KRV Standalones

Kamen Rider Vortex: Battle for Santa

It was Christmas Time and Emily Williams, the Chief Medical Officer of the Vortex Riders, was going over some last-minute decorations. Christmas was her favorite holiday as it meant she spent time with her family, especially her fellow Kamen Riders. She checked the alignment of the garland on the banister and smiled once she was satisfied. She then headed back upstairs to the kitchen and found the cookies she baked earlier. She looked around the sufficiently festive house, then wiped her brow before she took a cookie and poured herself some milk. She then dunked the cookie in the milk and happily munched on it. Just then, her doorbell rang. That surprised her, her husband and sons weren’t due for another hour. She headed to the door as the doorbell was rung repeatedly. “I’m coming!” she called. “You know, it’s naughty of you to-!” She opened the door to see Death holding a man up. The man was fat, wore red, and had a white beard. “…Santa?!” she asked.

“He’s ill!” said Death.

“Get him on the couch!” ordered Emily. As Death brought Santa Claus into the house, Emily headed to her room and got her medical kit. She then checked over Santa with her tricorder (a Christmas gift from years ago). The tricorder then gave her the readings she needed. “…You know, if I didn’t know any better,” she muttered, “I’d swear he’s got the flu.” Santa groaned.

“Santa just collapsed in front of my office,” explained Death as Emily tended to the living Christmas icon. “He was checking over his list when it suddenly went black. It then went to some form of normal, but Santa became very ill. He shouldn’t get sick unless someone tried to take his power.” Santa then slowly opened his eyes and took in his surroundings.

“Wh-where am I?” he asked.

“You’re in my house, Sir,” explained Emily. “I’m Dr. Emily Williams.”

“Emily…oh, yes, Kamen Rider Touché,” mumbled Santa. “Sorry about the unannounced visit.”

“I never took you as someone who got sick.”

“I don’t, usually. However, someone took control of the List and is in the process of making me mortal.”

“The List? You mean your naughty/nice list?”

“The very same.”

“So, whoever controls the List makes you mortal?”

“It’s a very involved process, so I still have time to-”

“Sorry, Sir, but you’re staying put until this whole affair is over!”

“But my workshop-!”

“I’ll take care of the whole situation. I just need to make sure Joshua and our boys know what’s going on.” Emily then heard a knock on the door. She headed to the door to see Joshua and their sons, Tom and Sam. They were accompanied by a kindly, plump old woman in red and a humanoid reindeer with a glowing red nose.

“Mama! Look who we found!” said Sam.

“Mrs. Claus and Rudolph, I presume?” asked Emily.

“Ah, you DO know us!” sighed Mrs. Claus in relief.

“Your husband’s laid up on my couch, Mrs. Claus,” explained Emily. Everyone went inside and the boys looked worried at Santa’s condition.

“Is Santa gonna die?” asked Tom.

“Not while I’m a doctor, he won’t!” promised Emily.

“I appreciate your willpower,” groaned Santa, “but this isn’t a flu that can be cured by medicine alone. We need to regain control of the List.”

“Then tell me and Josh how to get it back,” declared Emily.

“Yay! We’re going to the North Pole!” cheered the boys. Emily winced.

“Actually, Dad and I are going. It might involve a fight where you would get hurt.”

“But Mama-!” wailed Sam. Tom looked upset too but didn’t vocalize it.

“Right now, I need you boys to help Aunt Death and Mrs. Claus look after Santa.”

“Boys, once I’m well, we’ll all go to the North Pole,” promised Santa.

“…Okay,” mumbled Sam. “Really wanted to see Mama and Dad kick the bad guy’s butt though.”

“Oh, I have a way,” chuckled Santa. He then looked to Emily and Joshua. “Sougo Tokiwa’s already at the North Pole’s outskirts. Make sure you give him this.” He handed Emily a green and red Ridewatch with a Santa-based Kamen Rider’s head on the front.

“…You’re a Kamen Rider?!” yelped Emily.

“I WAS a Kamen Rider,” corrected Santa. “I gave that up in the 2000’s.”

“So, there’s an Another Rider taking control,” muttered Joshua. “Hiroki told us about those dingoes. Well, no point in earbashing now. Let’s get going!”

“I’ll get us there,” offered Rudolph. “I’m a little worried about my friends and family.” He opened a rift. Emily and Joshua grabbed their Vortex Drivers, and they followed the red-nosed reindeer through the portal.

