Agamemno Contingency Standalones TS

Agamemno Contingency 5

Agamemno Contingency, file code name: Queen

Megumi Hishikawa is a Kamen Rider like Takeshi Hongo. Her DNA is blended with a tiger, a trait she inherited from her biological father, Hiro Adachi. She is capable of shifting into a humanoid tiger with bits of cybernetics showing. She also uses a belt to transform, but her belt requires the use of i.d. tags. See file 17 on equipment for further explanations about i.d. tags. Knocking the belt out of her hands before she sets it to her waist is recommended to keep her from accessing her Kamen Rider persona and her tiger form is only slightly faster than a human. However, simple redirection of her strength will ensure that she can’t land a hit. She also takes any harm to her friends personally, so a plausible third weapon is to use her experiences against her.

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