Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 12: Seven Lights of the Earth)

TMC 12-10

While people were being healed, the team commanders met with Optimus. In light of Ultra Magnus’ actions in Apotos, Hot Rod was taking his place. “So. Let me sum up what happened,” sighed Optimus. “We have no Chaos Emeralds, the Terrorcons have no Chaos Emeralds, and the Decepticons have all seven. We’ve got people with more than a few injuries, two of them being children, and Megatron is currently laughing up his sleeves with only minimal damage to his forces. Did I miss anything?”

“Well, we got new friends,” remarked Strongarm.

“So do the Cons,” reminded Topaz.

“Yeah, there IS that,” recalled Optimus. “Okay, since my own mission was as bad as everyone else’s, I can’t really assign blame on any one bot. I can only conclude that we were all overconfident after successfully getting the Allspark.”

“Yeah, that’s a safe assessment,” agreed Hot Rod.

“Still, the playing field is now even for both sides,” declared Optimus. “With both factions in possession of weapons that could potentially harm Unicron, we can try to open a dialogue with Megatron.”

“Open a dialogue? Are you sure?” asked Blackarachnia.

“They hate Unicron as much as us, Blackarachnia,” answered Optimus. “Besides, we don’t need to open a dialogue just yet. First, we need to welcome our two new friends. Meeting adjourned.” Everyone cleared out and Optimus made his way to his office. He was given a report of who was cleared and who was still receiving medical attention. Tails’ name stuck out for Optimus and he was sure Sonic was going to blame the young Prime for letting Tails get hurt. He then noticed that Ultra Magnus was just cleared, so he decided to get the chewing-out out of the way. “Ultra Magnus, report to my office.” Optimus waited a bit before the door chimed. “Enter.” Ultra Magnus stepped in.

“You wanted to see me?” he asked as the door shut behind him.

“Take a seat.” Ultra Magnus flinched at the tone Optimus used. He sat down, feeling very uneasy. “Ultra Magnus, I don’t know what’s going on, but this has to stop right now, understand?”

“I don’t believe I understand.”

“I’m talking about your detrimental and out-of-control Deceptiphobia!” Ultra Magnus’ optics widened at what Optimus said. “…Or did I misunderstand what happened in Apotos? Tell me that I misunderstood your willingness to sacrifice Tails to destroy the Decepticons and I’ll apologize right now.” Ultra Magnus’ gaze hardened. “…You really should have taken the way out I offered.”

“Optimus, Tails IS expendable!”

“Oh, don’t be an idiot! Tails may be small, but his knowledge and expertise has saved our skidplates more times than I could count!”

“We have a dedicated science team to do that work!”

“They always asked for Tails help on certain matters and he more than provides!” By that point, both bots were standing up. “Ultra Magnus, you’re one of the most single-minded bots I’ve ever known. That is a strength, yes, but it’s also a weakness! The Decepticons played you like a fiddle!”

“I don’t buy that for a nano-cycle, Sir!”

“Whether you believe it or not is immaterial! The fact remains; your emotions have jeopardized our situation far more than you realize! If we weren’t at war…!” Optimus cycled in some air before continuing. “…You’re confined to quarters. I’ll be contacting Cybertron for more soldiers and more medics. I think our mother can provide insight.”

“SIR!” protested Ultra Magnus.

“You have something else to say, Ultra Magnus?”

“Sir! …Brother, if Mom finds out, it will break her Spark! Please, at the very least, don’t involve her!”

“…Ironhide and I already told her about the situation. She’s coming here. You’re confined to quarters until her arrival. Dismissed.” Ultra Magnus snarled as he left for his quarters.

Up on the Decepticon Moon Base, Megatron allowed himself a maniacal laugh. “Decepticons, behold! Victory in the literal palms of our hands!” He held out the Chaos Emerald he and his team had taken. “Rumble handed us success on a silver platter, and to me, it is exquisite! Now both factions have a chance of taking down Unicron! But, we must do more than leveling the playing field, we must tip it in our favor! Now is the perfect opportunity to make sure we’re ALL in tip-top shape for our inevitable victory over the Autobots! Peace through tyranny!”

“Peace through tyranny!” cheered the Decepticons. As the Decepticons headed off, Megatron stopped Tower.

“Not you, not yet!” hissed the Decepticon Lord.

“May I ask why?” asked Tower.

“Why assist my Decepticons?” demanded Megatron. “What is MECH’s intention?”

“I’m no longer affiliated with that entity,” answered Tower. “A civil war broke out between my faction and my daughter’s during the Metarex incident. Her leadership led to the entire imprisonment of MECH, aside from myself and a few of my loyalists. Daughters are quite impulsive.”

“As are sons, but that’s neither here nor there. So, why take a page out of Nemesis Prime’s book?”

“Because he had the right idea, just the wrong commander. Thus began the process of Project: Chimera and the final draft, Cylas, Cybernetic Life Augmented by Symbiosis. After my evolution, I thanked my followers for their dedication and a life-time of service, but I thought myself more fit to keep the exclusive company of Titans. I’m afraid my followers won’t be joining us.” Megatron snorted.

“That is your price? You wish to join us? The Metarex are allies of the Decepticons. Last I checked, their defeat ultimately started at a MECH base.”

“Perhaps, but I can deal with that at a later date. Besides, helping your men out was a bonus. I have something greater to offer in exchange for a place at the table. Tell me, have you heard of Project: Damocles?”

“Enlighten me.” Tower grinned.

“Ask yourself, wouldn’t you wish to destroy your enemies from orbit?”

“…Orbital weapons? The Nemesis and Scarship are weapon enough.”

“But slow, are they not?”

“…Still listening.” Tower took Megatron’s invitation.

“With multiples of Project: Damocles, coupled with the power of the Emeralds, you could rain fire down on Mobius, destroying any Autobot resistance!”

“…Eggman never considered such a weapon. Shows how much he uses his supposed i.q. of 300. Tell me, if you WERE to join us, would you consider a name-change?”

“To be honest, I would happily accept one.”

“Splendid. For now, though, you are on trial. We need to test out your skills.”

“I shall pass any test you provide.” Megatron and Tower then left the room.

All the Terrorcons met in a large chamber with a pool of magma in the center. Smoke rose from it and it formed a very angry face. “Oh, Lord Unicron,” began Nemesis Prime, “we are honored by your pres…” Unicron then sent the Terrorcons into mental agony.