They arrived at a snowy expanse and found Sougo with them. “Good to see you again!” greeted Sougo.

“You too, Sougo-san!” returned Emily. “I just wish the circumstances were more pleasant.”

“We better hurry!” urged Rudolph. “If Santa doesn’t get control of the List before Christmas Day, we’re finished!”

“Could have said something earlier!” growled Joshua.

“Sougo, before I forget, here!” Emily handed Sougo the Ridewatch.

“A new Ridewatch? Santa’s a Kamen Rider?” asked Sougo.

“He WAS a Kamen Rider,” replied Emily. Rudolph led the way.

“Last I heard, the List Thief was somewhere around here,” he muttered. His nose’s light cut through the wintery winds until they found a massive cave that looked like a beast with its mouth open. “Ol’ Bumble’s Cave,” explained Rudolph.

“Could he be the-?” asked Joshua.

“No, he’s a really nice guy when his choppers aren’t hurting him,” replied Rudolph.

“Where is he?” asked Emily.

“He must be inside,” guessed Sougo. Everyone crept to the cave and looked inside. They all gasped at the sight. Rudolph’s friends were in cages and the Bumble was chained to the wall, looking weak. In the middle of the cave was a red and white throne.

“Clarice!” called Rudolph. The doe with a bow in her hair turned to Rudolph in surprise.

“Rudolph!” she cheered. Hermey, Yukon Cornelius, and Donner and his wife looked at the cave entrance and rushed to the cage bars to see Rudolph and his backup.

“Son, what are you doing back?!” yelped Donner. “It’s not safe!”

“Not listening to your father, huh?” taunted a voice. “How very naughty!” A reindeer then stepped out from behind the throne. He had blonde hair between his antlers and held an Another Ridewatch in his hand.

“Fireball?!” yelped Rudolph.

“Hello, neon-nose!” growled Fireball.

“Wait, Fireball?! Your old friend?!” yelped Emily. “The one who hesitated in stopping Comet from banning Rudolph from the Reindeer Games?!”

“I will admit, the thought HAD crossed my mind,” replied Fireball, “but after that Christmas, I realized I was right in not speaking up!”

“Are you the one who stole the List from Santa?!” demanded Joshua.

“I am,” answered Fireball.

“Do you have any idea how naughty that is?!”

“I control the List now! I decide naughty and nice! And in my eyes, you are ALL naughty! Sougo Tokiwa! You conquered your world and turned it into a barren wasteland as Oma Zi-O!”

“That was a different Sougo!” protested Sougo.

“Emily Williams! You blindly followed a moody thrill-seeker on three different adventures, not once sticking to your feminist ideals! Your taking Joshua’s family name is proof of that!”

“Actually, I CHOSE not to keep my maiden-name!” snarled Emily. “That IS part of Feminism, for a woman to choose what SHE wants with no obstacles, like men do.” Fireball didn’t listen as he continued.

“Joshua Williams! …Wow, I…I don’t know where to start with you, there’s not enough time in the day! But how about we start with you being inducted into a corrupt clergy!”

“Oi, rack off!” snarled Joshua. “I’m cleaning up the clergy!”

“That’s why I marked your father as nice when I was in charge of the List,” Santa explained to Tom and Sam as everyone watched the confrontation on the TV.

“How are we able to see this?” asked Tom.

“Should we really question Christmas magic right now?” asked Sam.

“…Fair enough.”

“And then there’s YOU! Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer!” Fireball went on.

“I had a feeling I was involved somehow,” grunted Rudolph.

“Well, it involves both you AND Santa! You were banned from the Reindeer Games, yet Santa picked you to lead the Sleigh Team! I was the best athlete and the most trained, yet he picked a wash-out like you and you blindly accepted because you found a use for that accident you call a nose!”


“Pa, stay back!” called Rudolph. “This bitter stag is mine!”

“Wait, where do our children fit into this?” asked Emily.

“Oh, that part I didn’t change,” replied Fireball. “Your boys are still marked as nice! If you get out of this, tell them that the new Santa wishes them a Merry Christmas.”

“…I’ll get right on that.”

“But, as for the rest of you, the only present I have is-!” Rudolph heard enough. He charged at Fireball and locked horns with his former friend, quite literally.

“Get everyone out of here!” Rudolph called to his allies.

“Will do!” replied Emily. She and her friends then got to work freeing everyone and getting them out of the cave.

“Wait, we need to get Rudolph out!” called Clarice. Rudolph was then flung out of the cave and ended up headfirst in a snowbank. Clarice got him out, then Fireball stepped out.

