’s going on.” Onslaught drew in a breath before explaining.

“A Space Bridge Portal opened near us!”

“WHAT?!” Eggman and Morgane abandoned the seat and checked the readings. “That’s almost inside our defense perimeter! Red alert! Raise shields and arm weapons!” The alarms rang throughout the base, the Combaticons took their battle stations, and the Decimator, Revenge, and Whale Shark left the hangars and combined into the Fatal Consequence. The Cybertronian fleet then poured out of the Space Bridge portal before it closed.

“Autobots, too?!” asked Brawl as he saw the Ark.

“Wha?” asked Eggman. “Why are both sides coming out at the same time?! And what’s that ship right there?!” Eggman pointed to the new Decepticon Flagship. “Where’s the Nemesis?! …Unless it was-”

“Doc, the new vessel’s hailing us,” reported Swindle.

“Put it through!” Megatron’s face then appeared.

“Apologies for startling you,” he greeted, “but there’s a matter that Optimus and I must take care of as soon as possible on Mobius.”

“Oh no, you don’t!” snapped Eggman. “I won’t suffer Decepticons, or Predacons, or-or Vroomacons, or whatever the heck subgroups you brought! I’ve had it with the Transformers and I’m going to see their immediate destruction!”

“Sounds like you and Starscream are competing for that goal.” Eggman blinked.

“…He’s trying to destroy…isn’t he a Transformer?”

“A Transformer that predates us, according to Vector Sigma. Look, why don’t we all meet with the Queen and Gaia and explain the whole thing?”

“…Fine, I’ll entertain the story for now.”

Gaia looked towards the sky as she stood outside the Autobot base. She sighed as she felt the wind blow past her. “Such life,” she whispered to herself. “And such a blend of magic and science! …They may surpass…hm?” She then saw people shimmering into existence. She blinked as she saw them. “Optimus? …Megatron? …Sonic? …Eggman?” Her eyes widened as she saw the last person. “VECTOR SIGMA?!”

“Greetings, Half-sister Gaia,” replied Vector Sigma.

“Wait, how did you-?!” Gaia then looked at Optimus and Megatron. “…You know your origins.”

“And our race’s ultimate fate once one side obliterates the other,” remarked Megatron.

“We need to talk to Aleena and inform her of the situation,” urged Optimus.

“…T-AI, did you get all that?” Gaia asked over a communicator.

“Aleena’s been informed and she’s on her way,” replied T-AI.

“Excellent. We have a story to discuss.”

Aleena, Merlin, Sonic, Eggman, Morgane, Gaia, Vector Sigma, Optimus, and Megatron sat around the conference table and Vector Sigma and Gaia told them the events leading up to Primus and Unicron. “So, you can see how dangerous the situation is,” said Gaia as she finished the tale. Eggman looked over his glasses.

“This is all a very interesting story, but…why am I listening to it?” he asked. Optimus and Megatron winced as they looked at each other. Sonic decided to speak for them.

“The instant they found out,” he explained, “Starscream told Tornedron to go to Cybertron. Unicron had also gotten back to his old body and munched on a planet and its people before he made his way to Cybertron.”

“And we have reason to believe,” continued Vector Sigma, “that they will destroy any world that was touched by the Transformers’ original conflict.” That made Eggman worry.


“They want a blank slate so they could restart the experiment anew,” elaborated Gaia.

“Are you telling me,” hissed Eggman, “that there are people out there that intend to destroy this planet and one of them knows its strengths and weaknesses?!” The silence answered his question. “…You know, the Metarex had a spy within the Black Block Consortia! I read the intelligence reports on the off-chance I wanted to conquer the universe! Megatron cured me of that, but I still ask you this: do you have any idea what kind of response this will provoke from the Consortia and their employers, the Galactic Council?!”

“They’ll probably want to conduct a siege-defense strategy for any vulnerable worlds,” remarked Optimus. “We understand that, but any strategies like that would have to be a joint operation between us and the Consortia.”

