The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast

Termaf, Tufarmem, and Yunfeen

The Feisty Felansi Forsorna Family, the 4 F’s, is a nomadic family of entertainers whose acts consist of singing, comedy sketches, fashion designing, modeling, and their specialty, Felansi Dancing, much like Flamenco Dancing. They are divided into 10 groups with colors matching the Divine Ones and each generation is a mix of those born in the caravan (Caravan Babies) and those that married into the family (Welcomed Outsiders). While the groups are easiest to keep track of the family, there’s no rule saying you can’t mix and match with spouses and the Forsornas are ALWAYS encouraged to have lots of spouses. These three ladies are well known for their comedy acts, so we shall meet them from left to right.

Termaf Forsorna is the 302 Succubus in purple. She’s a Caravan Baby and usually writes the scripts for the trio’s comedy sketches. As her dress indicates, she’s a part of the Plentiful Purples.

Tufarmem Forsorna is a 307 year old Zephyr who is a Welcomed Outsider and became a Beautiful Blue. She’s the one who schedules rehearsals for her group’s acts.

The 304 year old human, Yunfeen Forsorna, is actually Malnar’s younger sister. Her marriage into the 4 F’s caused a slight stir, but she was declared a Welcomed Outsider and joined the Ravishing Reds. She mainly tends to the trio’s advertising front.

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