story Weaver's Journey

Weaver’s Journey Finale

We had maintained a holding pattern for 150 years in Hell. As usual, we got our information by probe. This day, the probe showed Nemesis Prime charging Intrag’s sword with the dark powers he learned from Primacron’s dark half, Unicron. They were going to try to make a portal out of Hell. Meanwhile, Dr. Borg was cuddling with her spouses as Igura and Hana made an image of Megumi out of rocks. Hiro raised a stick as a sword. “And so, it’s come to this, my greatest enemy!” he said to the rocks. “You’re finished, Kamen Rider Royal! THIS…is the final fight!” He then swung the stick at the rocks and scattered them.

“Hush, simpleton!” hissed Dr. Borg. “I want to see how badly this flops!” Intrag raised the sword.

“COLUKAS!” he shouted as he swung down. The swing made an energy wave that opened a rip in mid-air, but it closed itself. Intrag and the Terrorcons roared in fury. “I! WILL NOT! BE DENIED!”

“Why don’t you face it?” sighed Dr. Borg. “It’s going to fail again, like your previous attempts!”

“At least Intrag and I attempt to free us from this prison!” snarled Nemesis Prime. “I won’t sit idly by and listen to Hiro’s inane ramblings for another decade! And the way you chew-!”

“Hey, I keep my mouth shut!”

“I was referring to your wings fluttering every time your jaws break down your food!”

“They do NOT!”

“Okay,” I muttered, “I’ve heard enough. Order the probe to decloak.”

On the surface, as Dr. Borg and Nemesis Prime were arguing, the probe revealed itself and startled them. Their yelps attracted everyone’s attention and Hiro arched an eyebrow. “Looks like a Borg device,” he said.

“It most certainly is NOT one of mine!” grunted Dr. Borg.

“Not you! There’s a collective of cyborgs made from different races called the Borg. They’re usually found in Star Trek universes.” It was then they noticed the shadow of the Imperium.

“Above us!” called Jansha. Everyone looked up to see my ship. I then appeared in front of them.

“A thing of beauty, ain’t it?” I chuckled. “The first of its class. The Lords’ flagship.”

“Who are you?!” demanded Hiro.

“I thought the Japanese consider it rude to ask questions before you introduce yourself. Not that it will do you much good, Adachi Hiro. I know all your names and stories. Hiro, your wife, Igura, was killed by Skaro Daleks after Caan freed them. She was pregnant with your daughter. Dr. Cytanek Yavenag Borg, you, your spouses, and fellow councilors drained your gods and destroyer in a bid to use their Divine Mana to become gods yourself, but Arsha and her lovers stopped that and ended the Final War. King Intrag Emboramii, Oyed abandoned you after just one mishap and left you to languish here. Nemesis Prime, formerly known as Miles Prower of Moebius, you and your Terrorcons were killed during Unicron’s rule over Mobius. I’m guessing you all want out.”

“After seeing our gods here,” remarked Nemesis, “yeah, we do.”

“And you claim to have that way out?” asked Intrag.

“Don’t take his offer!” urged Hiro. “It’s still a Borg ship! He’s probably their new Locutus!”

“Hardly, I’m the ‘Queen’ of this mini-collective,” I replied.

“…Why’s your skull normal?”

“I just needed a neural transceiver to give order to chaos.”

“You seem familiar with us,” remarked Intrag, “but we’re at a disadvantage in that we don’t know your name.”

“Then let me even the playing field,” I replied. “I am Khan, the Author.” Hiro and Igura’s eyes goggled.

“Anansi’s student?!” asked Igura.

“The very same.” A slight lie, but they don’t need to know my Kaminoan origins.

“Who is Anansi?” asked Dr. Borg.

“I thought he was just an old Mazuri myth,” remarked Nemesis. Hiro and Igura looked at him in confusion. “Africa became Mazuri both in my old universe and in the universe I died in.”

“He is no myth,” I said with distaste. “After he tried to keep me from the Tome, we parted company. The Lords, the mini-Collective I now command, were the Tome Guardians.”

“So the Tome exists as well,” purred Igura.