“Come on, Optimus! Even in the small amount of research I did on them, the Council and Consortia won’t be interested in any joint operations! They won’t believe your story about the Vok or their Goddesses or some rogue scientist that split himself into YOUR Gods! They will assume that the modern Transformers created Tornedron, and they will respond accordingly!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” asked Megatron.

“It means that they will seize this opportunity to eliminate Cybertron and its allies and colonies! They’ll send fleets to glass any worlds allied with you lot, whether they fly Autobot or Decepticon colors!” At that point, Vector Sigma stood up.

“We will cooperate in a coordinated assault on Starscream’s forces,” he hissed, “but we will NOT allow our allies to suffer because of us!”

“Of course not,” agreed Eggman. “So Cybertron and its allies will send their own fleets to protect their own, but, eventually, the two sides will meet, tensions will rise, nerves will fray, and someone on either side will make the tiniest, fatal mistake!”

“And a war bloodier than our own,” remarked Megatron, “will erupt and destroy both sides, making it easier for Tornedron to mop up the remains.”

“It’s not a thought I relish, Megatron.”

“Neither do we,” growled Optimus as he put his head on his joined-together hands.

“That’s why we must plead our case to the Galactic Council before that conflict even starts,” declared Aleena.

“Well, unless I mistake what Megatron told me once upon a time, the Transformers are forbidden from speaking to the Council. So, I don’t see how we can prevent this war from beginning.”

“We have an ally and a way to make our case,” explained Optimus. “Cosmo’s mother, Earthia, has a seat on the Council. In fact, the Seedrians are one of the Founding Members of the Council. If Cosmo could persuade Earthia to co-sign an omega level request, we can speak to the Council and debate alongside them.”

“You better hope the Council is receptive to your case,” warned Eggman. “Because if they’re not, then we’re all finished.”

“I’ve already told Cosmo, and she’s talking to her mother. I’d say we have a good chance. In the meantime, we need someone to help coordinate communications if we decide to go to war against Starscream’s fleet.”

“I’ll take the Nemesis-A to Soundwave’s position,” offered Megatron.

“…He’s not gonna be in a listening mood with you around,” remarked Optimus.

“No, but he will listen to my case at least.”

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 23: Seeds of the Future)

TMC 23-6

“Scorponok, how go the Space Bridge repairs?” Megatron asked the Metrotitan.

“Swimmingly, my Lord, especially with the Gigantians’ help. I severely underestimated Metroplex and his people.”

“How soon can we begin evacuations?”

“Within the mega-cycle.”

“Excellent! Keep up the good work!”

“Will do!” Megatron then headed off to meet with the rest of the Decepticons in christening the new Decepticon ship. He hopped onto a teleporter pad and was beamed into the ship’s bridge. It was certainly more spacious than the Nemesis. Thundercracker, Shockwave, Strika, Waspinator, and Ransack stood by. Megatron then took up a bottle of Engex.

“Decepticons, we lost a magnificent ship,” he began, “but we gained a new one. However, much like our previous one, this ship is more than engines and weapons and computers. It’s our home as we journey through the stars and fight against Starscream’s forces. If we treat it right, it will always take us home. With that,” he raised the bottle, “I hereby christen this ship DWS-4120-A, the newest ship to carry the name…Nemesis!” He smashed the bottle on the wall and it broke. Everyone clapped after that. Just then, Ravage came onto the bridge.

“Lord Megatron, the Space Bridge is complete,” he reported. Thundercracker whistled.

“That was fast,” he remarked.

“Are the evacuation ships being boarded?” asked Megatron.

“They were already boarded while the Space Bridge was being rebuilt, my Lord,” replied Ravage. “We’re ready to go at your discretion.”

“Has Optimus been informed?”

“Metroplex already reported the news to him.”

“…Then it’s time to stop stalling and evacuate Cybertron. I trust we know the first planet?”

“Gigantion, because it’s the closest.”

“Good. Set the Space Bridge for Gigantion.” Ravage saluted, then gave the necessary orders.

