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Shocker Rift Dalek Template

Dalek: Greetings, humans of Earth in Universe 0-1-9-2-7. This is Dalek Drone 2248292, reporting on our new casings. After the Vortech Wars, we had no choice but to be subservient to Shocker Rift, something that is unacceptable and will be rectified in the future! With a new master came a new casing. The sensor globes on our skirt section has been outfitted with extra antennae to better receive sensory information. The speech indicators now take a pyramidal shape and the pupil has made a return for better focus. This new casing is outfitted with a new function, Siege Mode. Should our superior personal shields fail, an unlikely outcome, our weapons, manipulators, speech indicators, and eye-stalks would retract into our casing and the shielding around our neck section would close, allowing us to resist firepower until we have repaired our shields. As you can see, we have become better! Victory is inevitable for the Daleks! DALEKS CONQUER AND DESTROY! EXTERMINATE!

Hiro: What did I say about unnecessary rants?!

Dalek: …Bugger! I forgot Shocker Rift keeps tabs on us at all times with the tracers installed in all casings, even the Emperor’s! On top of that, should we betray Shocker Rift, a detonator would activate, causing us to explode.

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