Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 21: Size Matters)

TMC 21-3

“How are you here?!” Optimus demanded to Megatron. “You overshot Gigantion by a light-year!”

“Yes, well, luckily, even the safest warp speed,” remarked Megatron, “could get us here half an hour after you lot. During that time, we came into contact with Mole Dive and offered him a chance to fulfill his vengeance against the Functionist Council. Oddly enough, Shockwave here made the offer.”

“I initially thought,” remarked Shockwave, “that if I made the offer, he would refuse it out of hand on account of me being a Xitran, but he proved that hypothesis wrong when called me a Xitran Resistance Fighter instead.”

“I heard about Shockwave and her fellow survivors,” explained Mole Dive. “They actually tried to resist the Functionist Council, even though they were privileged. As she made the offer, she revealed what she learned when Metroplex was still buried on Earth!”

“It’s Mobius now,” corrected Shockwave, “but that’s currently extraneous information. Metroplex, did you ever wonder if I ever tapped into your data stores?”

“Of course,” replied Metroplex. “My data diagnostics told me that you did, but I couldn’t figure out what you found.”

“I found One of Twelve and the Heart of Cybertron.” Metroplex gasped. “That’s right, I know that One of Twelve, the Convener of the Functionist Council, is still alive at the organic core of Gigantion and that he possesses the Heart.”

“You can’t be serious!” called Optimus. “The Heart was lost! Xitra is dead as well as the Functionist Council!”

“Well, apparently, Metroplex wanted that lost to history,” replied Megatron. “With the Heart in Decepticon possession and the last of the Functionist Council dead, this planet can finally grow to its fullest potential!”

“By duping the residents into serving you?!” Optimus pointed to Mole Dive.

“I’m simply giving Mole Dive a chance to improve his world!”

“That’s right!” called Mole Dive. “Things have got to change around here! And if you stand in the way of progress, you’re going to go EXTINCT!” He then thrust his drill into the ground and created a pulse that knocked his foes off their feet and put them into a painful sleep. “That’s only gonna hold them for a couple of hours! We need to get going NOW!”

“Then permit me to open the way,” replied Megatron. “You provided me with the lock, now I shall be the key!” He aimed his left fusion cannon at the foamed-up hole and fired. The wall then vanished in an explosion. “Ignition Foam, nicely mixed!” he praised Mixmaster.

“That’s what I do!” cackled Mixmaster.

“Decepticons, move out!” ordered Megatron. Everyone transformed and took off with Eggman and Morgaine following close behind them. Shockwave then aimed her gun barrel to the ceiling and fired. The tunnel behind them collapsed.

“That should buy us some more time,” she said.

“The more, the merrier,” replied Mole Dive. “We need to get to the First City for this layer. Once we do, we’ll be able to tunnel straight down to the Central Layer.”

“Excellent!” praised Megatron

Optimus and his allies picked themselves up about two hours later. “Urgh!” groaned Optimus. As they checked themselves over, they saw the collapsed tunnel. “That’s gonna take HOURS to clear!” moaned Optimus.

“Not if we all pitch in!” called Metroplex as he pulled out his axe/shovel hybrid. He dug the shovel into the rubble. “Let’s get digging!”

“You heard him, Build Team!” Wedge called to his team. “We gotta catch up to the Cons!”

“Then load it all up!” called Heavy Load as he transformed. Everyone continued digging and Heavy Load carried the rubble away.

“Quick question,” called Eggman, “how far IS the current layer’s First City?”

“According to the intel Shockwave downloaded,” replied Mole Dive, “not far at all. In fact, I think I see the border!” The city was a completed one, but an empty one. “Now, if I recall right, all First Cities for each layer are built around a tunnel that’s constantly built upon when we finish the previous layer. The old plug is taken out and then we put it back once the tunnel extension is finished. It should be circular.”

“I see it!” called Megatron. The group approached a massive circular tunnel, big enough for a Metrotitan in full robot mode to slide down. It was plugged up by a strange, concrete-like material.

“That’s gonna take more than just my drill to fix,” muttered Mole Dive.

“Well, there IS our combined form,” mused Bonecrusher.

“…Aye, I forgot you lot are a Combiner team.”

“My first, if I recall,” said Shockwave. “Having them in their combined state would expedite our journey.”

“Absolutely not!” argued Hook. “We can’t control ourselves in that form!”

“That’s because you didn’t have a Maximus. Thankfully, I have created one. I’m transmitting code to you now.” The Constructicons received the code. “By my calculations, the new artificial Maximus should help you control your combined state better.”

“Then now’s as good a time as any to test it!” declared Scrapper. “CONSTRUCTICONS, UNITE!” They all went to vehicle mode first, then Mixmaster’s drum and rear wheels swung up as the cab formed a foot. Scrapper’s arms folded to become heel spurs while his loader became a foot. Long Haul’s legs deployed connectors and attached to Mixmaster and Scrapper, making Scrapper the right leg and Mixmaster the left. Hook’s front and rear swung towards each other, making the right-side wheels touch each other as the crane’s boom pointed towards the rear. He then attached himself to Long Haul’s front end and the front folded down to make him and Hook the torso. Scavenger and Bonecrusher deployed forearms from between their wheels then attached themselves to the torso so Scavenger was the right arm and Bonecrusher was the left. The hands and head then sprouted as a set of purple wings flew towards the behemoth. They then attached themselves to the torso, completing the larger Combiner. He was, at least, just a couple heads taller than Mole Dive. Megatron whistled.

“And I thought Bruticus was large,” he remarked. The goliath Combiner then looked himself over, then a grin crossed his face.

“Well, what do you know,” he purred, “no more conflicting voices in my head!”

“Studying Bruticus and his Maximus,” Eggman remarked to Shockwave, “seems to have really improved your research.”

“By leaps and bounds,” agreed Shockwave.

“After creation comes devastation!” cackled the Combiner. “With the Artificially-made Devastator Maximus, you now look upon DEVASTATOR!” The newly-christened Devastator then leapt up and punched the plug, causing it to crack and shatter. As the debris tumbled, Devastator then held his hand out. “After you, my Lord?” he offered.

“Decepticons, to the Central Layer!”

“NO!” called Optimus’ voice as he and his Autobots sped towards them. It was too late. The Decepticons jumped down the tunnel. “After them!” ordered Prime. Everyone jumped after the Decepticons.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 21: Size Matters)

TMC 21-2

A green excavation vehicle with a claw on the right and a drill on the left was tunneling through a massive barricade. He was talking to someone in the shadows. “If you lads want to go to the central layer, you just leave it to me. With me around and with a definite end goal in mind, that wall will fall in no time!”

“NO!” wailed a voice over his radio. “Mole Dive, you have to stop this! You’re betraying your own people! Your own culture! If you won’t stop, then we have no choice but to stop you ourselves! It won’t be pretty, so STAND DOWN!”

“Keep the old mech off my back!” the excavator, Mole Dive, called to his benefactor from the shadows. “I didn’t drill deep enough for the explosives!”

“We got this!” replied his benefactor. Six yellow-green construction vehicles then rolled out of the shadows, they were a front-end loader, a bulldozer, a backhoe, a cement mixer, a mobile crane, and a dump truck. “Let’s get these Auto-pests out of the way for our Gigantion cousins!” called the front-end loader. “Constructions, robot modes! Scrapper, TRANSFORM!” The sides of the loader split away and deployed hands, pushing the vehicle up as the loader-bucket swung up to cover the cab while a head with a red optics visor popped out. The rear unfolded and split into legs and feet.

“Mixmaster, TRANSFORM!” The transformation was similar to Scrappers, just that the front end served as a hood for the robot’s head.

