State of the Web

State of the Web 2022

Hello everyone! It’s time for another State of the Web this year! 2022 saw a lot of changes this year. It’s been a slow year because I have college work to do, especially when it comes to a term paper on John Milton, the guy who wrote Paradise Lost.

Looking back:

  • I finished The Three Realms.
  • I started Journey Through Wonder.
  • I made my first horror story.
  • I made my first Thomas the Tank Engine pictures.

Looking forward:

  • I’ve decided to scrap the stories from the previous State of the Web.
  • I’ll upload a story based on the heavy metal tribute video game Brütal Legend that will be a little heavy with the language and gore.
  • I’ll make my own sci-fi story.
  • I’ll be doing my own Godzilla story


  • Will I make a crossover on these three stories?
  • Will these new stories be received well? (Especially since the Brütal Legend story will be my goriest and will be the first story where I write the F-Bomb.)

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