The Three Realms The Three Realms (Book 1: Her Highness, the Captain)

3 Realms 1-12

The rebuilding of Domoroto was going to take a long time. A few Realmfleet ships were going to stay behind and help, but the Endeavor could not. “Another mission?” Arsha asked Rooshee on her personal screen in her quarters. “Already?”

“It’s a delivery mission,” replied Rooshee. “The Vorkath Monastic Hospital needs medical supplies to help the patients.”

“Must be a busy time of year for them,” mused Arsha.

“The winter months are the hardest,” agreed Rooshee. “I don’t think I need to tell you how important it is that the hospital gets the supplies.”

“We’ll get them there,” promised Arsha. “I won’t let the best hospital in the Realms be without supplies.”

“Good to hear,” praised Rooshee. “Realmfleet out.” When the call ended, the door rang.

“Come in,” bid Arsha. Oak entered the room.

“Am I interrupting?” he asked.

“Not at all,” assured Arsha. “What’s on your mind?”

“There has been a rumor that we would be staying to rebuild Domoroto,” reported Oak.

“Sorry to disprove that rumor,” sighed Arsha. “It would be nice to see the Shrine City opened, but we have another mission from Realmfleet. We’re delivering medical supplies to the Vorkath Monastic Hospital.”

“I see,” mused Oak. “Do we have a destination to retrieve the medical supplies for them?”

“According to the mission description,” replied Arsha, “we’re getting them from the Naval Base in Galthar.”

“That’s not too far away,” recalled Oak. “Now, if memory serves, Vorkath is a city for the Chimeras outside of Wysper City, Lardeth and Falnii’s home.”

“I don’t have a guarantee that Lardeth’s ship, the High Sky, will be there,” continued Arsha, “but Falnii, unless she’s on a diplomatic mission, visits her parents at this time of year.”

“A surprise visit?” asked Oak.

“No, Zephyrs usually prefer knowing about visits,” answered Arsha. “I’d rather she be prepared for me. Inform the crew that we’ll be moving out shortly.”

“Aye, Ma’am,” confirmed Oak. He then left her quarters. Arsha then typed in a number on her screen. The screen rang for a few seconds before a woman appeared. This was one of her fiancés, Falnii. She had grey skin and was in a dress made of clouds, just like her hair and hairpieces on either side of her head. The symbol on her breastbone indicated her status and position. Her expression brightened when she saw Arsha’s face.

“Hello, Foxy,” she said in her quiet tone.

“Hello, Fluffy,” replied Arsha. “My ship is going to be making a delivery of medical supplies to the Vorkath Medical Hospital in a week. I figured, once we land, I might grant shore leave after the harrowing battle we’ve had a few days ago.”

“I heard about it during Jargoon’s trial,” remarked Falnii. “I’m just disgusted that Mega-sharks would stoop that low. And he still insisted that it was his right!”

“I’m not exactly thrilled either,” muttered Arsha. “Some of the inhabitants of Domoroto may never recover.”

“Still,” mused Falnii, “it’s nice to see that justice is finally being served. I just hope that the Under-realm is okay with the increase in its Mega-shark population.”

“Actually, yes they are,” replied Arsha. “They’ve told Realmfleet that, since they originally came into being there, they felt their spread into the other Realms was their fault. They’re happy Mega-sharks abandoned a Realm. Makes it easier to keep track of.”

“Good to hear,” cheered Falnii. “I look forward to your arrival. My parents and sisters always enjoy seeing you.”

“And I enjoy seeing them as well as you,” chuckled Arsha. “See you soon. Arsha out.”

“Bye,” bid Falnii as she gave her usual shy wave. The call ended and Arsha made her way to the Bridge. When she arrived, the crew was ready.

“Helm, set course for Galthar,” she directed.

“Course laid in,” reported Nazay.

“Nice and easy,” commanded Arsha.

“Aye, Ma’am,” confirmed Nazay. The Endeavor’s landing struts retracted as the ship rose from its spot on the seafloor. It breached the surface like a massive, silver whale. Unlike the whale, however, the Endeavor went higher and higher, taking a northeastern direction for Galthar.

Jargoon sat in his cell, scowling at the guards. Never had he been humiliated so much. Never had he felt such betrayal. He was in a state of perpetual anger. “Is the widdle fishy mad?” asked the guard, an Incubus.

