The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Rellmeer Almaydia has been alive for 800,000 years and rules as Empress of the Fae Republic from its capital, the Drelda Forest in the Over-realm. Being a Fairy, she has the highest power when it comes to magic. Like many Fae subspecies, she prefers being barefoot to get a connection to nature. Imagine the Fae Republic as an insect colony with Rellmeer as the Queen. She has given birth to many in her lifetime, 139 daughters and 102 sons. Being a race of biological immortals, she lives with her parents, her grandparents, her great-grandparents, and her great-great-grandparents. Like a Termite Queen, she has a King. Her King is Embrek. She also has a harem and is dating five of that harem right now. They are Felfar, Moralma, Alma, Korla, and Granthin. She has seen the end of the Second Age of Unity and the beginning of the Third Age of Unity. Like bees, the Fae are pollinators. Unlike bees, Rellmeer sometimes joins those that gathers pollen. Fae honey is considered very tasty. Like other Fae, how Rellmeer grants a wish is variable. If you’re a friend, she’ll make sure the wish goes EXACTLY as you want it. If you’re an enemy, you will have to word it so ALL loopholes are closed. Good luck with that, Fae are trained to find loopholes. With how long she’s lived and ruled, Rellmeer is a maestro at finding loopholes. Another thing: if you anger her, you WILL feel her full magical wrath! If you manage to impress her, you have a staunch ally in her.

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