Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 11: Seconds of Speed)

TMC 11-9

Eggman and the Combaticons arrived at Station Square and started causing mayhem! “People of Mobius, the true threat to your old order has returned!” announced Eggman as the Combaticons fired into the crowds. “Your pathetic lives are about to change as we know it! From now on, I am the only leader you need! From this moment on, you will obey no one but me! Anyone who resists will be considered an enemy and ALL enemies will be eliminated by the culmination of my research into the Transformers! Behold, my Combaticons!” The Combaticons each transformed and tore through the streets.

“Where’s Optimus?!” wailed a Weasel mother.

“Someone call the Autobots!” pleaded a Skunk man.

“Where’s Sonic?!” cried a racoon child.

“Right here!” called a familiar voice. A blue ball then slammed into the back of Onslaught’s head. It bounced off as the ball landed on the ground and unfurled into a familiar blue hedgehog!

“SONIC?!” yelped Eggman.

“What, expecting the Autobots?” snarked Sonic.

“As a matter of fact, no, since Optimus is buried alive!” laughed Eggman.

“Priority one: Hedgehog!” called Onslaught. “Combaticons, destroy him!”

“Yuh oh!” yelped Sonic as he sped off, staying ahead of the Combaticons’ fire. As Sonic ran, he passed by a figure similar to him.

“CHAOS SPEAR!” shouted the figure as he swung his arm and fired energy spears into Blast Off.

“So, the hedgehogs want to play!” laughed Blast Off as he flew through the air. He then fired his gun and laughed as Shadow rolled out of the way. Just then, G.U.N tanks rolled into the city.

“Now, to give them credit, that IS some impressive hardware,” mused Swindle. “But I know of more impressive stuff. Hey, Brawl, want to show them what I mean?”

“Delighted!” replied Brawl as he shifted his tank barrel to his side and fired. The G.U.N tanks were practically launched into the air. “Look at them fly!” laughed Brawl.

“You’ll be flying farther than that!” challenged a voice. Eggman and the Combaticons turned to see the entirety of Megatron’s forces! Shockwave, Soundwave, Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Ravage, Ratbat, Frenzy, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Galvatron, they were ALL there, behind Megatron. “Surrender the Allspark or your life is forfeit!” demanded Megatron.

“I thought you buried him!” yelped Swindle.

“I DID!” protested Onslaught.

“Why are you squabbling?” asked Eggman. “There’s plenty more toys to break.”

“…Good point, Sir,” replied Onslaught. “Combaticons, waste them!”

“Decepticons, ATTACK!” ordered Megatron. The two teams charged at each other and began a BRUTAL fight. Megatron grappled with Onslaught before each leapt back to get some distance. “The arrogance of a newborn!” snarled Megatron.

“Not arrogance, confidence,” corrected Onslaught.

“You’ve never been in combat before!”

“I’m a new generation of soldier! I far surpass you!”

“Then face me as a beast, if you can!”

“Beastly tactics get one nowhere! Only through careful planning do you achieve victory!” Onslaught slammed his fist into the ground and generated a shockwave that knocked Megatron off his feet. “And I don’t need to transform as often as you do! You’re from a planet with practically minimal Energon radiation, I was born on a planet with greater radiation than yours! I’m perfectly adapted to this world! You are but an outdated hunk of junk that will be scrapped!”

“Real soldiers don’t talk so much!” Megatron picked up a lamp post and swung it at Onslaught. Sadly, Onslaught grabbed it.

“Nice try.” Onslaught then flung the lamp post and Megatron aside. Megatron hit the building hard and fell hard. He shakily got back up.

“That’s the spirit!” he praised. “But I was made a champion of the Pits of Kaon not only due to my savage might…but also my CUNNING!” He then took out a Cyber Key and flicked it into the air! “CYBER KEY POWER!” Once it was charged, the Cyber Key inserted itself into the back of his fusion cannon, rotated, and split the cannon in half so the sword would rest between the cannon halves. Onslaught gulped at the immense power Megatron was packing. “You should have heeded my advice and faced me as a beast! My fusion lancer wants to introduce itself!” Megatron fired and the shot slammed into Onslaught’s side, forcing him to black out. “Talent’s nothing without practice.” Megatron then began his hunt for Eggman.

“Oh, so many machines to bend to my will!” Eggman was as giddy as a child on Christmas Morning. “Let’s see, that car maybe. Or the video game console! Perhaps that vending machine!”