The massive starships housing Cybertronian refugees hovered in the air as the Space Bridge opened a portal to Gigantion. The first three were waved through. Once all three went through the portal, it closed as the coordinates changed to Velocitron. The portal reopened and four ships went through. The coordinates were then changed to Animatros and allowed four ships through, then three to Nebulos, and the last two were set for Mobius. As the last two went through, the Cybertronian fleet, led by the Ark and the new Nemesis, were set to follow them when… “Optimus!” called Cliffjumper on the Ark. “Up in the sky!” A golden cloud of light was approaching.

“Tornedron!” whispered Optimus in fear. Just then, Galen appeared on the Ark’s bridge via a teleport beam. “Galen, wha-?!”

“That wasn’t me!” yelped Galen. “Fortress did that!”

“The Metrotitans are hailing the fleet!” called Prowl. “Audio only!”

“Put it through!” The four Metrotitans then appeared.

“Galen, if you’re receiving this,” began Fortress, “it means I don’t want you to come with me on this as it’s a suicide mission.”

“With Tornedron in our sights, we can’t allow any of you to die at Tornedron’s whim,” continued Scorponok.

“Once the fleet is through, we’re closing it so we can fight Tornedron head on,” supplied Metroplex.

“We’re aware that we can’t destroy him,” rumbled Trypticon, “but we CAN slow him down so you all can make your case to the Galactic Council.”

“Galen, live well and keep your fellow Nebulans safe,” wished Fortress. “You honored Cerebros and I with your friendship.”

“Quickmix, it is my honor and privilege to name you the new Megalo Convoy,” bid Metroplex. “Lead our planet wisely.”

“Decepticons, I know our relationship was rocky,” continued Scorponok, “but being small DID give me a new perspective. To you, my fellow Predacons, I wish you success in your new partnership with the Maximals.”

“And Lord Megatron, if you’re thinking of telling me to come with you,” finished Trypticon, “I’m sorry, but I must disobey. I was foolish enough to follow Starscream’s orders, so I must atone. Lead the Decepticons well.” The call then ended.

Metroplex keyed in a command on his massive wrist computer and the Cybertronian fleet then went through the portal on automatic. Once they were through, the portal shut down and the Metrotitans looked to the sky. “Never thought I’d be fighting side-by-side with Autobots,” muttered Trypticon.

“What about side-by-side with fellow Metrotitans?” asked Metroplex. Trypticon looked to his Autobot rival, then smiled as much as his lizard-like mouth would allow.

“Yeah, I can work with that.” Tornedron then hovered over the Metrotitans and the face of a corporeal Vok appeared in the cloud.

“Where are your people?!” demanded Tornedron.

“Beyond your reach!” snarled Scorponok.

“Nothing is beyond Tornedron’s reach!”

“Tornedron!” called Fortress. “I demand that you leave this planet and surrender to us immediately!”

“You cannot make demands of ME!” Tornedron then shrank down and made itself into the image of a massive, winged-lizard the size of a Metrotitan! The Metrotitans then pulled out their Cyber Keys.

“Never thought I’d use this again,” muttered Metroplex. He then looked to his comrades, then they flicked their Keys to the sky and summoned energy from their Sparks.

“CYBER KEY POWER!” they all shouted as they fired their energies into the Keys. The Keys then entered the slots on their backsides, then turned, unlocking their arsenals. Fortress raised his hands so the guns tucked away in his hips could swing out. Scorponok’s tail stinger and shoulder weapons leveled themselves at Tornedron, Metroplex’s shoulders deployed twin-barreled guns, and a set of shoulder cannons swung up from Trypticon’s back while a massive cannon sprouted from between his optics. They all leveled their guns at Tornedron.

“FIRE!” shouted Fortress Maximus. The four fired their weapons, but Tornedron simply absorbed the energy and grew bigger. It then grabbed the four in one clawed fist and drained them of their energy, thus extinguishing their Sparks. It then released its grip and the four Metrotitans fell, offline and gunmetal-gray. Tornedron then smirked as it looked at the corpses. It returned to its cloud form just as Unicron appeared.

“Termination sequence has-” Tornedron was then assaulted with a mental attack.


“ENOUGH!” boomed a voice. Tornedron’s torture then stopped, and it recovered as Unicron pointed his maw at the equator.

