Journey Through Wonder story

Chapter 4: Data Retrieval

Optimus and Sonic headed to the Space Colony ARK with Shade. As their shuttle docked, they noticed Mobius’ flagship, the Enterprise, docking with it as well. “Dad’s home!” called Shade. She dashed off the shuttle, leaving Sonic and Optimus to chuckle. They followed Shade and saw her hug a black and red Hedgehog, her father, Shadow. Shadow was hugging her back. “Daddy, it’s been too long!”

“I told you I’d come back,” replied Shadow, his gruff tone softened with affection to his daughter. A yellow Hedgehog woman, Shadow’s wife and Shade’s mother, Maria, then arrived.

“Welcome home, Shadow!” she greeted as she pecked him on the cheek. Shadow pecked her cheek in return.

“It’s good to be back,” he said.

“That can’t be Shadow,” Optimus muttered to Sonic.

“Maybe a clone took his place,” mused Sonic. Shadow saw the two and immediately scowled.

“And the Faker and Kid decided to barge into MY house?” grunted Shadow.

“Never mind, it’s the real Shadow,” chuckled Sonic.

“What are you two doing here?” demanded Shadow.

“We needed to check with Teletraan,” explained Optimus. “We started talking about the Convergence and wondered if we still had the necessary data to try and cross universes again.”

“Convergence?” asked Maria.

“It’s where our world temporarily merged with two others,” replied Shadow before he turned back to Sonic and Optimus. “Why do you two want to do that?”

“We never got a chance to talk with Arsha or Megumi since Hot Rod arrived,” said Sonic. “We just miss them.”

“Teletraan’s on Cybertron right now,” remarked Shadow.

“Well, there’s the subspace comms channel between Mobius and Cybertron,” reminded Optimus.

“All right, go ahead and use it,” grunted Shadow. “It’s not like diplomats need it!”

“Ah, don’t be such a sourpuss!” chided Maria.

Optimus and Sonic made it to the comms room and connected a subspace call to Teletraan’s Cybertron servers. His avatar popped up. “Hey! How goes it, guys?!” he greeted when he saw the two.

“Hey, Teletraan! It goes well!” replied Optimus.

“That’s great! What can I do for you?”

“Teletraan, this is a long shot,” explained Sonic, “but we were thinking about the Convergence and-”

“Ah, the Convergence,” sighed Teletraan. “You know, the only bad thing about that was that War’s servant was just as nuts as her at that time.”

“Yeah, X-PO called you unsophisticated, didn’t he?” recalled Optimus.

“You know, I thought about it too when I transferred to the new Autobot base. I had a chance to check over whether or not I still had the data concerning multiversal travel.”

“And?!” asked Optimus and Sonic.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you guys,” muttered Teletraan. “The only data I had was when Blackarachnia crossed over to Moebius. The other universes we visited, Beyond City and the like, they’re not there.”

“Scrap,” muttered Optimus.

“I’m sorry, Prime.”

“It’s all right, we kind of expected this.”

“You know, maybe Tails or Shockwave still have that data.”

“I know where Tails lives, but Shockwave vanished from us a while ago.” Sonic then winced.

“Actually, she didn’t vanish, per se,” he explained.

“You know where she is?” asked Optimus.

“No, but Tails has been in contact with her. It’s a sort of trade deal. He sends her Energon and she sends him copies of all her research to date. He hasn’t told me and Amy where she lives, but we figured that, as long as she’s not a threat to us at the moment, we don’t need to know.”

“Then let’s start with him first,” declared Optimus.

A two-tailed Mobian Fox man looked through his papers and read the reports of his business. Right now, the figures were going up. He seemed satisfied and was about to use that data to make a presentation when his buzzer sounded. He pressed the button. “Yes?” he asked.

“Mr. Prower, your wife is here,” said his secretary. The Fox, Miles “Tails” Prower smiled.

“Send her up!” he said.

“Yes, sir.” The call ended and Tails looked to his office door. It only took seconds, but it felt like hours to Tails. A woman with a rose on each side of her head then entered the office. This was his wife, the Seedrian, Cosmo Prower. “My flower!” he said.

“My mechanic!” returned Cosmo. She and Tails then embraced each other and kissed passionately. Once the kiss ended, Tails looked his wife up and down.

“You’re looking great as usual!” he said.

“You’re looking quite dashing yourself,” mused Cosmo. “How’s business life?”

“Doing quite well. Sales are going up and production’s increasing. How about your business?”

“Flowers are still flying off the shelves,” replied Cosmo. “How about you, personally?”

“Oh, I’m hanging in there. Would like to be with you all day every day, but that’s just not how business life works.”

