The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Queen Roomef Felompha has overcome quite a tragedy in her life. When she was 200, her father died and his death saddled her 15 mothers, 28 sisters, and 1 brother with debt. Unfortunately, half of her siblings had poor immune systems, so they couldn’t contribute much. This led to the family nearly losing the farm and taking on jobs wherever they could, sleep be damned. Roomef took on a job as an actress and worked her way up, giving her money to her family so they could eat. Sadly, her outlook on life was marred by depression. She felt like she would never feel stable again. That changed when she was 400. Queen Emfam requested that a play be performed at her castle. The actors, Roomef included, then performed and Emfam’s heart leapt whenever Roomef went on stage. She then met up with her later and they soon saw each other regularly. Emfam helped Roomef’s family and Roomef’s acting, while great already, improved mightily. Later, she and Emfam gained more lovers and soon married and gave birth to children. She still acts at her current age of 13,000 and her family’s enjoying their new stability, her sickly siblings becoming stronger than ever now.

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