Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Cast

Jandro Dormu

Jandro Dormu is a 5,000,000 year old Vampire that was born in the Under-realm’s Vampire capital, Crelima City, during the First Age of Unity. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as peaceful as the current Third Age of Unity. Gays, transgender, and other various rights were considered wrong by other Vampire clans and so his clan, the Grelnak clan, was wiped out for allowing such rights to exist. Before he was killed, the Under-king sent his armies after the attacking clan and deemed them unworthy of walking in the sun, so they were cursed to fry in the sun for 1,000,000 years. Over time, the new generation of that clan saw the error of their ancestors ways and ousted those involved with the Grelnak massacre, but the damage was still done. Jandro was the last of the Grelnak clan and it took him a while to accept the fact that those that came after his attackers were innocent. When he did, he personally vouched that the clan had learned from their mistakes and helped remove the curse once the 1,000,000 years were up. In the modern age, he was taken by the Convergence and ended up in another universe. Once all allies were united, he became smitten with Brenden Patterson and became a new Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Cloak.

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