The Three Realms The Three Realms (Book 2: The Rise of Living Metal)

3 Realms 2-23

Over in Dwelga, Torsko held a meeting of the Imperium Majestics, the main ruling body of the Goblin Imperium. The meetings usually consist of discussing the newest business opportunities discovered under Goblin Law. “Last, but certainly not least,” called Torsko as he wrapped up the meeting, “we must thank Twenshii for discovering a new mana-crystal source and securing it for Dwelga!” A Majestic woman bowed her head in respect. “I congratulate you all, ladies and gentlemen! Yearly profits are better than ever!” The Majestics pounded their fists on the table in self-congratulations. “However, there IS one cloud on the horizon, a cloud that none of us can get rid of easily, despite our best efforts. I’m not blaming anyone here, but it’s become clear to me that it’s becoming more and more hard to find truly lucrative opportunities here! Why? Because, no matter where we go, our reputation always precedes us! A reputation formed from the lies of our competitors!” The Majestics grumbled about this. “Competitors, like Reb Rojam, who maliciously spread the false impression that Goblins can’t be trusted!” The grumbling was more vocal. “But, there’s now a way to clear that error! You see, my intelligence network says that the Scarlet Stream Pirates have been disbanded and Reb Rojam has been finally arrested!”

“You mean…?!” breathed a male Majestic.

“Plunder Island Stronghold, ladies and gentlemen!” confirmed Torsko. “And the routes they took! We can use them for trade opportunities!”

“We can build a new reputation of using pirate territory for the betterment of society!” cheered Twenshii.

“My thoughts exactly!” replied Torsko. “It’ll be the good old days again!” There was much rejoicing at this bit of news as many Majestics started making plans. The session was interrupted by a massive knock on the room’s doors.

“…I ain’t expecting anyone,” muttered a Majestic. The doors then turned to splinters as Orbak and a contingent of soldiers swarmed the chambers.


“King Orbak, my friend!” called Torsko. “What’s the meaning of this?!”

“Torsko, as the King of the entire Under-realm, I’m placing you under arrest for aiding and abetting the terrorist, Dr. Borg!” accused Orbak. “Arsha’s told me all about what your conversation with the good doctor entailed.”

“What in all the Realms are you talking about?!” yelped Torsko. “I never spoke with Dr. Borg!”

“LIES!” roared Penshek’s voice. Penshek, Bashoon, and Arsha then stormed in. Penshek stabbed the table with the Scale-sword, causing many Majestics to gasp in surprise.

“It cannot be!” breathed a man.

“It IS!” replied Penshek. “Realmfleet has authenticated it, as did Torsko’s friend, Dr. Borg!”

“That’s a spurious claim!” shouted Torsko. “I’ve never associated with her!”

“I’d like to believe that, I really would,” hissed Orbak, “but Eltan recorded the whole conversation between you and Dr. Borg!”

“After Eltan helped us escape,” continued Arsha, “we both gave the report to Realmfleet and Orbak.”

“Hold on, Eltan’s one of Dr. Borg’s Reve…” Torsko stopped himself too little, too late.

“Just a minute,” called a male Majestic, “were you about to say ‘Revenant’? Are you telling me Dr. Borg has a Revenant?!”

“How would you guess that?!” asked Twenshii. “…You didn’t make a deal with her, did you?!” Torsko said nothing.

“And it was all a bid to hide the fact that he’s clanless!” called a male Majestic.

“Yontrem!” yelped Torsko. “What are you doing?!”

“Reporting my findings to my employer, that’s what,” dismissed Yontrem.

“…A mercenary!” growled Torsko.

“I was hired to get information on you after you were declared Garsheek’s successor,” explained Yontrem. “Orbak knew there was something rotten in the Imperium, he just never figured it would be a clanless Goblin who was so afraid of being found out that he would be desperate enough to consort with terrorists and try to stifle any new opportunities with Realmfleet.”

“Realmfleet is the one that stifles us!” snapped Torsko. “On top of that, the fact that only those whose families are part of a clan can rule? That is nothing more than absurdity!”

“The reason for that is because profits can’t be sought out alone!” argued Arsha. “Not even mercenaries like Yontrem can seek it on our own! He had to get help to get this particular job from Orbak! Leaders would understand that there’s always a need for a safety net!”

“Past leaders, perhaps, but not modern ones!” countered Torsko.

“Enough!” called Twenshii. “You blind, ignorant fool! We ALL need a safety net! How else can we calculate risk?! Since you’re stupid enough to shoot yourself in the foot like this, we ALL order you to go with Orbak!”

I give the orders, not you!” shouted Torsko. At that moment, the Majestics leveled their wands at him.

“Either you go with him or we execute you here and now!” growled Twenshii. Yontrem growled back, then sighed in defeat as he allowed Orbak’s soldiers to slap the cuffs on him.

