The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast

Princess Arsha Royana

Crown Princess Arsha Royana of the Mid-realm Capital, Largandra here is half kitsune on her mother’s side, and because of her having nine tails like her mother, she’s gone through a very strict amount of magic training. She is an only child. She is of age, at 300, so she will be serving in Realmfleet, the main Navy of this world that can go through the air and in the water. As such, she’s going on a five year tour of duty as Captain of a Combined Realm Ship, the CRS-2784, Endeavor. One of her fiancés, Lardeth, is the Captain of another ship doing his tour of duty. Her remaining four, Malnar, Falnii, Gorfanth, and Foresna, had already done their tours. Why is she engaged to five? She and her fiancés are of different Realms, two from each Realm. This is a scheme they came up with to unite the Realms.

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