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Built in secret on the outskirts of the Over-realm’s Dwalna City and dosed with the Breath of Life like Endea, Scorpo is the living extension of the 37-month-old BEX-01 Scorpion. In Dr. Borg’s Realm Trinity Empire, Scorpo’s the Captain of himself and is a member of Dr. Borg’s Council. Being so young, he’s not interested in lovers, although he has the maturity and knowledge of an adult.

The Three Realms The Three Realms World Building


An experimental attack cruiser, the BEX-01, Scorpion, is a vessel designed by Dr. Borg for raiding purposes. The first of its class, it’s an experimental ship. It has two claws to grab enemy ships with a docking tube at the front and a concealed weapon at the rear, looking like a scorpion’s tail. The sensor arrays below are modeled after a scorpion’s pectines. The two, blood-red windows indicate where the two helmsmen sit. Not as big as the Endeavor, but it’s enough of a match for it.

The Three Realms The Three Realms World Building


Say hello to Arsha’s ship, the Endeavor, registry CRS-2784. It is 641 meters long (25,640 zarruks), 133 meters high (5,320 zarruks), 473 meters wide when in normal flight (18,920 zarruks), and is capable of extending 57 meter long attack wings on each side, thus making its combat width 587 meters (23,480 zarruks). It is a Dauntless-class ship weighing about 6,000,000 metric tons (240,000,000,000 stonaks) and utilizing 42 decks. Its crew compliment ranges from 1,000 to 7,000 during normal duty and has a maximum capacity of 17,000 when evacuating an area. It has four landing struts when it needs to touch down and has a launch bay for the 500 fighter crafts inside its hull. This ship was once under the command of Arsha’s daddy when he was a prince.

Here’s the Bridge Crew.

Captain: Arsha

First Officer: Oak, now Denstra

Helmsman: Nazay

Communications Officer: Shalvey

Diplomat: Laverda

Security Officer: Dalengor

Tactical Officer: Malak

Chief Engineer: Thangred

Engineer: Melandra

Chief Science Officer: Elmar

Science Officer: Orthena

Chief Medical Officer: Marshii

Ship’s Counselor: Thengo