Emotional Spectrum Ballgown Corps minor characters

Ramona and Winona

Ramona: Lords and Ladies, rejoice!

Winona: Your establishment is about to be relieved of its financial burden!

Ramona: And we’re the ones to do it! Look upon the Regents of Robbery!

Winona: The Countesses of Crime!

Ramona: The Princesses of Pilfering!

Winona: The Thief Twins!


Together: Ramona and Winona!

Ramona and Winona are twins that are bored with their dull, high-class life. To escape it, they stage all sorts of robberies from clothes to money to jewels; nothing is safe from them! …Then again, nothing remains in their grasp for long. For all their bluster and well-rehearsed speeches, they aren’t the brightest bulbs on the Christmas Tree. Their plans aren’t that well thought out and their getaways are constantly intercepted by Hally James, her friends, and the Royal Guard. Despite their frequent robberies, they DO have their standards, such as no killing and no…illicit bedroom behavior. Their respective pairs of magic flintlock pistols only fire stun spells. They don’t want to HARM Voluminia, they just want to shake things up.