“So, you’ve finally awakened, Primus!” he growled. As the voice spoke, lights from inside Cybertron’s Sonic Canyons glowed.

“Yes, I am awake,” replied the voice, Primus. “And Starscream and his fellows are still within the area. Vector Sigma has informed the Transformers of our combined past, so we must go to Voksphere.”

“I am still unable to consume Voksphere!”

“Tornedron will, once we alter him a bit.” Starscream’s War-world then appeared between all three beings.

“My Lords, if we are to achieve any victory,” he called over the comms, “we MUST destroy the Transformers! They’re sure to gather allies!”

“Tornedron will follow you to them,” ordered Primus.

“Rendezvous with us once they are gone,” commanded Unicron.

“At once, My Lords,” replied Starscream. The War-world and Tornedron then headed off.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 23: Seeds of the Future)

TMC 23-5

“Vector Sigma’s right,” Optimus said to Megatron. “We can’t live like this anymore. This will be the perfect basis to form a new era of peace on Cybertron!”

“Half of that,” remarked Megatron, “involves going against our Gods!”

“You will have my help, and Gaia’s help, it seems,” offered Vector Sigma. “Believe it or not, I’ve already recreated my old body. My mind is still linked to the supercomputer I became, but I can walk as freely as you now. Watch.” A tube then popped up out of the floor and opened to reveal Vector Sigma’s corporeal Vok body. The body then turned and smiled, proving that Vector Sigma was back. “And the Key told me about what happened after I unbricked the Matrix for you, Optimus. So, you met Gaia and she became the sole Goddess of Mobius! I must see her again.” Just then, something dropped from the ceiling.

“…Oh, yeah, kinda forgot about Starscream following us,” mumbled Optimus. Starscream was livid and Vector Sigma was in disbelief.

“You led him HERE?!” wailed Vector Sigma.

“Give me a break! He was trying to keep us out!”

“And that little broadcast is the reason why!” snarled Starscream. “Thanks to you, I have exactly ZERO Metrotitans! All four of them are currently trying to squish my people!”

“Starscream, hold up, there’s one loose thread here,” remarked Megatron. “Not exactly important, but I thought Skywarp was the Autobot Scientist Spanner once and lost his wife and child during Zeta Prime’s rule.”

“That was nothing more than one of his sob stories to throw his enemies off guard!”

“If you saw the broadcast,” urged Vector Sigma, “then you should know that I didn’t exactly have a choice here!”

“You had EVERY choice, Vector Sigma! You could have stayed silent! Instead, you told them everything!”

“I meant no harm! To you OR the Arti-Voks’ successors, the modern Transformers!”

“Too late! Your broadcast has contaminated the project! The harm has been done! That which does not adhere to Primacron’s will…shall become VOID!”

“No! Wait!” pleaded Optimus. “We can do this experiment WITHOUT killing-!”

“I’m not interested! Neither are Primacron’s halves! This experiment will be sterilized!”

“You can’t do that! We’re living creatures like anyone else in the universe! You, with all your power, even you have no right!”

“I have no choice! Letting light and dark blend together is more dangerous than you know!” Starscream then activated his comms. “Skywarp, the project’s off! We need to start again! Signal Tornedron! Tell him to begin termination sequence!”

“At once, Starscream,” replied Skywarp. Starscream then transformed and flew through the hole in the ceiling.

“Oh no, you don’t!” snarled Optimus. He, Megatron, and Vector Sigma then flew upwards and gave chase. Megatron fired at Starscream’s thrusters, making him fall.

“Starscream?!” Skywarp called over the comms as all the Arti-Voks ran for the War-world. “Starscream, come in! …Strago!”

“What is it?!” asked Sunstorm.

“I lost communications with Starscream! Unicron’s back in his old body and is on his way, according to recent readings!”

Back with Optimus and Megatron’s forces, including the Metrotitans, they were still stumbling around after Vector Sigma’s broadcast. “He…he…” mumbled Ratchet.

“He did what was necessary,” replied Prowl. “Optimus and Megatron can’t order another prolonged battle, not with our survival at stake.”

“So, Vector Sigma took it upon himself to destroy our faith?! Prowl, we needed that!”

