Emotional Spectrum Ballgown Corps Heroines

Red Wraith Heroines

Atrosnia is the last Verlukarian and the first Red Wraith. Her hatred of the ones who killed her people made her an excellent candidate to be a Wraith under the watchful gaze of Angresna and Rajintago. Now, for the past millions of years, she has become the greatest heroine of the Wraiths, finally putting an end to all evil and making a new family with her Wraith Coven.

Belavax is the Halufan Queen of Drulanti, a planet that has constantly been conquered until Belavax was angry enough to be inducted into the Red Wraiths. Once she dealt with those who would enslave her planet, she became Queen and has spent the recent thousands of years putting the dogs of evil down.

Goantilu is a Shevam Princess from Umbraxilun. She was kidnapped by slavers and was about to be sold off until Atrosnia and Belavax saved her. She was so angry that she felt powerless, then Atrosnia held out the signature hair flower of the Wraiths and asked her to join them. She accepted and finally brought an end to the slave trade across her entire galaxy. Now she’s a part of Atrosnia’s coven and will deliver cruel vengeance for those that were abandoned by official “justice”.

Flufferkins is a cat from Earth and the first male to join any ballgown corp. He was chosen by his hair flower after his owner was killed and the killers escaping justice. His joining caused some contention among the ballgown corps, with many saying that the hair flowers finally made a mistake. That was until Yashganrom Gulanuta of the White Angels reminded all the Guardians that she was a man when her hair flower chose her. She only changed her gender because she felt uncomfortable in a male body. Would it really be such a big deal if a man joined? The speech moved the Guardians and the corps, so Flufferkins became a Wraith and brought his late owner’s killers to justice. Now he’s part of Atrosnia’s coven for his cunning.

Emotional Spectrum Ballgown Corps Heroines

White Angel Heroines

Left to right

Yanturan Usrtelos is a Trelotanku woman from the Dulvax system. She was chosen by the Angel Guardians when her planet was being attacked by the Metalniz Empire. They were about to be sterilized when she used her new powers to save her people. Now she is considered one of the greatest Heroines among the Angels and will happily give advice and tell her story to anyone eager to listen.

Yashganrom Gulanuta is a Wenterkas trans-woman from the Felnax system. Before she joined the Angels, her people considered trans-people criminals. Her government was about to exterminate them all when the Angels intervened and made her the offer to join them. She was hesitant at first, given that she was still in a masculine body, but the Angels assured her that they would give her the female body she wants. She accepted and became an Angel. Nowadays, her people are slowly starting to accept trans-people, thanks to her efforts.

Katie Richards is a human woman from Earth. She had a normal life at one point and hated it, feeling like she never fit in anywhere. She wanted to explore beyond the stars. Her wish was granted, though in a rather dangerous way. An entity named Void was ready to devour all life in the universe and targeted Katie because of her potential for power. Katie was visited by Carla Megan and brought to the Guardians’ Private Galaxy for testing. She soon found where she felt like she could belong among the Angels and led the Angels in an attack against Void which saw its defeat. She now spends her days among the Angels, feeling at home with her sisters.

Jaltuya Nasyo is a Nuvax from the Gulfatu system. Her people always contact the Emotional Spectrum Corps for help and she always wanted to be a part of them. She soon proved herself when her planet was being drained of life energy from the Pirates of Nulkaz. She figured out a way to reverse the process and stop them from doing it again, thus making her a perfect candidate for the Angels. Now she’s hailed as a hero to her people and her Corp and continues to succeed in her career.

Emotional Spectrum Ballgown Corps Heroines

Black Reaper Heroines

Noralis (Left) is the first member of the Black Reapers. When she died, she was brought back to life by Necrisna and Mortimpii to help found a new corp centered around death-related magic. Lately, she’s taken an interest in the planet Earth and even recruited Jessica after her death, taking on the name Necromistress.

Jessica Hayes (Right) had taken a shine to Noralis and wanted to be a part of her world while she was alive. Sadly, a drunk driver ran her down and killed her. However, she still joined with Noralis (Necromistress) as her partner, Resurecta. Now the two Reapers are in a romantic relationship with each other.