Journey Through Wonder Standalones

Diesel’s Announcement

*Diesel, Megatron, Optimus, Megumi, Arsha, and Emmanuel are at Knapford Yards.*

Diesel: Good Morning, my friends. Pleased to meet you all. I am Diesel of The Railway Series fame.

Megatron: I am Megatron Pax of Transformers: Mobian Chronicles.

Optimus: I’m Optimus Prime of the same series.

Arsha: I’m Arsha Royana of The Three Realms.

Megumi: I’m Megumi Hishikawa of Kamen Rider Vortex.

Emmanuel: And I am Emmanuel Babineaux of the same series.

Diesel: The Author has graciously asked us to announce that Megumi, Optimus, and Arsha have one last adventure before he begins his new series’.

Optimus: Ordinarily, he would do it himself, but he’s a bit preoccupied.

Megatron: Meaning he’s currently in a fetal position somewhere.

Optimus: Shut up!

Megatron: You know I’m right.

Megumi: Moving on. We’re here today to formally announce our last adventure, titled Journey Through Wonder.

Arsha: You’re probably thinking “When’s the first chapter coming out?” Short answer: we don’t know.

Emmanuel: The long answer is that the first chapter will be posted once the bios and vehicles are all posted. When that gets done is unknown. He had a few problems concerning how the plot was going to go.

Diesel: We’re pleased to say that most of those issues have been resolved.

Megatron: So he decides to create a new problem by throwing out the previous two outlines!

Diesel: Will you shut up, Megatron?!

Megatron: Excuse me for being a little hacked off about this, but I put a lot of effort into those scenes and now they’re not going to be shown! Take the Doctor’s musical number, for instance, or Khan’s control over my mind!

Optimus: At least you weren’t made to suffer during that scene!

Megatron: Suffer?! It wasn’t that bad!


Emmanuel: That was my suggestion. The scene called for you to be in pain and I’m a proponent of method acting. And it worked! Your agony looked so real!

Optimus: THAT’S BECAUSE IT WAS! And now that I say it out loud, I’m a little ticked that the readers won’t see that scene!

Diesel: Okay, if my colleagues are done winging, allow me to clarify. Yes, the overall plot outline kept being rewritten, thus the author’s only halfway through the Sodor arc. That means the release date of the first chapter will be pushed back.

Megatron: Not that he had one to begin with.

Arsha: Yes, unfortunately, like we said, we don’t know what the release date will be. But, we DO have something. The Author’s site has a new Journey Through Wonder section!

Diesel: It will be updated as the Author continues work, but I’m personally excited to see how this plays out!

Megumi: So brace yourselves! The only spoiler I will give is that we’re all going to different universes! One of them happens to be Diesel’s home!

Emmanuel: We thank you for your patience and support!

Megatron: For the cast as well as the readers! Primus, I’m gonna need a vacation!

Optimus: You mean a staycation? That’s all you ever do nowadays!

Megatron: Do you have something against staycations?

Diesel: It IS the poor man’s holiday.

Megatron: I AM poor! Ever since my series ended! Do you know how many streaming services I’m subscribed to?!

Megumi: Is one of them Disney+?

Megatron: I’ll be scrapped before I give that rat ANY of my money!

Emmanuel: A bit dramatic, considering Mickey is an F.N.S member.

Megumi: In any case, we hope that you will enjoy Journey Through Wonder when it comes out! Sayonara!