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Lacey’s Classmates

Bio: white petticoats

A shy girl in her universe, Flora Nightly preferred quiet activities. Her old peers encouraged her to join the usual loud activities, but it was affecting her studies. When an old friend of her mother’s, Death, offered her a chance to get the peace and quiet she needed to study and excel, Flora took the chance and was accepted into After Academy.

She chose not to leave and so became a permanent student. After Academy always has something new for you to learn and doesn’t cost a single penny to get into the school. Her family still visits, and now she’s working with Lacey to protect the multiverse. She wears white to show that her house does not yet have a color.

Bio: orange petticoats

Charline Elmira is an abnormally strong lady. Most people feared her strength. As such, she tried holding back. Sadly, she couldn’t win. If she was holding back, she wasn’t showing enough strength. If not, she’s too strong. Even her own family spat that kind of talk.

She fell into a state of insecurity and was convinced no one would like her. War proved her wrong as she said that Charline’s strength was needed at After Academy. That was the ego boost she needed and she was accepted and lives on campus while her family forgot about her. She felt a weight lifted from her shoulders and feels the power that’s hers as she wears her house’s colors with pride as she helps Lacey

Bio: blue petticoats.

Sophie Moore’s height is still a sensitive subject. Her main area was that she could see the dead. Her parents died a while ago and her grandparents, hyper religious to the point that even the church called them fanatics, tried to get her away from that ability.

Death, on the other hand, wouldn’t let such talent go to waste, so Sophie got accepted into After Academy. Now, she has a loving boyfriend, giving her upsies when requested, and enjoys her house colors and assists Lacey

Bio: yellow petticoats.

Even during the Roaring 20’s, there were still starving people. Brenden Patterson was one of those people. Given the options, there was only one choice, bootlegging for Al Capone. He disguised himself as a flapper frequently and smuggled booze.

Then, it happened. He managed to get swindled out of his money. He tried to rob Al Capone, but it resulted in his being shot in the skull. Death was about to send him to his final judgement, but Famine intervened. Now, he’s been a student for some time, preferring the female uniform, because it’s “looser than the uptight boys uniform,” as he puts it. His new friends seem to like it.

Bio: green petticoats

The middle of the 14th century in Europe is not the best time or place to be alive, Amelia Kendall can assure you. The Black Plague had struck her town and caused a lot of people to die. Plague doctors tried to save her, but to no avail.

When Death came for her, she was left with a burning question, why would God send a plague to her people when they’ve followed his word. Death corrected her, saying that God has nothing to do with bacteria killing off a good chunk of people. Amelia was confused as to what bacteria was and so, she was made an offer to join After Academy. She accepted and, in a twist of irony, became Pestilence’s student. Now, she has an advanced knowledge of science and understands that it allows people to understand God’s mysteries. That knowledge helps Lacey and her friends out.

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