“Just know this,” hissed Orbak, “I’ll be pushing for the maximum penalty for traitors like you!” He turned to his soldiers. “Take him away!” The soldiers took Yontrem to the prison carriage and drove off.

“The Imperium needs a complete overhaul,” sighed Twenshii.

“Perhaps the one who brought the Sword back can lead us,” mused another Majestic. Penshek goggled.

“Pardon me?!” he yelped.

“We need a new leader for a new era for the Imperium,” explained the Majestic.

“Penshek DID retrieve the Scale-sword,” mused a third.

“All those that would have Penshek Tolshoon promoted from Grand Treasurer to Chancellor of the Imperium, say ‘aye’,” called Twenshii.

“AYE!” declared a multitude of voices.

“All against, say ‘nay’,” directed Twenshii. No one said a word. “The vote’s unanimous. Penshek Tolshoon, step forward and take the Chancellor’s Oath.” She held out a book of the Imperium’s constitution. Penshek gulped before placing his left hand on the book and raising his right hand. “I, Penshek Tolshoon of the Tagnar Clan, do solemnly swear…”

“I, Penshek Tolshoon of the Tagnar Clan, do solemnly swear…” repeated Penshek.

“…that I will uphold the principles of the Goblin Imperium faithfully,” continued Twenshii.

“…that I will uphold the principles of the Goblin Imperium faithfully,” confirmed Penshek.

“I will advise the Imperium on how to seek profit…” Twenshii went on.

“I will advise the Imperium on how to seek profit…” replied Penshek.

“…even if the Guidelines must be thrown out,” Twenshii continued.

“…even if the Guidelines must be thrown out,” repeated Penshek.

“I now pronounce you the Chancellor of the Goblin Imperium!” called Twenshii. The Majestic pounded the table in congratulations, though some were a little sour at seeing a new Chancellor so quickly.

“My thanks,” called Penshek. “However, I must first clear some debts before I concentrate on the Imperium.”

“Debts?” asked Orbak.

“To Ensign Bashoon Barmek and her family,” explained Penshek.

“What debt do you owe us?” quizzed Bashoon, a little confused. Penshek pulled out a pad and keyed in something.

“There we go,” he declared. “Check your bank account.” Bashoon arched an eyebrow, then did so. Her eyes went wide.

“…Mom and Dad too?” she asked.

“My first act as Chancellor,” answered Penshek, “is to return what was wrongfully taken from you. Your family’s fortunes are restored. Let the name of Barmek be spoken of once again.”

“Congratulations, Ensign!” cheered Arsha.

“Th…thank you,” stammered Bashoon.

“Now, I need to speak with your father,” remarked Penshek. “Excuse me.” He left the chambers.

Penshek found Mr. Barmek outside the building, looking over a pad with his wife. They had just checked their bank account and were confused at the sudden increase of personal funds. He cleared his throat and the Barmeks turned to face him. “Grand Treasurer, can you help me make heads or tails of this?” requested Mr. Barmek.

“A sudden increase in your savings account?” chuckled Penshek.

“…How did you know?” asked Mr. Barmek.

“Let’s just say I was instrumental in getting your fortunes back to you,” replied Penshek.

“But…but how?!” asked Mrs. Barmek. “Only the Chancellor can do that! Last I checked, Torsko’s not gonna be one to restore our fortunes like that!”

“Torsko was arrested for consorting with Dr. Borg,” explained Penshek.

“Then, who’s the…you?!” realized Mrs. Barmek.

“No way!” gasped Mr. Barmek.

“After Torsko was taken by Orbak’s soldiers,” recalled Penshek, “I was drafted into the Chancellorship. I’ve just restored your original fortunes. Now, I must ask, which of you is head of the Barmek family?”

“I am,” replied Mr. Barmek. “Before we lost our fortunes, I’ve been trying to make deals into joining a clan, practically begging for a safety net..”

“You don’t need to resort to begging anymore,” chuckled Penshek. “You’ve raised a hero and such an act deserves a reward. Do you have your Family Ring?”

“Yes,” answered Mr. Barmek, confused. Penshek then drew out a small, ring-sized stamp. “…You’re joking!” breathed Mr. Barmek.

“I don’t make jokes that would be so cruel,” assured Penshek. “Korsak Barmek, for beginning a new era for seeking profit, the Tagnar Clan would be honored in having your family in our ranks, both as valuable money-makers and, most importantly, as friends.”

“…Chancellor Penshek Tolshoon,” declared Mr. Barmek, “I heartily accept this wondrous opportunity!” He held his ring out and Penshek pressed the stamp to it. The Barmeks were now part of a Clan! They then shook hands.

“May you be forever wealthy!” declared both Goblins.

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