“And it’s in my possession,” I warned. “Now, to business. You want out and I want troops.”

“How will fighting your battles benefit us in the long run?” asked Intrag.

“I offer a new multiverse that you lot can rule over as immortals. Giving you the unageing and invulnerable bodies is an easy task (I can use the Tome for that), but I need the Sources of the Apocalypse and Flourishment as well as the Master Wand, Mirror of Reality, and Time Amethyst to make you full gods and to rewrite the multiverse’s history. You will have to decide how that history goes first.”

“Will our enemies be involved in that new history?” asked Nemesis.

“Not if you don’t want them to.” Everyone grinned.

“Say goodbye forever, Optimus Prime and Megatron!” cheered Nemesis.

“I was denied the chance to see the multiverse for a thousand years,” said Hana, “and I’m not about to waste this chance!”

“I’m eager to finally bring Megumi Hishikawa to heel!” chuckled Hiro.

“Godhood was our original goal,” purred Dr. Borg, “and wiping Arsha out will be a bonus!”

“And I will enjoy disposing of the Divine Ones and Oyed!” laughed Intrag. “We have a bargain!”

“Excellent!” I cheered. “Tell me, have you all heard of New Mordor and Shocker Umbra?”

“Yeah, we did,” shuddered Hiro. “The Oni read about them with the morning announcements during our sharing circles.”

“Not one more sob story!” groaned Yulduk.

“Well, I have them as allies,” I explained. “With you lot, we’ll have enough commanders to accomplish our goals.”

“Then let’s get to it!” cheered Igura.

“Hold it!” warned Hiro as a thought entered his head. “You aren’t gonna assimilate us, are you?”

“Do you want to be?” I asked innocently.

“Not really.”

“Then no. We only assimilate those who WANT to be assimilated. You guys are safe. First things first, though, you all need ships.” I then wrote a passage into the Tome and read it aloud. “‘When the Tome snapped shut, the Scorpion, a Shocker Rift saucer, and a red ship of an odd design appeared next to the Imperium.’”

“Ah, a Tome demonstration, hm?” guessed Dr. Borg. I nodded and closed the Tome. When the Tome snapped shut, the Scorpion, a Shocker Rift command saucer, and a red ship of an odd design appeared next to the Imperium.

“That ship came from Primacron’s old universe, Terrorcons,” I explained. “It’s a Genocide-class planet destroyer, the prototype Unicron and the last of its class. The cannon on the front fires a beam of destructive energy into the planet’s core and shatters the world.”

“You call it what you like,” chuckled Nemesis as he rubbed his hands, “I call it the Hellfire!”

“I’ll send some more crewmates to the ship,” I offered. “The Hellfire needs a crew of 80 to man it. You all should be getting all the access codes right now.”

“Got them!” said Nemesis. He then activated his comms. “Nemesis Prime to Hellfire, seven to beam directly to the bridge!” They vanished in red light.

“I’m familiar with that type of saucer,” remarked Hiro. “It’s a Raider-class saucer, designed for hit and run tactics, but can be used as a command ship in a pinch. Crew complement is 60. I think I’ll call it the Dominion.” He tested out his old command codes. “…Still works! Hiro to Dominion, three to beam aboard!” Hiro, Igura, and Hana vanished in blue light.

“And the Scorpion still works as it did in the past,” I assured Dr. Borg. “There’s already a crew from the Realms waiting for you all.” Dr. Borg made a call.

“Dr. Borg to Scorpion,” she said, “11 to beam aboard.” They all vanished in the usual orange light of a teleport spell. I then called my ship.

“Author to Imperium,” I said, “one to beam up.” I returned to my ship and our little fleet left Hell. I then made it so that those I rescued had bodies unable to die or age. They thanked me for their return to life and a chance to see the multiverse. I assured them that it was no bother. As our ships came into contact with New Mordor and Shocker Umbra, I outlined the plan. Thanks to the security surrounding the Master Wand, the Mirror of Reality, and the Time Amethyst, it will take decades to enact. Time, however, is not an issue. In time, I WILL become the Author of All Reality!