The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


King of all slimes, Slamfal Dromema hails from the Borsootha Slime Oasis of the Mid-realm’s southern continent. Happily married to Gloondii, Salmar, Dribii, and Muldam, he is 3,000 years old and regularly consults his 3 parent slimes for any advice. Now is actually a good opportunity to talk about how slimes are formed. Slimes have no specific gender, they just form the body they find most attractive, sometimes changing appearances to mix things up. The brown orb in the center is a slime’s core, the only organ they have. It functions as their brain, heart, lungs, sex organs, everything that keeps us alive and reproducing. When a slime wishes to reproduce, it touches its core to another core, exchanging the various sex cells, then dividing the core into more cores with a pair of sex cells in each core. They then produce little “packets” of different colored slime and maneuver the cores into the packets, producing a pile of packets and sitting within the center. This is a slime’s “Nesting” time. Once the packets burst open, the cores control the new bodies and become new slimes, joining the slime hive mind.

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