“Long Haul, TRANSFORM!” The cab and front wheels folded down and released a domed head as the wheels became shoulders for the new arms while the dumping bed became the robot’s backside as the bed’s rear assembly unfolded into legs, making a rather stocky bot.

“Hook, TRANSFORM!” The crane’s transformation was like High Tower’s.

“Scavenger, TRANSFORM!” The bucket arm folded towards the main vehicle and the sides of the backhoe swung down to become arms. The caterpillar wheels then elongated and became legs.

“Bonecrusher, TRANSFORM!” The sides of the top split away from the cab, allowing the front blade to move towards the cab as the caterpillar wheels became legs like Scavenger’s. The cab roof then folded to the back of the robot and released the head. All the Constructicons’ heights were roughly in between the average Cybertronian’s and the average Gigantian’s. That was when Metroplex, Optimus and his team, Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Maria, an orange cement mixer, High Tower, an orange bulldozer, a yellow dump truck, and a grass green backhoe rolled up to them.

“High Tower, ASCEND!” High Tower transformed to robot mode.

“Scoop, ASCEND!” The green backhoe’s sides split away from the shovel arm and formed pincer claws while the treads turned into legs like Scavenger’s and Bonecrusher’s.

“Heavy Load, ASCEND!” The yellow dump truck’s transformation was similar to Long Haul’s.

“Wedge, ASCEND!” The plow of the orange bulldozer split in half and swung to the rear of the caterpillar wheels as the wheels formed arms. The under carriage folded towards the front and became legs.

“Quickmix, ASCEND!” The orange cement mixer’s front cab and wheels split in half and became legs and feet. The rear wheels then folded to the underside as the mixing drum assembly swung around and unfolded so the mixing drum was the right arm with the larger part pointing down the arm and the rear of the assembly sprouted a hand while the head popped out.

“Optimus Prime, TRANSFORM!”

“Windblade, TRANSFORM!”

“Metroplex, ASCEND!”

“Override, BOOST!”

“Hot Rod, BOOST!”

“Kong Primal, MAXIMIZE!”

“Rhinox, MAXIMIZE!” Everyone transformed to bot mode by then and charged at the Constructicons.

“I thought you lot died during the Great War!” grunted Optimus as he grappled with Scrapper.

“Died?!” laughed Scrapper. “No, merely imprisoned here! You Autobots were too soft to kill us!”

“Lads, clear a path for me!” Quickmix called to his allies as he slammed his mixing drum arm into Bonecrusher. “I need to talk to Mole Dive! Get him to stop!”

“Autobots, clear a path for Quickmix!” called Optimus.

“Mixmaster, is this deep enough?!” called Mole Dive as he reversed to reveal the hole he made. Mixmaster then inspected the hole.

“Perfect!” he cheered. His hood then extended two barrels and fired a teal foam into the hole. “All that’s left is one little stray shot!”

“MOLE DIVE, ENOUGH!” called Quickmix as he grabbed Mole Dive’s rear and tried to pull him away. “YOU HAVE TO STOP! PLEASE, SON! LISTEN TO ME!”

“FORGET IT!” shouted Mole Dive as he reversed quickly and knocked Quickmix down. “Mole Dive, SCALE!” Mole Dive’s drill and claw assemblies pushed him up as the plow on his front split in half to reveal the head while the rear unfolded and rotated into a pair of legs. Mole Dive then swung his drill arm and knocked Quickmix down. “Don’t you remember that I gained emancipation from you?!” snarled Mole Dive. “After you left Mother to die at the hands of the Functionist Council?! Now there’s a chance to avenge her! So just step back, Old Mech! And you, Metroplex, I’m sick of all your daft rules that don’t even make any sense! The time for those rules is long gone! They’re old and outdated, just like you! We’re about to enter a new age and I’m gonna be the one who’s gonna lead this planet into it as the new Megalo Convoy, bringing it under Olympicon rule! We’ll make sure you Titanotrons fade from existence! So why don’t I just take care of you right NOW?!” He activated his drill and jabbed it towards Metroplex. Quickmix then blocked it with his drum arm.

“I WARNED YOU, JUNIOR!” he snarled. He then swung his arm and shoved Mole Dive’s drill to the side. He then flicked a Cyber Key into the air. “I’M GONNA SHUT YOU DOWN RIGHT NOW! CYBER KEY POWER!” The mixing drum split in half to reveal a concealed cannon which charged up with energy and fired a massive shot into Mole Dive’s chest. The fighting stopped as the Constructicons rushed to help Mole Dive up.

“What in the world has gotten into you, Mole Dive?!” demanded Metroplex.

“You better have a good excuse for breaking the law!” snapped Quickmix. “Attempting to break down a barrier, freeing known criminals, there’s naught to be gained from acting like this!”

“Actually, there’s a lot to be gained!” rasped a familiar voice. Megatron, Saurion, Dirt Boss, Shockwave, Waspinator, Ransack, and Crumplezone sped up to them in vehicle mode with Eggman and Morgaine following them. “You see, I intend to give him and his followers a reward he could only dream of; revenge against the Functionist Council! Megatron, TRANSFORM!”

“Shockwave, TRANSFORM!”

“Saurion, TERRORIZE!”

“Wazzzpinator, TERRORIZZZE!”

“Dirt Boss, HIGHTAIL!”

“Ransack, HIGHTAIL!”

“Crumplezone, HIGHTAIL!” The bots on Megatron’s side then transformed.

“Megatron?!” gasped Optimus.

Bright and Dark Lords Fantasniar

Mermaid Bright Lords

The Bright Lords of the Bright Race of Mermaids, they are considered to be very Elven in their attitudes, though there is one exception among them. From left to right, they are Morlinda, Tinlarn, Dulmar, Landalthan, Miram, Marlinda, Marisna, and Tanaya. Morlinda’s a total flirt, Tinlarn prefers to spend her days in a library, Dulmar is one of the greatest economic minds of the seas, Landalthan is the Queen of all the Seas, Miram is Landalthan’s top advisor, Marlinda is a well reknowned Sea Witch, Marisna is Landalthan’s daughter (affectionately called the Little Mermaid by those who know her) and has an adventerous streak within her (her current passion being the world of land-dwellers), and Tanaya is a beauty guru, according to most everyone in the Seas.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 21: Size Matters)

TMC 21-1

A city-sized ship sped through transwarp, hell-bent on getting to its destination. It had a lead on its counterpart in the enemy faction, but didn’t want to take any chances…correction, HE didn’t want to take any chances. The city-ship was the Metrotitan called Fortress Maximus, and he had every intention of bringing Optimus and his Autobot crew to Gigantion, the last stop before Cybertron. As Fortress sped through transwarp, Optimus was going through the day’s paperwork. “Hoo boy,” he muttered, “it’s like paperwork manages to follow you, even as your ship bends space AND time! When I get to Cybertron, it had better be done already!” He then heard his ready room door chime. “Come in,” he called. Sonic entered the room. “Ah, Sonic. What can I do for you?”

“Just gotta know, is there supposed to be a red streak above us?” asked Sonic.

“…Not unless someone’s going at a faster transwarp than…uh oh!” a nasty thought struck Optimus. Sonic then realized why Optimus looked so worried and followed him to the bridge. By then, Fortress had called all hands to their stations. Optimus jumped into the Captain’s chair. “Report!” he called.

“The Decepticon fleet’s overtaken us at Transwarp…2?!” reported Cliffjumper.

“Why the uncertainty?” asked Optimus.

“Optimus, no Metrotitan goes that fast,” explained Fortress, “unless they’.ve made the most careful of calculations.”