“Same here.” They leaned to each other for another kiss when Tails’ buzzer rang again. Tails and Cosmo groaned. “I believe the phrase on this planet is ‘Murphey’s Law’,” grumbled Cosmo.

“Yep, and it never fails. Just when things get interesting.” Tails pressed the call button. “Yes?”

“Mr. Prower, Optimus Prime and King Sonic are asking to see you,” reported his secretary.

“A social call?” asked Cosmo hopefully.

“Have them meet me and Cosmo in the courtyard,” Tails directed his secretary.

“Yes, sir,” replied the secretary. The call ended.

“Let’s go see what they want, shall we, dear?” suggested Tails.

“Perfect idea, my love!” answered Cosmo. Tails took Cosmo’s hand and they left the office.

Sonic and Optimus waited in the courtyard of Miles Electric’s main HQ. Optimus was in his vehicle mode and had activated his holo-form. They were looking in a display case containing two star-like objects. One was red and had three points while the other was yellow and had eight points. Optimus, being the Star Trek nerd he was, pulled out a tricorder and took a reading. “…They’re made of Energon crystal,” he muttered, “but the power in them is compacted somehow.”

“How did Tails make them?” asked Sonic.

“With Shockwave’s help,” explained Tails once he and Cosmo approached them. “They’re called Energon Stars and they tap into more power than a Transformer’s consumption of cubes would allow.”

“Good to see you again, Tails!” chuckled Optimus. He and Sonic hugged Tails, then Cosmo. “So, those Stars are from Shockwave’s research?”

“Her research AND mine,” elaborated Tails. “It was a collab-effort.”

“Well, we’re gonna need her help OR yours,” said Sonic.

“So, this ISN’T a social call?” asked Cosmo, slightly disappointed.

“I’m afraid not,” said Optimus. “We thought back to the Convergence and wanted to see Megumi and Arsha again. Teletraan didn’t copy that data over when he transferred out of the old base.”

“I only have the equipment,” winced Tails. “As to the data concerning their universes, you might have better luck with Shockwave.”

“Where is she?” asked Sonic. Tails winced again.

“She’s…at Olympus Mons,” he finally revealed. Sonic didn’t have a full grasp of Mobius’ solar system.

“Where’s that?”

“On Mars, if I’m right,” remarked Optimus. Tails nodded in confirmation.

“…Why not move to Mobius?” asked Sonic. Tails breathed a little easier as he explained.

“She wasn’t all that eager to live on our noisy planet where interruptions would plague her, like Mobians or Autobots. Besides, she has a reputation of conducting cruel experiments on live test subjects, so she figured living somewhere barren like Mars would keep her from being tempted to conduct those kinds of experiments these days.”

“If she’s not receptive to Autobots, maybe a Decepticon should visit her,” mused Optimus. “Megatron’s alt-mode can enter and leave a planet’s atmosphere. He might have better luck convincing her to fork over the data.”

“We should tell him about that,” suggested Sonic.

On the red world of Mars, at the base of the famous extinct shield volcano of Olympus Mons, stood a purple female robot with a visor over her optics, giving her a cycloptic appearance. She stood alone, needing some space from her smaller roommates. She listened to the winds rushing across the Martian surface and past her frame. She cycled air through her olfactory apparatus and sighed. Her solitude was interrupted by the roar of jets. She looked up and saw the outline of her faction’s symbol with wings. She then made a call to the jet. “Lord Megatron, I was not expecting you,” began the cyclops robot, the Decepticon Chief Scientist, Shockwave.

“I have some scientific inquiries I need to make concerning other universes,” explained the jet, Megatron. “May I land?”

“Very well, my Lord.” At Shockwave’s permission, Megatron’s front split down the middle and each half rotated and deployed feet at the wider parts, becoming legs. His arms rotated from the top of the jet to the sides as each jet engine housing on the side pulled away from the housing in the middle and became shoulder pads. The middle jet housing then folded to the back, taking the cockpit with it as it tucked itself into the housing. Megatron’s head then popped up and he landed in a superhero’s landing pose. “…Doesn’t that hurt, my Lord?” asked Shockwave.

“You get used to it after years of landing like that,” explained Megatron. “And my son is the Decepticon Lord, it’s just Megatron for me. Mr. Megatron, at the most formal.”

“Very well. You said something about other universes. Do any universes involve Moebius?”

“Optimus and Sonic were thinking more of Megumi and Arsha’s respective universes.”

“I thought you wanted nothing to do with them after the alliance between us, Dr. Borg, and Hiro turned out to be an utter fiasco.”

“I don’t, but Optimus and Sonic wanted to see Arsha and Megumi again, now that this universe is calmer.”

