The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Prince Layto Roganthi was once a Mid-realm human before he met Marianes. They were smitten with each other and it spiraled into a situation similar to The Little Mermaid with a few differences. For starters, Marianes’ father held no grudge against humans, even encouraging her to explore more of the human world. The Sea Witch was a family friend and helped Marianes explore the human world. On top of that, Marianes never lost her voice, so Layto wasn’t guessing all the time and knew her intentions quite clearly. When he was introduced to Floona, Rosa, Troga, and Erga, he wanted to move to their home of the Kurontar Sea. The Sea Witch and Marianes’ father combined their powers to make him a merman and he married all five at the Sea Witch’s palace at the age of 846. A battle with a Mega-shark, to save his spouses, cost him his arm, but he and the engineers working for his father-in-law built a new one with the ability to feel as the old one did. For his bravery, the king gave him his old shirt, laced with magic and spells to protect him and his family, and he became the Chief of Operations for the Velnar Military Base and Commercial Port.

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