“That clinches it! You’re all finished!” He pressed the button on the Another Ridewatch.

“KRINGLE!” it announced in a wicked voice. He then put the Ridewatch to his shoulder and he was surrounded by torn paper. “KRINGLE!” repeated the Ridewatch as it sunk into his skin and made a monstrous form for him. Fireball was now Another Kringle, based on Santa’s Kamen Rider persona of Kamen Rider Kringle. He had the red and white outfit, but he looked more like Krampus and the belt looked like it had a bare tree on the buckle. Emily, Joshua, and Sougo then put their own belts on.

“Vortex Driver!” announced Emily and Joshua’s belts.

“Ziku Driver!” called Sougo’s belt. Sougo then pulled out his personal Ridewatch, rotated the face, and pressed the button.

“Zi-O!” called the Ridewatch. He then put it into the Driver’s right-hand slot, then pressed a button on top of the belt, making the right side dip down. Emily and Joshua then inserted their personal i.d. tags into their Vortex Drivers. The three Riders then struck their poses.

“HENSHIN!” they called. Emily and Joshua then spun the wheels on their belts as Sougo rotated the whole belt assembly. The Ziku Driver stopped spinning once it returned to its original position.

“Rider Time! Kamen Rider Zi-O!” it announced as he became Kamen Rider Zi-O. Emily and Joshua’s belts summoned a wheel beneath them and the wheels fastened their armor onto them while the belts turned their clothes into undersuits. Emily was Kamen Rider Touché and Joshua became Kamen Rider Outback.

“Kamen Rider Outback! Better watch your back, mate!”

“Kamen Rider Touché! En Garde, thing of evil!” Rudolph and the Kamen Riders then rushed at Another Kringle, surrounding him. Another Kringle then brought out his multi-limbed switch and swung hard, knocking everyone to the ground.

“Your naughtiness will be punished!” roared Another Kringle.

“This isn’t working! The List is making him too powerful!” grunted Rudolph.

“How can one get control of that thing anyway?!” asked Touché.

“He had to erase Santa’s name, his REAL name, and replace it with his own.”

“…Who’s got the best penmanship?”

“That’s Clarice. Wait, you’re not suggesting-?!”

“If we don’t, Christmas will be cancelled!”

“…You’re right. Clarice! Do you know where the List is?!”

“It’s still in the cave!” replied Clarice.

“Go in there and erase Fireball’s name! Replace it with Santa’s real name!”

“Will do!” Clarice dashed into the cave as Rudolph and the Riders fought Another Kringle. Another Kringle then launched a fireball from between his antlers at Touché. She was hit and Outback dashed to her, then Another Kringle struck Outback’s backside with his switch. Zi-O then pulled out the new Ridewatch, rotated it to reveal the head of a Santa themed Kamen Rider, and pressed the button.

“Kringle!” it announced. He put the Ridewatch into the left side of the Ziku Driver, pressed the button on top, and spun it.

“Rider Time!” called the Driver. “Kamen Rider Zi-O! Armor Time!” New Santa themed armor attached itself to him. “Ho ho ho! Kringle!” sang the Driver. Zi-O then slammed his fist into Another Kringle’s chest, only for him to squawk in pain and clutch his fist. Another Kringle then slammed his own fist into Zi-O’s head. Rudolph flung snow up to try and cover his attack, but Another Kringle sensed it coming easily. He slammed his foot into Rudolph’s side and sent him sprawling on the snow. Another Kringle looked around.

“Pathetic!” he grunted. “Why the fat man put his hopes on you is beyond me! The game is over! God rest ye, dead idiots!” Another fireball then grew between his antlers…then it fizzled. He then cried out in pain and collapsed to the ground. A rift then opened, and Santa, Mrs. Claus, Death, Tom, and Sam popped out. Santa looked a lot healthier in the face. “WHAT?!” cried Another Kringle.

“Clarice did it!” cheered Touché.

“Fireball, what you did was beyond naughty!” thundered Santa. “It was flat out vile! You’re looking at a life sentence for this!”

“YOU OVERSIZED FRUITCAKE!” roared Another Kringle. Santa then pulled out a belt with a Christmas tree pointing to the wearer’s right. He fastened it on, then struck a pose. Death fastened her Mort Driver and struck her own pose.

“HENSHIN!” said the two. Death rotated the skull on her belt and black mist formed her armor as Kamen Rider Death. Santa moved the tree upright and red and white ribbons surrounded him.

“Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!” called the belt. The ribbons then became armor based on his usual appearance.

“Kamen Rider Kringle!” boomed Santa. “Your naughtiness will be stamped out!”

“Kamen Rider Death!” announced Death. “You cannot delay your appointment with me!”

“Round two, everyone!” called Touché. The fighters attacked, causing damage this time!

“Rider Kicks, everyone!” directed Kringle. He moved the tree down then brought it back up.

“Night before Christmas!” announced the belt. Touché and Outback spun their belts’ wheels.

“Final Attack!” Zi-O pressed the buttons on the Ridewatches.

“Finish Time! Kringle!” He then spun the Driver. “Night before Time Break!” Death spun the skull on her belt.

“Reaper man!” it called. Everyone then leapt into the air and flew towards Another Kringle with their feet outstretched.

“RIDER YULE KICK!” cheered Touché. The kicks struck true and they landed behind the spasming Another Kringle.

“That’s your last present…from me!” declared Kringle. Another Kringle exploded, flinging the now wounded Fireball to the snow and breaking the Another Ridewatch. Rudolph looked to Fireball with pity.

“We could have restarted our friendship, Fireball,” he muttered. “All this just because of the Sleigh Team?”

“It’s all that’s important for a buck!” snarled Fireball.

“Your uncle would beg to differ.” Rudolph then sighed as he brought out handcuffs. “Fireball of the House of Vixen, you’re under arrest for the attempted assassination of Santa Claus.” He slapped the cuffs on and led Fireball to jail while reading him his rights.

The workshop was restored to order and all the elves were working double-time to complete the orders around the world. The sleigh still wasn’t sky-worthy yet, but Santa still had two more days. “I’m sorry I can’t give you all a sleigh ride back home,” he said to his saviors.

“That’s all right,” replied Sam. “I’m actually terrified of heights. Getting on a plane just gives me the willies!”

“Well, Dr. Williams, I’m a grateful man! I simply must reward you.”

“I’m a doctor, I don’t do things just to get something else,” remarked Emily.

“I must insist!” urged Santa. “You’ll find something for you under the tree. You and all of your family and friends.”

“Thank you very much, Santa. I’m glad I could help.” A rift then opened for everyone. “Goodbye! Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas!” supplied her family, Sougo, and Death.

“Merry Christmas!” replied Santa. “Ho ho ho!” Everyone then headed into the rift. Once they left the other side, they saw that they were back in their living room. The rift shut behind them. Tom and Sam then yawned.

“Someone’s tired,” mused Joshua.

“I don’t even have the energy to be naughty and lie about that,” mumbled Sam. “I’m ready to go to bed.”

“I’m gonna do the same,” yawned Tom.

“All right, let’s brush our teeth and get ready for bed,” called Joshua. He and the boys headed to the bathroom.

“I better get home,” remarked Sougo. “It was nice to see Santa though. I’m surprised I got on the nice list.”

“Like you said, Oma Zi-O was someone else,” replied Death. “I’ll take you home, Sougo-san.”

“Arigatou!” Sougo and Death then headed to the door. “Merry Christmas, Emily-san!”

“Merry Christmas, Sougo-san!” replied Emily. Sougo and Death then left, leaving Emily to look around the house before she sang to herself.

You know Dasher and Dancer

And Prancer and Vixen.

Comet and Cupid

And Donner and Blitzen.

But do you recall

The most famous reindeer of all?

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

Had a very shiny nose.

And if you ever saw it,

You would even say it glows!” As she sang, she headed off to bed.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from me to you!

KRV Standalones

Kamen Rider Vortex: A Spooky Win!

Making sure she was breathing with a corset on, a woman had dressed herself up as a vampire woman, complete with black and red dress, a blood-red rose in her hair, and pale make-up with fake fangs. “Perfect!” she declared as she looked herself in the mirror.

“Not going fuzzy this time?” asked her husband as he came in, dressed like a zombie.

“No, not this time,” replied the woman. “…What do you think, Richard? Should I wear a flower in my hair more often?”

“That’s up to you, sweetie,” answered her husband, Richard Saunders. “You look beautiful no matter what you wear.”

“You’re sweet,” sighed the woman, Megumi Hishikawa, happily. When they finished, a woman of African descent with pink hair, eyes, and dress appeared in pink light.

“Spooky,” praised the pink woman, the Chizaran Princess of Peace, Rosadera.

