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Lady Tonje Haugen

No, this isn’t my version of Elsa, but snow and ice did play a part in bringing her into existence.


Tonje was born with a most unusual case of albinism. There was enough melanin in her eyes, so she wasn’t sensitive to light, and her skin had an adequate amount as well, though she still swears by SPF 50 and up sunscreen. However, she had no melanin in her hair. This earned her some teasing and stunting of her emotions. Soon, she became as cold as ice. Unlike Elsa, her parents were trying to get her to express emotions.

It all came to a head when a bully of hers told her that he would kill her mother to prove that she wouldn’t cry. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. With the fury of a wild jungle cat, she leapt onto him and started scratching, biting, kicking, and punching. Her parents got her off the boy, and one of the boy’s, now former, flunkies gave evidence from his phone of who started it. The bully was expelled and Tonje was sent home to recover.

When she got home, she realized that she almost killed him and started sobbing uncontrollably, feeling like a monster. It took some time for her to calm down, more time to return to school, and even more time to get over the incident. Now, every time she sees her former tormentor, it causes some trauma. Thankfully, she’s put her emotional mastery to use in that regard.

She moved to America after High School and found out about the Feudal Nerd Society when she was skimming Facebook. She joined a year later and now travels the multiverse as Kamen Rider Swing.

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