The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Enfanti Glarosa is part of the Larkentha family’s harem, hailing from Frigandor in the Under-realm, same as Arctania. However, that doesn’t mean her detective talents aren’t used. She’s been part of the Frigandor Police. Her green eye allows her to see if magic was used in a crime. She’s done quite well for herself at 500 years of age. She’s managed to give some of her money to her father and sister so they could continue to live well. She’s been seen in Lord Larkentha’s arms a lot, so the rumor was that she was the Harem Favorite. The truth is, she and Lord Larkentha are truly in love with each other, something the Missus and her harem boyfriend have cultivated for the two of them.

Artwork courtesy of Punisher2006

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