“That’s what I was going for,” chuckled Megumi. “Is everything ready?”

“All set!” answered Rosadera.

“Good luck!” wished Richard as Megumi and Rosadera vanished in pink light. He then turned on the t.v. to see Megumi on a set of railway tracks during the night. Rosadera was accompanied by her fellow Princesses, Azuliterii, Moradelia, Rojenthi, and Verdutha. Opposite of Megumi was a steam engine, an old Furness Railway K2 “Larger Seagull”. However, this engine had a difference from its compatriots, it had a face! The engine was blue with red stripes and had a number 2 on the tender. The lamp in front of the engine’s funnel was modeled after a jack-o-lantern. The Chizaran Princesses began.

“I am Rojenthi, the Red Princess of Chizara, and the war-time leader.”

“I am Azuliterii, the Blue Princess of Chizara, and the technological leader.”

“I am Rosadera, the Pink Princess of Chizara, and the peace-time leader.”

“I am Verdutha, the Green Princess of Chizara, and the environmental leader.”

“And I am Moradelia, the Purple Princess of Chizara, and the history leader.”

“This is it, ladies and gentlemen!” cheered Rojenthi. “The final round of the 591,009thVerse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale! With this round, we’ll determine who controls First Place prize, the Time Amethyst!”

“Representing her home of 8-3-Y-0-N-D-C-1-T-Y,” Azuliterii introduced, “we have Megumi Hishikawa! Representing T-H-0-M-4-5-4-N-D-F-R-1-3-N-D-5, we have Edward the Blue Engine with home-turf advantage!”

“The final outcome shall be determined,” continued Rosadera, “by whoever can tell the scariest story!”

“Megumi and Edward,” explained Verdutha, “must each tell the scariest story they can come up with. Whoever manages to frighten us more is the winner!”

“Each contestant,” Moradelia went on, “is limited to one story and neither of them are allowed do-overs.”

“Edward the Blue Engine, are you ready?” called Rosadera.

“An engine of the North Western Railway is ALWAYS ready!” declared Edward.

“Megumi Hishikawa, are you ready?” asked Rosadera. Megumi chuckled.

“Been ready since I first fought Vortech!” she answered.

“Then all that’s left,” declared Rosadera, “is to determine who shall tell their story first! With this round, we shall determine who will take home the Time Amethyst! Tell your stories with honor, tell them with pride, and, most importantly, tell them well! Who shall call?”

“Ladies first,” offered Edward kindly.

“As you wish,” replied Megumi. “Heads!” Rosadera flipped a coin and checked it.

“…Hard luck, Megumi,” she answered. “Edward, you may begin.”

“My pleasure,” answered Edward. He drew in a breath, then began. “The year was 1861, the rails belonged to the Metropolitan Railway in London. The famous engineer, Sir John Fowler, was a great man in many ways. Indeed, any engine that has crossed his famous Forth Bridge knows of his work. However, his greatest folly was a locomotive he built for the Metropolitan Railway.

“He had designed the engine to work in the tunnels without producing smoke. Any engine driver who is at the controls of a steam engine would occasionally get a cough while going through a tunnel, but there were engines that needed to go underground, spending their working lives in the tunnels. Some drivers simply coughed the entire journey. Sir Fowler ordered a locomotive built to his unique design.

“Unfortunately, the engine was a poor steamer. On its first test run, it failed miserably just outside Hanwell Station of the Great Western Railway. Its second test later that year was no better, failing to live up to expectations.

“Fowler was angry! The engine had failed him! He ordered it to be sheeted up and left where no one could find it. He then went on to order the tests to be covered up and he had denied that the engine ever existed.

“Before the engine was hidden, Fowler had some of its parts sold for scrap, mainly boiler fittings. Once he had regained some of his financial loss, he banished the poor engine to a disused tunnel on the Underground System. Down in its tunnel, the engine grew angry. It wasn’t his fault that he had failed! It was the work of his designer! He plotted his revenge!

“A few years later, some workmen were down in the tunnels, removing the rails to the engine’s final resting place. They bricked up the line, not knowing what lay inside. As they turned to leave, an all-mighty crash was heard, and they turned to see the bricked-up tunnel disappear in dust and rocks. The shaft of the tunnel had collapsed, and the engine was lost beneath a ton of rubble. They had sealed the shaft off and, for a while, nothing happened.

“Then, one night, an alarm went out on the Underground System! A runaway engine had been seen thundering down the tunnel towards Edgeware Road! Men went down into the tunnels and lifted some rails to derail the engine! …It never came.

