The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Originally from the Coliamdii Kingdom in the Over-realm, Elmpam Emboramii married Orbak as his second wife after his previous died. She became Queen and made herself home in the Belsnath citadel. The 3,092 year old Inu once just had two arms but, after becoming an All-Priestess; a Priestess that has a direct line to all 50 Divine Ones, she had eight extra arms added via magic. The Divine Ones taught her how to live with ten arms and now it comes as second-nature. She also loves wedding dresses. Ever since she was a little girl, she would wear them. The one you see her in now is her favorite. Her parents are still around, as are her two sisters and three brothers. However, one brother may have white fur but is still the black sheep of the family, having joined the Over-realm branch of the Splitters. She’s had an excellent relationship as the step-mother of Malnar and her sisters.

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