“None have ever DARED fail me even ONCE before!” roared the Chaos Bringer. “But you idiots, YOU HAVE FAILED ME TWICE OVER!”

“Lord Unicron!” begged Deceptitran. “It was those infernal Transfor…!” More mental agony shut him up.

“From deep inside my planetary prison, I’ve sent you simple instructions to follow! But, you’ve lost the Allspark to the Autobots! You’ve lost the Chaos Emeralds to the Decepticons! AND I HAVE LOST MY PATIENCE! The cosmic alignment is coming, and we have no means of power for me to rise and break free!”

“My Lord, I know we’ve had a few…unfortunate, erm…setbacks…” gulped Crystal Widow before mental agony returned.

“Setbacks?! YOU IDIOTS FAILED ME! With the Three Powers, our plans will be upended!”

“We shall find the Three Powers and destroy them!” begged Sideways. “We promise!”

“Oh, really?! You can destroy the Star Saber?!”

“…My Lord, what did you say the Three Powers were?” asked Straxus.

“The Star Saber, the Skyboom Shield, and the Requiem Blaster!” explained Unicron. “With those three weapons in play…!”

“My Lord, forgive the interruption, but those weapons are already gone,” assured Straxus. “The Thirteen destroyed them after they cast you out.”

“Yeah, same in my universe,” supplied Nemesis Prime. “I had to rip the plans out from the Grid to make the Dark Saber.”

“…Are you sure they’re gone?!” snarled Unicron.

“My Lord, we’ll bet our lives on it,” answered Crystal Widow. Unicron then started laughing.

“Then there IS a way to amass the power needed for my resurrection! Since you lot have offered good news, I am feeling…generous. There is still a way to build me a new body! And this time, THIS TIME, UNICRON WILL MAKE SURE YOU GET IT RIGHT!”

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 12: Seven Lights of the Earth)

TMC 12-9

Sludge, Kup, Jumpstream, Skyburst, Topaz, and Cream arrived at Kingdom Valley in Soleanna. “Oh boy,” muttered Topaz. “This place is unstable with all the buildings threatening to collapse any minute.”

“With the amount of water around here?” grimaced Skyburst. “I’m surprised some of them are lasting this long.”

“This reminds me of the time my platoon and I had to go through the swamps surrounding Queeg Mountain on the planet Dread,” mused Kup. “Chaos was wreaking all sorts of havoc with those Death Crystals of his.”

“Chaos?” asked Cream. “Is this Chaos a water monster?”

“No, he was a giant lizard-bear-crystal thing. …A water monster?”

“Well, I say that, but it’s the guardian of the Chao, creatures like my friend Cheese.”

“So, why use the word ‘monster’?”

“I don’t think G.U.N ever got the full story behind Chaos’ attack,” remarked Topaz.

“Knuckles’ ancestors attacked its home, and it forsook its peaceful ways. It was sealed in the Master Emerald by an Echidna woman called Tikal, but its world-ending grudge lasted for millennia. Eggman released it one time and, for a while, controlled Chaos until it absorbed six Chaos Emeralds. When it absorbed the last one, it became a giant monster. The only one who could calm it down was Sonic as he turned Super.”

“…Don’t think I wanna run into him,” muttered Kup.

“What about us?!” laughed a well-known voice.

“Eggman?” asked Cream. It was, indeed, Dr. Eggman, along with Laserbeak, Pale Bayleaf, and Black Narcissus. Pale Bayleaf rubbed his head.

“Stealth, my dear doctor,” he grumbled, “I trust that word is in your vocabulary?”

“Oh no, not today!” snarled Sludge.

“Dr. Eggman, leave this area immediately!” demanded Topaz as everyone prepared for battle.

“Yes, because I’m well-known for following G.U.N. orders,” snarked Eggman.

“The Emerald is ours,” squawked Laserbeak. “Surrender and die!”

“Er, don’t you mean ‘or’?” asked Skyburst.

“I know what I said!” The enemy then attacked, causing all sorts of mayhem. With the ruins collapsing at random intervals, it made the fight harder. Just then, Jumpstream spotted something, it was a flash of white light. Her optics focused on it and she could see a clear shape!

“CHAOS EMERALD!” she called as she pointed to the light. Unfortunately, EVERYONE heard that. They all made a dash for the Emerald. It became a bit of a brawl, but Cream managed to get the Emerald to a higher vantage point. That turned out to be a rather harmful idea as something knocked her to the ground, forcing her to drop the Emerald. Everyone turned to see Sideways and his Mini-cons standing over the young rabbit. The Mini-con named Rook snatched up the Emerald.

“Well, well, well, if it ain’t the Auto-boobs and the Decepti-clowns,” scoffed Sideways. “Hey, looky! It’s one of Soundwave’s pets. How’s the coping process going?”

“Better than your plans to destroy this planet, I can tell you that,” replied Laserbeak.

“And how’s Optimus handling that scrap-pile’s death, Auto-dorks?”

“He and Chromia are after your specific tailpipe!” snarled Sludge.

“Oh? So he knows? Pity, I wanted to see him mistake the Decepticons as the rust bucket’s killers. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. Now, if you don’t mind, I’ve got an Emerald to bring home.” Laserbeak charged at Sideways and swiped him with his talon-like fingers, then changed tactics and fired on Rook, making him drop the Emerald. Laserbeak then snatched it up, then tossed Cream towards the Autobots and their friends before firing on the building they were standing on. Our heroes scrambled to avoid crashing into the water as Eggman and the two Metarex leveled their weapons.

“STOP!” called a voice. A small ball of light then knocked the villains to the ground before catching the heroes. Cream felt a warmth cover her body as everyone was carried to safety. The light then faded as the Autobots and their friends touched the ground. It revealed a small pink and white creature covered in fur floating in the air thanks to tiny wings. The creature then turned towards Sideways. “Servant of Dark Gaia, you won’t win this one!”

“…I’m sorry, little one, I think you’re lost,” remarked Sideways. “Besides, he’s really called Unicron.”

“It matters not! You won’t defile the Chaos Emerald!”

“Wait, are you that ‘Light Gaia’ thing?”

“That’s my real name, but you can call me Chip!”

