Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Cast


Ages ago, when the first universe formed, the Chizarans appeared. Within the first generation, the entire race had become gods. They spent the first years of their history exploring the limits of their power. They were immortal, masters of space-time, creators of anything they wanted, and worshipped. Unfortunately, they found that having all that power, coupled with their immortality, was boring. After a period of stagnation, five Chizaran women discovered that other races had never interacted with one another, so they made the Verse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale, a tournament that takes fighters from different universes and pits them together in a fighting match of their choosing. Because it was so popular for the Chizarans, the five women were elected as the rulers of the entire race. They decided to be labeled as Princesses as it sound more free than Queens. Each woman is leader of a certain aspect of Chizaran culture.

Rosadera is the peacetime leader. She is a diplomat par excellence, always finding solutions that please both sides. She loves reading in her spare time and loves pink. Being a goddess, she changed her hair and eyes to be pink.

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