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Lady Xiomara Elizondo


A lady with a degree in botany, a minor in history, and hobbies as an artist and clothing designer, Xiomara has many fields to fall back on. This has earned her some contention with her grandmother, believing that only one goal is sufficient. Her parents, on the other hand, loved that their daughter has many talents.

She also has many friends, lucky lady. And despite being across an ocean, after moving to the US when graduating, she still keeps in contact with them. After joining the Feudal Nerd Society two years after its founding, she’s encouraged her friends to form a branch back in her home city of Bilbao, Spain.

After her parents were kidnapped by the evil Lord Vortech in some hair brained scheme to collapse the multiverse into one big universe, she and the F.N.S pursued their kidnappers. Now she fights as Kamen Rider Seeker to protect the multiverse.

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