“…That’s a dumb name.” Laserbeak then fired on Sideways.

“Laddie, I certainly hope,” he squawked, “that you’re prepared to lose your head!”

“Guys, hold him down,” Sideways ordered his Mini-cons. They all leapt onto Laserbeak and brought him down. “Hey, remember what my function was back on Xitra?”

“You were a corrections bot, aye?” recalled Laserbeak.

“Bingo. I take wayward bots and set them on the right path. With Mini-cons, I put them into my hive. Look, we all want something greater than ourselves, I get that, but we all have our place.” His Mini-cons then extended needles from their fingers and plunged them into Laserbeak’s head. “Now, it’s time to teach you what your…” Sideways then got a message in his head saying “Unable to Connect”. “…What?” he muttered to himself. “It’s time to teach…!” Same message. “That can’t be…it’s time to teach you what your place is!” Same message once more. “Oh for…what’s going on?! You got a Spark or something?!”

“Aye, I do. Remember when we came into contact with a volatile Allspark all those years ago?” Sideways thought back to when the Allspark exploded with energy. After a few seconds, he realized what that energy was.

“…Oh! …Errors have been made.” Laserbeak bucked his captors off and then transformed before attaching himself to Sideways’ arm.

“Ooh! What’s this?!” asked Laserbeak’s voice in Sideways’ head. “Why, this looks like all the code related to motor control!” Sideways resisted, but his arms weren’t listening. He was then forced to key in a command of three zeroes.

“Now, I know what you’re thinking!” yelped Sideways. “‘Should I command his Mini-cons to self-destruct?’ And the answer may surprise you!” The command was finished and the Mini-cons’ heads exploded. Laserbeak disconnected as Sideways writhed in pain, clutching his head and screaming. He then fell to his knees and glared at Laserbeak. “Do you know how long repairs are gonna be?! …SNAP!” Sideways then turned into a cloud of static, surrounded the dead Mini-cons, then returned to his solid state with his Mini-cons fully repaired. “Under normal circumstances, I would be in the repair bay for a long time, awaiting new Mini-cons. Thanks to Unicron, what you did was a fruitless effort. But, if it’s any consolation…that hurt like the Pit!” Laserbeak decided that enough was enough, so he flew back to his teammates as they fired on the Autobots while Chip surrounded them in an energy dome that allowed only the Autobots’ fire to leave.

“Mates, we’ve got our prize! Let’s leave!” called Laserbeak. Eggman keyed in a command in his Eggmobile and a Bridge portal opened. The Decepticon and his team left the battlefield, leaving both the Terrorcon and the Autobots bewildered.

“Did…did we just get…distracted?!” protested Sludge.

“We’ll figure out who’s to blame later!” snapped Kup. “We gotta get out of here!” Kup radioed Teletraan. “We need a Ground Bridge!” A portal opened up and the Autobots, their friends, and Chip entered, leaving Sideways and his Mini-cons to wonder what just happened.

“Whu…I mean how…Unicron’s gonna KILL me for this!”

The Three Realms The Three Realms (Book 4: Trials of Light and Dark)

3 Realms 4-11

Oyed received the news that Realmfleet was making an advance on Realmgate City. “The fools,” he chuckled. “They are vastly outnumbered. And, given Mordek’s hatred for Drows and Shadow Dragons, there’s no chance of peace between Realms. With his desire to make them extinct, the Realms will eventually turn their backs on all of my children. Soon, they will turn to me for guidance.” He turned to Dr. Borg. “Prepare the defenses. We keep the city until we find the Realmgate plans.”

“At once, Lord Oyed,” confirmed Dr. Borg as she bowed. She then flew off to relay the orders. Oyed grinned.

“Oh, my children, can you not feel the noose tightening around your throat?” Oyed decided to tour the castle, just to examine what he gained so far. He stepped out onto a balcony to see Tormo and Yulduk talking about something.

“See, I think they’re too treacherous for our purposes,” remarked Yulduk. “I think THEY will be the ones to do it.”

“Come on,” scoffed Tormo, “there’s no way they’d side with him. Realmfleet’s gonna try something first before they do.”

“What are you two talking about?” asked Oyed. The Revenant and Goblin whirled around to see their master.

“We have a feeling that something’s going to make things difficult for us,” explained Yulduk. “I think the Shadow Dragons and Drows will betray us at some point, even going so far as to suggest a bet.”

“And I think,” said Tormo, “that Realmfleet will try something to remove a good number of our forces before that happens.”

“Mind if I get in on that action?” offered Oyed.

“…You know what, sure,” accepted Tormo.

“What’s your pick?” asked Yulduk.

“I think that the Shadow Dragons and Drows will be the ones to wipe out Realmfleet,” answered Oyed. “Their hatred for Mordek alone is too great to allow them to consider betraying us and letting Realmfleet try anything.”

“You’re sure?” quizzed Yulduk.

“Positive. I spent a thousand years grooming them both to be my disciples.”

“…I guess that WOULD give you the inside track on them.”

“So, the question is, how interesting do we want to make it?” asked Tormo.

“100 Golds?” offered Oyed.

“…No disrespect, but what possible use could you have for money?”

“I stole some gold and wanted to experiment with the activities you mortals do with it.”

“Fair enough.” A robot then approached them.

“Lord Oyed, the enemy is here!”

“Then, by all means, destroy them.”

“The city’s preparing the defenses!” warned Malak as the Endeavor moved closer.

“Keep shields up until we get the signal,” ordered Arsha.

“Oh, that is precious!” laughed Oyed. “Dr. Borg’s main nemesis is leading the attack!”

“Arsha? Uh oh, there’s a plan somewhere,” muttered Yulduk.

“Dr. Borg’s nemesis may have Fae levels of craftiness, but she’s only a Human/Kitsune Blender.”

“Don’t underestimate her,” warned Tormo. “She’s managed to undo a few of our endeavors before! In fact, she was involved when you stepped into the Mortal Realm on that island!”

“Yes, but she was but a pawn for my children.”

“She also cracked your ribs in that morgue, remember?” asked Yulduk.

“She did WHAT?!” yelped Tormo.

“Yulduk, I thought you and Dr. Borg promised to never talk about that again,” hissed Oyed. “Besides, that was a lucky shot. She won’t get the chance again.”

“…Hey, why aren’t they firing?” asked Tormo.