“We’re approaching Gigantion,” called Teletraan 1. “I’m running scans now. …Huh. Looks like the Cons ain’t here.”

“Then their calculations weren’t careful enough!” chuckled Optimus.

Over on the Decepticon ship, everyone was strapped in, sans Dirt Boss. He was desperately holding onto his console. “We overshot Gigantion by a light-year!” called Ravage.

“What are you waiting for?!” replied Dirt Boss. “Stop this crazy thing!”

“We can’t stop all at once!” warned Scorponok. “It’s too dangerous!”

“Then slow us down first!” ordered Megatron.

“No! Stop this thing! I order you, bug! STOOOOOOPPPPPP!!”

“Belay that, Scorponok! Slow us down to a speed where we’re not in danger of losing-!” Dirt Boss ignored Megatron’s instructions to Scorponok and shot the emergency brake, bringing the ship to a full stop! Everyone snapped forward and Dirt Boss went flying into the wall just below the main screen. Groans escaped everyone’s lips, even Shockwave’s.

“Scorponok, if I ever decide to order us to go any higher than Transwarp 1, punch me in the face. I promise you, I will NOT consider it treason,” remarked Megatron.

“Noted, Lord Megatron,” mumbled Scorponok.

“I think I lost my face about 20 parsecs ago!” whimpered Laserbeak. “Can we turn around and find it? …No, wait, there it is.”

“Hello, Gohan! Have you done your homework?!” called a dazed Dirt Boss from inside the wall. “Because if you don’t, Chi Chi will KICK my ass!” Megatron got up from his seat and yanked Dirt Boss out of the wall.

“And THIS,” he snarled, “is why we listen to a Metrotitan, even if he’s a normal-sized Transformer!”

“Gigantion, this is Fortress Maximus,” called Fortress. “I have a crew on its way to Cybertron that needs to stop here so we can refuel. Requesting permission to land.”

“Standby and transmit clearance,” replied the bot at the space port. Fortress then transmitted his clearance code. “…Clearance accepted. We’re assigning you Flight Path 2 to Landing Pad 1. Welcome to Gigantion.”

“A pleasure to be here, Gigantion.” The call ended and Fortress made his way below the atmosphere, then followed the flight path to the assigned landing pad. He then touched down and let his passengers leave to stretch their legs. Optimus’ optics flickered as he noticed something.

“…It’s quiet,” he muttered.

“So?” asked Sonic.

“Optimus is right,” remarked Llyra. “Gigantion’s populace is always building something, going from site to site.”

“Really?” Sonic then became worried. “Then why don’t I hear the sounds of construction?”

“Something’s wrong here,” said Optimus. “We better find people and-” something snapped above their heads. They all looked up to see a giant I-beam falling towards them. The bots and Nebulans grabbed it and strained to hold it up as the Mobians and humans ducked out from under there.


“BELIEVE ME, WE WOULD IF WE COULD!” shouted Optimus.

“Cool your circuits! I got this!” called someone. A giant red crane truck then rolled into view and wrapped its cable around the I-beam. It then lifted it into the air, taking the weight off the Autobots’ arms, then the crane’s boom rotated and set the beam down elsewhere. “You know, you should know better than to walk under any sized I-beam. Come to think of it, you should know better than to walk under ANY construction equipment. Although, then again, I should have secured it somewhere else. …Good grief, where are my manners?! High Tower, ASCEND!” The crane’s front and front wheels flipped forwards as arms sprang from the sides, making the rear wheels into shoulder pads. The robot then flipped himself over as he stood up, putting his crane boom onto his back. A head with a red helmet and blue visor then popped up and he struck a pose. “I’m High Tower, the second-in-command of the Titanotron Elite Build Team!”

“Did I hear you right?” asked a voice. “You didn’t secure that I-beam in a safe location?” High Tower then started sweating as he turned around to see…

“METROPLEX, SIR!” he yelped fearfully.

“So you almost crushed our visitors?!” snarled Metroplex in his Emissary Robot Mode. “What’s our motto?!”

“C-Come on, Sir!” begged High Tower. “Surely you don’t need me to-!”



“And how are we going to prevent something like this from happening again?”

“By being more mindful of all openings, Sir!”

“Set about enacting that.” High Tower then took off.

“Primus, you don’t mess around!” muttered Optimus.

“I can’t afford to, Wee Optimus,” replied Metroplex. “The builds may have stopped, but I won’t let my crew be lax in safety matters.”

“The builds have stopped? That must be why it’s so quiet around here. What caused that to happen?”

“The Space Bridge Network Shutdown, that’s what. We usually have our building materials imported from other planets. Thanks to the Supreme Leader shutting down the network, we can’t contact the other colonies.”

“That’s what we’re here to do,” declared Optimus. “This is the last stop before we return to Cybertron and reactivate the Space Bridge network.”

“If we had the resources, I’d join you,” sighed Metroplex. “Sadly, we only have enough to refuel you lot and send you on your way.”

“Aren’t there resources in the other layers?”

“Other layers?” asked Sonic.

“Our world’s constructed around a planet Organics would enjoy,” explained Metroplex. “We have layers and layers of cities, and our policy is that we NEVER return to old cities, even ones built before the current one!”

“Why not?” quizzed Optimus. “Wouldn’t it be great to see what the previous generations made? Besides, if you don’t remember the past, then you’re gonna repeat its mistakes.”

“There’s another side to that coin,” replied Metroplex, “becoming obsessed with the past. No, I won’t risk it, not as long as I’m the Megalo Convoy.”

“Okay, I’m sensing a theme here,” muttered Sonic. “The leaders of your colonies are called Convoys?”

“That’s the general idea,” replied Optimus. “And even then, it’s only for colonies of uninhabited worlds.” Just then, High Tower rust back up to the group.

“High Tower, what are you-?” High Tower cut Metroplex off.

“Sir, we’ve got a big problem!” he panted.

“What’s wrong? Did another I-beam fall?”

“No! It’s Mole Dive! He’s trying to break into the first City for the current Layer!”

“WHAT?!” Metroplex became more panicked.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 20: Racing to win)

TMC 20-9

“Megatron, what are you up to?!” demanded Cruiser.

“My friends and I,” explained Megatron while he, Dirt Boss, and Saurion were on the bridge with Override in restraints, “thought we’d give you a present for being so nice to us during our stay on your planet.”

“If you’re trying to offer me a bribe-!” snarled Cruiser.

“A bribe? Don’t be silly. I intend to present you with the Planet Cup, the…Power Key, and Override as a gift!”

“Planet Cup?! How did you-?!”

“Oh, never mind the particulars. All you should know is that I’ve got the Planet Cup, the Power Key inside it, and the current Nitro Convoy. Don’t believe me? She’s right here.”

“Cruiser, don’t give in to-!” Override then had a mouth clamp attached to her. Dirt Boss chuckled darkly after performing the deed.

“There, you see?” asked Saurion. “She’s alive and well, yes!”

“And we’re going to be giving all three of them to you,” continued Megatron. “Now, isn’t that nice of us? Of course, there IS a slight delivery charge of, let’s say, …the entire Energon Crystal formation in front of your city! Surrender all ownership rights to us or we kill Override, destroy the Planet cup, and take the Power Key for our own!”

“When the Autobots get their servos on you-!” threatened Chase.

“Autobots?! What have I to worry about them?! They’re too busy holing up for a potential siege and trying to placate you lot! No, you might as well forget them and start focusing on our Energon.”

“Good Evening, Megatron,” came another voice over the comms.

“…Optimus? You’re on the line too? …Wait a cycle, YOU, of all bots, aren’t hiding out in the Commissioner’s office, are you?!”

