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Born in the Over-realm, Halfam Malfee lost her family at a very young age. Reb took her in as a member of her fleet but assigned her only to guard duty because, “No self-respecting pirate would allow for tears over the past”. That hurt Halfam and forced her to only display her talents in private. She only took solace in her fluffy skirts whenever she could, especially when she turns her tail into legs. After Reb was beaten by the crew of the Endeavor, she fled back to the Over-realm, only to return to Indrak, the Supreme Over-Splitter. She was forced into the Splitters before meeting Reb, but an incident with Orbak and his family caused her to quit the Splitters entirely and move to the Calnthor Mermaid Kingdom in the Under-realm. At 2,000, she now lives with her wife, Yalmar, and works as an actress and model, happily leaving her life of crime behind and improving herself.