“Captain,” called Shalvey, “Tanta’s giving us coordinates.”

“Feed them into the helm,” ordered Arsha. “Nazay, get us there pronto.”

“Aye aye,” confirmed Nazay.

“Erm, I must repeat Tormo’s question,” muttered Oyed as he looked through the spyglass. “Why aren’t the guns firing?”

“Something isn’t right here,” remarked Tormo as he took the spyglass and looked out. “…Oh dear.”


“Lord Oyed, you owe us both some gold.”

“Both of us?” asked Yulduk. “Why?”

“The Drows and Shadow Dragons are shaking hands with Realmfleet,” explained Tormo.

“THEY’RE WHAT?!” shouted Oyed.

“That was 20 hours of my life!” protested Yulduk. “Those assholes!”

“Possibly the rest of it if they start firing on our guys,” mused Tormo.

“I don’t understand!” snarled Oyed. “We had them in our grasp, even…” Oyed then realized what happened, “the one that woke up before her people did it!”

“…Okay, I think we shot ourselves in the foot, letting the former last of the Shadow Dragons in on the scheme,” gulped Yulduk.

“I don’t follow,” muttered Tormo.

“She actually did it!” roared Oyed. “She convinced both species to…to make peace with Mordek! I didn’t spend a thousand years converting them to my cause just for some weak Realmfleeter to undo it within five days!”

“Think we better save our forces?” asked Yulduk.

“Might as well,” growled Oyed.

Even with their new allies, Realmfleet was still at a slight disadvantage against the enemy. The Revenants were quite the formidable fighters. Tanta and Dotan had teamed up and were casting offensive spells at their former allies but were quickly becoming exhausted. “I’m runnink out of mana!” panted Tanta.

“I’m down to my fire-breath!” replied Dotan as he unleashed said breath. Mordek then leapt in and slammed his hammer to the ground. “…Well, never thought I’d actually be grateful to you!” growled Dotan.

“We can discuss that if and when we get out of this!” called Mordek.

“Fine by me!” answered Tanta. It was then that the three targeted the same Revenant. “Tasuno!” chanted Tanta as she fired a purple magic blast. Dotan unleashed a fire-ball from his mouth and Mordek thrust a beam of red light from his hammer. Then…something happened. Their eyes turned into white lights and they spoke as one.

“Ensakunde!” they called. The Revenant was then struck down by all three blasts and fell. The veins on the body then faded and the eyes became what they once were. Mordek, Dotan, and Tanta were shocked at what they did. A robot then examined the body.

“…Life signs…terminated!” it reported. The Revenant had gone from Undead to just dead!

“Ensakunde!” chanted Mordek as he fired from his hammer. The spell hit another Revenant and it fell over, same as the first. Mordek and Tanta did it again with their remaining mana. “Tanta and Dotan, you two are geniuses!”

“…Tank you!” replied Tanta.

“They can’t possibly…!” gulped Oyed as he and Dr. Borg fought other soldiers.

“Ensakunde!” called another soldier as he fired the spell at his Revenant opponent. The Revenant fell dead, putting the Realm Trinity Empire into a panic.

“This is bad! This is REALLY bad!” yelped Dr. Borg. “We can’t sustain that kind of loss!”

“Sound the retreat!” ordered Oyed. “The city is lost!” Dr. Borg began by calling Plunder Island Stronghold to expect the occupation force…only the reply wasn’t what she expected.

“My DEAR Doctor, we would be DELIGHTED to host your CHARMING forces.”

“REB?!” shrieked Dr. Borg.

“Did you just say Reb?! As in Reb Rojam?! What’s she doing on the line?!” demanded Oyed.

“Acting very calm about it, which means she’s not in any danger in OUR headquarters!”

“Meaning she’s reclaimed it somehow!” realized Oyed. He then roared in frustration. “The Under-realm is lost to us! Retreat to the Mid-realm!” Dr. Borg sounded the retreat and Oyed opened various portals. Some of his followers picked up a few of the fallen Revenants as they retreated. Soon, the battlefield was empty of the Realm Trinity Empire. Mordek gazed over the area and smiled.

“My friends, the day is won!” The allied members cheered.

Arsha finally met Dotan and Tanta in person as they discussed their discovery. “It looks like we’ve got a weapon against Revenants!” cheered Arsha.

“It’s rather mana-intensive,” warned Dotan.

“With Shadow Dragons and Drows working with our mages and scientists,” assured Arsha, “we’ll figure out how to make up for that deficit.”

“Our respectif people,” remarked Tanta, “ton’t haf koot history, yet you wish to help us.”

“Because I’d like to consider myself better than my ancestors,” answered Arsha. “Call it arrogance if you will, but I’d rather not repeat their mistakes.”

“…I can get by tat,” chuckled Tanta. She then turned her gaze to Mordek. “I am equally stunt tat you assitet us.”

“…I wish to atone for my sins,” explained Mordek. “I abandoned your people when they didn’t follow my doctrine to the letter, and the Realms suffered because of it.”

“A God says that he has sinned?” snorted Dotan.

“Even we are capable of error.”

“Ten you may atone by helpink us reclaim our homes,” answered Tanta.

“Without delay,” promised Mordek. He turned to Arsha. “Captain, with your permission, I would like to stay behind and help them regain their old homes. We will speak with Orbak and explain the situation.”

“Permission granted, Lord Mordek,” bid Arsha. “Good luck.”

“Thank you, Arsha. I have a feeling we’ll need it.” Mordek then bowed to Arsha. Dotan and Tanta WERE surprised.

“…Perhaps your heart IS capable of change,” rumbled Dotan.

“What I wish to know,” muttered Tanta, “is why Oyet ant his followers left te Unter-realm. To tey not haf a base here?”

“That’s thanks to a little deal I struck,” answered Arsha.

“…Was this deal with Reb Rojam?’ asked Mordek.

“It was. In exchange for a pardon, she would act under the Combined Realm Governments as a Protectorate Pirate, a Privateer, if you will.”

“A Pirate employt by your people,” realized Tanta.

Standalones TMC


“Hm, hm, hm…yes, that shall go there…” a man was at his desk, moving things around on his website. He was deaf to the outside world…for a bit anyway.

