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Bashoon Barmek is the new Ensign working under Dalengor and Malak as a security officer on the Endeavor. She’s a Goblin from the Under-realm’s city of Dwelga. Normally, a Goblin wouldn’t consider working for a Troll, but she and her parents want Dwelga and Falgreth to be on better terms. That line of thinking robbed them of their assets, but Arsha and her crew took pity on them and allowed them to open a restaurant on the Endeavor to reclaim their lost capital. Bashoon almost resigned her commission from Realmfleet to save her struggling family, but, with Arsha’s help, she stayed and was promoted to full Ensign. She has become the first Goblin in Realmfleet at age 302. She’s staying single for the time being.

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