Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Artwork

Sad news

Livia wanted to see if her Vortex Driver can work under water. Unfortunately, Kalo’s not the right person to ask.

Livia: So, you can’t make it give me a Rider form when I’m a mermaid.

Kalo: I’m sorry, sweetie. I DO want to help, given that you’re one of Arsha’s friends, but I’m a witch, not an artificer.

Livia: *Sigh* Oh well. Grazie. I’ll find someone else.

Kalo: Maybe Thangred can help. I mean, he IS an Engineer.

Livia: I might try that. I just wish my visit here were longer.

I’ve got commission-art of Kalo (here and here), but hadn’t really made a story with her when I drew this. That changed in the current volume of The Three Realms. At least we can see what Kalo’s outdoor cauldron looks like. She’s no Ursula, so you can expect her deals to be fair for both parties.