“Sir. …Oh, mister. …AUTHOR!” The scream jolted the man awake and he whirled his chair to face a grey, male, Mobian Hedgehog in a gray suit with a black tube on his arm.

“Ah, Megatron,” greeted the man, the Author. “What can I do for you?”

“May I ask you something on behalf of your characters?” asked Megatron.

“…Sure, what’s up?”

“When are you going to update our stories?”

“I have to update the site, first,” explained the Author. “People have told me that the navigation menu was getting cluttered and too lengthy. So, I pared it down and now have it devoted to pages for my posts. Your part of the site is already done, I just need to work on Arsha’s, Megumi’s, and then your combined story.”

“And how long do you think this update will take?” sighed Megatron as he became impatient. “The Decepticons have one more Chaos Emerald to retrieve.”

“You don’t know if that team will get it.”

“…What are you saying?”

“I’m saying, cool your thrusters, I don’t know when the update will be done. I WILL post this little chat, though.”

“Well, hurry it up. I have a war to win, as does Dr. Borg.” Megatron then stormed off, grumbling all the while. “Honestly, the kid pulls a Doctor Who style regeneration and he becomes much more asinine!”

“…Walking corpse!” the Author muttered to himself once he was sure that Megatron was out of earshot.

The Three Realms The Three Realms (Book 4: Trials of Light and Dark)

3 Realms 4-10

Arsha and Delselii walked along the edge of the Vorsholstein estate. “Your Black Disc is missing?” asked Arsha. “Why do you have that evil thing in the first place?”

“It serves as a constant reminder to my family,” explained Delselii. “If we ever take the easy way out to get information, it will unravel our soul.”

“So it’s never been used?”

“Not since the days Homunculi were adopted into the Divine Ones’ watchful gaze.”

“Captain!” called a voice. The voice’s owner, Malak, then approached them. “Captain, has there been any word from Dalengor?”

“I’m afraid not,” replied Arsha. “If this goes any longer, we’ll send someone to retrieve her.”

“Captain!” called Bashoon as she approached them. “To the North! A Shadow Dragon and their Drow rider!”

“Dalengor was supposed to come from the north,” recalled Arsha. “Has the Shadow Dragon given any sign?”

“It used Realmfleet Hand Code to give us the serial number. It matches Dalengor’s.”

“Where is she?”

“Flying along the northern shores.”

“Let’s go meet her, then. I’ve never seen her bestial form.”

Arsha and her group found the Shadow Dragon and Realmfleet soldiers training their wands on her just in case. Arsha motioned for the soldiers to stand down and allow the Shadow Dragon to land. The Shadow Dragon took the hint and landed as the Rider dismounted. Arsha fixed her gaze on the Shadow Dragon. The Shadow Dragon then tucked its forearms. Arsha did the same, then they touched elbows and then performed jazz-hands. Arsha grinned at the Shadow Dragon. “So, were you successful, Dalengor?”

“More than that!” replied the Shadow Dragon, Dalengor. “I managed to start a coup against Ank-tu! Turns out he was a bastard child and his second-in-command, Dotan, seized command according to ancient law. Ank-tu lost support when he revealed his origins to Tanta and now both Drows and Shadow Dragons are joining us against Oyed!”

“Then the time to retake Realmgate City is now!” cheered Bashoon.

“Malak, Bashoon, inform our forces that…” Arsha’s order was interrupted by Mordek coming up to them.

“What’s going on here?!” demanded the Fire God. “What is that snake doing here?!”

“Telling everyone that the plan worked,” answered Dalengor as she shrunk down. “The Shadow Dragons and Drows are now against Oyed! They never liked the idea of eternal war and they’re uneasy working with Revenants! The plan also has an added benefit of gaining a weapon to return the Revenants to a strictly-living state!”

“Do you have proof of that?”

“…I only have my word and the word of Tantu, my rider.” Tantu waved.

“The word of a Shadow Dragon and a Drow is worthless!” Mordek summoned his hammer. “When I created your races and gave you my commandments, I trusted you to follow them, and you betrayed me!”

“Our ancestors did, yes. But, we’ve long sought redemption.”

“Lies, Lizard! You are a puppet and Oyed is your master!” Tantu then stepped between Mordek and Dalengor, her eyes conveying her plea for Mordek to listen. “Spout your falsehoods elsewhere, Drow! Oyed will not entrap us!”

“It’s no trap!” said Dalengor. “The Shadow Dragons and Drows await us at Realmgate City!”

“Lord Mordek, please!” begged Malak. “We should listen to her!”

“Dalengor’s legendary for telling the truth!” supplied Bashoon.

“There is only one way to be sure!” Mordek then took out a disc of black crystal from his pocket and thrust if forward, firing black lightning from it and shocking Dalengor and Tantu. The pain was excruciating.

“My family’s Black Disc!” called Delselii. “You took it?!”

“I’m the only one who can wield it safely! Now, lizard! The truth!”

“Mordek, stop this!” protested Arsha as she got between Mordek and his targets.

“Step aside, Arsha!” Mordek shoved her aside.

“Put that thing down! It’s been banned for a reason! It’s too dark for anyone! It’s an illegal torture…!” Arsha’s pleas were interrupted as Mordek fired the Black Disc on her. As she writhed in pain, Mordek stood over her in a wrathful manner.

“Our time has run out! I do what I must to save the Realms!” Once the treatment ended, Arsha started picking herself up, only for Mordek to interrupt by blasting the ground near her with fire. “Stay down!” For once, Arsha disobeyed a God and stood up!

“This is not the way! Dalengor is not the enemy here, Oyed is!”

“Arsha, do NOT interfere!” Unfortunately, Arsha did nothing BUT interfere. She charged at Mordek, firing magic blasts left, right, and center to knock Mordek off his feet. Mordek leapt into the air, summoned his hammer, and slammed it to the ground, creating a shockwave that knocked everyone down. “Do not force my hand, Arsha Royana! The Realms hang in the balance! To defend them, I MUST command order from all races!”

“I never thought I would get to this point,” hissed Arsha, “but now I understand why the Shadow Dragons and Drows broke faith with you! You can’t be trusted!”

“I don’t need trust! I demand obedience!” Mordek was surrounded by fire.

“I’ve heard enough! If I must break faith with you to save the Realms…so be it!”

