Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Cast

Lord Mikhail and Lady Irina Kuznetsov


A pair of mischievous twins, Mikhail and Irina fancied themselves as swashbucklers. Famous pirates, pirate ships, types of pirate weapons, they were experts in all things pirate, both fictional and historical.

They also did everything together, study, play, fight, cook, you name it, they did it as a team. Their teamwork was encouraged by their father, a widower who raised them the best he could, given the circumstances. They were not a family of money, by any means, but they found ways to secure happiness.

Soon, their father surprised them on their 21st birthday. It was a dream of theirs to move to America and their father had managed to save enough money as he raised them to fulfill their wish. They packed and moved to the east coast of the US, specifically, Wattsville on the Virginia Eastern Shore.

They heard about the F.N.S. on Facebook and decided to go there once they could. They did and joined the F.N.S two years after its founding. Throwing their pirate knowledge into the mix, they taught the F.N.S the basics of swordplay.

At the F.N.S 4-year anniversary celebration, they gained Vortex Drivers and were chosen along with the rest of the F.N.S to save the multiverse from Lord Vortech and his goons as Kamen Riders. These two would call themselves Gallop and Climb.

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