“…Well, I cannot fault that. I have the data on those universes and how to get there, but not the equipment.”

“Tails happens to have the equipment, but not the data.”

“Then I will send that data immediately.”

“I’ll just signal Tails and you’ll have twice your usual Energon shipment.”

“Megatron, wait a moment.” Megatron stopped and looked at Shockwave. “Why are you helping them?” Megatron sighed.

“…I suppose…to make up for what I did.”

“…In my experience, that kind of journey lasts until you die.”

“I know, but I might as well make a start now. …I don’t really look forward to meeting them again, especially Richard. I don’t think he would forgive me for using his wife as a bargaining chip like that. Still, I have to make the attempt.”

Journey Through Wonder story

Chapter 3: More Than Meets the Eye

In another world beyond the Realms, a game court was being used. It was a basketball court made for giants. Right now, said giants were playing the game. The giants were metal and had various vehicle parts attached to them. Right now, a red and blue robot with antennae on his helmet and smokestacks on a backpack was dribbling the ball to the other team’s hoop. “He shoots, he scores, what a star!” boasted the robot. He then passed the ball to a shorter robot with a car’s front for a chest unit. The shorted robot dribbled the ball.

“You watch, Prime!” called the shorter bot. “I’m about to do a lay-off!”

“It’s called a lay-up, Jazz!” corrected the red and blue bot, the Autobot Leader, Optimus Prime. “And watch out for Sky Runner!” A female robot with jet wings then popped up in front of the shorter bot, Jazz, and tried to prevent a shot.

“Yo! Megs!” called Jazz. He passed the ball to a male robot with alien jet parts, the former Decepticon Lord, Megatron. Megatron dribbled the ball a bit as his son, another bot with jet parts, Galvatron, tried to block his shot. Megatron then saw an opening for one of his teammates. He and Optimus locked optics and Optimus grinned. Megatron quickly passed the ball and Optimus leapt up to the basket, twisted in the air, and dunked the ball behind his back!

“GAME!” called a woman’s voice. A black-armored robot woman, Optimus’ wife, Blackarachnia, came running up. “And that’s 27 for the older generation and 26 for the young’uns!”

“Slaggit!” swore Galvatron.

“Language!” rebuked Megatron.

“I have to admit,” panted Optimus, “I almost lost that one!”

“It was rather hectic, I must admit, us going against our own kids,” mused Megatron.

“Sorry,” interjected the jet woman, Sky Runner, one of Optimus and Blackarachnia’s daughters, “are we gonna gloss over the fact that Uncle Megatron said ‘language’?”

“I know, I know,” grunted Megatron.

“Well, I don’t know about you bots,” called Jazz, “but I’m eager to see that Moboball in action.”

“What IS that, anyways?” asked Galvatron.

“You heard of Calvinball?” quizzed Blackarachnia.

“Yeah, I have all the Calvin and Hobbes collections.” Galvatron then made a connection. “Ah, it’s Mobian Calvinball.”

“It’s Mobian Calvinball,” confirmed Blackarachnia.

“Then let’s go see it,” declared Optimus. “Oh, and everyone, we want clean language here! Can’t hurt Megatron’s audio receptors too badly!”

“You know, Prime, it’s talk like that that makes me want to shoot you again!” growled Megatron.

“Careful, Dad, that’s almost a cuss!” chuckled Galvatron. Megatron cycled air through his olfactory sensors.

“That’s not going away any time soon, is it?” he grunted to himself.

A silver hedgehog with five quills sprouting from his forehead, Silver, poked his head around a tree and eyed a flag. He then got out a tennis racket and a badminton birdie. He hit the birdie and it hit the flag. “That’s three points!” he called.

“All right then,” called his pink brother, Daniel. “The score is six for me, ten for Shade, eight for Sandy, and four for you!”

“I already HAD four!” protested Silver. A red hedgehog girl, Shade, then breezed past in a potato sack with a human woman, Sandy, in hot pursuit. Silver saw a chance. “Hold it, Shade!” he called. “You just ran into the No-eyes Sector! You’re gonna have to cover your eyes!”

“No-eyes Sector?” muttered Shade as she and Sandy stopped. “I never heard of that. Where is it?”

“You can’t see it,” replied Daniel. “It’s unseen.” Shade covered her eyes.

“How do I know I went in it then?”

“You can’t see anything, right?” asked Silver.

“So…how do I get out?”

“Someone bonks you and the boys on the head with the Moboball!” called Sandy as she bounced a ball on their heads. “I get two points each!” Shade, Silver, and Daniel then chased Sandy all around the field.