“Sound…familiar…Mordek?” strained Dalengor. Mordek snarled…then his memory went to different fights. His first ever fight against his children was when they were threatened by famine. The only way back then was to use a gem known as the Stone of Bounty to replenish their lands. Mordek tried to get a Shadow Dragon and Drow to stop their approach.

“Tan-ku, Rekta, do not interfere! The Stone is not ready yet!” The two mortals weren’t listening.

“Our people starve, and you would deny us the chance to save them?!” roared the Shadow Dragon, Tan-ku. He and the Drow, Priestess Rekta, summoned their darkest energies.

“Tan-ku! Rekta! Stop! Your people WILL be…!”

“I’f heart enough!” snarled Rekta. “If we must break fait wit you to safe our people, so be it!” The two then charged at Mordek, then the scene changed to Mortak Royana, Arsha’s first ancestor and the Queen of the Mid-realm. Mortak and those of her skin tone were suppressed for too long in the Mid-realm. Mordek was trying to dissuade Mortak from the revolution she had organized.

“Mortak, do not interfere! I’m still giving my testimony to the Mid-realm Council!”

“My brothers and sisters toil in their fields and only get the scraps,” snarled Mortak, “and you would ignore us like this!”

“This revolt will only cause despair across the…”

“I’ve heard enough! If I must break faith with you to save my friends and family, so be it!” Mortak charged at the Fire God, making the scene change one last time to when a male Zephyr was fighting against a horde of Depths-spawn as the War of the Depths began.

“Zemfar, do not interfere! You must allow us to handle this!” Mordek ordered the Zephyr. Zemfar wasn’t listening as he generated lightning. “Zemfar! No! You’ll die if you do this!”

“The Depths have opened up and you would let its spawn ravage the Realms?” snarled Zemfar. “That would make your father’s job easier!”

“Zemfar, I beg you! There is no chance of you sending even one of them back to the Depths! Let us…!”

“I’ve heard enough! If I must break faith with you to save the Over-realm, so be it!” Zemfar charged at Mordek, causing the scene to return to the present as Mordek collapsed. He panted heavily as he tried to make sense of it all…then horror at what he did and said washed over his face.

“…Lord Mordek?” asked Delselii.

“…Dr. Vorsholstein, take this back,” mumbled the Fire God as he handed the Black Disc back.

“Lord Mordek, what’s going on?” asked Arsha tentatively.

“Arsha Royana, you and your friends are the first to hear me acknowledge my sins,” answered Mordek. This surprised everyone. “I’ve been a fool, a puppet to rash actions. Arsha, I have personally wronged your family when they led other Black people in a revolt against those that enslaved them. I have wronged Zemfar when he died for his people. …I have wronged the Shadow Dragons and Drows by not helping them through their famine. I simply turned my backs to them all because they didn’t follow my orders. …I am a terrible father to my children.” He turned to Dalengor and Tantu, still on the ground, hurting from the Black Disc. Mordek got up and summoned fire in his hands. “I must save them!” He stretched his arms out and let the fire envelop the two. Surprisingly, the fire didn’t burn them, they only felt warmth as their pain and injuries were washed away. The fire then went out and Mordek helped them up. “Dalengor Mardem, I was wrong to doubt you. I have allowed my old prejudices to interfere with my judgement. It was wrong of me to break faith with your people when their leaders tried to save them from disaster. It was wrong of me to call you failures when I have been failing the Realms by breaking faith with them too many times. I was wrong…I was wrong. …I…I don’t know how I can make it up to the Drows and Shadow Dragons and…and I understand if you feel I am undeserving of worship in your eyes.”

“If you wish to atone,” answered Dalengor, “then help us retake Realmgate City!”

“…I will be on the front lines for the battle,” promised Mordek.

“Bashoon, Malak, as I’ve said before, inform our forces that we’re moving out,” ordered Arsha. “Delselii, the paperwork to stay on the Endeavor has been approved. Elmar extends his eagerness to work with you.”

“And I, him!” chuckled Delselii.

“Everyone, move out!” ordered Arsha. They all returned to the Endeavor.

The Three Realms The Three Realms (Book 4: Trials of Light and Dark)

3 Realms 4-9

Dalengor, Dotan, and Tantu pursued Ank-tu to the Drow sector of the camp. Tantu managed to get the two Shadow Dragons inside and they searched the camp. They heard snippets of conversation as they searched. “Toka natar trakata,” scoffed a Drow woman to her friends. “Oyet ita kraktayer.”

“Oyet etret akal,” replied the other woman. “Kotan era trukan!”

“Truka? Shak. Estrash en urka!” The two women then laughed at the pun. Tantu rolled her eyes at how awful it was. The group then passed a trio of Drow men.

“Fentur ratun malko,” grunted one. “Tantu rak fekantu!”

“Tantu trentak Talenkor,” argued another.

“Talenkor eyantrek Realmfleet ikanto!” protested the first.

“Ukanyek!” called the third. “Talenkor trak yakal. Emorkaket yatun.”

“Talenkor utinka rantik!” called a woman’s voice. Tanta then arrived. “Talenkor fekto natyun! Tantu, ratkil!”

“Tantu, ratkil?” repeated the first man. “Molkatra?”

“Ank-tu fikun tarye yantrekta,” revealed Tanta. “Talenkor, Totan, un Tantu kafkantrak.”

“Uh oh,” gulped Dalengor.

“Ank-tu already spoke to her,” growled Dotan. “Typical coward!”

“Kokan thato!” ordered Tanta. “Eklarnak tenant fatunko!”

“This is bad!” signed Tantu. “My sister’s going to eviscerate you lot.”

“If she tries, Mordek will bring her to account,” assured Dalengor.

“Brink me to account?” called Tanta’s voice. “Mortek treatans all Trows!” Dalengor and her allies turned to see Tanta pointing out their position. Dalengor approached Tanta.

“Priestess Tanta, I beg your ear,” she pleaded. “No Drows need be hurt.”

“Mortek woult hurt all Trows! He mate his intentions plain to me! In te Final Aesh of Unity, Oyet will rule!” Tanta turned towards her soldiers. “KANAKET!” The Drows then leapt onto the Shadow Dragons. They were knocked away as Dalengor singled Tanta out before shifting to her humanoid form. She stayed on the defensive as Tanta attacked with her knives. Tanta threw a few at Dalengor.