“This happened night after night for a few weeks until men started muttering about the ghostly specter being one of Sir Fowler’s designs. Try as he might, he couldn’t keep it secret any longer. Some photographs of the engine were released to the public.

“The sightings of the ghost train stopped for a while, and it was only with Fowler’s death that the engine was forgotten about. …But, on the 50th anniversary of the engine’s failed run to Hanwell, it was seen again, and on every anniversary since!

“The engine, now and forever called Fowler’s Ghost, haunts the Underground Tunnels to this day, but it does more than that! It haunts the valleys and haunts the stations! It haunts the goods yards and the sidings! It shrieks across bridges and thunders through the cuttings! It comes to take old engines away, to sheet them up and remove them forever from this world!” Edward paused impressively, watching the nervous reaction of the Chizaran Princesses and Megumi.

“That’s…that’s just…wow!” breathed Verdutha as Moradelia hugged her tight.

“I must say, I was truly terrified,” mumbled Rojenthi as she held onto Azuliterii’s arm.

“Edward, that story was VERY impressive!” praised Rosadera. “However, this contest is not yet over. Megumi, whenever you’re ready, it’s your turn.”

“I don’t know if my story will be AS scary as Edward’s,” muttered Megumi, “but I’m not giving up now.” She cleared her throat and began. “In Japan’s Kyoho period, 1716 to 1736, there was a rule called Sankin-kōtai. During this time, the feudal lords, called the daimyos, were required to alternate living in their own homes and in Edo for a year, to strengthen the rule of the Tokugawa Shogunate’s central power over Japan. One particular samurai, Hotsumi Kanji, a minor prefect from Kitakuni Province, was making such a journey.

“He stopped by an inn along the way to rest for the night and heard the most beautiful singing voice coming through his room’s walls. It was coming from a Goze, a blind woman who would earn money by singing and playing an instrument, a shamisen being the most commonly used instrument.

“Hotsumi thought that such a beautiful voice could only come from a beautiful woman, so he let his lust take over. He had learned which room the Goze was staying in and hid himself there during the night. Once the Goze returned, he sprang from the shadows and seized her, ravishing her throughout the night. Oddly, the Goze was not repulsed by such an act. If anything, she enjoyed herself being dominated in such a manner.

“The next morning, the two had woken up. Hotsumi then got a good look at her face and gasped in horror. The Goze’s face was unspeakably ugly! Joy crossed the Goze’s face, thinking she had found love! Oh, if only that were true. But Hotsumi didn’t pronounce her face to be ugly out loud, no. Instead he concocted a plan to get rid of her…permanently!

“He took the Goze with him on his way to Edo and they went on a mountain road, a convenient mountain road. Along the way, Hotsumi pushed the ugly Goze off the road and into a ravine down the mountain, the impact snapping her neck and killing her instantly! When he was satisfied that the deed was done, Hotsumi continued on his way to Edo as if nothing had happened.

“A year later, it was time for another journey to Edo and Hotsumi had completely forgotten the incident. This time, he stopped at a small mountain temple, graciously accepting the monks’ aid and offer for rest. As he slept, he heard a beautiful voice coming through his window. He opened it and a crazed, blind woman jumped into the room! The woman’s milky eyes bored into him as if she could see him!

“‘Who are you?!’ demanded Hotsumi. ‘How dare you attack me!’

“‘I intend to do worse, Hotsumi!’ hissed the woman. Hotsumi was taken aback when he heard his name. The woman then stepped into the moonlight to reveal her features. Hotsumi almost shrieked in terror! It was the Goze he had killed! Her ghost had returned! ‘Have you already forgotten last Autumn?!’ demanded the Goze’s ghost. ‘You played with me, and then tossed me away when you were finished! I have no eyes, but I see you now!’

“The ghost grabbed Hotsumi by the ankles and tore him from his bed! He tried to get away, but the strength of a man is nothing compared to the strength of the rage-fueled dead! She dragged him to the temple’s graveyard and stopped before an open grave. She gave a wicked smile, then pulled him into her embrace, the pair of them falling into the grave! The pull was so strong, it moved the earth over the grave, suffocating him and killing him!

“The monks at the temple heard the commotion and ran to the graveyard to investigate. They dug as fast as they could, but it was too late. They found Hotsumi’s dead body with the skeleton of a woman wrapped around it. By fate or by bad luck, Hotsumi stayed at the very temple the Goze was buried at after the monks had discovered her corpse in the ravine.” Megumi drew in a breath as she finished her tale. The Chizaran Princesses were all hugging each other tightly and Edward’s jaw was near his buffer beam.

