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Princess Megumi Hishikawa


Her start wasn’t a good one. Her father, Hiro Adachi , was abusive. He had killed her mother and abandoned her. She lived on the streets as an animal, leaving her to lose her mind and lash out at anyone. She spoke very little.

She was discovered by the widow Haruna Hishikawa, a business woman that designed clothes as a hobby. She took Megumi in to adopt her as her daughter. Hiroki was happy to have an older sibling. Sadly, Hiro was not about to let go without a fight. For a few months, the legal bother was uphill, until the Judge left the choice up to Megumi. She chose to stay with Haruna. A wise choice, in the long run, for, either way, she would grow up without a father, as he was getting life for the murder of her mother, but if she didn’t choose Haruna, she would have gone into an orphanage and had heard too many horror stories about foster care. With the decision made, Megumi changed her family name to Hishikawa.

After a while, Haruna and her children had moved to the U.S. Over time, she had made friends who shared a love for dressing up fancy for funsies and so founded the Feudal Nerd Society. When she heard of the many injustices that occur amongst their fellow nerds, as if they had no choice but to suffer them. That was when everyone decided on their ultimate goal to end the evils that plague nerd kind, lack of charity, understanding, love, or pity.

For three years, they fought the battle against bigotry of all kind, now Megumi must face Hiro Adachi again, on the battlefield instead of the courtroom, as he sides with the insidious Lord Vortech to crash all the universes into one. With the help of those that were once considered fiction, she has become a Kamen Rider named Royal to face evil in physical form.

Over time, she learned how to obtain the Proto Supreme Vortex Driver, she gained new powers and a weapon, thus becoming Kamen Rider Proto Vortex.

Soon after her training in Chima with Kamen Rider Amazon and obtaining the power of Kamen Rider Vortex, she became Queen of the F.N.S.

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