“MOKATET!” shouted Dalengor as she held her hand up. A runic circle made of purple light then appeared around each knife and halted them in their tracks. Tanta goggled at the whole thing.

“You’f learnt Trow Spells?!”

“Studied them directly from your teacher.” Dalengor then swung her arms and the knives turned around and buried themselves in the ground around Tanta.

“…You lack confiction! You ton’t kill when you haf te shans!”

“Killing’s way too easy for me. I won’t damage my soul like that.”

“Tamashe?! Killink HEALS te soul!” Tanta charge wildly her fist pulled back for a punch. Dalengor then swung her fist into Tanta’s face, bloodying the nose and knocking her to the ground.

“Hear me, Priestess Tanta. I speak truth.” Dalengor then turned to her allies. “Tantu! Dotan! Stand down!”

“With the Drow race trying to kill us?!” argued Dotan.

“No, it won’t,” called Tanta. She turned to her soldier. “Trowma! Mi zel na kanto!” The Drows stopped and arched an eyebrow.

“Kolak manu reymak?!” protested a soldier. “Tantu lak…!”

“MI ZEL NA KANTO!” Tanta would have her way, one way or another. The Drows lowered their weapons but didn’t put them away just yet. Tanta turned to Dalengor. “Speak, Talenkor. You’f earnt te shans.”

“Oyed made plain his intentions to pit all races of all Realms against one another forever,” said Dalengor. “For what, the honor of amusing him? I woke up before anyone else and have learned that it’s best to work WITH other races, not against them. Imagine how great the Drows would be if they help Falnimam and her family!”

“Falnimam callt us museum pieces. She sait as mush to my face!”

“Join me and my people. We can get a place at the table for both of our races if we talk to Orbak Emboramii!”

“Emboramii?! Tat blootline still lifes?!” The Drows growled at that.

“They’re not the tyrants Intrag was. Orbak is actually one of the friendliest of people when you know him personally! He cares about the Under-realm! He’s settled all sorts of disputes between races! Your grudge against Falnimam weighs you down, doesn’t it?!” Tanta growled softly before she moved her gaze downwards.

“I haf no choice but to keep my grutsh alive.”

“Orbak can offer a better way. We can both become as great as anyone!” Dalengor paused for effect. “Which would you rather be, Oyed’s vassal or Orbak and Falnimam’s trusted ally?” Tanta considered Dalengor’s words.

“…No one has efer mate te Trows sush an offer. But tese are YOUR worts, not te worts of tis Orbak you speak highly of.”

“Join my cause and we can ask him together.” Tanta considered her words again.

“…He offers less, I slit his troat.”

“He offers less, Priestess Tanta, I’ll give you the knife.”

“DROWS HAVE NO LOYALTY!” roared a voice. Ank-tu slithered up to the group. “You dare side with those who enacted a coup against me?!”

“Her worts haf weight,” answered Tanta. “We cannot affort to fight against oter races!”

“A bastard child DOES use conflict to hide the truth,” muttered Dotan.

“…Bastart shild?” asked Tanta.

“I told you, it doesn’t matter!” roared Ank-tu.

“The midwife that helped his mother give birth revealed that the wedding to Lak-tu was two years after he was born,” revealed Dotan.

“Is tis true?!” growled Tanta.

“Who cares if it’s true! I’m still the rightful leader!”

“I ally wit no bastarts!” Tanta threw a knife at Ank-tu, but Ank-tu ducked and it buried itself into one of his soldier’s heads. The soldier fell to the ground, dead, and Ank-tu roared in rage.

“Shadow Dragon blood has been shed! Our alliance is over! You will atone, you semi-sapient dirt eater!”

“Were you not warnt against lyink to me?! It’s as I’f sait my entire life, bastarts are all mout ant no ears!” The two then leapt onto each other, claws and knives flashing in the afternoon sun. It became obvious that Ank-tu did not have much combat experience when it came to smaller foes, nor did he wish to shrink to humanoid form, giving Tanta the upper hand…until a knife pierced her shoulder. Ank-tu threw her off and followed the knife’s trajectory to see Ektar draw another knife.

“Te Priestess tares to betray Oyet?!” he shouted.

“Tis comink from te one who stabbt me?!” retorted Tanta.

“She’s got a point, there,” remarked Eltum’s voice as he approached the assassin. “What say we skip the preliminaries, and you Ank-tu supporters come with me? We’ll have a nice, friendly chat with Tanta once she’s healed.”

“Tere will be no chat, broter!” snarled Ektar. “You will join us!”

“You want a crossbow-slinger, get someone else! I’ll stay with Tanta!”

“Your heart beats wit loyalty?”

“My ass wants to get paid.”

“Ant I wish to fight forefer!”

“We can’t affort tat!” argued Tanta.

“Ten farewell, my former master!” Ektar then surrounded himself, Ank-tu, and their followers in a cloud of mist.

“…It woult seem tat we haf a shans to talk to Mortek,” mused Tanta. “Tantu, you are to accompany Talenkor and help her confins Realmfleet tat we shall join tem.” Tantu nodded her obedience and Dalengor grinned.

“Priestess Tanta, you won’t regret this, I promise,” she said.

“I hat better not,” warned Tanta. Dalengor grew to her bestial form and allowed Tantu to mount her before they took to the air.

“Dalengor, I hope you know what you’re doing,” sighed Dotan.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 12: Seven Lights of the Earth)

TMC 12-8

Jazz, Slag, Chromia, Strongarm, Omega, Big, and Charmy arrived at an abandoned Eggman base, Chemical Plant Zone. Pink liquid flooded the area and gave the place a creepy aura. “I wonder what that stuff tastes like,” mused Charmy as he buzzed towards it. “It smells like…”

“I don’t care what it smells like, kid!” called Slag. “Don’t touch it! My scanners tell me it’s toxic to organic life!” Charmy immediately buzzed back to the group, holding Slag’s head in fear.

“Okay! Important safety tip! Pink water’s poison!”

“You can stay there if you want. Big, you pick another bot. Us machines can wade through it easily.”

“Lucky,” grumbled Omega. The E-series robot folded his arms in a grumpy fashion. Big sat on Strongarm’s shoulder and Jazz led the team through the poisonous lake. As they walked, the Autobots kept their sensors on alert for a Chaos Emerald’s energy signature.