“That was a rotten rule!” shouted Shade.

“I wasn’t even gonna add that!” growled Silver. “I decree no more headbonks!”

“I’ll show you!” called Daniel. “You just ran into a dizzy spot! You have to spin around for a minute and then try to walk a straight line!”

“Sorry,” called Sandy, “but this dizzy spot is in an elder zone, so the eldest of us has to spin. Start spinning, Shade.”

“Oh no, you don’t!” argued Shade as she pulled out a card with a rose on it. “I invoke my Return to Sender card! The person who tried to deflect the punishment is unable to avoid it! So spin!”

“That’s not fair!” wailed Sandy.

“You know the Moboball rules,” chuckled Daniel, thankful for the save.

“Yeah, yeah,” grunted Sandy. “Anything we make up goes. Well, you’ll pay for this.” Sandy started spinning and getting dizzy. “This game lends itself to certain abuses.” Shade then looked at her discarded potato sack and grinned.

“Guess how you get out of the spot!” she chuckled. She then shoved the sack over Sandy’s head.

“HEY!” Sandy abruptly fell to the ground as Optimus and his family headed up to them.

“Hey guys!” he called. “Who’s winning?”

“Wait, where are Sonic and Amy?” asked Blackarachnia. “I thought they were playing with you.”

“They were serving a penalty,” explained Silver. “Unnecessary flag-swiping.”

“So, where are they now?” asked Optimus. Sonic and Amy then came up to Megatron carrying a big bucket of water.

“…Your Majesties, wha-?” Sonic and Amy cut off Megatron’s question.

“This is a poem, please do as you’re told,” began Sonic.

“And here is a bucket of water, ice cold.”

“Take this water,” grumbled Amy, “and dump it on we.

Don’t hesitate, do it a.s.a.p.” Megatron arched an eyebrow, then grinned. He then dumped the contents of the bucket all over Sonic and Amy.

“I’ve been waiting years to do something like that!” he cackled.

“You kids just wait until YOU get a peril poem penalty!” Sonic called out to his sons and their friends. “You’ll be sorry then!”

“Well, until then, you two better make up for all those points you lost!” taunted Silver. As Sonic and Amy ran off after their kids, Optimus chuckled.

“Sweet Gaia,” he said, “it’s nice to see them like this.”

“Hey, Megatron!” called Jazz. “He said a bad language word!”

“Let it go, already!” snapped Megatron. “Sweet Chaos, you always-!” Megatron stopped as Amy was replaced by someone else in his optics. He rubbed them and saw Amy again. “…Royana?”

“Megatron?” asked Optimus, concerned for his brother.

“Sorry, I thought Amy was that kitsune friend you made.”

“You mean Arsha?” asked Optimus.

“Who’s Arsha?” asked Sky Runner.

“A princess from another universe I made friends with,” explained Optimus. “Her world, ours, and another world briefly merged with ours during an event called the Convergence.”

“This was when I led the Decepticons down a darker path,” supplied Megatron. “I made an alliance with Arsha’s enemy and a man named Hiro Adachi, leader of Shocker Rift. Without question, that event was an unmitigated disaster! I met with Daleks, Kamen Riders, cyborg fairies, and this whole thing was just after Nemesis Prime’s bid for power!”

“So, you had enough of alternate universes after that,” guessed Galvatron.

“MORE than enough, dear boy. Take my advice, stick to matters in THIS universe. Other universes are not your concern.”

“Come on, I’m sure it wasn’t all that bad,” remarked Optimus.

“Optimus, I don’t know if you remember, but Hiro planted a torture device in my head and Dr. Borg wanted to dissect the Decepticons!” Just then Sonic, his family, Sandy, and Shade came up to them.

“Hey guys!” called Sonic, now looking dryer. “What’s up?”

“Just chatting,” explained Optimus. “Telling our kids about the Convergence.”

“Ah, the Convergence,” sighed Amy happily. “And the 3V2R! Remember when you and Arsha forgot your fight terms?”

“Fight terms?” asked Galvatron. “3V2R?”

“Yeah!” answered Sonic. “Optimus got third place in a fighting tournament!”

“It’s called the 3V2R, hosted by a race called the Chizarans,” explained Optimus. “I fought in a second one after the second war and got first place prize.”

“Oh, then you can’t fight in it anymore?” asked Amy.

“‘Fraid not.” Optimus then got a faraway look. “You know, given the war, I’d bet that they tried to contact us only to get nothing.”

“We WERE focused on something else at the time,” replied Megatron. “Primacron and Starscream leap readily to mind.”

“…Yeah. I guess I miss them.”

“Well, now’s a good time to try and call them up,” suggested Sonic.