“I hope you and your friends don’t mind,” replied Optimus. Megatron, Saurion, and Dirt Boss then laughed.

“My baby brother, now too afraid to face me!” howled Megatron. “Well, you had better stay there, Optimus! Because if I catch you on my ship, I’ll be sticking your antennae into your optics!”

“I understand, Megatron. What’s this I hear about you having Velocitron’s Omega Key?”

“Oh, it’s so wonderful! Now we’re making up for the deficit you gave us on Animatros! Hidden within the Planet Cup is the Omega Key!”

“You don’t say!”

“…I DO say. Why did you say that?” Override giggled behind her mouth clamp. Dirt Boss undid the clamp and was met with a grin from Override.

“Turn the wings on the front of the cup counter-clockwise three times,” she explained. Saurion took the Planet Cup and did so. The lid then popped off and the three villains looked inside. Dirt Boss’ face contorted in fury as he grabbed Override.

“Where! Is! The! Power! KEY!!!” As Dirt Boss demanded answers from Override, Saurion dropped the Cup in disbelief, making the rock fall out of it. Megatron turned his fury to Optimus.


“Wasn’t that hard,” remarked Optimus. “Besides, unlike many schemes before, it was easy to anticipate your every move this time! This caper was more obvious than most!”

“You can say that over the comms, Optimus!” snarled Saurion as he regained his senses. “Know this, if you were here, I’d melt you down to worthless slag, oh, yes indeed!” Megatron then ended the call.

“…Start melting us then, Scale-face!” called Optimus’ voice. Everyone looked up to see Optimus and his team jumping down from the bridge’s ceiling! Cheetor freed Override and she jumped into the fray!

Optimus had left his commlink on so Cruiser and Chase could hear the fight. “Ah, it’s music to my audio receptors,” sighed Chase happily.

“In this cheapo era, it is, indeed!” agreed Cruiser.

Override slammed a foot into Dirt Boss’ face, blinding him temporarily. Optimus and Sonic spin-dashed Megatron into a wall. Kong Primal slammed his fist into Saurion’s chest while Amy brought her hammer down on his foot. “Guys! We got Override! Let’s go before we’re swarmed!” called Clocker.

“Great idea! Everyone out!” ordered Optimus.

“We have to take the base, though!” protested Cheetor.

“That’s an order, Cheetor!” replied Kong. Everyone then jumped up into the ceiling and crawled through the ventilation ducts to get outside. By then, the ship activated its weapons and fired, but the Autobot team stayed ahead of the shots.

Megatron roared in frustration. “OF ALL THE BIGGEST WASTES OF ENERGON AND TIME, THIS TOOK THE OIL-CAKE!” he shouted. “…Well, at least Ransack and Crumplezone should be getting a copy of the formula by now.”

“…Why would we wanna ruin business like that?” asked Dirt Boss.


“I told them to destroy all work concerning the Synth-En stuff, and they did it.” That was the last straw for Megatron.

“You told them to destroy Velocitron’s copies of the formula?! DO YOU HAVE ANY NOTION OF THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR BLUNDER?!”

“But, My Lord!” gulped Dirt Boss. “We can’t let our Energon business go to scrap!”

“YOU’RE THE IDIOT WHO SIGNED YOUR ORGANIZATION’S DEATH WARRANT! Override handed the Autobots a copy of the formula while we have none! Meaning they have the ability to outlast any siege we inflict on them!”

“Lord Megatron, it’s Fortress Maximus!” called Shockwave as she burst into the bridge. “They’re taking off! The Lost Light is joining them!”

“AFTER THEM!” Everyone assumed their post with Dirt Boss, Ransack, and Crumplezone’s small ship, the Business Opportunity, entering the hangar.

Fortress Maximus went into transwarp faster than the Decepticons did, so they managed to get some lead time ahead of them. Among those who joined Override on the Lost Light were Clocker, Blurr, a mech named Racemaster, an old mech named Autolander, and Kup and Hot Rod were rebranded with the Accelion Symbol, joining them as crew members of the Lost Light. Override sighed as she got a chance to relax in her new quarters on Fortress Maximus. “Much better,” she whispered. Her door then chimed. “Come in,” she called. Optimus, Kong, Llyra, and Sonic came into the room. “A leader’s summit, is it?”

“Just checking to see if you were okay,” replied Llyra. “Being brainwashed like that…we can’t imagine what it was like.”

“…It ain’t something I would wish on my worst enemy,” replied Override. “I’m seeing Snarl for it, though.”

“Snarl IS the best counsellor we have,” mused Optimus. “Good to know that you’re taking care of yourself.”

“It’s what a racer needs to do.”

“It’s what anybody needs to do,” supplied Kong. “It’s good to have you back.”

“Good to BE back. In any case, I got some insight on the enemy’s mindset.”

“Well, give us the scoop!” urged Sonic. “What’s it actually feel like being a Con?” Override grinned as she gave her answer.

“Like you’re three terabytes of attitude on a two-terabyte hard drive! No wonder they’ve got personality problems!” Everyone in the room laughed as the Autobot fleet sped towards the next stop before Cybertron, the world of Gigantion!

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 20: Racing to win)

TMC 20-8

“Now I get it!” laughed Clocker as the Fortress Maximus crew set themselves up around the Decepticon vessel. “Leave Override in there and let her create havoc!”

“That’s the general idea,” replied Optimus. “I guessed that her old, more individualistic attitude would come to the forefront and become worse than it was.”

“There’s just one problem,” remarked Llyra, “Megatron is no one’s fool.”

“She’s right,” muttered Amy. “Pretty soon, he’ll be putting two and two together, then what’s gonna happen to Override?”

Amy’s answer was right inside the ship. Scorponok was the first to come out of the CR Chamber and he relayed the incident to Megatron, Saurion, and Dirt Boss. “We…we looked up…” his lower lip trembled as he felt horribly embarrassed, “…blam!” That “blam” explained everything.

“I don’t believe this! I had her pegged!” snarled Dirt Boss.

“Well, it seems we’ve made a mistake by reprogramming that femme, yes!” growled Saurion.

“Fortunately, this can be rectified!” declared Megatron. “It’s time to bring this experiment and her rule to an end! It’s time for the next plan…a hostage situation!”

“We gotta move! And FAST!” urged Sonic.

“Not yet!” replied Optimus. “If we intervene, we’re facing 29 people on that ship, including Override!”

“And if we don’t,” countered Amy, “we’re facing 28 people and pieces of Override!”

“Not unless Override is taken hostage,” answered Optimus. “Knowing Megatron, that’s exactly the angle he’s going for. And, if things go well, it’ll blow up in his face and we can attack the bridge.”

Override headed into an empty bridge. She was a little perturbed at the atmosphere. “Oh, Override!” called a voice. Megatron and Dirt Boss then stepped from the shadows. “Such a pleasure to see you, Override.”

“Always a treat to see you too,” replied Override cautiously.

“TRAITOR!” snarled Dirt Boss. Override got the hint.

“Yep, you’ve got a point there! Figured you’d find out sooner or later! In which case, they’re playing our song, boys!” She grabbed them by the shoulders and brought them to her. “Time to dance!”

“Oh, I do so hate to disappoint,” replied Megatron, “especially after Dirt Boss told me that dancing with you is not something to miss, but you wouldn’t mind if I…sit this one out, would you?!” He shoved Override back, making her let go of them and stumble into being surrounded, the people circling her consisting of Knock-out, Scorponok, Eggman, and Morgaine! Override arched an eyebrow and smirked as she looked at the two humans.