“Why not just let the Allspark go before you become addicted to its power?” asked a voice.

“…Because, of course, the situation isn’t dire enough without the Autobots,” grumbled Eggman. His Egg-mobile turned to see all the Autobots, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Ironhide, Jazz, Cliffjumper, Prowl, Chromia, Pyra Magna, Jumpstream, Dust Up, Stormclash, Skyburst, Rust Dust, Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod, Kup, Cosmos, Meteorfire, and Rodimus Prime.

“The Allspark is a holy relic that belongs to Cybertron,” growled Optimus. “I suggest you surrender it.”

“I command you machines, not the other way around!” Eggman fired several missiles at the Autobots, scattering them. Vortex and Blast Off then arrived and bombarded the place as Eggman fled.

“Hot Rod! Meteorfire! Go get him!” ordered Optimus.

“Yes, Sir!” called Hot Rod as he and Meteorfire transformed. They followed Eggman as fast as they could. Meteorfire stayed right behind Hot Rod.

“This is your chance!” he urged. “Go on! Be the hero you were meant to be!”

“NOW, RODIMUS! NOW!” shouted Hot Rod. Rodimus leapt out of the shadows and fired on Meteorfire. As Meteorfire crashed, Optimus turned onto Hot Rod.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” he demanded.

“A plan between me and Rodimus!” explained Hot Rod. “He had a bit of temporal amnesia concerning parts of the future, which is why he had two other partners to help him fill in the blanks, especially ones concerning Terrorcons!”

“Terrorcons?!” repeated Optimus.

“I will explain everything later!” assured Rodimus. “For now, all you need to know is that Meteorfire is actually a Xitran survivor called Sideways!” Rodimus tore off Meteorfire’s armor and revealed Sideways!

Soundwave and Shockwave saw the whole thing. “Sideways?!” repeated Shockwave.

“But he’s dead!” gasped Soundwave.

“Never mind that!” called Galvatron. “We have a clear path to the Allspark!” That was when a distant rumbling sounded overhead.

“…You’re sure?” asked Shockwave.

“What the?” muttered Eggman as he looked up. Up in the sky was a massive jet with two cockpits and two seats in each cockpit. The jet had two sets of wings in between the cockpits and they were in the formation of an X. It had massive thrusters and had a red, white, and black color scheme. It activated external speakers as a familiar voice rang out.

“Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the Prower Industries X-Tornado!”

“Tails?!” called Optimus.

“That’s my name, don’t wear it out!” replied Tails from the front cockpit. “Now, to demonstrate one of its many features!” Tails keyed in a command and then left the X-Tornado. It flew off and kept the Decepticons off the Autobots’ backs while Tails flew straight at Eggman. He landed on the Egg-mobile and reached for the Allspark while Eggman tried to shove him off. Tails then grabbed Eggman’s moustache! “THAT BELONGS TO THE AUTOBOTS!” shouted Tails.

“You grubby little beast!” snarled Eggman. “Let go of my moustache!” He then shoved Tails off! “Hmph! Tha caterwauling child certainly was a handful.” He then grabbed his device and pointed it at a tank. “Let’s see what you become!” He pulled the trigger on the device…but nothing happened. “…Oh, come on, burnout already?” He then looked at the device and gasped in fear! “MY CUBE!” The Allspark was missing from the device!

“Autobots, I have the Allspark!” called Tails over his communicator.

“Good work, Tails!” praised Optimus.

“You hang tight!” urged Ironhide. “Hot Rod and I will be there to escort you to a safe zone so we can bridge you and the Allspark directly to the Vaults!”

“Got it!” agreed Tails. He kept under cover as laser fire flew everywhere. “Better hurry!” he gulped to himself.

“They can’t help you, kid!” growled a voice. A blob of static then appeared before it shaped itself and coalesced into Sideways! “Fork over the Allspark and get squished!”

“Er, don’t you mean ‘or’?!” gulped Tails.

“Not where my master is concerned. Dying now would be preferable for someone as insignificant as you.”

“Megatron won’t like that you’re killing a prisoner!”

“Megatron? You think that bumbling fool’s my master? I’m a Terrorcon, not a Decepticon. I’m a virus mortals like you and the Transformers can’t erase!”

“BACK AWAY FROM THE KID!” shouted Rodimus’ voice as he slammed his fist into Sideways’ face. Sideways shook his head, then faced his opponent.