“Do you have a means of calling them?” asked Sky Runner. Jazz winced.

“We did, at the old base,” he said.

“Scrap!” muttered Blackarachnia. “Unicron probably destroyed it when he smashed the old base.”

“Perhaps he saved that data,” mused Megatron.

“I’d be very surprised if he did in the chaos of transferring out of there,” remarked Optimus.

Journey Through Wonder story

Chapter 2: Trip Down Memory Lane

The next morning, Arsha was standing on a balcony overlooking the Mid-realm castle garden. She wore only her nightdress, not thinking about her dressing routine until she got her thoughts in order. As she looked out, the incident where her parents looked different for only a moment was still playing in her mind. She stood there, staring off into space, not noticing Bashoon approach. “Captain?” she asked. Arsha gasped and whirled around. She then calmed down when she saw Bashoon.

“Hey, Bashoon,” she finally said after getting over her slight fright.

“Arsha, I wasn’t attempting to sneak up on you,” remarked Bashoon. “Something’s on your mind.”

“…Bashoon, do you remember how we got the Master Wand?” Bashoon goggled.

“Haven’t thought about that thing in a long time,” she replied. “But yeah, I do.” Bashoon smiled. “It was nice seeing other universes. Hey, remember that wanderer you beat in a circus tent?”

“That I do,” chuckled Arsha. “Or when Optimus Prime and I had our 3V2R round together? We both forgot what the terms of victory were!”

“What prompted this trip down memory lane?”

“…I thought I saw Megumi and Richard last night. They were dancing where my parents were. It’s the first time I thought of them in a long time.”

“When was the last time you did?”

“It was during the Summit before the Final War. I figured I’d see her and Optimus again and they’d get a tour of the Realms. …That was until I got the news of Andwayla’s death. Then the Final War happened and…well…”

“Other priorities took over.”

“Something like that.”

“I tell you what, we dodged a magic blast there. Imagine if Dr. Borg remembered that the Wand was in the Vaults.”

“Yikes! I don’t think we’d even be here talking about it! She and the rest of her council might have ascended to godhood permanently if that happened!”

“Her loss, our gain. It wasn’t just winning the War that was on our minds though. Reconstruction and motherhood come readily to mind.” Arsha smiled as she thought about her children.

“Yeah, those were really big priorities.” Arsha looked out again. “…I wonder if the Endeavor still has entries on them.”

“Might be buried in the Captains’ Archives,” remarked Bashoon.

“I’ll see if Endea can pull them up this afternoon,” decided Arsha.

When she finished the morning’s duties as Queen, Arsha headed to the Largandra Shipyards and found the Endeavor and Glanthelantir moored at the docks. Arsha saw Endea standing by her hull. Endea saw her and waved her over. “Arsha, I need to talk about something,” she said.

“What is it?” asked Arsha.

“I’ve been looking through my old databanks for yucks. I looked through the Captains’ Archives and found several entries about a shape-changing prime robot and I can’t find any correlations from when I first became a Mechanica.” Arsha quickly guessed what, or rather WHO, Endea was talking.

“That particular bot was from before Denstra took Oak’s place,” she explained. “His name is Optimus Prime and he’s an old friend of mine from beyond the Realms.”

“Beyond the Realms?” repeated Endea.

“That’s right. You’ve heard of multiverse theory, yes?”

“Yeah, that there are other groups of Realms separately contained from ours.”

“It’s a fact. I saw the other worlds and Optimus comes from a world where life is similar to a Change-a-tron series.”

“So, Optimus is a Change-a-tron?”

“Transformer, actually. He leads his version of the Justitrons, the Autonomous Robotic Organisms of the planet of Cybertron. Autobots, for short. Years ago, the Realms briefly merged with Optimus’ universe and another one where our third friend came from in an event called the Convergence. Our third friend’s name was Megumi Hishikawa, and she was the leader of a group called the Feudal Nerd Society. They also called themselves the Vortex Riders as they could become armored superheroes called Kamen Riders. Three from our world joined them and are now living in her world.”

“Wait, three people from the Realms didn’t fight in the Final War?!”

“A Zephyr man named Swalmu, a Vampire man named Jandro, and a Stone Elf man named Twaldar. They couldn’t have known the Final War would start. Five from Optimus’ world also stayed with Megumi. They all felt like there was nothing for them. Swalmu was just another face in the crowd that was overlooked, Jandro was the last of the Grelnak Clan of Vampires, and Twaldar had sought emancipation from his abusive parents. Megumi’s home gave them purpose and peace. I couldn’t deny them that.” Endea then cleared her mind of any ire towards them.