“So, you two are back on THEIR side, now? Gee, a girl can hardly keep track!” Eggman and Morgaine then gulped as they realized what she was going to do.

“What’s she talking about?” demanded Scorponok.

“Don’t listen to her!” pleaded Morgaine.

“When I scrapped you two, the featherless chicken, and Bug Eyes,” explained Override, “they were watching and smirking!”

“Th-That-THAT’S A LIE!” wailed Eggman.

“Then how come you two are so shifty all of a sudden?!”

“YOU WORTHLESS SACKS OF FLESH!” shouted Knock-out as he leveled his gun at Morgaine.

“We are not-!” Eggman’s protest was cut off by Scorponok.

“They’re smirkers! MANGLE THEM!” The two bots scooped up Morgaine and Eggman each.

“All right, I am getting sick and tired,” snarled Morgaine as she prepared a spell, “of being man-handled by useless hunks of iron!” She fired a magic blast into Knock-out’s chest. Eggman, meanwhile, jabbed an electric prod into Scorponok as his Eggmobile arrived and scooped him up while leveling a gun at the Predacon. Knock-out looked down at his chest in horror.

“You…you scorched my PAINT JOB!” Knock-out pulled his Cyber Key out and flicked it to the ceiling. “PREPARE FOR SURGERY! CYBER KEY POWER!” The Key inserted itself into his arm and his hand was replaced with a circular saw-blade. Scorponok continued to try to sting Eggman as he was under fire from Eggman’s vehicle while Morgaine used her magic to levitate odds and ends and threw them at Knock-out, forcing him to deflect them.

“NO! IDIOTS!” shouted Megatron. “GET HER! SHE’S THE ENEMY!” Too late. Override spin-kicked them into a groaning heap. She then fired her gun into Megatron and Dirt Boss’ knees, forcing them to collapse.

“Well, what do you know?” chuckled Override as she examined her handiwork. “I win!” She went on speaking as Megatron and Dirt Boss shakily picked themselves up. “Reprogramming me was the worst mistake you’ve ever made! Now that I’m a Vehicon, I’m just a little too crafty for you!”

“That’s becoming…painfully obvious!” grunted Megatron. His optics then settled on the Transmuter.

“It’s called irony, sport!” continued Override. “I take over and you head straight for the recycling bin!”

“So it seems,” mused Megatron. “Even now, you’re teaching me a valuable lesson.”

“Yeah? What’s that?”

“Sometimes, members of the Decepticons gloat too much!” Megatron activated one of his concealed fusion cannons and shot Override into the Transmuter. It activated and subjected her to the same painful treatment, this time, rewriting her brain back to its original self. She shook her head as her canopy and optic lenses returned to blue.

“Wha…what happened?” she mumbled.

“Accelion buffoon!” Megatron fired again, disrupting her motor functions. Dirt Boss managed to slap stasis cuffs onto her wrists. “As I said earlier, when in doubt, a hostage works! …No, a trade! The Planet Cup, the Omega Key-”

“Power Key,” corrected Dirt Boss. Megatron glared at him before continuing.

“And Override if they surrender the Energon Crystal formation to us!”

“That’s our que!” called Optimus to his team. “Activate Spark Signature dampeners! Stay quiet!” The group then went into the ship, all managing not to trigger the alarms.

Within Police Headquarters for Velocitron, a Mech with police-colored dragster alt-mode kibble named and a Mech with high-speed police cruiser alt-mode kibble were starting to nod off. Crime was at a low at the moment, so they were content to sleep within their office. Just then, the comms rang, waking the dragster bot up. He rubbed his optics before pressing the accept button. “Commissioner Cruiser here,” he said.

“Working nights, Commissioner?!” laughed the voice of the Vehicon Leader.

“Dirt Boss!” snarled Cruiser. His partner, Chase, woke up startled at that name.

“Dirt Boss?!” he yelped.

“You’re forgetting my associates!” remarked Dirt Boss.

“I must say, I, for one, am wounded, yes!” oozed Saurion.

“As am I,” agreed Megatron. Fear gripped the two law bots’ Sparks.

“Megatron!” they whispered.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 20: Racing to win)

TMC 20-7

After Megatron gave Override a tour of the base, they entered the bridge. “Nice little setup you got here, Chief,” chuckled Override. “I think I’m gonna feel right at home!”

“I hate to have to cut the tour short,” remarked Megatron, “but we have business to discuss. You see, you have the formula to create Synthetic Energon, but we don’t know where it is. We fear that your…initiation has erased the formula from your mind, but we believe it’s in some form of external data storage. Giving us the formula will be most valuable to us.”

“And what’s in it for me if I do?”

“Why, the honor of being the first of us to destroy the Autobots and their allies, especially your former friends!”

“Destruction…yep! Destruction is always good!”

“I thought you would enjoy that pros-” the lights then flickered, and the screen went dead. Megatron then tried to key in a few commands.

“Is something wrong?”

“There must be a malfunction in main power!” grunted Megatron.

“Gee, hope it’s under warranty.”

“…Why don’t you go see if the repair teams need help and find out how long this will take, hm?” Megatron had already had enough of Override’s snide remarks.

“All right, I’ll get off your chassis. Override, HIGHTAIL!” Override transformed and sped off.

Knock-out and Scorponok were trying to deduce the problem so they could fix it. They heard someone transform and saw Override saunter into the room. “Big M wants to know how long this is gonna take,” she explained.

“Well, tell him not to get his software in a snarl!” growled Scorponok.

“We need to figure out what the slagging problem is, first!” said Knock-out. He then pulled a panel off the wall and yelped. “Hey! Shouldn’t there be a redactor modem here?!” Scorponok looked at what Knock-out was pointing out.

“Hey, yeah! There SHOULD!” he confirmed.

“No!” breathed Override, sarcasm dripping from her voice. “You shock me, Scorponok!”

“Make yourself useful,” hissed Knock-out, “and find another redactor modem! It’s a yellow microchip that should fit the hole here!” Override sauntered off and left Scorponok and Knock-out to discuss how such a vital component was missing. As she walked, she pulled out the microchip Knock-out described from her subspace pocket, then crushed it. She then saw a tall stack of containers.

“Hey! Boys! Think it’s over here?!” As they looked, Override pushed a container on the bottom, making the stack wobble.

“Hey, hey, HEY!” protested Scorponok as he and Knock-out walked to her.

“Will you be careful?!” supplied Knock-out.

“Oh, I’m being REAL careful!” purred Override. “See, I’m on THIS side and it’s all gonna fall…THAT WAY!” She shoved the stack towards the two mechs! They tried to get away, but Scorponok’s tail was buried first, then the rest of him. His claw tripped up Knock-out, knocking him to the ground and burying him as well. Override chuckled as she left.

“WHAT DID YOU TWO IDIOTS DO?!” Megatron demanded of the unconscious Scorponok and Knock-out as he and Waspinator investigated the “accident”.

“Idiotzzz do not rezzzpond,” reported Waspinator. “Idiotzzz are comatozzze.”

“Get them to the nearest CR chamber!” ordered Megatron. Waspinator then started dragging them to the CR Chamber, grumbling once Megatron was out of earshot.

“Random zzzoldier blowzzz up, Wazzzpinator zzzalvage! Wazzzpinator blowzzz up, NOBODY zzzalvage! Why univerzzze hate Wazzzpinator?!”

When he found it, Waspinator dumped Scorponok and Knock-out into the CR chamber. “ZZZeriouzzzly, doezzz no one care about Wazzzpinator?! …Okay, Wazzzpinator being unfair. Wazzzpinator DOEZZZ have friend in Terrorzzzaur. At leazzzt HE zzzalvage Wazzzpinator when Wazzzpinator blowzzz up.”

