Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 2: Shockwave’s Rise)

TMC 2-1

“Doctor,” droned a mechanized voice, “our scouts have reported that they’ve found something in a dig for the objects the Autobots call t-cogs.”

“And?” rumbled Eggman.

“It appears to be a complete Transformer,” replied Scan-Ops. “It is colored purple and has a single red eye. On top of that, it is built like an organic female.”

“Bring it here,” ordered Eggman. The robots acknowledged and obeyed. It took a while to dig the Transformer out and transport it back to Robotropolis. Once they got it back, the robots put the Transformer in a tank and filled it with pinkish, transparent liquid. “This super fuel will be able to jump start that robot,” muttered Eggman. “Initiate the menta-probing process.”

“All connections to core processor made,” reported Scan-Ops. “Initiating scan now.” The liquid started bubbling as lights flashed in the tank. “Revitalization process at 5%, 10%, 15% and remaining steady. Scan stable.” Images, words, and diagrams started flashing on the main screen. “Project: Thrasher?” asked Scan-Ops.

“What does a shock wave have to do with anything?” quizzed Eggman.

“Who’s this Sentinel Prime?” asked another robot.

“Doctor!” yelped a robot in a panicked tone. “We are being probed! We have tried multiple attempts but cannot block the intruder out!”

“What?!” yelled Eggman. The main screen showed the data that was being scanned. Plans, images of Sonic and his friends, power readings, schematics, all of it seemed to be copied to somewhere. After a few minutes, it looked like a camera was watching them with a pinkish light. They saw some sentences being formed.

“What?” read the words. “What happened? Where am I? How long have I been in stasis?” Everyone turned to see that the Transformer’s single red eye was glowing. “4016?” quizzed the Transformer’s internal dialog. “2000 Earth Years? Why was I abandoned? Even Jhiaxus should have collected the dead. It’s only logical.” More data, this time alien in origin, flooded the screen. “So the Autobots won,” guessed the internal dialogue of the Transformer. “That collection of Energon was crucial to the Space Bridge. In any case, this Energon healing tank has restored me. Draining tank and exiting.” The tank drained and let all the pink liquid out. Once completely empty, it opened to let the Transformer out. Part of the mask that the red eye was on retracted to reveal a mouth underneath.

“Greetings, my lavender lady of alien alloy!” greeted Eggman, going off of appearances. “I am Dr. Julian Ivo Robotnik, Dr. Eggman, if you will. I am the most brilliant scientist on Mobius, er, Earth.”

“So this planet has been renamed,” remarked the Transformer in an intimidating female bass voice.

“Er, yes,” gulped Eggman. “I brought you here to see if we can come to some sort of arrangement. You see, I, too, have had some Autobot trouble. I thought that a simple reprogramming would bring any robot to my control, but the Autobots have proved more resilient than I originally hypothesized. If you have met these Autobots before, then I’m sure a beautiful and powerful lady like yourself can give me the edge I need to conquer Mobius! If you help me, you may rule by my side, my sweet.” The Transformer just stared.

“I find your attempts at flirting and your claims of being a scientist…laughable,” she finally said.

“Pardon?” asked Eggman in a dangerous tone. The Femme wasn’t intimidated in the slightest.

“I’ve seen your plans against this ‘Sonic’ creature. I’ve seen your plans of conquest,” continued the Transformer, “I’ve seen everything while you were downloading from my processor. Your theories are the worst kind of popular tripe, your methods are sloppy, and your conclusions are highly questionable. You are a poor scientist, Doctor. I see no logic in forming an alliance with you.” She stepped forward. “If you have met the Autobots, my enemies, then you have seen this particular bit to our evolutionary process. SHOCKWAVE, TRANSFORM!” The head flipped down into the chest. The tank barrel on the back went on top of the torso. The arms folded into the back. The legs split in half and the entire ensemble of steel went down the split on the legs to make a four wheeled transport for the tank that the femme, Shockwave, became. Her holo-form appeared as a 6’4 human woman with a white lab coat, a purple shirt, black pants, short, black hair with some of it covering half of her pale, spectacled face. The left eye, the one eye that was shown, was red. “If you value your life,” warned Shockwave, “and, logically, you do, stand aside and let me leave your base of operations unimpeded.”

“Not happening!” snarled Eggman. “Robots, ATTACK!” Eggman’s forces fired on Shockwave, but the shots didn’t even stir a hair on her head.

“The Omni-oscillation frequency field,” explained Shockwave. “Adapts to any frequency of laser shot the instant the generator detects the bolt coming out of the gun. In robot mode, it covers only a small area. I’ve set it around an obvious flaw. I presume you thought my monocular vision would hinder me. In vehicle mode, the effectiveness is boosted tenfold. Now, stand aside.” Shockwave’s main gun fired on the wall behind Eggman and made a gaping hole to the outside of Robotropolis. The alarm had started blasting as troops surrounded Shockwave. She didn’t even flinch. Her gun kept cutting a hole into the robots and whatever of Eggman’s forces escaped was found under foot, er, under wheel, in Shockwave’s case. She escaped, leaving smashed Eggman robots all over the ruined robot city.

“This robot is a menace!” wailed Scan-Ops. “There’s no way we can contain her!”

“Perhaps I’ve approached it from the wrong angle,” mused Eggman out loud.

“Sir?” asked Scan-Ops.

“Have all robots pour over the data we’ve gotten from Shockwave,” he ordered. “She’s a logical lady, perhaps there is something else in that data we can offer her that would appeal to her logic centers.”

“Understood,” replied Scan-Ops. All science and technical robots set to work decoding the data and translating it into English. Eggman grinned.

Shockwave managed to enter the woods undetected. She transformed and tossed a disc onto the ground. A purple holographic projection of a young Rosalind Franklin appeared. “Sigma,” inquired Shockwave, “is this still Earth?”

“Information: spatial coordinates are accurate,” reported the hologram, “but recent data suggests it is not Earth as we knew it. Reminder: planets have changed over time. Such an example is Femax.”

“It would be a logical explanation to anthropomorphized animals coexisting with the humanoid life forms,” theorized Shockwave. “Is there Energon on this planet?”

“Confirmed,” reported Sigma.

“Satisfactory,” replied Shockwave.

“Information: there is too much Energon for even a full scale planetary occupation force to handle,” interjected Sigma. “Field readings are off the scale. Continued exposure to bipedal form will result in permanent damage.”

“Then I must stay in alternate mode for the duration of my stay,” remarked Shockwave.

“Information: your last location was the offsite laboratory in Washington D.C.,” called Sigma. “That laboratory held a Space Bridge to Cybertron.”

“Correct,” conceded Shockwave, “but it may have decayed over time.”

“Information: parts for a Space Bridge are available on this planet,” reported Sigma. “They should be stable enough to replace old parts that may have decayed beyond repair.”

“Is the homing beacon active?” asked Shockwave.

“Confirmed,” replied Sigma.

“When I return to the remains of my old laboratory,” declared Shockwave, “I will examine the Space Bridge. Compile a list of necessary parts as I examine it.” Shockwave transformed and sped off.

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