“No, no. you’re right. Sorry. I was thinking they were cowards. They couldn’t have…so, wait, why couldn’t we get their help?”

“Two factors leap to mind. One is that we were a little more concerned with the Realms’ survival and the second is that I didn’t ask Megumi and her team for universe crossing technology. In all honesty, it was for the best. It kept the War contained here. Besides, it also kept the Master Wand out of Megatron’s hands.”


“Optimus’ brother and leader of the Autobots’ enemies, the Decepticons. A very brutal faction of Transformers. Wanted to conquer their whole universe.”

“Sounds like they were in a war of their own.”

“They were. The sad part is that I don’t know if it’s over for them.” Endea then recalled something.

“Hold on, did you say ‘Master Wand’?”

“During the Convergence,” explained Arsha, “Megumi, Optimus, and I participated in a tournament called the Verse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale, the 3V2R. It was hosted by a godlike race called the Chizarans and the Master Wand was the first-place prize. I won that tournament and got Realmfleet to store the Wand in the Vaults.”

“I’m surprised Oyed didn’t learn about it.”

“Dr. Borg may have forgotten to tell him. Either she didn’t want him near that kind of power, or she forgot it herself.”

“Either way, we dodged a magic blast there.”

“You, Bashoon, and I are of the same mind.”

As Arsha and Endea talked, Glanthel overheard the whole thing. He pondered about what Arsha said about other universes and her travels before the Mechanica Rise. He headed to his ready room and made a call. An Orc man’s face appeared on the screen. He had a prosthetic eye and ear. “Glanthel!” greeted the Orc, Admiral Rokalla Borkshorm. “What can I do for you?”

“You can help clear something up,” replied Glanthel. “I overheard Mom and Queen Arsha talking about an old legend that Her Majesty retrieved.”

“An old legend? When was this?”

“It was during an event called a convergence.”

“Ah, not A convergence, THE Convergence.”

“So, this 3V2R thing was real?”

“As was the prize Queen Arsha won. We have it in the Vaults. Thought she was going nuts about other universes?”

“Call me paranoid, but after…after Dad’s death…”

“…I know, son. Mental health IS a must.”

“I know the doctors and therapists tried everything, but I feel like I could have done more. And given the damage to my own psyche after that incident…I’m surprised the doctors called it war-shock for me.”

“Seeing death like that tends to make one feel like they’re on a battlefield. I assure you, though, Arsha’s mental health is all right.”

“That’s good to know. Thanks for the help, Sir.”

“Anytime.” Glanthel ended the call and looked out the window.

“…I wonder what those other worlds were like,” he mused. “Actual Change-a-trons. Different versions of Sailor Riders. It sounds like a little slice of the Heights to me.” As he pondered, he bounced an orange ball.

Journey Through Wonder story

Chapter 1: Where to Begin?

A woman in a pink dress and nine fox tails rested on a grassy hill and had a writing pad in her hands. She wrote on the pad with a quill, then looked up as if she were searching for the words. “Where to…ah yes!” she said. She then wrote again and read her writing aloud. “‘Concerning…Citizens. Despite…what politicians…may say…the citizens…of our great…Realms…are…the backbone. Without…their…hard work…there…would…be…no…kingdom…anywhere…in either…the…original…Three…or…the-’” Her writing was interrupted as she heard a man and woman singing together. She peered down the hill and saw a carriage being pulled by a horse with a ten-armed woman with dog-features and wearing a wedding dress. At the woman’s side was a man with a red eye on his tunic. The fox-tailed woman headed down the hill and raised her hand to stop the carriage. “You’re late,” she remarked. The man stared the woman down.

“An Emboramii is never late, Arsha Royana,” he said with a slight rebuking tone. “Nor are they early. They arrive precisely when they mean to.” The dog-woman also stared the fox-woman down. They all stared at one another. …None of them could keep a straight face as a warm smile sprang onto their faces.

“It’s great to see you again, Orbak and Elmpam!” cheered the fox-woman, Queen Arsha Royana, as she leapt into her in-laws’ arms. Once the embrace broke, the dog-woman, Elmpam, chimed in.

“You didn’t think we’d miss Yufantel’s Tour’s End Ceremony, did you?” she asked with a smile. “I promised all my grandkids I’d see them come home and I’m not about to break that promise with my youngest grandkid!”

“How’s the family these days?” asked Orbak as the carriage got moving again. “I hear they’re all pitching in.”

“Your daughter’s idea,” replied Arsha. “Malnar insisted we all get involved with our kids’ respective returns home.”

“That explains the big order I got a week ago,” chuckled Orbak.

