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Fleet Admiral Rebarisal “Reb” Rojam is the most notorious pirate in all the Realms. Based at the Plunder Island Stronghold, off the southern coast of the Under-realm’s Northern Continent, this 999 year old pirate commands an entire fleet of pirate ships, flying the colors of the Scarlet Stream Pirates. She has become greater than her mother, the retired Captain Amaril Rojam. Her mother is nothing but proud of her only daughter that she now commands a small pirate empire. Reb is happily married to Commodore Melgem, a Sea Elf. She is famous for her obsession with red and the slime she wears. The slime is symbiotic in nature as it never had its own core. Her mother has her own symbiotic slime and passed a bit of it onto Reb when she was 100. Normally, the first 10 years are the perfect time to separate yourself from a symbiotic slime without killing both yourself and the slime, but Reb always wanted to be a host for a symbiotic slime. It now regulates her bodily functions and keeps her alive and she can mentally control it. It never allows her human limbs to atrophy as it sometimes becomes a skintight suit to allow her to walk as we do. However, she likes its usual mound shape as it allows her to control it more effectively. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT underestimate her! She is a very dangerous pirate and will kill if necessary.

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