“Man, this place has an eerie atmosphere!” shuddered Chromia.

“No kidding,” agreed Slag. “Sonic had to go through all this sl…”

“Language,” admonished Strongarm.

“I was gonna say ‘sludge’! Besides, it’s my name!”

“Couldn’t you have picked a better name?”

“Yeah, like Slug’s any better!”

“…Slug?” Slag sighed.

“That’s my real name.”

“…Your real name…is Slug?” asked Jazz.

“My parents took a few too many knocks to the head.”

“…If it’s any consolation, my real name’s Munka Spanka.” Charmy snorted as he held back a laugh from Jazz’s revelation. “Now you see why my friends are sworn to secrecy.”

“Secrecy about what?” asked Omega.

“You told us nothing,” said Strongarm.

“…I can get behind thaaaaAAAAAGUH!” Jazz’s scream was the result of seeing a body being held under the poisonous liquid. Everyone looked further ahead to see more of the same.

“Okay, that’s gruesome, even for a Dyno-bot!” shuddered Slag. Strongarm went into crime scene investigator mode and dove under the pink sea to examine the nearest body. After careful examination, she looked at a few more before returning to the surface, breaching carefully so she didn’t get her organic allies in the splash zone.

“It looks like the bodies were pierced so the poison could enter it and be more effective,” she reported.

“Who could do such a thing?!” asked Big, scared for his life.

“Perturbed by the whole scene?” asked a voice. Everyone looked behind them to see Red Pine, Soundwave, and Vortex wading through the poisons with Frenzy on Soundwave’s shoulders.

“Wait, Frenzy can’t go through this stuff, but Red Pine can?” asked Jazz.

“My suit’s air-tight enough,” answered Red Pine. “Besides, Frenzy needs to see.”

“Look, we’re just doing a normal patrol, nothing to see here,” assured Slag.

“Zero percent probability of truth,” droned Soundwave. “Chaos Emerald energy signature: detected. Probable reason for presence of G.U.N soldiers: securing it for Autobot collection.”

“So, what, you butchered them to secure it for yourselves?!” accused Slag.

“No facts support your thesis. Methods: too brutal. Prisoners: required to be executed on spot. Corpse disposal: required. Smelting pool or acid lake: most effective.”

“Then who…?!” Slag’s question was interrupted by someone else.

“Now, to be fair, they WOULD be tossed into the Smelting Pool of Polyhex, but that’s currently on Cybertron and we’re on Mobius now, so this will have to do.” Everyone turned their gazes upwards to see a well-dressed male human with a monocle, a hood, and a cane with a sharpened, curved handle holding a G.U.N. soldier over the poisonous lake. Soundwave and Strongarm saw a siege tank behind the man and found a Spark signature within it.

“…Straxus?!” yelped Strongarm.

“Orders were to stay on Cybertron,” droned Soundwave.

“Yes, listen to the former Autobot, that makes sense,” scoffed Straxus.

“Explanation: required.”

“Eh? Speak up, my boy. I’m a little deaf.”

“Who ARE you?” asked Charmy.

“Ah, a new face! Excellent! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Straxus, Governor of the Northern Decepticon Settlement of Polyhex and inhabitant of its capital fortress, Darkmount. I’m merely exercising a hobby here, a little bit of improv acting. Let me give you a demonstration. I’m going to play a merciless dictator and this man,” Straxus then grabbed the last soldier by the hair, “is going to be my hapless victim!”

“Please! Let me go! Have mercy!” wailed the poor soldier.

“Oh, starting already, are we? One moment, must get into character.” Straxus cleared his throat, then adopted an animalistic snarl. “Mercy is not dispensed here, fool! Only DEATH!” He swung the can into the soldier’s neck, point first, then threw him into the poison lake. Strongarm picked the body up and scanned it…but it was too late. “And scene!” Everyone adopted a snarl and glared at Straxus.

“Query: Repeated!” called Soundwave in a louder tone. “Explanation of presence on Mobius: Required.”

“There we go! You see, I was just in the solar system and I thought this place would be a delightful place for a summer WHAT IN THE PIT DO YOU THINK I’M HERE FOR?!”

“…Something that Unicron requires?”

“Ah, guessed I’m a Terrorcon, did we? Well, you’re correct. So, all kidding aside…where’s the Chaos Emerald?”

“Location: Unknown.”

“We’re in the same boat as Soundwave,” called Strongarm.

“You know, I’d almost be inclined to believe you if the soldiers didn’t say the exact same thing, even as I tortured and subsequently killed them all like the one you just witnessed,” replied Straxus. “You know, it’s the darndest thing; you’re sounding a lot like them.”

“Reasons for you being upset: Nonexistent,” droned Soundwave.

“Okay, one: REAL sympathetic. Two: I thought that monotone was patched!”

“Reasons for you being upset…existent.”

“That’s it! STRAXUS, TRANSFORM!” As the holo-form vanished, the front treads of the tank unfolded and revealed arms while the rear treads became legs. Part of the barrel folded down and revealed Straxus’ head and hood while the gun itself detached from the assembly and extended a pick-axe style head. He leapt into the water and started swinging, his movements splashing it everywhere. Charmy and Big jumped out of the splash zone. Big swung his fishing rod and the line wrapped around Straxus’ weapon. He tugged hard and made Straxus fall backwards. The sudden splash brought something to the surface briefly, a flash of cyan!

“The Chaos Emerald!” called Charmy. Red Pine then dove for it and snatched it up.

“Got it! Get us home!” he shouted to Soundwave. Soundwave then opened a Bridge portal, and they made their escape. Straxus developed a twitch.

“An Emerald!” he hissed dangerously. “An Emerald right under my nose! A chance of victory and it was snatched away!” He turned to the Autobots. “A joint operation between your factions!”

“Straxus, I swear, the Decepticons are not our allies!” assured Strongarm, but Straxus wasn’t listening.

“You made me fail! Those responsible for this will pay with their lives! And I will collect the fee personally!” He charged his axe with energy and swung it, discharging an energy wave and knocking all Autobots down.

“Teletraan, we need a Bridge!” Charmy called. “Get us out of here!” A Ground Bridge opened, and our heroes ran into it. It closed before Straxus could even touch it.

“…Lord Unicron will NOT be happy about this,” he muttered to himself.