“None of us were the ones who reawakened Vector Sigma fully,” remarked Shockwave. “Is it really our place to be angry with him?”

“It most certainly IS! Th-There HAD to have been another way!”

“It’s not that simple, Ratchet!” boomed Fortress. “There was an unknown threat hanging over our heads! Vector Sigma saved our lives by making us aware of Tornedron!”

“WHAT ABOUT OUR BELIEFS?! All of our struggles and Energon spilled and…countless sacrifices…only for some schmuck from a dead species to tell us that even our demigods…were nothing more than lab rats…TO BE EXTERMINATED ONCE OUR GODS’ EXPERIMENT WAS OVER?!”

“Right decision or wrong, what’s done is done,” replied Prowl. “But we have another problem now. The War-world already sent out a signal into space, most likely to Tornedron. And if intelligence reports are right, Unicron’s back in his old body and is on his way here.”

“Meaning we’re not safe on Cybertron anymore,” called Megatron’s voice. He, Optimus, and Vector Sigma approached the crowd after going through the door during Ratchet’s breakdown. The two leaders looked at the sullen faces. “…Autobots, Decepticons,” began Megatron, “my faith in Primus was just as shattered as yours when Vector Sigma told us the truth about our war. I will admit, I feel as if the Gods spat on the sacrifices I’ve made, but I intend to prove to them how much of a mistake that was!”

“He speaks for me,” called Optimus. “Au…no, Transformers of all factions, we face a threat to our very existence! Rest assured; we WILL survive this crisis! But, to ensure the safety of our people, we have no choice but to temporarily evacuate Cybertron!”

“Velocitron is opening its borders to all Cybertronian refugees!” called Override.

“So will Animatros!” confirmed Kong Primal.

“As will Gigantion!” rumbled Metroplex.

“And Nebulos will be happy to assist you!” announced Llyra.

“Mobius has long been used to Transformers,” said Sonic, “so I personally don’t see why we can’t host any refugees. Just…just don’t fight amongst yourselves.”

“They won’t,” assured Megatron.

“Then the first step,” remarked Optimus, “is to rebuild the Space Bridge.”

“Leave that to me!” called Scorponok. “With others helping me, we’ll have that Space Bridge fixed in no time!”

“And I will prepare Cybertron’s defenses!” offered Trypticon. “With other engineers helping me, we won’t need to use Primus as a battery!”

“I can help it so that the defenses wire up to only my computer interface!” called Vector Sigma.

“Lord Megatron!” Thundercracker ran up to the group. “Lord Megatron, Saurion stole the Nemesis!”


“He took a few crewmates with him! Lugnut, Dirt Boss, Mole Dive, and Thunderblast! They abandoned us!” Megatron drew in a breath, then sighed.

“Let them go for now,” he ordered. “We’ll hunt them down in due course. In the meantime, we must find another flagship.”

“I have something that may help us in that regard,” offered Shockwave, “and give us a little more firepower than the Nemesis could offer.” As Scorponok and Trypticon led their teams to their respective assignments, Shockwave led Megatron and Optimus to a secret hangar…which was a surprise, given that the hangar was so large. The ship itself was three times the size of the Nemesis, had a tall bridge tower, a bow shaped like a hand opened as if it were reaching for something, and massive engines powering the warp field generators on its wings.

“I’ve never seen such a design before!” breathed Megatron. “What is it?!”

“The often talked about but never confirmed Kaon-class vessel,” replied Shockwave. “Officially, it’s classified as a Decepticon Heavy Transport. That was just something to confuse Autobot intelligence. In reality, the Kaon-class vessel is a warship with a cloaking device, nothing more, nothing less.”

“A cloaking device?” asked Optimus. “No wonder the project was abandoned. The Galactic Council outlawed cloaking devices while our war was raging.”

“That ban was simply the official reason,” corrected Shockwave. “You see, five years before the ban, we began exploring the possibility of building a new class of starship. This ship would have minimal families, minimal science labs, minimal luxuries of all kinds. It was designed for one purpose only: to fight and defeat the Go-bots. The namesake of the class, the Kaon, was the prototype, the first ship in what would have been the Worldsweeper-class’s replacement.”

