Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 10: Double Trouble)

TMC 10-3

I am NOT going insane!” Optimus said to himself once he got a psych eval from Ratchet. He was deemed unfit for duty again.

“Talking to people that aren’t really there,” countered Nemesis Prime’s voice from behind him, “is a pretty good sign of insanity.”

“Someone is trying to TRICK me!” insisted Optimus. “Make me think I’m going insane!”

“Paranoia is another sign of insanity,” Nemesis pointed out.

“I am NOT listening to you!” hissed Optimus. “You’re not really there!”

“Of course not,” agreed Nemesis. “Delusions! See where I’m going with this?!”

“I’m going to get help on this matter,” resolved Optimus. “Maybe this is a psychic attack.”

“You know, you should really kill Tails,” suggested Nemesis.

“…Shut up!” snarled Optimus.

“He could become me at any moment,” taunted Nemesis. “Oops, there’s that paranoia again!”

“I said shut up!” growled Optimus.

“Kill him!” said Nemesis. “Just like you killed them!”

“I SAID SHUT UP!” roared Optimus as he swung his axe while Nemesis vanished. Optimus tried to steady his breathing as he sat at his table. He then activated his monitor. “Connect personal call to Outpost Amazon in the Sea of Rust,” he ordered. “Clearance Code: Prime Omega.” The call was transmitting. “This is Optimus Prime, calling any of the Rust Renegades available. Come in, please.” A small femme in rusty green and red appeared. She appeared to have a motorcycle appearance.

“This is Rust Dust,” she introduced. “Far away, never roam. What’s up, Prime? It’s been a while since you called us. How’s your magic practice?”

“I need a message delivered to Pyra Magna,” responded Optimus. “I think I need her help.”

“What’s going on?” asked Rust Dust.

“I think I’m suffering from a psychic attack,” replied Optimus. He then described what went on in his head.

“Uh oh,” gulped Rust Dust. “You need help. I’ll tell Pyra Magna about this.”

“Thanks,” said a grateful Optimus. The call ended and he slumped into his chair. “I just hope magic isn’t involved.” The instant he wished that; an image painfully flashed into his mind about a family of three. “The frack was that?!” he yelped when he recovered.

Ratchet decided to give him another check-up when he heard about an image painfully flashing into his head. He still got nothing. “Maybe this is a chronic condition sprouting out of nowhere,” guessed Optimus.

“Not likely,” countered Ratchet. “You’re usually born with a chronic condition. Maybe your magic is acting against you again.”

“I hope not,” gulped Optimus. He then noticed something, or rather, someone. “Ratchet, do you see anyone to your left? My cousin, Mirage, for instance?” Ratchet checked.

“No, Sir,” he replied.

“What’s up, you fracking murderous waste of trash?” asked the illusion of Mirage, a white mech with a blue helmet.

“…Okay, this isn’t happening!” snapped Optimus. “You’re not really there! I know you’re not really there!”

“Of course not,” responded Illusion-Mirage. “Why would I be in the same room with my evil cousin?”

“…Your father’s chin is the size of Jupiter!” remarked Optimus.

“Okay, that’s just immature,” hissed Illusion-Mirage. “MY FATHER’S CHIN IS FINE!!” He then vanished, firing his gun and ranting.

“This is starting to affect you in a negative way,” remarked Ratchet.

“STARTING to?!” Optimus responded. The family’s image then flashed painfully into his head again. He fell off the table.

“Prime!” yelped Ratchet. He helped him up.

“What’s…DOING that?!” strained Optimus as he tried to clear the headache.

“This is some Silent Hill scrap here,” sighed Ratchet. Optimus blinked, then stared at Ratchet. “…What?” asked Ratchet.

“You know the Silent Hill franchise?” inquired Optimus.

“Just because I’m an old mech,” countered Ratchet, “does NOT mean I don’t play the occasional video game!”

“I just…never took you as a gamer,” said Optimus.

“Just go back to your quarters and rest!” snapped Ratchet.

“Optimus is WHAT?!” yelped Pyra Magna when the news reached her.

“Not good!” gulped a helicopter femme with a visor over her optics, Stormclash.

“Not good at all!” confirmed her helicopter twin, Skyburst.

“Orders, Ma’am?” inquired a car femme, Jumpstream. The last of the team, another car femme named Dust Up, said nothing. She just rolled her optics at the apparent sucking up Jumpstream was doing.

“We have to go to Earth,” said Pyra Magna.

“Leave the base unguarded?!” yelped Rust Dust.

“We can’t do that!” protested Skyburst.

“We can, and we will,” declared Pyra Magna.

“Excellent choice, Ma’am,” affirmed Jumpstream. Dust Up snorted.

“You follow the 33rd Femaxian Point of Profit too easily,” she snarked.

“Says the cynic!” retorted Jumpstream.

“Ladies, enough!” said Pyra Magna. “Optimus has called us for help and we need to respond. Now, come on. To our Space Bridge!” The Rust Renegades approached the Space Bridge platform and set the coordinates. They arrived a few miles outside the city to get vehicle modes to suit them.

“The Rust Renegades?” asked Ultra Magnus.

“If this IS a psychic attack,” explained Optimus, “I need their help. I’m not skilled in fending off psychic attacks.”

“I see,” remarked Ultra Magnus. “When can I expect them?”

“Probably in an hour, if not earlier,” replied Optimus.

“Yeah, thanks for that!” hissed Ultra Magnus, displeased with the sudden plans. “I’ll welcome them as soon as they arrive.” He left Optimus’ quarters. No sooner had he done so; laughter rang throughout the room.

“Oh, for Pit’s sake!” snapped Optimus. He then blasted some Heavy Metal until the laughter died. He then made a broadcast to the base. “To all Autobots that heard the Heavy Metal, I must apologize,” he announced. “I was trying to get rid of evil laughter in my head.”

Nemesis Prime was covering his ears back at the Decepticon base. “What happened?” demanded Megatron.

“That idiot blasted Heavy Metal!” snapped Nemesis. He then drew in a breath. “But, I can overcome this.” He went back into his meditative position and his optics turned into purple lights.

“Back to the old grind,” muttered Megatron.

“Lord Megatron,” called Starscream as he and his Seeker Trine approached, “the Metarex Five, Eggman, and me and my Trine are ready.”

“Splendid,” replied Megatron. “Nemesis, you’re in command until my return.” Nemesis blinked.

“Your return from where, Megatron?” he quizzed.

“My summit with Zarak of Nebulos,” answered Megatron as he and the Seekers left Nemesis alone. Nemesis shrugged and went back to work.

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