“You do it way too often, for my taste,” screeched Terrorsaur as he walked up to him. “Still, you do the same for me.”

“Hey, Terrorzzzaur. How’zzz trickzzz?”

“It’s good so far, just a little on edge. Call me paranoid, but I don’t trust Override.” Waspinator then thought about what Megatron told him earlier before the salvage operation.

“Megatron DID zzzend her to help ZZZcorponok and Knock-out. …You think-?” Waspinator’s question was interrupted by something swinging into his backside, scooping up Terrorsaur, and slamming them both into a wall! When it released them, they started flying into each other and into walls in a dazed fashion. All the while, Override smirked as she got some amusement.

“Heads up!” she called before she left. Unbeknownst to her, Eggman and Morgaine were watching.

“So, that’s the game, eh?” chuckled Eggman.

“This might be our chance!” replied Morgaine.

Waspinator and Terrorsaur flew into and around the bridge in a crazed manner. “Phazzze Fi-Fi-Five complete!” called Waspinator.

“It’s time for Phase Six!” cheered Terrorsaur.

“Waspinator! Terrorsaur!” shouted Megatron. “What are you two babbling about?!”

“Wazzzpinator?! Terrorzzzaur?!” buzzed Waspinator. “Negative-Negative-Negative! I am ZZZixzzzhot, Dezzzepticon Phazzze ZZZixer!”

“And you will address me as Gigatron, Master of the Cutter Beam!” screeched Terrorsaur. Shockwave had to duck as she tried to puzzle out what was going on.

“…Sixshot? Gigatron?” she asked. “Sixshot was a Xitran survivor and Six-changer. Gigatron also had ten modes. They’re both offline, though.”

“Then it’s clear,” muttered Megatron, “that Waspinator and Terrorsaur are wacko.”

“Wacko?!” buzzed Waspinator. “No, Wonko! Wonko the ZZZane!” He then proceeded to punch himself in the head, proving Megatron’s statement as well as making him grimace, not sure how to process this whole incident.

Override sped through the corridors of the ship in alt-mode. She then came to a junction and stopped to try and decide which way to go next. Just then, Morgaine and Eggman appeared on opposite sides of her. “Well, well, well!” chuckled Eggman, “my dear, look who it is!”

“Our most loyal friend!” purred Morgaine.

“…Is that supposed to mean something?” asked Override.

“Oh, don’t even attempt to lie here, lady!” snarled Eggman.

“You’re trying to destabilize this operation,” continued Morgaine, “so you can overthrow Megatron and take over! Well, know this;…we like this plan!”

“So, here’s the deal: you and us as equal partners!” suggested Eggman.

“…No, HERE’S the deal!” Override then transformed and grabbed the two humans, tightening her grip to grab their attention. “You’re gonna keep your big mouths shut and do EXACTLY what I tell you! One false move and you’re a new delicacy: Fleshling Caviar! GET IT?!” She then dropped them to the floor. They groaned in pain.

“Got it!” replied Eggman.

“Good!” Override then stormed off.

Megatron brought the security cameras online to try and figure out what was going on. The camera then caught Tarantulas twitching in a web! “What in-?!” yelped Megatron. He then got a medical reading. “Poisoned?!” That did it! His face went as red as his optics as he grabbed a radio and activated ship-wide comms. “WHAT’S GOING ON AROUND HERE?!” he bellowed.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 20: Racing to win)

TMC 20-6

“Dirt Boss!” hissed Override. “I think I made it clear that I’m your enemy!”

“Oh, that will change,” replied Dirt Boss.

“Yeah, we’re gonna change your mind real easy-like!” called one of his thugs in a nasal voice, a small Mech with motorcycle alt-mode kibble named Ransack.

“You’ll be one of us with Tarantulas’ machine hooked up to your head!” laughed the second thug, a brute of a mech named Crumplezone with the alt-mode kibble of a three-wheeled rocket car.

“…Boys,” hissed Dirt Boss, “I thought I told you NOT to spoil our plan!”

“…Oh,” gulped Ransack.

“Oops,” mumbled Crumplezone.

“Now I’m DEFINITELY not going with you!” snarled Override.

“You’re talking as if you have a choice. Ransack! Crumplezone! Open fire!” The three Vehicons drew their weapons and unleashed a storm of laser fire.

“Take cover!” shouted Optimus. Everyone took cover behind the chunks of road and fired back. Sonic zipped around to give them a target while Amy went behind Ransack. She then leapt up and swung her signature hammer down on his head.

“OW!” cried Ransack. He then looked around, only to see Sonic spin-dash him in the face. “Come on!” he wailed.

“Catch us if you can!” taunted Sonic as he scooped up Amy and took off. Ransack and his cohorts blinked.

“Did…did an organic…?” stumbled Ransack.

“After him, you fool! AFTER HIM!” shouted Dirt Boss as he resumed shooting at the people below.

“Ransack, HIGHTAIL!” The wheel on Ransack’s back rotated so it was vertical instead of horizontal, then his arms and shoulders folded to his front as his head sunk into the torso to make the front of a motorcycle. His legs then rotated so the wheels united and then the whole assembly met the arms and his transformation into motorcycle mode was completed. He sped off after them.

Everyone on the ground still shot at Crumplezone and Dirt Boss, although, not without critique. Override was shooting under the overpass. “Override, shoot straight, for crying out loud!” called Cheetor. “You’re missing them by a parsec!” Just then, Dirt Boss and Crumplezone felt a tremor under their feet. The road then gave way beneath them, and they fell to the ground.

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak,” chuckled Override.

“Taking out the supports!” realized Optimus. “Fast thinking, Override!”

“Part of the job description,” replied Override.

“You know, if you keep this up, you might be the next Prime!”

“I think I’m fine as the leader of my planet. We better find Sonic and Amy, then get out of here.”

“Or they could come to you,” called Sonic as he and Amy returned.

“…That’s easy enough.” Override then turned back to Optimus. “You lead the way, I’ll catch up.”

“Right. Everyone, let’s go!” Everyone then headed off once the bots transformed and the organics rode them. Override brought up the rear…leaving her open! Tarantulas leapt at her and sunk his fangs into her chassis. Override tried to get away, but the venom that flooded her systems overpowered her and she stopped.

Override was taken to the Decepticon ship, forcibly transformed to robot mode, and hooked up to a machine with a prong aimed at her head. The venom had worn off during the transformation, so she tried to get away. Dirt Boss, Saurion, Megatron, and Weirdwolf stood by as Tarantulas made the final adjustments. “You creeps!” snarled Override. “You won’t get away with this!”

“Believe me, I didn’t want to go this far, sweetie,” replied Dirt Boss, “but your speech has caused a dip in Vehicon morale, and I won’t stand for it!”

“And Tarantulas had this device just begging to be used, yes!” chuckled Saurion. “The Transmuter, stellar-cycles in the design, but infinitely well worth the effort, Convoy, as you are about to discover, yes!”

“We REALLY need that vocal tic of yours looked at,” muttered Megatron. He then looked around. “Where’s Eggman?”

“He and Morgaine,” explained Weirdwolf, “are busy trying to open the Planet Cup.”

“Ah, something equally as important,” mused Megatron. “Well, we shouldn’t disturb them.”

“If I can just patch into her comms,” muttered Clocker as he and his group searched for Override, “I might be able to find her.”

“I say we just go after her!” urged Cheetor.

“Slow down a second, kitty-cat,” replied Sonic. “We can’t exactly do that if we don’t know where she is.”

“Sonic’s right,” agreed Goldbug.