“So, what happened?” asked Optimus. “Where IS the Kaon anyway?”

“Optimus is right, I don’t see the registry number,” remarked Megatron.

“The Kaon was scrapped a while ago, but I kept this particular vessel when the project was abandoned, thanks to the Go-bot threat becoming less urgent. Also, some design flaws cropped up during the Kaon’s shakedown cruise.”

“What sort of design flaws?” asked Megatron.

“You, Optimus, and the engineers will have complete access to the ship evaluation reports, my Lord, but to put it simply, it’s overpowered and over gunned for a ship its size. During battle drills, it nearly tore itself apart when the engines were tested at full capacity.”

“And you think this should be the new flagship of the Decepticon fleet?!”

“With engineers at my side, we should be able to shore up the design flaws before Tornedron gets here.”

“I’m afraid you’re going to have to work on it while it’s going through space,” remarked Optimus. “I’m requesting that Cybertron be represented on the Galactic Council. While you were talking, Shockwave, I received a Council Report that Unicron had devoured Quintessa before departing for Cybertron, making the crew of one ship the last Quintessons. It’s an all-male crew, regretfully, and they don’t have enough resources to colonize a new world. I’m going to offer them the hand of friendship and help them take revenge on Unicron…and present what we’ve learned to the Council, asking them for help in the process.”

“Optimus, there is NO way the Council will listen to us!” argued Megatron.

“They will if I issue an Omega level request.”

“…You really think the universe is at stake?”

“If Starscream gets his way, then yeah. The truth is, if we don’t stop them, Primus and Unicron will use creations that are would never know peace and would give them the readout they’ve been looking for and thus bringing the universe to only one element.”

“…Very well. In the meantime, I’ll have a few ground forces hunt for Starscream. If he reunites with his forces, they’ll escape Cybertron and make it easier for them to survive Tornedron’s wrath.”

“I’ll send some soldiers with yours. It’s time to test if they’re willing to put aside their differences for a greater threat once more.”

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 23: Seeds of the Future)

TMC 23-4

“N-no. No!” remarked Optimus as Starscream helped Primacron create Skywarp and Sunstorm. “Starscream’s old, but he’s not THAT old!”

“Optimus is right,” agreed Megatron. “He never revealed his age, but body-dating places him to be, at least, twice my age.”

“Funny what bodily regeneration can do for a bot, hm?” chuckled Vector Sigma. While they were talking, Starscream and Primacron created the entire War-world Crew.

“So, what, they picked up their leader during the Unicron Games?” asked Optimus. Starscream then touched Sunstorm and the two were enveloped in a bright light. The light died and only Starscream remained.

“So THAT’S how Sunstorm became a part of Starscream,” remarked Megatron.

“And that’s not all of them,” replied Vector Sigma. “His creatures became bigger and bigger until finally…” a yellow cloud of light then formed, “he created Tornedron, a cloud of living energy that, like a cannibal, feeds on energy, leaving suns dark and planets inert, blank slates to do with as he pleases! He unleashed Tornedron on two worlds, once inhabited, now drained so he could construct his greatest creations. Thanks to a vision, I warned Lux, Umbra, and Gaia, and we stormed his lab with a team of police. This was the first time I had ever seen my mothers and step-sister so angry…and they were rightfully angry!” The scene changed to Primacron typing in a command on his computer until the door was torn down by the Vok Police and their Goddesses. Lux, Umbra, and Gaia were in vaguely humanoid shapes, respectively composed of light, dark, and green energy clouds.

“Primacron, you’re under arrest!” shouted Lux.

“You dared pursue experiments and spells that separate light and dark when you should be using them both!” growled Umbra.

“You disrupt the balance with your experiments!” snarled Gaia.

“…Vector Sigma found out, didn’t he?” sighed Primacron.

“Come quietly, Primacron,” ordered Lux. “You will receive a fair trial.”

“I somehow doubt that. Arti-Voks, break them!” Starscream and his troops then attacked the Vok while Primacron did battle with his Goddesses and Vector Sigma.