“That’s…” he stammered, “that’s…er…that’s…quite a chilling tale!”

“Indeed!” whispered Moradelia. “Quite a frightening warning!”

“I have to say, both stories were scary!” gulped Rosadera. “However, only one of you is going home with the Time Amethyst. We shall discuss who shall take it.” The Chizarans vanished, leaving Edward and Megumi alone. The silence was a little awkward for the pair of them.

“…So…” muttered Megumi, “…did you see any ghosts lately?”

“None of the scary types,” remarked Edward. “The only time there was a ‘ghost’ on Sodor was because of Percy playing a trick.”

“How so?” asked Megumi.

“…Well, Thomas doesn’t like it when the story’s told,” mused Edward, “but, then again, he’s been bragging how he never gets scared as of late, so having someone else to call him out on that will do him good. You see, it all started when Thomas, Percy, and Toby…”

After a few minutes of deliberation, the Chizarans returned to see Edward finishing his less-scary story. “‘Anyone would think,’ chuckled Toby, ‘that our Thomas had just seen a ghost!’” Megumi was giggling when the story finished.

“I can’t believe Thomas fell for that!” laughed Megumi. Rosadera cleared her throat, grabbing their attention. The Chizaran Princesses then turned to the camera.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” she announced, “we have our winner! The one that told the scariest story, the new owner of the Time Amethyst, the winner of this round, the champion of the 591,009th Verse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale…is Megumi Hishikawa, Kamen Rider Royal and the champion of 8-3-Y-0-N-D-C-1-T-Y!” The cheers were loud and long! “Congratulations, Megumi Hishikawa! You have earned the Time Amethyst! Tell me, do you intend to use it or is it too powerful for anyone to use?”

“…You know, I think I WILL be using it at some point in the future,” remarked Megumi. “I did see my future self during some points in my life and I distinctly remember purple portals being involved.”

“There are multiple ways to open portals of that nature,” replied Moradelia. “Heck, for all we know, I could have sent you to your past.”

“…You can do that?”

“Hello? Chizaran? Mastery of space and time is part of our gig.”

“Oh, yeah, I keep forgetting that.”

The Closing Ceremony took place on Halloween, with all the Chizaran Princesses and princesses decked out in costumes. Megumi, Edward, and the Third Place Winner, a version of Ben 10’s cousin, Gwen, with her own Omnitrix, stood in front of the Princesses. Gwen dressed as a classic witch, given her Anodite heritage. “Ladies and gentlemen,” began Rosadera, “we thank you all for joining us for this particular 3V2R! These three combatants,” she gestured towards Megumi, Edward, and Gwen, “have proven to be the toughest of this tournament’s contenders. Now, they shall claim their rewards.” Moradelia approached Gwen and handed her a metal glove colored like her Omnitrix.

“Gwen Tennyson,” she announced, “Third Place prize is the Omegatrix rig. This will evolve your Ultimates to their projected final evolution before they go extinct.”

“Using this thing as a last resort then,” muttered Gwen as she put the glove in her purse. Verdutha then placed a lamp on Edward’s buffer beam.

“Edward,” she pronounced, “Second Place prize is the Lamp of the Lady, generously donated to us by Lady of the Magic Railroad. This lamp can show hidden paths, find lost engines, and grant incredibly good luck to the user for a full month.”

“I know of an engine who could use a lot of good luck after this month,” mused Edward.

The engine he was talking about was a green tank engine with a saddle-tank and the number 6 on his bunker. Somehow, the poor engine, Percy, had ended up in a tree after his train of trucks had pushed him down a hill! He rested in the tree with bent buffer beams, a cracked funnel, snapped side-rods, and a hole in his bunker. His crew had jumped clear before he ended up in the tree. His best friend, Thomas, a blue E2 tank engine with the number 1 on his side tanks, was trying to figure out how Percy could stay up in the tree while the rescue crew used the Breakdown Train to secure Percy. “How did this…?!” spluttered Thomas.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care!” hissed Percy. “All I want to do is get down!”

“I’m…kind of in the same boat as Thomas,” muttered Megumi after Edward explained what happened to Percy. Rosadera then handed Megumi an amethyst length of her pinky.

“Megumi Hishikawa,” she proclaimed, “as promised, you are the master of the Time Amethyst. Use it however you see fit but guard that thing jealously.”

