Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 10: Double Trouble)

TMC 10-9

“Well, Optimus, it looks like G.U.N owes you yet again,” sighed Topaz on screen.

“I’m just proud to help my allies,” assured Optimus.

“Have you had any contact with Amy?” asked Topaz.

“Not as of late,” answered Optimus. “I’ll let you know when she comes back as soon as I hear from her.

“Understood,” confirmed Topaz. “See you later, then. Topaz, out.” The call ended and Optimus slunk into his chair.

“What a day,” he sighed. His door chimed. “Come in,” he called. Pyra Magna came in.

“Am I interrupting?” she asked.

“Not at all,” replied Optimus. “What can I do for you?”

“Have you been able to access your elemental mode at will?” asked Pyra Magna.

“I have, twice over,” answered Optimus. “I had to make sure that fight wasn’t a fluke.” He turned into his elemental mode at will to prove it to Pyra Magna, then turned back. “I DO need to address the Energon efficiency. Maybe some training will make it more Energon efficient.”

“It will,” confirmed Pyra Magna. “Optimus, there’s something that must be done today, something that’s been a long time coming.” She opened her hand to reveal…

“A Wizard’s Crest?!” gasped Optimus.

“YOUR Wizard’s Crest,” answered Pyra Magna. “Optimus Prime, I, Pyra Magna, do hereby recognize you as a brother Wizard of the Red Order. You have successfully completed your training and kept an open mind wherever you went in the universe, fixing mistakes as you went and learning from those mistakes. May you strengthen the universe as a true wizard.” She handed the crest over to Optimus.

“Pyra Magna, I am honored,” replied Optimus. “I shall wear my Crest proudly.” He affixed it on his chest under his armor. “Better tell my bots the news,” he surmised.

“A wise decision,” agreed Pyra Magna.

“Thank you for all you’ve taught me,” bid Optimus.

“I did what I needed to do,” replied Pyra Magna.

“Come on, let’s go,” urged Optimus as he got up from his chair. Pyra Magna joined him as they headed to the Command Center. The Autobots and their friends were there.

“Well?” asked Dust Up.

“New Wizard, baby!” cheered Optimus.

“Congrats!” praised Jazz.

“Great, more magic,” muttered Ratchet.

“Don’t be such a sourpuss!” insisted Sludge. “This is the greatest day ever!” He picked up Optimus and spun around happily, hugging the young Prime. He only stopped when he heard a crunch under his feet. He lifted his foot to reveal a laser scalpel’s remains.

“SLUDGE, I NEEDED THAT!” wailed Ratchet.

“Maybe you shouldn’t leave your tools lying around,” muttered Tails.

“Guys, incoming transmission!” called Teletraan. “It’s Amy!”

“On screen!” directed Optimus.

“That was when you called yesterday to tell us the news about Nebulos,” Optimus finished the story.

“Wow, that was…eventful!” gasped Amy. “Again, congratulations on becoming a full-fledged wizard!”

“Thank you, Amy,” returned Optimus. “Forgive me if I sound personal, but how long did it take for you to master your elemental mode?”

“About a year into my training,” admitted Amy.

“Lucky,” snarked Optimus.

“And it’s a drain for us organic magic users too,” continued Amy. “But, training will reduce the drain. Mind if I help you in that regard?”

“Sure!” agreed Optimus. “Anything to gain an advantage over Megatron.”

“That does leave a question,” mused Sira. “Where’s Blackarachnia’s evil twin?”

“We’re still scanning for her,” reported Teletraan. “Her Spark signature is similar to our Blackarachnia.”

Speaking of the anti-version of Blackarachnia, she managed to find her way to an abandoned spider colony in a long forgotten area called Wood Zone. She transformed to robot mode and looked around. She still had the blank look of a bimbo for a bit, then that look faded from her face into one that was cold and calculating. “Finally,” she hissed. “I can drop the act.” She then held her hands to the sides of her head. “Two Worlds, this is Weaver,” she called mentally. “Two Worlds, come in.”

“Two Worlds, receiving,” replied Nemesis’ mental voice. “Report.”

“My part of the plan is complete,” reported Anti-Blackarachnia. “The Autobots of this world are distracted, looking for me.”

“Excellent,” praised Nemesis. “That is now six of the seven Blades.”

“Where IS Blade Seven?” quizzed Anti-Blackarachnia.

“Not where, when,” corrected Nemesis.

“Ah, different time,” realized Anti-Blackarachnia.

“You know, I think I prefer your true nature, not the bimbo act you put on in our universe,” mused Nemesis.

“It wasn’t pleasant for me either,” interjected Anti-Blackarachnia. “Now that I’m dropping the act, I think I’ll change my name to Crystal Widow.”

“An appropriate name,” agreed Nemesis. “I shall inform the Blade on Cybertron that he may send the six Specials.”

“Excellent,” replied the newly baptized Crystal Widow. “With our master having used the seven Normals, he needs only six to make a body. Let’s see, that’s two Blades from another world (one of us being the mix), one Blade solitary (and the shapeshifter), a hidden Blade (a speaker and judge) two Blades within the light, all that’s left is the Blade from across time.”

“Hopefully, the last Blade will be carrying Master’s Essence,” prayed Nemesis. “In the meantime, Megatron is about to execute me.”

“Fulfilling the requirement of one revived from death,” surmised Crystal Window.

“I have tested the resurrection device on our Ironhide before killing him and the rest of our Autobots,” reported Nemesis. “A pity he had to die again. Oh well. Oh, Megatron’s coming. Catch you later.”

“Farewell,” bid Crystal Widow. She ended the call. “Perfect. Master, I hope you’re watching! Your resurrection is coming! Soon, the universe shall know only chaos! ALL HAIL UNICRON!”

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