“Tell me, do you know how early you’ve landed in your past?!” he cackled.

“I still arrived after your master’s name was spoken,” replied Rodimus. Ironhide and Hot Rod then arrived.

“Need help taking this punk down?” asked Ironhide.

“Never mind me, focus on getting Tails and the Allspark out of here,” urged Rodimus. Ironhide and Hot Rod nodded.

“SIDEWAYS, TRANSFORM!” Sideways’ head sunk into his torso as the wheels unfolded and turned so one wheel pointed up and the other pointed down. The arms then folded behind his back and joined together so his piping pointed towards the rear wheel, resting over it and becoming the back. The legs then folded so they surrounded the rear wheel as the torso rotated and became the headlight section over the front wheel. The instant he finished his transformation into his motorcycle mode, he zoomed into Rodimus and tripped him up as he performed a wheelie before transforming back into robot mode and firing a stream of darkness at him. Rodimus writhed in pain as the darkness enveloped him. Sideways then yanked his arm back and pulled the darkness off of Rodimus, allowing it to form a shape…RODIMUS’ shape. The new creature was mainly jet black with purple flames and optics. The double then turned to Sideways.

“You couldn’t wait until you got the Allspark, could you?!” he snarled.

“Oh, shut up and keep the other Prime busy!” snapped Sideways as he transformed and pursued Ironhide’s group.

“What do you call yourself, Nemesis Prime?” asked Rodimus.

“No, there’s already a Nemesis Prime with Optimus’ face,” answered his double. “I’m Rodimus Unicronus.”

“…That’s a pretty lame name.”

“That coming from Rodimus Prime!” Rodimus Unicronus charged at Rodimus Prime and tackled him to the ground, continually beating on him until he was kicked off.

Hot Rod and Ironhide continued giving Tails cover fire. “Kid! Get Tails to the building! I’ll hold the line!”

“You’ll die if you face him alone!” protested Hot Rod.

“Somebody’s gotta make sure the mission is completed! If and when I do die, just complete the mission, you got that?!”

“…Got it, Sir!” Hot Rod turned to Tails. “Come on!” Hot Rod transformed and Tails climbed inside. Ironhide then turned towards Sideways. “So, tell me, did you already say his name?”

“Of course, we did,” replied Sideways. “Unlike you, we Terrorcons aren’t afraid of saying his name.”

“Just wanted to make sure no one on my team said it and accidentally summoned him.”

“Oh, one of your friends met my master before. I believe he was a ‘Werehog’ during that time.”

“So, Dark Gaia and Unicron are the same beast. I guess Sonic got off lucky.”

“You won’t. In fact, you won’t live to see Unicron take this world over. I, on the other had…have some power linked to my minions.”


“ROOK! POWERLINX!” Rook appeared.

“ROOK, TRANSFORM!” he shouted. Rook’s arms swung up, then his legs split and twisted to become horns as he rotated so his head faced down. The whole thing then covered Sideways’ head and Sideways got a tremendous boost of power! He then thrust his arm into Ironhide’s chest, the piping going clean through him!

“Since I was a rank higher than you back in the day,” scoffed Sideways as he gathered dark energy into his palm, “I hereby discharge you from duty!” Sideways fired, the release of dark energy tearing through Ironhide’s Spark Chamber.

“IRONHIDE!” cried Optimus as he saw the whole thing. Rook disconnected from Sideways, they both transformed, and Rook grabbed Sideways’ handlebars as they sped off. Optimus fired after them before kneeling down to Ironhide. “Ironhide, stay with me!” begged Optimus.

“Th..the kid…” gasped Ironhide.

“Don’t talk, you’re losing too much Energon!”

“The cube…save…save the…” Ironhide was still struggling to speak.

“RATCHET!” called Optimus. “RATCHET, WHERE ARE YOU!”

“Ironhide!” cried Chromia’s voice as she and Ratchet arrived.

“Optimus, we’ll take it from here!” ordered Ratchet. “Megatron’s going after Hot Rod and Tails! They have the Allspark!”

“But Ironhide…!” protested Optimus.

“If either Sideways or Megatron get the cube, then Ironhide’s fight wouldn’t have mattered! Now go after the Allspark.” Optimus hesitated before transforming into vehicle mode and taking off. “Chromia, keep the enemy off my back! I need to bridge him to the repair bay!”

“Got it!” confirmed Chromia as she unleashed her rifle on Starscream’s Seeker Trine as they flew overhead.

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