“I know where to keep it until the time is right,” promised Megumi. The winners then thrust their prizes into the air in a sign of victory.

“With all that,” declared Rosadera to the audience, “it’s time for the Closing Parade! If the winners will follow us, we’ll all go to the Winner’s Float!” Edward offered them a ride and they graciously accepted. The Chizaran Princesses simply made themselves a coach while Megumi and Gwen entered Edward’s cab. Once he was coupled to the coach, Edward whistled twice and puffed to the float garage, a few miles away. It had recently been modified to let living engines into it and onto the float. Once Edward slowly puffed onto the float, everyone stepped out of his cab or coach. In fact, the coach vanished once the Chizaran Princesses stepped out. The float then moved through the streets of Chizara as the Chizaran Spectrum Marching Band led the way. The parade was definitely Halloween-themed as various Chizarans came out in costumes and spooky decorations lined the buildings and streetlights. Like the last time Megumi fought in the 3V2R, the parade was a good two hours before it arrived at the closing torch. Because he had no hands, Edward’s fireman accepted the torch on his behalf as Gwen and Megumi took theirs. They then threw their torches into the Closing Torch and it leapt high into the air, flashing in all the colors of the Chizaran rulers. “Ladies and gentlemen from all realities,” began Rosadera, “we cannot thank you enough for supporting past, present, and future tournaments. We thank you all for tuning in to this rare occasion when all Halloweens line up so perfectly! As we all return home, we urge you all to stay safe and have fun! Happy Halloween!” The cameras then turned back to Blancalmarem and Nemengra.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we thank you all for joining us this Halloween!” began Blancalmarem.

“We enjoyed seeing all the costumes of the viewers and contestants!” continued Nemengra.

“Thanks to your support, this tournament was a success! We hope to see you tune in to more tournaments! I am Blancalmarem, the white princess of Chizara and the life leader!”

“I am Nemengra, the black princess of Chizara and the death leader!”

“And we thank you for joining us for the 591,009th Verse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale!” the two princesses finished together.

Megumi returned home, bringing Verdutha dressed as Wonder Woman with her. “You sure you want to do this?” asked Megumi.

“Are you kidding?!” replied Verdutha. “Your home’s a place where adults can trick-or-treat, and no one bats an eye?! Chizara doesn’t have that! I want in!”

“Verdutha?” asked Richard as he and Lisa dressed as Lilly Munster came up to them.

“Madam Verdutha, what are you doing here?” quizzed Lisa.

“Megumi told me that the people here trick-or-treat at all ages!” answered Verdutha. “I came here for advice on a route. I’m long overdue for free candy!”

“I see…” muttered Richard.

“She’s not joining us,” assured Megumi. “We’re still going on our own route.”

“I’d advise staying away from Anders Street,” called Lisa. “The one guy that hands out stuff’s a dentist. He’s giving out floss!”

“…Weirdo!” muttered Richard. Verdutha checked her tiara, then left the house in one direction while Lisa took another direction and Richard and Megumi went another way, all of them carrying bags for candy!

KRV Standalones

Howard, Howard, Fine, and Howard Services

Moe: Good day to all of you! I’m Moe Howard, the proprietor of HHFH Services! Do you slave away over a hot stove for too long? Is your doorbell not working? Does your house need painting? Is your dishwasher even running?

Curly: Then you’d better catch it! Nyuk nyuk nyuk!

Moe: Quiet! *Smack* With HHFH Services, you can’t go wrong! We can do anything!

Larry: And our prices are out of this world!

Shemp: Because we spaced out on them! *Laughs*

Moe: What’s the idea, making jokes?! *Twists ears* Whatever job you need done, we can do it all for a modest fee that won’t drain your bank account! HHFH Services! No job is too small or too big! We’ll do it all well done!

Larry: Wait a minute, make mine rare!

Moe: Oh, so you want it rare, do you?

Larry: Yeah, and with asparagus!

Moe: Then here’s a couple of tips for you! *Eye poke*

Larry: OW! *Stumbles* Fellas! Help! I can’t see!

Curly: What’s the matter?!

Larry: I got my eyes closed!

Moe: Why you! *Smack* HHFH Services, under the capable hands of Moe Howard…

Curly: Curly Howard…

Larry: Larry Fine…

Shemp: And Shemp Howard!

*TV returns to show*

Megumi: …Richard…

Richard: We’re not getting them, sweetie, I promise.