“Welmaf and Eemaf also got pretty big orders too,” said Arsha. “They got here two days ago.”

“Ah, good, some help!” replied Elmpam.

“Half the Realms are invited to tune in,” continued Arsha. “The rest will probably tune in anyways. Other than that, life here in Largandra goes on, pretty much the same way it’s been since this Age of Unity started. People and goods come and go, with change coming a bit slower than I would personally like.”

“That tends to happen when peace replaces war,” remarked Elmpam. “There’s no real urgency for survival anymore. Now we focus on thriving.”

“In all honesty, though you may not like the pace of change at the moment,” mused Orbak, “I’m enjoying it. These days, we’re making things made to endure the ravages of time, passing down from one generation to the next.”

“I guess I’m still a little antsy,” muttered Arsha. Her in-laws each arched an eyebrow. Arsha then realized she revealed something she didn’t mean to and decided to explain. “To be honest, I’m getting a bit odd lately. I mean, more than I would consider usual for me. Lately…lately I’ve been feeling Dr. Borg’s metal hand on my shoulder.”

“Didn’t you decapitate her?” asked Orbak.

“Orbak!” admonished Elmpam.

“It’s all right, Elmpam,” assured Arsha. “And I did, but it feels like her ghost is watching me, always right behind me. …I don’t know, maybe I should see if Thengo’s in town.”

“Just like her,” mused Orbak.

“…Her?” asked Arsha. Her in-laws then looked elsewhere as if it were nothing important. Arsha grinned. “All right, keep your secret!” she teased.

“Secret?” asked Orbak.

“I know you’re talking about a member of my old crew.”

“Goodness me!”

“You know, before last year, people held us veterans in high esteem.”


“Never had any accidents or did anything too crazy.”

“If you’re referring,” remarked Elmpam, “to that incident during the Summer Solstice, Orbak and I were barely involved. All we did was give Dr. Borontho a little nudge out of the door.”

“Whatever you call it, the Morgonthor trench has labeled you both Disturbers of the Peace.”

“…Did they now?” muttered Orbak. He pouted comedically. Arsha and Elmpam laughed, then Orbak joined in. Arsha then saw a carriage stop.

“Orbak, Elmpam, I’m glad you could make it,” she said as she hopped off.

“So are we, Arsha!” replied Elmpam as their carriage went on.

The Ceremony was held in the park Arsha had hers. The aisle was lined with the ship’s new crew and Arsha, her spouses, and all 17 of their kids that had already completed their tours were at the head of the aisle. Walking down it was a young woman in a cloud dress and wearing a pink bodice. She stopped in front of the Royanas and knelt. “Yufantel Royana,” said Arsha, “you have been away from home for five years now. You have served Realmfleet and expanded your knowledge. What have you learned?”

“I’ve learned that the people are the real movers and shakers of the Realms,” replied Yufantel, the youngest of the Royana children. “Without their help, I would be nothing. I vow to do everything in my power to make sure they are happy.”

“Your tour has been instrumental in your growth,” declared Arsha. “We have no doubts that you will lead us well when you ascend to the throne. Rise, Yufantel Royana, Crown Princess of the entire Under-realm!” The crowd clapped as Yufantel turned.

“Everyone, it’s been a long time since I first set foot on the Grelnak as a kid,” she said. “I never thought I would be able to command effectively, but I was happily proven wrong. Now, I wish my successor luck! May he command better than me!” She turned to an Orc/Centaur Blender man.

“I’m surprised you want me to be better than you,” chuckled the new Captain.

“Look, let’s be honest,” replied Yufantel, “I didn’t exactly come onto the Grelnak with a humble attitude. You, on the other hand, have that in spades. Good Luck, Captain Nartugh!”

“Thank you, Your Highness.” The new Captain then trotted off with his new crew in tow.

Once the ceremony ended, the Royanas had a party celebrating the fact that all 18 of their kids had finished their tours and learned something to help them be better leaders. The partiers were the Royanas, the kids, the grandparents, and family friends. A Genie woman popped up in front of Arsha. “Your guests have arrived,” she announced.

“All right!” cheered Arsha. “Domesta, I wish for you to bring me to the door!” Domesta snapped her fingers and Arsha teleported to the castle door. She opened it to reveal a Goblin woman, a Homunculus man, their daughter and son, a woman in a gray dress with pale-gray skin, and a man in purple clothes and dark-gray skin. “Welcome, welcome!” greeted Arsha.

“Great to be here, Captain!” chuckled the Goblin woman, Bashoon Barmek. Her husband, Delselii, then shook Arsha’s hand.

“Great to see you too, Your Majesty!” he said.

