Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Cast

Duke Lukas Ackermann


A man born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany, Lukas had a problem with his vision since birth. When he got glasses, he was teased ruthlessly. There was one thing going for him, he was incredibly smart and applied that to his fighting skills. He had invented a cover for his glasses so he could see and bullies could hurt their hand when they went for a punch to the face.

His hobbies include solving puzzles, watching Star Trek as well as Star Wars, because we all need to dive into some form of fantasy whether it’s in medieval times or in space, and drawing. He became known as the problem solver of the team when he moved to America and joined the F.N.S a year later. Now riding as Kamen Rider Kämpfer, he fights against Lord Vortech to prevent the multiverse from becoming one.

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