“Laugh it up, Lust monster!” snarled Jargoon.

“At least I never stoop to slavery!” growled the guard, offended.

“Your brand of life is supposed to BOW to me!” demanded Jargoon.

“When are you going to get it through your thick head,” hissed the guard, “that life never really bows to ANYTHING?!”

“Then why have rulers?!” roared Jargoon.

“Not the same thing!” replied the guard.

“Believe me, it is!” argued Jargoon.

“You have the biggest superiority complex in all the Realms!” snapped the guard.

“We didn’t ask to be superior!” bellowed Jargoon.

“Oh, good grief!” cried the guard. “The Mega-shark’s burden!”

“Exactly!” replied Jargoon.

“I’ve heard enough!” shouted the guard. He pressed a button near the door and all sound coming out of the cell was cancelled. “You can stay in there and rant as long as you want. At least I don’t need to listen to you!” Jargoon started bellowing at the guard, but he couldn’t hear.

Orbak, his wife Elmpam, and Malnar were in the throne room, looking on Veloom. He drummed his fingers as he waited for the Council’s recommendation. A Councilor then stepped into the room. “We have decided,” she reported. “The Mega-sharks are too dangerous to be left in the other Realms. We need Realmfleet to relocate them back to our Under-realm.”

“Thank you, Councilor,” replied Orbak. “That will be all.” The Councilor bowed, then left the throne room. “Veloom,” growled Orbak, “can you give me any particular reason why I SHOULDN’T relocate all Mega-shark colonies back to the Under-realm?”

“You and your family are well within your rights to do so,” sighed Veloom.

“We’re not talking about our rights!” snarled Elmpam. “Answer my husband’s question!”

“I have no answer,” muttered Veloom. “I was simply allowing my dark passions to guide me.”

“Dark passions?!” snapped Malnar. “Then you and your people have abused them!”

“Your Excellencies,” argued Veloom. “With respect, we have not. We have obtained pleasure, as is our right…!”

“That right,” roared Malnar as she stood up, “has responsibilities! All rights have responsibilities! Before you even mention the harems, let me remind you that it has evolved from its dark origins of enslaved people! Nowadays, it’s a consensual bond between Harem Master and Harem Member! Enfanti of the Blue Rose Harem can attest to that!”

“There is a limit to how far we allow our dark passions to guide us to power,” continued Elmpam, “and you Mega-sharks just reached it!”

“We’re having all Mega-sharks in all the Realms relocated back to their ancestral waters in the Actanila Mega-shark Grounds!” shouted Orbak. “Is that clear?!”

“Orbak, you can’t deny us the right to spread!” roared Veloom.

“I can, and I will!” affirmed Orbak. “And the correct form of address is ‘Your Majesty’! Now, GET OUT!” He summoned a teleport circle underneath Veloom and she vanished back to the Actanila Mega-shark Grounds.

“I won’t miss her,” hissed Malnar.

“Malnar, sweetie,” directed Orbak, “would you inform Realmfleet about my request?”

“Sure thing, Daddy,” replied Malnar.

“I’ll tell Frigandor’s assembly,” supplied Elmpam, “about the increase in the Mega-shark population off their northwestern shores.”

“You do that,” replied Orbak. “I need to prepare my address to the Under-realm relating to his matter.” All three of them went off to their separate destinations to fulfill their duties.

Over in the Over-realm, in the Falfan shipyards, a large, imposing ship with a cloud design was ready to launch again. This was the CRS-3395, High Sky, under the command of Crown Prince Lardeth Malfam, future ruler of the Over-realm and one of Arsha’s fiancés. Lardeth was gliding along with Falnii, his clouds in a dress style, as is standard for all Zephyrs regardless of gender, and wearing cloud hairpieces to hold a veil behind his head. His silver adorned lips were in a smile as he looked at Falnii. She was talking about her conversation with Arsha. “She’s going to be visiting?” quizzed Lardeth. “I might meet her on the way.”

“I hope you do,” replied Falnii. “She misses you.”

“And I miss her,” sighed Lardeth. “A Captain’s life is a lonely one.”

“How many years do you have left in your tour?” asked Falnii.

“Two more, starting tomorrow,” replied Lardeth. “I must return to the High Sky. Farewell, Fluffy.”

“Farewell, Princess,” called Falnii. They then went their separate ways.

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