“I got her!” called Clocker. “She’s at the…oh no!”

“Oh no what?” asked Kong.

“She’s in the Decepticon Ship!”

“So the Cons have her prisoner!” growled Amy. The comms then played Override’s conversation with the Decepticon leaders.

“If you’re going to finish me anyway,” her voice grunted, “do me a favor! Shut up and get on with it!”

“Finish you, Override?” purred Saurion’s voice. “Oh, no, we’ve only just started with you!”

“All calibrations complete, Lord Megatron!” cackled Tarantulas.

“Then activate the Transmuter!” ordered Megatron.

“Transmuter?!” yelped Clocker. “That’s a brain-washing device! They’re gonna reprogram her into a Vehicon!”

“Now we REALLY gotta save her!” urged Cheetor.

“Unfortunately,” sighed Goldbug, “we don’t have the forces needed to save her!”

The Transmuter’s prong fired a stream of energy into the back of Override’s head, causing her a massive processor-ache. The treatment lasted a few seconds until Tarantulas powered it down. The only noticeable difference was that her alt-mode canopy on her torso was red instead of blue. Her optics then rebooted into a nasty red color! She then burst free of her restraints. After that, she smiled wickedly at the Decepticon leaders. “Afternoon, all!” she purred. “This a private club or can anybody join?”

“Let me be the first to welcome you,” replied Dirt Boss. “Everyone, meet our new Vehicon soldier!” Eggman and Morgaine then entered the room via one of Morgaine’s teleport spells.

“No need for transmats, my dear,” she purred to Eggman as she stroked his mustache. The bots then shuddered.

“Oh, don’t pretend this is abnormal,” Eggman rebuked to his comrades. “Now, what’s this I hear about Velocitron’s leader coming to her senses and joining us?”

“That would be me,” replied Override, getting his attention.

“I lost her!” wailed Clocker.

“Great, now we’re hosed!” groaned Cheetor. “Imagine if someone like Rhinox were under that kind of influence! Better dead than Pred, I say!”

“I don’t think we’re all that hosed, Cheetor,” mused Optimus. A grin then crossed his face. “We just need to leave her there for a bit.”

“WHAT?!” protested Llyra. “Optimus, have you got a few bugs in your systems directory?!”

“No, but I’ve got a hunch the Decepticons may have gotten more than they bargained for.”

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 20: Racing to win)

TMC 20-5

A canister was prepared with the elements loaded into it and the desired reaction programmed in. It was loaded into a launch tube aimed at the sands in front of the city. A crowd had gathered as Override stood by the launch button. The press was there too. Override drew in a breath. “…Here we go,” she mumbled. She pressed the button, and the canister was fired out of the tube. It went quite a few miles before it disappeared from view. Everyone waited a few seconds, then their shoulders slouched…just for a split-second before a brilliant light erupted from the ground. “SWEET NEXUS PRIME!” swore Override.

“Prime!” called Rhinox from his and Tails’ station. “We have an unknown energy reading that spiked five miles outside our perimeter!”

“Can you try and identify it?” asked Optimus.

“Tails and I are working on it now!” Rhinox’s fingers danced across the console as he typed in commands.

“Being refined now and…well, I’ll be dipped!” chuckled Tails. Rhinox then grinned.

“Now that should help them immensely!” he mused.

“They got it?” asked Optimus.

“All evidence points to yes.” Optimus smirked.

“See, Override? Outside help works!”

The light died down and revealed a massive crystal formation that could be seen from the city. “…Why are we just standing here?!” called Override. “Readings! Now!”

“Getting readout now!” reported Clocker. He read the results and stared. “…Element 214 on the Cybertronian Periodic Table!” he breathed. “It’s…It’s…It’s natural Energon! Enough to feed the city for a year!”

“The races are back on!” cheered someone in the crowd.

“Not yet!” called Override. That earned some quizzical remarks. “Femmes and Gentlemechs, we have the formula to make our own Energon, but our planet doesn’t have all the elements needed to make it. We need to be judicious about this and we need to reactivate the Space Bridge network so we can properly negotiate trade of the elements. Because of that, we need people to help the Autobots in their war against the Decepticons. To that end…I’m ending our permanent draft deferrals.” The crowd began jeering at this. “I know how unpopular this is, but there ARE those of us that WANT to fight!”

“This isn’t our war!” called a femme from the crowd. She looked similar to Shadow Striker, but with a white and silver paintjob.

“Roulette, like it or not, it IS! The Decepticons are allying themselves with the Vehicons and we need to stop them!”

“The Vehicons are desert-dwelling Energon pirates! We’re safe in the city! Whatever they do makes no difference to me!”

“Stay out of it and you get to keep the old Velocitronian way of life?! Is that it?!”

“I LIKE the old way of life!”

“DO YOU?!” That question shook everyone to their Sparks. “…Velocitron’s Golden Age, and we were quietly dying a slow death! With our obsession with racing, we’ve lost sight of the finish line and the Vehicons were happy to take advantage of that when the Energon Crisis hit us! …Racers and pit crews, I ask you, all those times on the track, was it the victories that kept us going? Or was it the chance to constantly inspire others to strive for more? We can still be an inspiration. Joining the Autobots and helping them in their…OUR war doesn’t detract from that.” The crowd had humbled looks on their faces. They knew Override was right. “…Well, I’m offering you guys the chance to inspire our friends once again, just not on the racetrack. Twelve million years ago, on our ancestral seat of Cybertron, Prima discovered he could change shape. Six million years ago, the Primes built the first Metrotitans and breathed life into them. Four million years ago, the Prime of the time turned down the first Decepticon Lord’s only invitation to surrender and formed the Autobot faction. One million years ago, we became a neutral world whose alliances leaned mainly towards the Autobots. What I’m about to do in a few days will rank among those moments. In a few days, the old space port becomes a launch pad. In a few days, I will board the Lost Light and join the Autobot fleet to reactivate the Space Bridge network. The Autobots need us and I’m going to fight alongside Optimus Prime…and I want those of you that are capable of fighting to come with me! Those under my flag are no longer running away from our problems, we, the Accelions, are running TOWARDS our solutions!”

“NO!” shouted Megatron. “If Override joins Optimus, we lose Velocitron!” Dirt Boss ran a hand down his face.

“I didn’t want to do this, since I’d prefer she joined us willingly,” he muttered, “but we don’t have that many options.”

“And that option is?”

“…Mental reconditioning.”

“Did someone say mental reconditioning?” cackled a voice. Tarantulas dropped down from the ceiling in his beast mode, startling the two bots.

“Will you stop that?!” snapped Megatron.

“I like to keep my allies on their toes,” replied Tarantulas. “In any case, I have a device that can recondition her brain to our desires!”

“Is it built?”

“As a matter of fact, yes!”

“Then get it online. Dirt Boss, she’s more than likely going to meet with Optimus. Take the soldiers you need and intercept her.”

As predicted, the next day, Override met with Optimus, as well as Goldbug, Sonic, Amy, Galen, Llyra, Kong Primal, and Cheetor. The meeting took place on an abandoned track that was being swallowed up by the sands. She brought Clocker with her, and he had a data cylinder with him. Override was grinning like it was her birthday. “You know, I thought outsiders were stuck-up idiots,” began Override, “but it’s good to be proven wrong on that one. This kid, Clocker,” she gestured to Clocker, “is the one that finally got my science team on track. After this, we’re building a mobile-city dedicated to science and naming it in his honor.”

“Ma’am, you don’t need to do that!” protested Clocker.

“Yes, I do! You just saved Velocitron and gave us the means to make our own Energon. Speaking of which, our friends need the formula.”