“Our battle was long and fierce, nearly tearing Voksphere apart,” relayed Vector Sigma, “but, in the end, we lost.” Primacron was thrown near a console, then he pressed a button and all the people of Voksphere, Goddesses included, quickly turned to stone, save for Vector Sigma and Primacron and his creations. “I tried everything to stop him, but the Arti-Voks’ transformation abilities proved too much for me.”

“Since you can no longer stop me,” Primacron taunted the past Vector Sigma, “I might as well tell you what the experiment will achieve. I intend to see which will win, light or darkness. I will split myself in two, one being a creator of light, the other a dark destroyer, and use them to figure out what is ultimately the dominant force. My creator half will send soldiers to stop my dark half while the destroyer will corrupt other soldiers to fight for him. If that initial battle ends in a stalemate, then the soldiers that spawn from my light half will fight against one another and be the new representatives of darkness. Once the fight results in one side being totally obliterated, then Starscream shall recombine my halves and tell me the results. Then I will kill either Lux or Umbra and turn the universe to the survivor’s element. If both sides make peace before readout, Tornedron will wipe the slate clean, and my halves will try again.”

“As long as I breathe, you won’t win!” challenged Past Vector Sigma.

“Bold of you to assume you will exist in a form…with lungs!” Primacron then fired a laser at Vector Sigma and turned him into energy. He then encased the energy in a gold multi-faceted sphere.”

“So that’s how you became the greatest supercomputer,” mused Optimus. “I’m…sorry that happened.”

“Hold on, two halves?” asked Megatron. The scene played on as Primacron keyed in a command on the console. Soon, two giant, planet-sized beings appeared within Voksphere’s solar system. Both had metal wings, but one was skeletal in appearance. One looked to be a wise sage while the other looked like the devil. Optimus and Megatron recognized the shapes.

“Primus!” gasped Optimus as he pointed to the sage-person.

“And Unicron!” breathed Megatron as he pointed to the devil. Primacron then gathered light and darkness in each hand, then fired them into Primus and Unicron’s bodies. He faded from existence, and once he did, Primus and Unicron’s optics flashed online and they locked their gazes on one another, their faces contorting in rage before they charged at each other and fought. “So, Primus and Unicron…were once a Vok known as Primacron?!” asked Megatron.

“Yes…yes, I’m afraid so,” confirmed Vector Sigma.

“…Wait, I met Gaia,” remarked Optimus. “It was after the Unicron Games. If she was turned to stone like Lux and Umbra…”

“She is a Nature Goddess,” replied Vector Sigma. “Stone is part of her specialty.” Gaia broke out of her stone prison and then thrust her hand into the ground. She strained, trying to free the Vok. “Regretfully, the initial petrification drained Gaia’s energy, so she only broke out after the Thirteen defeated Unicron.” Gaia then looked up and flew out of Voksphere’s atmosphere. “Eaten up by revenge, she sought the two halves of Primacron, but was only able to find Unicron. As she dueled him and imprisoned him, along with herself, within a stone sphere, she managed to find my consciousness and told me to find receptive Sparks who could handle the truth and rally everyone to fight against Primacron’s halves and the Arti-Voks. So, I began my search…and found two. Once you entered my chamber, I broadcasted this entire tale across Cybertron. Everyone now knows why they were fighting an endless war, both sides were nothing more than aspects of Primacron’s twisted ideals, the Autobots representing light and the Decepticons representing darkness.”

“…So, that’s it?” asked Megatron, downcast at what his life entailed. “I fought on both sides…only to hear that my sacrifices were meaningless?”

“Don’t take all the grief,” mumbled Optimus. “I was just as bad by staying on my side.”

“But now, you can change that fate!” urged Vector Sigma as the projection faded and revealed the Vector Sigma Chamber. “You, my receptive Sparks, can turn the Transformers into something more than machines fighting against machines! Right now, your forces are going after Starscream and his siblings!”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just Cybertron that heard the news. While he was in transwarp, Unicron saw everything through his mental link to Primus. He heard about Vector Sigma telling Optimus and Megatron about the experiment and their fate. He roared in frustration and changed course, searching for Tornedron.