“Oh, come on! We’re all friends here!” Arsha chided slightly. “No need for titles!”

“Hard habit to break,” chuckled the gray woman, Endea, the living extension of the Endeavor.

“Endea, great to see you again!” cheered Arsha as she hugged Endea. She then got a look at the man with her. “Is that little Glanthel?”

“Not so little anymore, is he?” said Endea.

“Good evening, Your Majesty,” greeted Glanthel, the living extension of the Glanthelantir.

“Like I said to Delselii, no need for titles!” Arsha looked Glanthel up and down. “My word, you’ve gotten so big! The last time I saw you, you were barely up to my knees!” Glanthel gave a small smile. Arsha then looked Bashoon and Delselii’s kids. “And we can’t forget the younger Barmeks! Hejema, how’s the Homunculus Pet business?”

“Doing great!” replied Bashoon’s daughter, Hejema. “Homunculus pets are selling like hotcakes, especially in the Under-realm!”

“And Torya, how’s the life of a College Wizard?”

“It’s a little hectic,” replied Bashoon’s son, Torya, “but I can manage. I’m a Vorsholstein AND a Barmek.”

“Good to hear! Now, come in! Come in!” Arsha and her guests went inside and the party began. As the music for the dance played, Arsha looked at her parents, Elgrad and Hanako. She then did a double take. For a moment, Elgrad was white, beardless, and had a full head of pumpkin-orange hair. Hanako also shrunk, lost her kitsune features, and wore blue. Arsha rubbed her eyes and her parents were back to normal. Her son, Farmee, then came up to her.

“Standing alone, Mama?” he chuckled. “That ain’t like you!” Arsha was snapped out of her thoughts.

“Er, Farmee, sweetie, this is gonna seem weird,” she said, “but did you notice anyone going missing?” Farmee arched an eyebrow.

“N-no, can’t say that with any honesty.”

“…All right.” Arsha rejoined the party, leaving her son confused. Hejema then tapped him on the shoulder and pointed her thumb towards the fireworks. Farmee nodded and grinned with Hejema. Time for some mischief!

Journey Through Wonder ships

BEX-01 Scorpion

The Scorpion is the first of its class and the namesake of the Scorpion-class skyships constructed by Dr. Borg. Its intended use is for scrapping ships on the go. It measures at 600 meters by 500 meters by 300 meters and is crewed by 30. Its captain is the ship’s living extension, Scorpo. As such, it’s considered alive.

Journey Through Wonder ships

PK-974816 Hellfire

The Hellfire is a ship from Primacron’s time. Considered to be a prototype for Unicron, it’s a Genocide-class starship that Primacron built in secret. It measures at 1,100 meters by 700 meters by 700 meters and is crewed by 80 bots. Its giant cannon at the bow helps it fulfill its primary function of planetary detonation. The Author found it and put it under the command of Nemesis Prime. It’s classified as a non-living ship.

Journey Through Wonder ships

RC-34947 SRS Dominion

The Dominion is a Raider-class Shocker Rift Saucer that the Author managed to save from scrap. Its intended use is for hit-and-run tactics and measures at 700 meters by 700 meters by 247 meters. 70 crew members run the ship under the command of Hiro. It’s not a living ship.

Journey Through Wonder ships

UBS-44896 Relentless

The Relentless is a Predator-class Shocker Umbra Command Saucer. It’s the flagship of Shocker Umbra’s fleet. Intended for planetary bombardment, it measures at 800 meters by 800 meters by 300 meters. It is crewed by 100 and is commanded by Metaltron herself. Metaltron never saw the use of living ships, too needy for her tastes.

Journey Through Wonder ships

LS-19 Juggernaut

The Juggernaut is a standard Dreadnought-class Borg Cube. Its main functions are for battle and assimilation, though it’s toned down the last part since this particular cube works for the Lord Collective instead of the Borg. It measures at 3,040 meters by 3,040 meters by 3,040 meters and has a crew complement of roughly 130,000. Like other Lord ships, this one has a Captain, a Cardassian Lord named Ziddet under the pseudonym of Empress Terminus. Even with all the Lords woven into the ship, it’s still considered not alive.

Journey Through Wonder ships

LS-01 Imperium

After the Author introduced individuality into a mini Borg Collective and rechristened them into the Lords, they got to work creating a new ship where they took a Borg Diamond and attached triangular pyramids to each face of the Diamond. The first of its class, the Imperium is a Cluster-class ship and serves as the Lords’ flagship. Its intended use is for fleet command. Its measurements are 3,500 meters by 3,500 meters by 3,500 meters and it has a crew complement of 420,000. Its Captain is the Lords’ leader, the Author and is considered not alive.