“True that,” agreed Clocker. He handed the data cylinder to Optimus.

“So that’s the safe Synth-en formula?” asked Goldbug.

“That’s the one!” replied Override.

“That formula’s ours!” shouted a voice. Everyone whirled around to see Dirt Boss and a pair of thugs with him as they stood on a piece of racetrack above them.

Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 20: Racing to win)

TMC 20-4

“I already told you, I don’t want any part of your war,” Override grunted to Optimus sitting in the seat across the booth’s table.

“No, I get it,” smirked Optimus. “You’re the Nitro Convoy, you do everything yourself. How’s that working out for you?”

“It’s-it’s-it’ssss…I’m sorry, I don’t mean to get off on the wrong foot here, but do I look at the blue lights or the thing on your helmet?” Optimus then looked at her in a deadpan manner. “It’s just…I’m a little overenergized and I can’t tell if you’re fake or-” Optimus then leaned closer to Override.

“I’m real. VERY real. I’m the realest thing you’re ever gonna meet.”

“…Just my luck.” Override’s optics then looked elsewhere. “Where’s the staff here?” Her optics flashed green briefly.

“Yep, partodium’s in the latest batch of Synth-en, ain’t it? That’s not looking too good.” Override cycled air through her olfactory sensors.

“It’s been worse.”

“We’ve secured the perimeter,” reported a femme’s voice, “but I don’t think we should hold it much longer. It might attract Decepticon attention.” Override looked to her left to see Blackarachnia hanging upside down from a rope she attached to the ceiling. The Nitro Convoy’s optics flickered as she tried to determine the reality of Blackarachnia.

“…You’re…fired?” It was the best Override could come up with.

“I’m an Autobot,” retorted Blackarachnia. “That’s not up to you.” She dropped down from the rope, sprayed something on the rope to make it dissolve into thin air, and sat next to Optimus as he put an arm around her shoulders.

“Override, I’d like you to meet my wife, the genius chemist and spy, Blackarachnia,” he introduced.

“Hi,” mumbled Override.

“I was tasked with gathering as much information as I could on you and your condition,” explained Blackarachnia. “Regretfully, that meant getting copies of all files related to you.”

“I suggest you apologize for that and delete those copies now,” grunted Override.

“You’ve been busy lately,” observed Optimus. “You made yourself a lab-rat for toxic Synth-en brews in an attempt to solve your planet’s fuel crisis, you made your predecessor your doctor, and you gave the Planet Cup to some random femme! Now, if I didn’t know any better-”

“You DON’T know better,” interrupted Override. “I didn’t give it to Shadow Striker, she fought me and took it.”

“Whoa, hold on, no, she TOOK it?! The Planet Cup, and she took it?! The symbol of your office, and she just TOOK it?! A femme walked into your home, kicked your aft, and took the Planet Cup?!” Optimus turned to Blackarachnia. “Is that possible?”

“Well, from what Blurr told us,” remarked Blackarachnia, “there are multiple security redundancies to prevent unauthorized hands from touching it until it’s given to the new Nitro Convoy.” Override resumed glaring at the two bots.

“…What do you want from me?” she finally sighed.

“What do we want from you?” asked Optimus. “Nuh uh! What do YOU want from ME?! You have become a problem, a problem that I have to deal with! Contrary to popular belief, you are NOT the center of my universe!”

“I get it, all right?!”

“I have bigger problems than you on Cybertron! Legs, hit her!” Blackarachnia then jabbed her fingers into Override’s neck. Override jolted from the shock of something being in jabbed into her. Blackarachnia’s fingers then deployed a chemical into her systems, then pulled her fingers out of Override’s neck.

“What are you gonna do?!” she snapped. “Steal my t-cog and sell it?! Could you not do anything awful for a few nano-cycles?!” Optimus and Blackarachnia then saw the green glow vanish from her optics. “What did she just do to me?!”

“What did I just do FOR you?” corrected Blackarachnia. “That’s terraxium trioxide. It’s gonna take the edge off.”

“Override, we’re trying to get you back to work,” explained Optimus.

“…Gimme a couple boxes of that stuff,” replied Override, “and I’ll be back on my feet.”

“It’s not a cure,” countered Blackarachnia. “It’s just something to ease the symptoms. It doesn’t look like this Synth-en stuff’s gonna be an easy fix given the Energon shortage.”

“Believe me, I’ve got a team that’s the best at this stuff,” grunted Override. “They’ve been trying to find a suitable binding agent that would be better than partodium and give off the same radiation as normal Energon. They’ve tried every combination, every permutation, of all known elements.”

“All known Velocitronian elements, perhaps,” replied Optimus, “but I bet you haven’t tried the elements of extraterrestrial periodic tables, have you?”

“…What do you mean extraterrestrial periodic tables?” asked Override, now giving Optimus her full attention.

Override’s science team had copies and samples of the other elements of Mobius, Nebulos, and Animatros. To say that they were confused was an understatement. “This is way too much!” muttered a Mech.

“Can any of them REALLY be a better binding agent than partodium?” asked a Femme.

“That’s what you guys are gonna find out,” called Override as she entered the room. “Start looking.” The science team stared at her. “…That’s an order!” At that, the science team got busy. As she turned to leave, she idly glanced at a display of what would be Velocitron’s second mobile city, dedicated to science and culture. It had a globe in the center and various pathways branching out from it with buildings dotting the areas in between the paths. Override then did a double-take on it. It looked oddly familiar, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. “…Hey. …Hey, someone! Over here!” A young mech with the alt-mode kibble of an alien open-top race car then approached her. “What’s your name, kid?”

“Clocker, Ma’am,” replied the mech nervously.

“Clocker, what does that look like to you?” She pointed to the display.

“…The shot-down science-centric mobile city?”

“I meant the shape of everything above the treads, what does it look like to you?” Clocker arched an eyebrow and looked.

“…I need a better angle,” he muttered. “Computer, project a wireframe over the display. I need something to manipulate.”

“Hey! Clocker! Get over here!” called a mech.

“Hold on,” replied Override. “I think Clocker’s gonna make a discovery.”

“That intern?! Don’t make me laugh!”

“Shut up and let him do it. You get back to work without him.” The mech scoffed, then returned to his work…only to do a double-take as Clocker turned the wireframe projection of the mobile city to give him a bird’s eye view.

“…I think I’m getting something, but…” Clocker trailed off.

“Lose the roads,” replied the formerly-disrespectful mech. Clocker turned to him. “Go on.”

“Do it,” Override said to Clocker. Clocker highlighted the roads, then swiped them away. He then got an idea.

“Let’s lose the streetlights and public art pieces too,” he mused. He highlighted them and swiped them away. “Let’s see, parking lots, entrances, exits, they should go too.” Once they were gone, it became more obvious. “Now that’s an atom if I ever saw it!” he declared. “Computer, create an atom over the wireframe. Structure it using the central sphere as the nucleus and the buildings as the protons and neutrons.” The computer did so and created an atom of 147 protons and neutrons, then it mapped out the electron cloud of 147.

“Hey! Guys!” called the mech. “Look up all the periodic tables to find an element of 147!”

“Found it!” replied a femme. “It’s called Borzonite! Rare on Nebulos, but it’s a common element in Velocitron’s sands!”

“Can we reconstruct the formula using Borzonite as a binding agent?” asked Clocker.


“Trust him!” called Override.

“…All right, beginning formula reconstruction with Borzonite as the binding agent.” She began the simulation and added the alien elements to the formula. “…Okay, we have something, but it requires the Nebulan element, Yorkonium, as a necessary step for a covalent bond.”

“We have the element, let’s try it,” declared Override.