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Prideful, as any Dragon is, and powerful, Noletam Farginta is an accomplished Sea Dragon from the Mid-Realm’s Varshenta Beach. At 28,082 years of age, she’s a talented free-lance teacher and writer. She always gets a chance to check in with her parents. She is extremely loyal to her husband, Petramel, and their son, Leumas. As such, getting between her and her hatchling is usually a fatal mistake. If you only get the claws, you’re a lucky person. If she bites, you better hope it was a dry bite because she won’t hesitate to kick her venom glands into overdrive! She’s a rarity amongst Sea Dragons. Usually, a Sea Dragon can see just as well on land as in the water. Not so for Noletam, she needs special glasses above the surface of the water. Being a Sea Dragon, she is an excellent swimmer and is amphibious.

This character is based off of a woman that has shaped my life in a great way. Thank you for guiding my writing, Mama.

You can find my mother’s site here.

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